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Furby Killers, Explanation

Furby killers: What are they, and why do they do it?

This discussion was originally found here, and has been Furby Killers part 2put into video form with my comments inserted throughout.

It's an old thread from 2009, but is still relevant since the bad furby meme and furby-destroying SJWs haven't faded out.


Title: My Explanation Of Furby Killers

Description: If you ever wanted a reason why.......

shelby77 - June 7, 2009 03:25 AM (GMT)

Warning: I know I usually write happy things such as unity and parties, but I felt like I needed to write this...for some reason, but anyways, this is no happy essay, it gets kinda dark and sad so read at your own risk.......

This is my explanation for furby killers:

Furby killers are single minded and just decide to burn a furby because they are bored and have no life.

When I first saw Furbies and looked them up on youtube, I saw several furby-killing videos (all quite horrifying). Some of them were teenagers who thought they were the next biggest comedian and thought that slaughtering a toy in a inhumane way was a way to get some laughs.

They were wrong.

Another video that was quite horrifying was about a grown man destroying a furby. I mean seriously, a grown man? Its perfectly dandy to like furbies when your grown up. But wasting your time turning something perfectly fine into nothing?

The next thing I find horrible about their abuse of Furbies is that they make jokes out of it.

Most of these horrible people kill the poor furbies while they’re on, so they die, still functioning and serving their purpose, to give a person a friend, but instead are betrayed by their owners.

Why don't they donate their unwanted Furbies? I'm sure some poor child in Africa would love the extra company.

:shel: 77

Ocean Elf: They don't donate the furbies they foolishly squander their money on just to destroy, because they are too selfish to think past their own immediate gratification. Furby-killers cannot understand the possibility that anyone else would want and appreciate a furby. Nor could they be bothered to spend money on gas to drive to some thrift shop and donate any furby. To them, every furby should be obliterated rather than given to a person who would not destroy it, or to their trollish horror, might actually like it. They would rather waste their Patrion or Youtube money, or welfare checks, buying furbies to destroy in more videos where they do their best to act like thick-witted apes instead of children past kindergarten, or the grown men and women they are supposed to be.

luigi - June 7, 2009 10:45 AM (GMT)

you're right! :shel: 77 about children in africa, i'm sure they'd want one! :(

FurbyFreak2998 - June 7, 2009 03:37 PM (GMT)

Exactly. People destroy those things because they feel it gives them power, but I'm sure they'll regret it someday.

Ocean Elf: It would serve them right to have their sad attention-seeking furby-killing addiction land them in debt. It happens to drug users and gamblers, and even they have more of an excuse for falling by the wayside than furby-killers.

luigi - June 7, 2009 03:54 PM (GMT)

they just don't know us

Ocean Elf: And who would even want to know them?

FurbV - June 8, 2009 11:38 AM (GMT)

A child in Africa??? HEY! THATS ME!!!!! AND I WANTED A FURBY FOR 11 YEARS NOW!!! Lol. (Yea.. I know there are unfortunate kids who deserve one more than me though)


My view on furby killers:

Sadistic retards who have absolutely nothing do do in their spare time but waste their money buying a furby on E bay just to destroy it in some sick, twisted way. And the sad thing is that furbys are no longer being produced, so with every furby killed, there is once less furby in existance. With no chance of ever being replaced. ( Besides, every furby is irreplaceable..)

Ocean Elf: The older models are not in production, but furbies will not be irreplaceable as long as they keep coming out with new models. You are correct on your analysis of the personality of the furby killer.

FurbV: The first time I saw a furby killing vid was 4 years ago.. The so called 'classic': Furby in the Microwave. It made me sick to my stomach.. And my blood boiled. Seriously. As I mentioned before, I wanted a furby for 11 years. And others buy dozens of them at a time just to waste them.

Ocean Elf: I know, It is incredibly selfish and disgusting on their part.

FurbV: Man, I wish that the next idiot that shoves a furby in a microwave would catch on fire when the microwave explodes.

Ocean Elf: That wouldn't teach the next furby killer not to try it. These trolls are that stupid, desperate for attention, pathetic. But it would make an interesting news item and get the idiot into the Darwin Awards.

FurbV: Those retards slaughter furbys just to show how big and bad they are.. But If they really just thought out of their thick skulls for a moment they would realise how pathetic and stupid they look. I mean, COME ON!! Since when does destroying a little furry toy make somebody look cool??? ARG!!

Ocean Elf: Exactly. But they don't believe anyone should be allowed to like furbies, and that anyone who does, should be mocked and bullied until they join the anti-furby cult. They don't believe anyone other than them should own furbies, and the only reason they have them is for destruction. There is no reasoning with trolls and bullies that are so drunk on their own self-centred ideology.

