Laughing Jack

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Q: So who is Laughing Jack?

A: A creepy pasta character, an evil animated toy clown. Just another perpetuation of the creepy clown meme.



Here is Laughing Jack's story in summary. It will be followed by Jack and Isaac Grossman's wrap sheet.

Laughing Jack has gotten an absolutely horrendously nauseating, revolting, disgusting, INFURIATING backstory explaining his beginnings, before he imposed himself on James and his mom in the current time.

I warn you, if you read the story on that Quotev link all the way through, it is very graphic, absolutely nauseating. But that is entirely typical of both creepy pasta and Quotev.

It's about Jack, and some 7-year-old kid named Isaac, which, of course, means 'laughter', well, Isaac and Jack laughed like idiots when they played together, but this story doesn't get anywhere near cracking me the faintest smile.

Isaac Lee Grossman (Not 'Der Grossmann,) was one of those kids who never should've been born, and though this sounds very harsh, you will eventually come to understand why. This character was brought forth into a uber annoying cliche environment rampant in creepy pasta stories. His sires (they are not worthy of the term 'parents'), were a couple who never should have been married because both were violent creeps no good at raising kids, and should've got themselves speutered to prevent such an accident. If you're not going to love your kids and you're just going to use them as whipping posts, don't have kids! If you're going to be a beater and rapist, don't marry, heck, stay away from the rest of the human race until you die!

One Christmas, *Scowl* (Yes, Christmas was dragged into this pile of stink,) some *cough* guardian angel gave Isaac a toy in a box that turned out to be Laughing Jack.

This so-called guardian angel just left it up to Isaac to mould Jack's personality and never even bothered to check back on the kid after that point. "Here's a shiny new toy for you, kiddo, (to throw Jack's favourite nickname for Isaac back at them,) happy playing, my job is totally done where you're concerned, see you never." It must be related to one or all of these odious chain letter angels.

If that so-called angel had been worth its salt, it would've done a heck of a lot more than that, like actually trying to help Isaac stay out of danger and trouble, preventing those violent parents from hurting their kid, and stopping the all too typical drunken father from beating and raping his wife. *Furious scowl*

but this is a creepypasta chain letter, so it's full of the typical bad drunken fathers, uptight way too harsh moms, lonely kids, chain letter angels, and imaginary clown friends that eventually turn into absolute psychos.

Jack was a colourful version of the Jack-in-the-box toy we are all familiar with. His box was different because it was made of wood, not metal. The music was the same "Pop Goes The Weasel" and Jack jumped up eventually after the climax.

But Jack was different in another respect, he was a magical toy that became animated. Living so to speak. And only seen to the children he was "friends" with.

So, on that first day, Isaac's supposedly best friend Jack split and hid when Isaac told his rotten abusive mom about him. Naturally that resulted in a brutal smack on the face and just as brutal verbal abuse, that couple never should've had any kids, did I already mention that?

As soon as Mama Stingray left the room, the cowardly clown showed up and *cough* made it up to Isaac by doing a little magic and making his other toys march around the room and stuff. And Jack gave Isaac his notorious candies, assorted ones, whereas James only got hard candies. Go figure. And Jack and Isaac told ghost stories and laughed until Isaac went to sleep.

Later on, Jack helped Isaac get his chores done early and still managed to remain nonexistent to the brutal clods who ran that poor excuse of a household.

Isaac never learned anything but fear, violence and looking out for himself from his woefully messed up parents, and as Jack was assigned to be his 'bestest' friend in da whole world *sneer&rolling eyes* he also took on Isaac's warping personality.

Eventually during a game of pirates, the poor neighbour's cat wandered into the Grosman garden. the result was Jack squeezing it to death. Charming, huh? Both of them thought killing the cat was the most howlingly hilarious thing in the world, and laughed like idiots. *Scowl*

The dead cat was referred to as a "corpse" which is incorrect. A dead human is a "corpse" A dead animal is a "carcass"..

Naturally, trouble came of it, same as before, the disbelief, the abuse, Isaac got blamed and told Jack wasn't real. Well, Isaac was to blame for finding what Jack did funny, so I can't exactly feel sorry for him here.

Isaac got sent away to a boarding school. Wait, what? If his parents were so poor and Papa rapist spent all his money on booze and Mama String ray homeschooled, how the heck did they suddenly manage to afford boarding school?

Oh well, besides that question, conditions wouldn't be any better over there, but what's the use staying around parents who hate each other and him? Anyway, Jack had to stay behind. So they said their sad goodbyes, Isaac crying the whole time of course, Jack walked back to his box, got sucked in and couldn't get out again until it was opened.

During those 13 years of neglect, Jack got lonely and lost all his colours, so that's how he became just black and white with his once red hair turning matted black.

As usual, Isaac's parents still didn't know about Jack and their favourite thing to do was fight with each other. Until one day, 13 years after Isaac had been sent away, drunkin rapist papa went too far and killed Mama Stingray, and ended up hanging for it. (Good riddance.)

