Chain Letter Atheists

The Atheist VS. Theist Memes


Don't spread that meme!

Which meme?

All of them, actually.

But especially charity or any sort of hoaxes, and any that play on religious or political persuasions.

In this case, it's that infamous meme of the atheist professor/teacher/passenger etc who is always trying to convince everybody God doesn't exist. He always ends up getting schooled by a fictionalized Einstein, fictionalized Former President of India, a marine, navy seal, army vet, a male Christian student, a female Christian student, male muslim students, undescribed student, a mouthy little poop-obsessed girl on a plane, and on and on and on! Sheesh, what a masochist! But My oh my, he sure gets around.

but the efforts of those people are as lacklustre as his actions are two-dimensional and exaggerated.

This stinky old shoe story still wafts around the internet like a dust cloud of sickening rot stench on a page-turn of an old book no one is really interested in.

The offending chain has been posted and discussed on the Sean Hannity forum, this Yuku site, and many others.

At least some Marines are sick and tired of receiving these chain letters too.

"Atheist Professor/Teacher" is an odious prank story with the initial punchline being "The atheist is stupid", yet the biggest butt of the joke are the believers in God or Allah who re-share it.

Like so many memes that proclaim: "This is a true story!" it is not true.

The versions that include Einstein or India's president/prime minister are complete fiction. So there's no reason to believe any of them are true. Stories that differ so much from each retellings are classic grapevine stuff. Any weaving of celebrity names or official sounding figures into the stories are just pathetic attempts to make them sound credible.

Adding to the embarrassment and irritation/frustration is the fact that except for MTM, it's almost always atheists who rant against them. No Christians other than me and a friend and fellow Christian, and the very rare blogger or Youtuber who are also Christian, seem to be chagrinned enough to give these memes the direct trouncing they deserve.

For more on the president of India, and this Abdul Kalam: click here.

For more debunks of these memes: read here, and here.

This is not so well known, but there are Islamic versions of the chain that are about Muslims and Allah instead of God and Christians.

Chain repost on islamunity.org

Chain repost on discover.islamway.net

The internet versions may have been started by some misguided religious person who thought it would be cool to make up a story about an atheist getting humiliated to prove to themself that God exists. They could also have been made up by trolls "for the lulz".

They are definitely spread by anti-Christians in an attempt to get a huge lulz at their expense.

anti-theists always whinge and moan about "religious chain letters" and ridicule Christians, using these memes as a means and excuse to do so. This meme is one of their favourites for religion-bashing, especially against Christians. They rarely spew bad attitude against Muslims, but when they do, they always use the opportunity to lump Christians into the bash as well. heaping their anger and derision on Christians.

I can't express how utterly *censored* sick I am of this STUPID meme continuing to get recycled and recirculated, making a mockery of theists with this bullcrap story, and the backlash from non-Christians that always results! They are all a load of garbage.

Anti-theists go on Yahoo Answers or any other site to bash Christians for our beliefs. They actually want Christians to go on spreading this and other similar memes, so they can point fingers at us and go "Neener neener! Look at the dumb uneducated irrational Christians falling for urban legends and spreading their chain letters again! Lulz lulz lulz!" The faux religious meme is the atheist's best friend.

They never have or will convince me to turn atheist. All they do with that attitude is make me dislike them.

This Atheist Teacher meme and others like it have the exact same effect on atheists against theists, especially Christians. It does nothing but spread bad feelings.

This needs to stop!

No one is winning any atheists over to theism with these stinking memes!

Let's mangle!


Atheist Professor Chain Letter Stories

Atheist Professor Anti-chain

Little girl On Plane Lips Off Atheist Passenger


Now, I'll deal with that kook of a colleversity professor and put an end to this crappy mini-series once and for all!

The Jeremy Townsen Story


I hope this atheist fanatic doesn't crop up in more memes because this is really getting stale and there are only so many ideas I can come up with for counter-stories.

Over and out!


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