When NY Times And Twitter Proudly Professed Their Love For A Troll

First, why NY Times, CNN and the shame stream media really stinks.

When Trump won the US election in 2016, CNN's Van Jones called it a "whitelash"... And to add stupidity on top of his disgusting racism, the candidate he wanted to win, Hillary Clinton was also white! DUH!

In August 2018, the New York Times @nytimes hired Sarah Jeong @sarahjeong was hired as an editor.

The problem is, she is racist, and a troll, with an appalling Twitter record.

Here is something she once tweeted:

"White people are only fit to live underground like groveling goblins. They have stopped breeding and will all go extinct soon. I enjoy being cruel to old white women."

Along with the blatant racism, a clear admission that she enjoys being cruel to anyone, that, my friends, is a bully and a troll.

NY Times knew about this, and they hired her anyway... They would have condemned her as racist if she had used a word for any other race or skin tone than white.

Candace Owens @RealCandaceO pointed out this racism and double standard as well as all the leftwing bias in a tweet that replaced the word "white" with "black", then explained that this quote belonged to Sarah Jeong, with only the skin colour changed.

The snowflake empire erupted and Twitter hypocritically banned Candace for "racism", even though she had made it clear the racism was Sarah Jeong's... And here's the kicker. Twitter never banned Sarah Jeong for the very racism quoted above.

In fact, far from being a Racist, Candace is rightly appalled at NY Times for keeping this disgusting individual on.

Candace Owens @RealCandaceO Aug 4, 2018

"No matter which way you slice it, @sarahjeong is a racist. It is ABHORRENT that the failing @nytimes has decided to stand by her. Hoping for the extermination of ANY race, is indefensible behavior."


Why Sarah Jeong's Racist Hatred Is Okay With The Left

Of course, the troll gallery that supports Sarah Jeong and the NY Times are doubling down on their reactionary tactics, by doing what else? Name-calling their opposition "alt-right" and/or "trolls". Sarah's own words above are some of the most trollish I've seen. But bullies and their sycophants regularly make-believe their victims are the villains/bullies, and the left has been doing that for years.

"Alt-right" is not even a thing. It's a left-wing myth and conspiracy theory all in one that's based on a tiny fringe group that has nothing to do with the real non-left.

Only a wonderful show of support for Candace finally got the big guns at Twitter to come to their senses and remove the stupid ban.

So, you have to be pretty careful in your methods when opposing the perpetuators of this toxic identity politics, or they'll look for any excuse to silence you.