Quotev And Wattpad

With all the features they have, those sites could be truly fun and awesome.

But they are not.


Because the content that users dump on these sites stinks.

Why Do People Hate Quotev?

Eh? Do they, really? Other than the few who scream about their accounts being deleted, is there anyone out there besides me and a few of my fellow meme-manglers who think Quotev content sucks out loud?

Okay, Quotev and Wattpad *Shudder* are similar to that other, older, notorious site known as Fanfiction.net (the pit" but where FF.net seems to have authors of all ages, its offshoots cater to different age groups but with the same horrid tastes in fiction. Adultfanfiction.net *Shudder grimace* is for adults who never outgrew their hormonal bratty faze, Fimfiction.net is a horrifying version of Fanfiction.net just for bronies, Quotev and Wattpad have a bit of Fanfiction.net, Fimfiction.net and crappy/creepypasta all in one. Quotev and Wattpad seem to be hangouts for fan brats who think they are authors. They are saturated with fandom stupidity, especially for boy bands, creepy pasta, My Little Pony, anime and Pewdipie and tons of other kruft such as disgusting fan fictions about real celebrities, and slashing (gay porn fix) established fictional characters (canon) into eternity.

Quotev and Wattpad are full of annoying "raise awareness" cause and ridiculous air headed chain letters, anti-chains in parody or story form always making believe chain letters are real,

this story which is admittedly a cross between "The Ring" "Chain Letter" and some other movie about going to hell according to its title. and this story prologue again with the unoriginality where some unbeliever in chains gets killed by a chain creep. Yet again. More of the same from Quotev, Wattpad

And another story on Wattpad again with the same old chain letters coming true plot.

Quotev would very likely tie or maybe overtake Facebook in the chain repost/shares if it had as many users.

On top of that, there are people putting out this slop who are attention-seekers. No kidding, some people actually demand attention in the form of comments or else they'll take their toys and go home.

😡"Guys, I'm sorry but I'm not updating anymore stories unless I get comments, I need to know if my stories are good or not."

🧝‍♀️Hah! If a person wants to write, they should just write regardless of how much or little feedback they get, and all Quotev and Wattpad stories suck anyway, for the reasons mentioned above. They always seem to be written by fanbrats of some sort.

I wouldn't expect Wattpad to be any better.

Wattpad is the same as Quotev, only with a different name, and, they have a problem with plagiarism.

Wattpad or Figment?

👩Ariel Magic-esi: Wattpad sucks, but it has more users. That's because there are more whiny teenagers who think of themselves as great writers than there are actually good writers.

😁Sayer: Haha my guess was that Wattpad has cool features, but the community is trash.

🔺☺️Red Sotana:Figment has more serious writer than Wattpad. It's very difficult to find a good critic in Wattpad as most users are there for entertainment and do not read long novels. So if you are an aspiring writer and you put so much effort on your project, I think figment is the best place for you. I also prefer Figment site design better.

Mybba VS. Wattpad

🤔A lot of top trending stories on Wattpad all have similar plotlines and unoriginal characters, but because the Authors can write, oh boy, do they get a lot of readers.


Anyways bottom line:

Want to compete your story with million other authors? Wattpad is for you.


Want to improve your writing style? Mibba is the way for you. On here there is also incredibly unique people who can write painstakingly beautiful stories *clip* you just have to find them! On Wattpad.. eh.. haven’t really found one yet..

And here's another review of Wattpad.

So, it sounds like Figment and Mybba are better, but I'll have to take the time to check them out. In any case, if you only want to publish without bothering with ratings or criticism, you aren't aspiring to become a writer, but just want to have fun and you couldn't care less how much or little feedback you get, I'd suggest Storypassers. The only problem with them is you're only allowed one account, so be careful what name you choose to call yourself, because you'll be stuck with it.

Quotev and Wattpad have something super important to wanna-be writers, - a rating system! Every story or poll or quiz can be rated. It's not about putting out great and interesting content, it's about getting your stories the most ratings, and the higher the rating, naturally, the better the fan feels about what they wrote, even if it's tripe.

🧝‍♀️And that's the least of it.

You don't have to venture too far into these sites to tell something's just not right with them, more accurately, things are really messed up.

You know how different communities and places IRL have certain atmospheres about them that you pick up fairly soon, and it helps you decide if you want to stick around or leave?

Quotev's atmosphere is a horrifying bowl of dystopian progressive/liberal/left-wing SJW youth subculture.

One can get the feeling that if you're past the age of 17, you're not likely going to fit in anywhere.

And if you are in the 13/16 age-range, you still won't fit in unless you are part of the latest trendy fandoms, and that you must be cool with all kinds of ideas that would make a normal person cringe.

A character tortures and kills? Aww, that's okay, he's just misunderstood and had a tragic abusive past. And he's so darn smexy!