FurbV: Guys, don't feel angry at furby killers... I mean, its not their fault they're such idiots with no lives! Poor, poor furby killers...

Ocean Elf: Nice touch there. They deserve a particularly condescending type of pity. I can't even manage to give them that. Furby-killers, like all trolls, only get my contempt.

FurbyFreak2998 - June 8, 2009 09:55 PM (GMT)

The "Furby in Microwave" is said to be funny. All it does to me is make me want to be sick.

Ocean Elf: I would like to know what, other than furbies, would make furby-killers sick. They merrily destroy furbies. How would they like to eat living struggling scorpions or octopus on camera? Or maybe they'd just get a kick out of catching and killing small furry creatures, rabbits, rats, mice and squirrels. They would actually be doing something useful in places where there are problems with overpopulation of these animals. Or how about setting a good chunk of their bank accounts on fire? If they can waste money buying furbies just to destroy them, they can do just fine with the loss of the rest of their money as well.

furbys are cool - June 9, 2009 01:43 AM (GMT)

i agree with furbyfreak puke ewwwwww furby in a microwave i know were they got that off of the gremlines movie

Ocean Elf: Ah yes, that stupid movie that perpetuates the dead Santa stuck in the chimney urban legend, and ends up with this old man going on a huge tirade of environmentalist wind-baggery about how humans screwed up the universe and are not ready for mog y, or whatever the heck baby gremlins are called. Gremlins sucks.

This brings me to another point. Furby killers, being the trolls they are, perpetuate stupid anti-furby meems. That stale old joke "Don't feed them after midnight!" The creepy evil possessed furby meme. These are very annoying sorts of brain-dead.

FurbV - June 9, 2009 09:52 AM (GMT)

Oh right I remember... Gremlin in the microwave. <_< I still can't see how that's funny...

Ocean Elf: It is stale, overkilled, stupid.

furbyfan - June 9, 2009 02:59 PM (GMT)

Here's a story about the first time I saw a furby in a microwave.....

I was on Youtube,looking at furby videos. I saw a furby music video. I clicked it.Uh-oh.....

IT WAS HORRIBLE!!! A furby in a microwave! I ran out of the room and tried to calm down...

That was the day I saw furby abuse. I'm very careful what I click now.

Ocean Elf: I hope you have a stronger stomach now, because that is not the worst thing you will ever see in life.

FurbyFreak2998 - June 10, 2009 12:03 AM (GMT)

I saw someone blow up a Furby with fireworks once (which it is illegal to play with fireworks in the first place) and I left a comment on that video and said it is wrong to those things. Then someone replied and said, "That's because you're gay and make a living playing with dolls." I hate when those teenagers on YouTube do those things! Somebody else said, "I'm glad you destroyed that thing. They are annoying as heck!" Other people claim they are "evil" and "possesed". How can a toy like Furby be evil? Honestly, I don't understand. If people don't like Furbys andf have nothing good to say about them, they shouldn't say anything about them at all.

Ocean Elf: That's what it is like coming across stupid internet trolls. They put up total crap, then they can't handle it when somebody doesn't like it. They resort to middle school name-calling. They also love to pat each other on the back. Furby-killers are a hive mindset just like any other troll subculture.

luigi - June 11, 2009 06:31 PM (GMT)

you should report those guys! :(

FurbV - June 12, 2009 01:39 PM (GMT)

Agreed. :(

Ocean Elf: What's really funny is how seriously furby-killers take this type of comment. They actually believe they will be reported for busting a toy. They have no idea they are being played.

luigi - June 12, 2009 06:52 PM (GMT)

:( i saw furby in microwav! :(

FurbV - June 13, 2009 04:47 PM (GMT)

Its horrible... :( :angry:

FurbyFreak2998 - June 13, 2009 06:36 PM (GMT)

I wanted to go punch that guy in the face, but that would be somewhat rude. It's still sickening either way, and what's even worse are all the "ROTFL!" comments it gets every day.

Ocean Elf: It is disgusting when people defend, agree with or praise anything trolls say and do.

But nothing can teach them anything. Furby-killers and other trolls are too stupid to care, and infatuated with themselves. If you punch a furby-killer, he or she would just play the victim and ridicule you for being this upset over a toy.

Furby killers are attention-seeking, brainless talentless hacks. Meme-loving trolls with no life and far too much time on their hands. Or if they actually have some intelligence and talent, they have no excuse for being furby killers.

No one has to like furbies. But the anti-furby lifestyle is for the socially inept and the stupid.


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