Little Rant: If you send me one more chain mail tehillim request…

Originally at this link, the title was good, the rant started off well, but soon turned to mush. Some of the comments weren't any better, and there were a couple of anti-chains, as there always seems to be when this topic comes up.

I took all that out and left only the stuff that qualifies here, and will be back to make a few comments.



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One man’s apikorus is another man’s talmid chochom

If you send me one more chain mail tehillim request…

by HESHY FRIED on JUNE 5, 2012

Just because I write a frum blog doesn’t mean I care about your dying grandmother! Yes, it had to be said, I’m sure you’re all going to jump on my shoulders for saying such insensitive things, but if you really want people davening for your friend who was just run over by a bus, the best way is not to spam the heck out of me, or everyone you know.

Asher Elbaz June 5, 2012, 6:10 PM

Well I and many have been saying Tehillim for Chaim Eliezer Lipman ben Devorah Leah, a young Chabad boy with a staggering 80% of his body covered in third degree burns as a result of a terrible fire that broke out in his home. Now just missing a hand, he is alive and WELL, like any normal kid, its incredible! Now I go around relating the Miracle and most people I talk to tell me they Davened for him, and I know his name was a popular one on Tehillim lists, so take 10 minutes and say a kapitel Tehillim because if Chas Vesholom, you would want us to say some for you 🙂

OfftheDwannaB June 5, 2012, 9:32 PM

Kids is different. But I draw the line with adults. On the tzad that prayer works, then you better pray like your life depends on it. If you don’t, then my mumbling a guilt-kapitel in 3 seconds with some random name aint doing crap. No matter how many people you forward it too.

What’s the theory even? You say a 3 second kapitel, and God’s not gonna listen, but if 10,000 people say it, then mathematically, that’s 30,000 seconds of bullcrap mumbling, so he HAS to listen. 30,000 seconds!

Yochanan June 6, 2012, 3:10 PM

What if you don’t subscribe to the view that Tehillim are magical incantations for getting results?

Sholom June 8, 2012, 10:58 AM

Then you’re a Kofer Bakol and should make some Kefitzas Haderech to Gehenom.

asifa June 7, 2012, 4:27 PM

Its amazing how everyone jumps on the tehillim bandwagon when someone gets sick. do you even understand 1 word of what you are saying?? how is that going to help if you dont! how about doing a real mitzvah or learning in the persons merit. saying a few perakim and closing the book to go back to whatever you were doing cant possibly help anything but your conscience. nah too much work to do something productive, just say some tehillim its easy.



They are all missing the point, though this last comment got about the closest. Prayers and anything from Psalms to prayers should never be trivialized by being put into memes.

are not memes, and God doesn't work by spam...


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