Sally "Play With Me"

Sally Williams is a famous creepy pasta little girl who became dealive after a horrendous ordeal at the hands of her vile uncle Johnny when she was 8 years old. Her catchphrase is "Play with me" and she is noted for having long brown curly hair and bright green eyes.

Sally's story seems to be mostly recited/acted out on Youtube or presented in picture form, and there is another pasta story that muddles through in a couple of different directions without really getting anywhere. The muddle is first, the harder to find original comes after it on this page. Both are given a mangling.


Sally Jumbled And Uncle Steve

Sally Williams "Play With Me"


Sally is one of the playable characters in the creepy pasta game The Fighters.

In that game, her evil uncle gets killed by Slender Man.

Very ironic since Slender Man corners the market for child exploitation.

And MTM will not allow him that victory. If the game had the uncle killed by someone who is not a sadistic cp character, we'd just call it good, and gladly move on to something else.


Night Time Visit

Sally Williams And Elsa Elf


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