Confession: I Liked Gangnam Style

Gangnam style

It's the song and music video by Psy that took the world by storm starting in July 2012.

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But people are trying to read way too much into it and use the song as an anti-capitalism propaganda tool.

Contrary to what this article says, Gangnam Style is not anti-capitalism, pro-comunism and doesn't even make fun of capitalism. rather, it pokes fun of people who are status-hungry, hooked on projecting an image of wealth. that should not be confused with capitalism, which is exactly why gangnam Style became such a huge international hit in the first place.

So why did Gangnam Style and parodies go viral?

I normally dislike anything viral.

But - I must confess - I liked Gangnam Style for a while when it came out.

So, why, then, did I, of all people, actually like this song?

It's not for any of the reasons it went viral.

I wasn't even introduced to it via shared link over the internet, but in real life, at work.

One can't help overhearing the music of a modern or jazz dance class in the dance studio just above or below, and Gangnam was one of the selections being danced to in one of these classes.

It is in a key I am quite partial to. The part of the song where the drum beat speeds up double time, double time almost to a roll, makes me laugh. The vocals are great. and, it will always be associated in my mind with my experience at work. A dance studio is an ideal place for getting introduced to new music, and I love working there.

Having said that, if Gangmnam had been recorded just one step or tone lower, I probably would hate it. A tone higher, and but for the funny drum, I probably would barely notice it. Having perfect pitch has contributed to my preferences for certain keys in which music is played, and my favourite and least favourite are only different from each other by one tone.

So, for a time, Gangnam was funny and worthy of joining the rest of the music on my Ipod.

even so, I would not "share" it. If you want to listen to it, go right ahead. you will find it on Youtube and on Itunes.

I have since taken it off my iPod to make room for other music I'm more interested in.

Now, here's an article about Gangnam itself.

Since Gangmam Style came out, some dirty secrets have as well, but they concerned things years in the past, and Psy has apologized for them. And that's good enough for me.

On New Year's Day 2013, Psy declared he was done with Gangnam Style. That is understandable.

The song had tremendous staying power, but like most crazes, Gangnam Style eventually went out of style. No more parodies were likely to be made, and those which were, will be forgotten.

Unlike most crazes, this one even succeeded at drawing me in a little. Not so much that the song ever came close to knocking "Byker Hill" out of the number one spot for me, but the fact I actually liked it at all is something most trends can't manage.

These days, if Youtube tosses in a Gagnam Style parody among recommended videos, I don't bother checking it out. Seen one, seen them all.


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