By then, 20-year-old Isaac's personality was already completely screwed up, and therefore, so was Jack's.

When Isaac came back, having inherited his parents' property and terrible personalities, he had forgotten about Jack, who went from self-pity and loneliness to numbness in what he considered a hellish confinement. The same confinement other toys that are worth anything at all would see as both a resting place and an opportunity to live their secret lives in the land of make-believe without anyone else knowing about it.

Jack got jealous when Isaac brought home a blonde, sapphire-eyed Mary Sue girl for a one-night stand, fully intending to sex it up with her. They did some gross kissing and that was as far as the girl wanted to go. but naturally Isaac grew into another carbon copy of his violent drunken dad and he did a lot wrong by the girl, resulting in her gruesome death and disposal. Yes, Jack was totally fine with that.

Isaac decided alcohol wasn't enough of a thrill for him after that and stopped drinking, which was the only thing he ever did that was even close to right.

He turned a normal bed into a torture structure with restraints, and made himself an ugly troll mask he planned to scare his victims with.

He kept on torturing and killing people until Jack's rusted shelf eventually came tumbling down.

The old box was tattered, the music was out of tune, and Jack didn't pop out when the song reached its climax. Isaac threw it away in scorn, but that must have jiggled something loose because Jack emerged and killed Isaac. Jack also told him shortly before he died that he planned on spreading himself and his twisted brand of "friendship" to other lonely kids. Laughing chain letter clown Jack.

Now, out of the backstory and into the present.

James is in the custody of a single mom, and they have a pet dog named, what else? Fido! Ugh! Fido? *Rolling eyes* One of the most cliche dog names that everyone knows but nobody in their right mind actually names their pet.

James makes friends with Laughing Jack, tells his mom, and she thinks it's an imaginary friend.

The night of that same day, James's mom has a nightmare about a broken-down amusement park all in black and white with stuffed animals hanging from nooses with sick grins in the games areas, broken rides, sorry looking abandoned tents all over the place, you name it.

Naturally, Laughing Jack is there, being a clown, you know, and since, like Freddy Krueger, he gets into people's dreams or makes those nightmares come real or something like that. *Rolling eyes*

So, ghost amusement park scene, suddenly "Pop Goes The Weasel" is heard playing on an accordion, and James's mom gets thoroughly hypnotized by it, as if she was a rat following the Pied Piper. It controls her every move, every utterance until Laughing Idiot Jack In The Box Clown has her right where he wants her. Because as we all know, Laughing Jack wants to kill her or James or both and separate them forevers… Like a Jack In The Box, the song slows and stops right before the word "Pop" Then the light goes on.

What follows is a minion attack against this woman by Jack's hideous horde of disfigured, bloodied, mutilated looking demon children. They tear her apart in this nightmare. Jack looks on, laughing like Caligula. Because he knows that once she's out of the way, James would be the newest member of his sorry band of hench-child slaves!

She does live to write about it though, the story is written first person, from her point of view.

The next day, James had put toys in his mom's room and said Laughing Jack had done it. James got candies from some stranger and said Laughing Jack had given them to him. So, Laughing Jack is this weird combo of Krueger and Voldimort and Slender Man, enslaving and trying to possess children and all that crap.

That night, Laughing Jack broke into the house, killed their dog and hung him up - gah - taken right from the Humans Can Lick, Too chain letter. So he hangs the dog (I don't know how he managed to kill it without it making a heck of a racket - all the mom heard was a loud bang thing when Jack In The Box was messing with their other stuff.

James's scream sends her running to his room where she finds him so scared he wet himself. She flees next-door with him where they call the police, who arrive and find only what she just described, trashed kitchen, dead dog, trashed bedroom, no sign of the intruder. Inspite all this, they somehow think she's crazy as a kite. Yeah, police never take hard evidence seriously in chain letters. Two trashed rooms and a dead dog, and they think she's crazy to be scared… *Scowl* Woman insists it was an inside job since no doors were open or windows broken/unlocked whatever. How would she know? If she can sleep through the howls of a dog getting killed and James's Jack candies getting stuffed into it, and only heard one big bang, there's no telling what all happened before that. Her running to James's room and fleeing with him to the neighbours gives the intruder plenty of time to get out and make sure to shut the doors and windows behind him.

The next night, Jack somehow manages to put her in such a deep enchanted sleep, probably by grinding up his candies and spiking her bedtime tea or something… Anyway, however he manages it - he does it so she can't hear him literally crucify and de-gut James to a wall in his room. *Furious disgusted scowl* He only induces wakefulness once the boy is right at the point of death and barely able to moan. That disgusting piece of sadistic filth positions things so that when she tries to get him away from James, Jack Jeff Slender Lickman Grossman just poofs away so that the knife goes into James, mercifully ending his agony. No time to call emergency I guess.

