So sick of martyrs…

August 1, 2013

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So sick of martyrs…

Frankly this whole “boo hoo, look at me rise above when I’m really not doing crap” trend needs to die in a fire. I would normally take a moment to put some kind of kitschy flaming death image here– but I ran into something today that filled my mind with muck.

Not the good kind, either.

I’m talking the kind that causes normal people (and in this case, I qualify– which makes the upcoming argument that much more compelling) want to punt puppies. Instead of going into further comedic description, how about I just link you to this amalgamated muckpile of fail. Was that new to you? Maybe you’ve tripped over some permutation of this steaming pile of Sarah McLachlan.

Enough already, people!

You cannot fathom the sheer quantity of crap that I cannot give about your "issue." This is still art.

Here’s a newsflash people, we’re stuck in a little thing called “life,” and the last time I checked– we all have another nice little thing called “choices.” I know there’s one of those dipstick devil’s advocate types out there that is going to bring up the unlikely “what if there’s a gun to your head” scenario, and I have one thing to say to that.

If you find yourself in that very unlikely situation, you have clearly botched up enough choices to end up there, so you may as well opt to go face to bullet and save the rest of us the aggravation of dealing with you. Either that or you’re getting mugged, it sucks to be you, but you still have the option to go down swinging.


Point is– we all have choices in life. Tonight, I chose to stay home and not go to the gym like a boss because I had the sniffles– and dribbling from the nose while at the gym just sucks. I have chosen to act like a little wench. Otherwise, ladies and laddies, here’s a newsflash (and I’ll even italicize and center it for those of you skimming):

You are directly responsible for what happens to you in life. Anything else is an excuse.

Go ahead, choose to be a victim, and trumpet how you are stronger for continuing to make the same choices that caused you to be in that situation in the first place.

I’m going to mock you for being a pathetic waste of life and continue to do things to better myself. So step up your approach to life, or shut the heck up. I’m too busy being awesome to care about your struggle to perpetuate your own failure.



This prompted me to make a couple of spinoff posts.

One that mangles the odious "steaming pile of Sarah Mclachlan".

The other is about why music and politics shouldn't mix particularly when it's bad political agendas and guilt-trips.


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