Uh no. Last time I checked, adding more wrong to wrong doesn't make a right. Especially not when it's a sadistic kind of wrong! So much no!

Somebody cuts herself? Awww, that's not creepy at all, and we mustn't laugh at her for it. We must just give her lots of hugs and kisses and tell her how beautiful she is!

Ugh, eww! *Shudder* Who's laughing? It's neither funny nor beautiful, it's creepy and alarming, and it's something all the hugs and kisses aren't going to fix. If she can inflict that on herself, there's no telling what she might do to the next person.

Here was part of a discussion on why some women and girls go for the sadistic creeps on sites like Quotev.


🤨MadThinker 5 Xper (Under 18)

I don't know if any of you guys are on quotev, but the place is rotting with the stuff. It gets so, so worse. It's actually a little scary. You've got these standard abuse stories, which are creepy alone, and then there are things like romance stories about girls falling in love with the son of the guy kidnapping them to rape and murder. There are lots of stories with that exact premise, no lie. The son is forgiven for not calling the cops or anything, because his dad made him, and therefore becomes a great love interest. Also, I noticed that there is a definite trend in gay love stories are also super abusive. Since quotev is mostly made up of t(w)een girls, this frightens me. Dating violence, anyone?

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Here, here! *Applauds* You hit it right on the nose! Yes, these trends are disgusting and alarming, especially considering how young the average Quotever is. I wouldn't be one bit surprised if the Slender Man girls who stabbed their friend and the one who stabbed her own mother were on Quotev or Wattpad. Quotev is full of girls who wallow in violent fantasies.

❔Asker (18 to 24)

Well, I wouldn't know. I stick to fanfiction.net and stick to series I like.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Fanfiction is bad enough.

😋Opinion Owner(Under 18)

It's more than that though, because most of the stories don't go into sex scenes. It's so creepy, all the stories seem like they're a law and order episode. Everybody just falls in love with scumbag characters. Of course, most of the other stories are terrible one direction fanfics, so it's not like the site has high standards anyways.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Even Law And Order usually ends up with the rotters behind bars.

❔Asker (18 to 24)

That's because tweens are taught the basic definition of rape. That is how dubcon (dubious consent) sex scenes are created: "Well she did say no, but she loves him and liked it in the end!"

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: *Pukes*

🧐learningthegame16 8 Xper (18 to 24)

What book did you read?

That's a fair point, Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey come to mind, although I'm not a fan of that genre.

❔Asker (18 to 24)

It's not just books, it's a lot of shoujo manga (japanese comics targeted to girls). And yes, I do mean girls as in minors. The teens just write fanfiction.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: And they get fanatical about it to the point of anime becoming a cult rather than a hobby.

🙃peacewar 3 Xper (18 to 24)

ya I really don't get it - not because I can't understand the sexual appeal of a powerful man, but mostly because I don't understand why women would want to popularize an ideal/image/conception of passion and sex that is so easily misinterpreted and has such harmful connotations... it is one thing to enjoy be sexually submissive in a loving relationship where you feel safe with your partner, and quite another to popularize fantasies of abuse and rape, etc. it seems like a pretty short sighted mistake to me..

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: How about just calling it what it is? Sick.

If you want to read that whole thread and my comments, go here.


From a Tumblr page called MarySueFacepalm:


😨so i found this roleplay on quotev and just sorta went 'eh' and tried it out. it was alright, i guess. not very descriptive, but relatively average for the site from what i've seen. then suddenly, a character makes a rape joke. i cringe, and try to ignore it. then like five minutes later, same characters screams that she had been raped as a child then runs off. like that actually made me feel mad but once again, i didn't say anything. to make matters worse, character came back perfectly fine. :T

That is seriously not ok. I really don’t like how young RPers and OC makers treat rape like a plot device or something…

I did some pretty stupid crap when I was young, but I never made a rape victim character, and I certainly didn’t treat it like a joke.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: You're right, it's definitely not okay. Some things just aren't a laughing matter, and the raped/bullied/abused card is way overused as a plot device, or story-starter, and doesn't explain or excuse the character's crummy attitude and actions later on. About the joking, the hypocritical thing about that is that if a male made that joke, you can bet the girls would be screaming for his head, accusing him of being misogynistic and insensitive. But it's okay for a fangirl to make a rape joke? That's crap!

Here's the sort of dreck seen on the typical Quotev page.


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My Danny Phantom OCs

Name: Tamsine Daws

Age: 14

Species: Ghost

Appearance: Tamsine has white, green-tinted skin and blazing red eyes and stripes above and under her eye, her hair is wavy and green and she wears red lipstick.

Personality: Tamsine is artistic, clever and observant, she takes great pride in those traits causing her to become arrogant. She is fun-loving and mischevious and likes to laugh and make others laugh. She is extremely loyal to Freakshow and those dear to her and brutally honest, though she can get rather rude and dark, and is stubborn, impatient and hot-headed.

