The Truly Heartless Ones: Suffering Children Hoax Memes

Charity Hoaxes And Mistreatment Of Names And Memories Of Real People And Tragedies

We are told directly or by implication that we will be killed by a ghost or that we are heartless, too busy, too lazy or endlessly selfish or some other horrible thing no one wants to be, if we don't take the time to spread that sad sack message, and a child's death is threatened to be laid right at our door as a result.

There' plenty of not-so-little things wrong with that, and one biggie, being this:

It's not true!

All such coercive memes are lies, and what bits of truth they might contain are never enough vital information, irrelevant, or out of date, either way, will not benefit any real person in need of help. Nor will not reposting it kill a child or get you killed.

Unthinkable and twisted as this is, there are horrible people out there who making up hoaxes about sick, abused, and missing kids, as well as utterly tacky campfire chain letter tales that name real people who died as ghosts. They get us believing and passing this awfulness around in the form of chain letters that are designed to bully us into doing just that. The more re-shares, the more upset people get, the better the heartless trolls and bullies who start this stuff, like it. It's all "for the lulz". (Trollish giggles and kicks at others' expense). And because they are for the most part, anonymous, or way too over-protected just because they are under-age and know darn well that helps them get away with it without facing any consequences, they never get into trouble for it. They just sit back and laugh while watching their chain letters cause problems for other people.


Amy Blamy Shamy Bruce

Andrew Anthony Parkin Parkins

Slow Dancing With Jessica Mystink Mydek, David Lackwit Lawitts, Tamara Shamara Martin, Rick Con Artist Connor, George and rachel Arlington Winslet

Ostriopliosis kids Tim Flyte and the David Darrens

Kalin Relek, Savannah Foraker, Fatima Harfeez,Krista Marie, Debbie Schwartz

Dominik James Dagner, Maria

Faux Amber Alert, Tammy Lynn Lawrence, The Kid On The Longest Joyride In Hoax History!

Walmart Fire Hoax

Bruce Delburg, Baby Heart Surgery, Talking embryo Hoaxes

Writing On Wall/sheet, Gold Box/Paper, Blown Kisses, Hammered Hands etc.

Bogus MADD Petition

Dead Reckoning Jenny

Near The Door

A Little Girl Smelly Child Abuse Glurge Meme Reposting Racket

I'm Sorry Mom

Misty Sarah Chris etc. Child Abuse Hoaxes

Misty Sarah Chris Hoax and Decca's Anti-chain Cause Email Fight (shows just how sending these chain letters can cause fights.)

Please read this excellent article about bogus charity campaigns on Facebook from Facecrooks com.

There are honest efforts to help find missing people or solicit help/support for sick people, sometimes those go viral, but theese genuine virals are very few and far-between, and there are differences between them and hoaxes.

No genuine plea for help will claim some internet or phone company will donate any amount of money per share/repost/forward. Real campaigns never attempt to guilt you into or insult your character for not spreading the chain. Real campaigns do contain vital information that doesn't turn out to be false, so the people who started it or the authorities in their area can be contacted when needed. Real viral campaigns do eventually go out of date when the situation is resolved or the missing person has been missing for too long and the case was never solved. So it isn't these genuine efforts which are current or out of date but were/are true we are talking about here. It is the hoaxes and heartless manipulative attention-seeking, power-trippers who start them that are the problem.

Having said that, there are fakes that look just like the real thing too, without the overt guilt-tripping, with some phone number, email address or some other information the chain says to contact, and with maybe the slightest suggestion to share the post. So with every repost pleading for some kind of help, it's always a good idea to do some research instead of just sharing it further.

Mistreatment Of Real People's Names, Pictures, Stories Etc

I had once thought no one could possibly stoop any lower than just making up a sick kid hoax, well, they can and do, when they use the name of, or steal a picture of some real person, and turn him/her into the fictitious sickly or ghostly character of their hoax.

