Bucket List

Yes, it's a meme. It's annoying, a rather morbid concept, and a colossal waste of time and emotional investment.

Bucket lists have become a huge trend, and people are talking about what's on theirs. Often it's travelling to exotic places or doing something daring/outlandish/stupid, or a lot of unusual stuff.

But really, who needs a bucket list for any of that?

Various memes have played on the bucket list concept for ages, though usually the written out ones decide for the reader what that bucket list should be.

My life will never get boiled down to a list, and I have no interest in helping others check items off theirs. Once you are dead, it won't matter to you whether you completed a bucket list or not anyway.

It's time the bucket list kicked the bucket.

This excellent video says it better than I could, bucket lists don't make you happy.


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