Allies: Freakshow, Lydia, Kitty, Youngblood, Dan Phantom, Nocturne

Enemies: Sam Manson, Danny, Tucker, Clockwork

Crush: None

Extra Facts:

-She works for Freakshow willingly along with Lydia

-She especially dislikes Sam Manson

-She is working to free Dan Phantom due to her interest in him.

Name: Victor

Age: 15

Species: Human

Appearance: He has short, messy blonde hair and bright blue eyes, his skin is fair and he is quite tall for his age, he normally carries around gadgets that could be useful during ghost hunting.

Personality: Victor is highly intelligent but comes across of as odd or stupid to a lot of people, he is constantly coming up with crazy ideas and odd questions to ask. His mind is constantly racing, causing him to be overly creative yet paranoid at times. He does not get angry easily, however can have a bad temper and is stubborn. Like Sam, he has an interest in anything strange or paranormal.

Allies: Danny, Sam, Tucker

Enemies: None so far

Extra Facts:

-His family comes from a long line of ghost hunters, and he is always carrying around gadgets like Tucker.

CreepyPasta OC Critique

1 page · Horror

Because there are so many CrappyPasta OCs out there.

A Forbidden Love (GxG)

1 page · Romance · Fantasy

Jamie is a type of demon who escaped from her village. Amelia is a shy human girl, who goes to the same school as her. When the two meet, Jamie quickly falls in love with her, but she also has to cope with her secret and the fear of the other demons coming for them.

Drowning In Love (BEN Drowned Love Story)

1 page · Romance · Horror

Kelsie is bubbly, sweet, and innocent. Despite this she is abused by her parents at home after her older brother's death, what happens when she meets BEN when he attempts to scare her?

A Deeper Understanding (Jeff the Killer)

3 pages · Horror · Humor

Scarlett is not your average girl, or so she thinks. She is abused and bullied everyday, and she hopes to meet Jeff the Killer one day, what happens when her wish comes true?


Are Quotev, KIK and Wattpad as "dangerous" as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are networks for use by the general public, they aren't geared for a particular demographic. How dangerous these social networks are depends on who you friend/follow/add. If you stick with people you already know, then you should be just fine on those networks.

You're not likely to find the sort of dangerous twisted content on Facebook that you will inevitably run into on Quotev.

Quotev, Kik and Wattpad, have some social networking features, but they are not real social networks.

Sure, they have the abilities to make profiles and add people to your contact lists within those sites, but KiK is about making stuff go viral. (chain letter/meme)! Quotev and Wattpad are meant for fandoms and people who want to be popular and to be part of some collective or other, to go indulge their fantasies, many of them looking mightily unhealthy when written out. And yes, there is an enormous peer pressure element. With out of control fandoms, there is going to be. And even the sites themselves have fandoms. And I think that's because if everyone dumped all the slop that passes for content on Quotev, on Facebook instead, there would be more than a few justifiably alarmed and revolted reactions from their friends.

So the fangirls gravitate to Quotev and the like because everyone else there is more or less like them, with similar interests and outlook.

Or, they just better assimilate - or else!

Even I got some backlash over my article on Quotev and Wattpad because my take on those sites is anything but favourable, based on what I've seen of them personally, and what little I could find of the odd person to be brave and honest enough to point out the problems with the site content.

I had a site that some fangirls from Quotev joined, and I still don't know why on earth they thought that was a good idea. Eventually, they were kicked out due to childish, irresponsible, and just plain embarrassing behaviour.

One Quotev and Fanfiction girl kept trying to come back, again and again. I must've denied her membership ten times or more in the space of a couple of years. She was a big Quotever, in love with sadistic characters, was an admitted sadist herself, and she basically stood for everything and anything I and my site was staunchly against.

It got to the point where I had to get, well, brutally honest, then all out rude to her before she *finally* got the hint, and even then, she still tried to make me out as the bad guy on her last unwelcome attempt at getting in.

After that, she, and/or the other fangirl who was so blistered at being kicked out, tried to set some of their Quotev buddies on me after my article about Quotev went up.

These girls weren't interested in my site at all, nor should they have been. They were Quotevers and fangirls of My Little Pony, creepy pasta, and many anime series... They were not meme-manglers.

What they hoped to accomplish though by submitting their little rants in their member applications, was to get me to change my point of view on Quotev.

It didn't work.

They were all denied membership and I don't care what they think of me or my sites, just as long as they keep out.

So if they attempt peer pressure on someone like me, just imagine the cyber harassment and bullying they could do to someone in their peer group age-wise! Someone who would be a lot more likely to care what her peers think of her.

So basically, check out the general atmosphere of a site. A general social network is going to feel a lot different from the off-putting Quotev, 4chan and the like.


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