Ghost Treatment

You've no doubt heard of those campy ^Articles/Dealive.html">"Forward or you'll die at midnight" chain letters. They come in many variations. Most are pretty generic but there are a few that have the audacity to trample all over the good names and memories of actual people and events that were real. No kidding, hoaxers do stoop this low.

The following real people were given the utterly shabby chain letter ghost treatment of their memory after their deaths:

1959 Dyatlov Mountain Hiker Tragedy

Amanda Todd

Kelsey Smith Briggs

Maria Marshall(Lied about by the fictional Jenny 16)

Teresa Fidalgo


Muddling Stories, Ripping Off Pictures, Renaming People Etc

Hoaxers also take more than one real case, combine them into one fictional account to create a new story to build a hoax around it.

The "So Help Me God" chain letter muddles up two stories about real murders, getting various facts wrong and consolidating them all to make one fictitious story for a forwarding con.

Antonio West was a child whose name and story was used to perpetuate an odious political chain letter.

The story of ^Scummy/JunkoFuruta.html">Junko Furuta is another one needlessly turned into a chain letter. No amount of re-shares can undo the heinous, condemnable things done to her. All re-sharing this story will do is make the reader feel absolutely awful as well as futile since what's done is done.


Actor Kyle Massey was the butt of a sick hoax that claimed he was dying of cancer. Massey does not have cancer, and he is not dying. He has this to say about the hoax and the parasitic people who start them.

"I don't know where this inconsiderate and insensitive rumor originated from. Cancer is a disease that is very personal to me and my family. I have had two uncles and a very dear friend who passed away in the last two years from cancer and my Granddad currently has prostate cancer and my Grandmother is currently in a nursing home because of Alzheimer's Disease. So, making light of any illnesses that a person has no control over getting is not something to joke about or make light of! My team and I are making every attempt to find out the original source of this story because it's just not cool. I support Children's Hospital of Los Angeles through Disney Channel and Britti Cares International in support of children with various diseases and illnesses and donate my time with pride and dignity. This hoax is just plain classless!"

I hope the culprit is found out and exposed.


Facebook and CNN are not donating any money per forward/share/like/comment to save a nonexistent nameless baby in a car accident, furthermore, the child's image is not that of a baby injured in a car accident. It was stolen for use in another tasteless sharing hoax two years after the death of the real baby.

His name was Grayson Walker, born back in February of 2012, and he lived for only 8 hours after birth because of a rare condition called Anecephaly.

The lows hoaxers stoop to are boundless! *Scowl*

If you see anyone "sharing" that story, please inform them it is false.


Samuel Ettore is a healthy, happy kid, he does not have cancer and his baby picture from back in 2004 has been ripped off and used to perpetuate a charity hoax that claims Facebook will donate money per photo share. His name is Samuel, not Cancer Baby…

Ian Gromowski passed on in 2007 due to problems with a vaccine, not from cancer, and his picture was stolen to be exploited in another cancer baby hoax!

Baby Manuela has passed away, and still her picture is misused in a disgusting charity hoax.

Zoe Chambers passed away from a heart condition, and years later her photo has also been stolen and misused in a disgusting sick kid hoax. That's not all. The amoral hoaxer who has been lining his pockets and using the hoax to do it. Julie Chambers is understandably upset by this. It is as if the hoaxer is laughing at her having lost a child!

It is a distasteful, disrespectful way to treat the memory of someone who was once a living person and who died tragically.

Utterly outrageous and Facebook is sitting on their buts doing nothing about it! and it is Facebook these ripped off pictures and sick kid hoaxes are plaguing.

Here is information on this particular hoaxer.

Name: Garen Thoms

AKA "FreeCreditGuy"

His page on Facebook was "Free Digicel Credit"

His other web sites are:


Email: garenhotboy@yahoo.com

Info from whois lookup of these domains:

Thoms, Garen
Shaw Park Lime Bottom
Ocho Rios P.O Box 840, ST Ann 99999

Phone (1-876-398-9339


The 17-year-old girl, who extensively stole and misused a family gallery to pull off a tasteless cancer kid hoax.