But, as so typical in these chain letters, the police arrive, think she did it all, and place her in a mental institution where somebody plays Pop Goes The Weasel outside her padded room window…




If you are curious about the utterly appalling things Jack and Isaac did to others who came after the cat, from that first human victim of Isaac's to James, go ahead and read the list coming up, but don't say I didn't warn you. It is not at all pretty, even when summarized.

This is their wrap-sheet starting from human victim number 1. The damnable deeds Isaac and Jack committed are itemized and stated as briefly as I could manage to get anyone reading this appalling thing through as quickly as possible. *Glower remaining steady throughout this whole damn sick infuriating thing.*

Isaac's first victim was a young woman he wanted to have sex with, and when he was refused,

1. he tried to rape her

2. Beat her to death with a candle stick

3. Made an armchair out of her. Jack approved, this was just fun and games to him.

Every other victim of Isaac only served as entertainment for Jack and Isaac.

Isaac's second victim was a poor 5-year-old boy.

Isaac was guilty of:

1. using bloody pliers on his finger like an old torture interrogation device known as a thumb-biter or in the case of removing the nail, a nazi form of torture. The bloody monster did that repeatedly…

2. Shattering his knee with a bloody hammer!

3. Carving "Useless worm" (what his ever-so-loving *cough* mother always called him,) into the boy's chest with a bloody knife! Whispered in his ear "This is what happens to rotten children who make nasty faces at people." The damn hypocrite! The damn bloody cowardly sadistic hypocrite! The bloody torturer raged at the near-dead kid like a deranged crow, “EVEN WITHOUT A FACE YOU'RE STILL AN UGLY LITTLE SH—!!”

4. He finally did the poor kid in with that same damn hammer to his skull!

5. and the bloody mad cow kept on hammering well after the child's death.

Isaac was way beyond any pity, and Jack looked on, totally overwhelmed with glee, the damn bloody clown!

Third victim was an old blind woman Isaac invited in, probably hoping for sex as well as getting another torture-fix at her expense, scum that he was…

She soon realized something was terribly wrong and tried to escape, but he stuck a bloody ice pick through her eye. Or rather, eye and brain as well since it supposedly killed her.

Yes, Jack was cool with that.

Fourth victim, little girl.


1. Shoved broken glass down her throat.

2. Punched her in the stomach repeatedly.

Yes, Jack was wildly delighted with that too.

More victims, more torture and murder.

Eventually Jack's shelf fell down.

Isaac investigated, tried to get Jack up and running, nothing happened at first, so Isaac tossed him and the box in the trash.

Jack got re-animated and did Isaac in.

Jack was still mad that Isaac had convinced himself his friend was just imaginary. Now that he was free, he was intent on getting his own torture-fix at Isaac's expense.

What Jack did to Isaac:

1. Wrap his ever-stretching long arms across the room to grab him.

2. Stick him on his own damn torture bed.

3. Crucified Isaac using 3-inch bloody nails to the bed.

Huh? I thought 9 inch nails was used for that. How could somebody get a grown man's large wrists and ankles nailed to a bed with only 3 inch nails?

Oh, wait, maybe Jack had a stash of super ultra magic instagrowing nails that grew just like his silly rubber stretchy arms that could reach right across a room. *Hostile sneer*

4. Grabbed and cut out Isaac's tongue with that bloody knife. Jack told him if he didn't have anything nice to say, to not say anything at all. *Rolling eyes* Where was that sentiment from him when Isaac was brutally killing and yelling at those children? Bloody hypocrite with double-standards.

5. Shoved a tube down Isaac's throat.

6. Forced Isaac's eyes permanently open with fish hooks to make him watch his own torture.

7. Used that bloody knife to cut off Isaac's lips.

8. Hammered out his teeth.

9. Disembowelled Isaac with a bloody sharp knife.

10. Cut a bit of intestine.

11. Made a bloody disgusting balloon animal from it.

12. Placed the ghastly thing by Isaac's head.

13. Stole a kidney. Any relation to Candle Jack? Then decided he had no use for it.

14. Stuck a needle in his eye.

15. Pulled the needle out along with the eyeball. Probably repeated with the other eye.

16. Poked another hole in his stomach this time with his stupidly long crooked bloody index clown finger.

17. Puked cockroaches into Isaac's chest to crawl into his stomach and out through other areas like his nose.

18. Said that everything was basically dandy because even though Isaac was dying, Jack planned to spread himself and his perverted idea of "friendship" to other lonely kids. *Disdainful sneer* Chain letter Laughing Jack.

19. Took out his heart.

And after all that, Isaac died happy. Go figure. What a sick, sadistic, masochistic creep. Good riddance!!

A couple hundred years later, Jack

20. Collected and mangled a bunch of children for use in his nightmarish carnival attack scenes

21. killed James's dog

22. Murdered James in the same way he did Isaac.

23. Jack would do it all again and again.

24. Jack is a sadist who thinks everything including torture is a game.

So, just what good was that guardian angel again?

I fail to understand the attraction people have to this crap. Reading a review on another site, I found somebody actually saying how the descriptions of all the violent deaths made them gag, and they loved it. Huh? I just don't get it.









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