Because of her age, once again, another hoaxer got spared being named and facing any real consequences she deserves. The family she stole from and cyber-stomped all over, have every right to take her to court, and it's about time the courts took hoax-perpetuation a lot more seriously.

What really chaps my butt over this sort of thing is the hoaxer, especially when under legal age, always gets off with a little tut-tut and pat on the back, and remains anonymous, while the victims of their sick attention-seeking lies, get their names dragged into the public light, because they have to come forward to set the record straight that they are the ones being lied about and what those lies are!

Hoaxers should be named and face whatever the public throws at them.

That girl wrote a letter, dripping with very well-written, convincing-sounding remorse for the hoax, but the fact remains, she had it in her to commit it in the first place. Why shouldn't her supposed outpouring of remorse be just another hoax? Consider all the effort she put into her fake cancer kid blog and posts, where she made up a mom with a kid dying of cancer, but used pictures of a healthy boy and changed his name from Jack to Riley. Someone who does that and writes an ongoing blog to carry on that lie is more than capable of spinning a fantastic letter oozing with faux remorse.

That girl is sorry all right - sorry she got caught! Sincerely sorry for the distress she caused needlessly for the family she used in her hoax, or for all the other people she deceived? Not ruddy likely! If this sort of hoax made her sick to her stomach, she would never have committed it in the first place. People who commit this kind of malicious hoax just aren't capable of any real empathy toward other people. They are parasitic attention-seekers at best, and some are con artists who have managed to bring innocent people to financial ruin. This girl's just scared crapless because she got caught, that's all.

She only agreed to give any interviews if she was given anonymity and promised to be protected from "harassment" well, she harassed the family she stole from and lied about! She is a coward, like all other anonymous hoaxers, and does not deserve special protection.


Some child abuse hoaxes hit Facebook in early 2012. Apparently it is not enough for these sick hoaxers to rip off pictures of children who were ill, and make up stories about them. Their sadistic addiction to child exploitation and making the masses sad unnecessarily, only worsened. Their cyber-bloodlust still unsated, these immoral louts up the ante and steal pictures of injured children to exploit in bogus child abuse chains. Not just ill children. Injured children.

The 'Share if You Are Against Child Abuse' Facebook chain letter hoax contains a genuine picture of an injured child, though not from child abuse.

Katie Ann Guttridge, was not "abused" by an adult as the chain letter hoax that stole her picture implies.

At three years old, Katie was attacked by Chucky, a two-year-old during play time at Ratby Pre-School Nursery in Leicester, UK, in December of 2011.

The 'Daddy, It Hurts' 'Misty' child abuse poem chain contains a poem that's been around since 1996, but the recent mutation also includes a picture of an injured, but not abused child. Even that incident is not recent.

In early 2012, the Chris mutation, retitled "Daddy, It Hurts" stooped even lower by ripping off a picture of a real child with a face injury, and incorporating it into this ^MistySarahChrisChildAbuseHoaxes.html">malicious, bullying hoax. Malicious, because it is designed to make people believe the child in the picture was abused and killed by her father, just as the poem says.

Not at all true!

The child's name is Jade, not Misty or Sarah or Chris. She was two, not three when she was injured. The injuries to her face were caused by a labrador cross, a dog, the family had gotten just three days before. That dog attack occurred back in September of 2002, and Jade had to have surgery, but did not die.

Then, some ne'er-do-well who restarted the child abuse poem petition chain thought it would be cool to callously steal Jade's picture and weave it into the hoax, thereby, giving the impression that Mr. Wardle had caused these injuries!

The chain letter then has the gall to accuse people of being heartless for not passing it along!

I - don't - think - so!

About the poem…

In 1996, Misty Nicole Ramsey wrote this poem about a three-year-old who gets beaten and murdered by her father. It is written in first person from the child's point of view.

It begins with:

"My name Is Misty
I am but three"

It went viral and turned into a downer of a useless online petition.

Misty Nicole Ramsey doesn't mind her work being shared as long as she is not stripped of the credit, she says it is meant to be shared.

But Various mutations have done just that, stripping Misty Nicole Ramsey of credit and taking things even further, changing the child's name from Misty to Sarah, Chris,, and probably others. I don't know where anyone gets Sarah or Chris from Misty, or why anyone would want to change the name of the child and leave everything else in tact. But such is the nature of things once they become chain letters.

Abysmal as the poem is, Ms. Ramsey is rightly put out by this treatment.

The truly heartless ones with no soul here, are the ones who keep originating new pants-on-fire sob-story hoaxes and recycling old ones, stealing pictures of real people to lie about, unnecessarily upsetting unsuspecting kindhearted people who never would've even thought of the possibility of anyone being sick enough to pull this heinous crap!

In early 2014, another abjectly cruel, tasteless hoax laughs at two real cases of suffering, The picture stolen by the hoaxer is that of Nazia Masih, a 12-year-old Pakistani, who was a child labourer, abused by her employers who would have contributed to the blood poisoning, causing her death in 2010! The story in the text tells of another girl's all too true hellish ordeal in Pakistan in early 2013 in which seven people, four men and three women were responsible for kidnapping and torturing a 9-year-old girl, nearly ending her life! *Outraged scowl* Appalling! *throws punch in midair* ^HeinousChildAbuseCrimesExploitationHoax.html">!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But true as those two cases are, the hoax claiming FB companies will donate money per shares/reposts to help the unnamed girl is utter, despicable, garbage!

I am convinced these hoaxers get their highs looking at pictures of injured children, manipulating the masses by insults and emotional manipulation, laughing at those they tear-jerk into spamming the net with this deplorable drivel, and they try to masquerade this behind a facade of fighting for a cause. These hoaxers get turned on especially by the sight of children whose faces have been severely injured. It is not enough for sick child story hoaxers to ^Lists/MemeKids101.html">make up sad stories out of thin air any more. They lust for real children to be ill, and not only ill, but put through the agony of physical injury. It's the only theory that makes any sense as to why these hoaxers actually go stalking the net, collecting pictures of real suffering children to use in these absolutely stinking piles of lies.

Of all the chain letters there are, these have to be the worst of the worst, and the people who originate them are sociopaths.

Hoaxers get off way too easy while forcing unwanted attention on the people they victimize with these lies, laughing at real suffering, and wishing sickness and death on more people.

This article theorizes that people who start hoaxes about sickness and dying may have Munchauzen's, and while I agree that might've been the case with some, such as Kaycee Nicole, it certainly is no excuse. Whether it's given a fancy name and the title "disorder" or not, it all boils down to one thing - someone wants attention, and they'll go to any length to get it no matter who they bulldoze over in the process. It's just selfishness to an insane extreme. Does that really deserve the warm-fuzzy understanding "Oh, it's okay we really shouldn't expect anything better of you because you have a disorder" treatment?

Oh, give me a break!

These cowardly creeps thrive on being coddled and tip-toed around. They enjoy the anonymity afforded them by the internet. They know darn well that if they can manage to keep their own names and information secret, they can get away with it all; from collecting your names and other info from our emails and social network shares, to lurking about and laughing at our sharing and getting upset over their fake stories, these trolls have it made! They get all the power they ever wanted over a massive amount of people, they get our info which they can then use to spam us or sell to other spamming operations, they get the attention they crave, all without having to face any consequences.

If we came down a lot harder on these miscreants regardless of their age, there would be a lot less of this kind of thing happening. And, just maybe that would help prevent future con-artists from bilking people out of their life savings. Surely, they all started somewhere.

Over and out.


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