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Proposal: Deletion of Jeff the Killer


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03:14, September 21, 2014 Steam Phoenix

Proposal: Deletion of Jeff the Killer

Steam PhoenixYes, you read the title right. I'm proposing the penultimate, permanent, deletion of Jeff the Killer. A popular, bad quality story that makes a mockery of our standards and defies belief with its popularity. Why? Because it's the only way to end the argument. It doesn't pass the QS. It's that simple. The only reason we're having to vote is because of its popularity.

Jeff the Killer's writing is atrocious. It uses a lot of awkward phrasing, grammatical errors, and it rapes the thesaurus, for lack of a better phrase.

We have at least a dozen blogs by users who point out the flaws within the story. How do 12 year olds have guns and why are they using them in a crowded party? What the he|| is a thing of bleach? Did you know bleach isn't flammable? And it takes more than just that bit of stuff happening to drive someone insane?

Not to mention, the writing is unnatural. There's no real flow to it.

This wiki isn't an archive for just any pile of crap. It would already be long gone in the deletion log if it weren't for the fact that it was popular. We gave Sonic.exe the walk of shame treatment, for what reason is this story different?

So after an endless argument in chat with the bureaucrat having left, the only way I could resolve the dispute within my power was this proposal. Honestly, I was hesitant and wanted to leave it ultimately up to the crat, but he left without another word. And yes, I want it gone too.

I shouldn't have to go too much into this. It's time we enforced our standards. That being said, leave a legitimate reason behind your votes. You can't just say "I like/hate Jeff!" We don't do stuff based on whether you like it. We do stuff based on quality. Bad translation or no, it's a bad story. I say that we get rid of it once and for all. Because why should we be forced to keep something we don't like, don't want, and breaks our rules? We shouldn't.

On top of this, anyone who complains about the deletion and protests through spam and other rulebreaking will face a ban. If you don't legitimately vote, then you shouldn't complain.




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Fatal Disease: Agreed with the above.

01:53, September 20, 2014

Nommehzombies: YES

01:54, September 20, 2014

Luigifan100: Just cause this story is "popular" does not mean it is not filled with plot holes. Also, a thing of bleach, that... makes NO sense, whatsoever, however I do admit, Jeff is ugly. Thank you, that is all.

Edited by Luigifan100 01:57, September 20, 2014

Maulle: Come on, take it down! I agree with all of Cals points so theres no need for me to explain my reasons.

Edited by Maulle 16:56, September 20, 2014

EmpyrealInvective: The story has a number of inconsistencies and plot issues that detract from the overall plot. Like flammable bleach, burning off eyelids and not going blind, burns magically bleaching skin, and a number of others.

Additionally the catch-phrase “Go to sleep” seems out of place. (Why is he fixated on that quote so much that he drops it every single time he kills some one? Sleep is only mentioned tangentially in the story and seems like a non-sequiter the author decided to shoe-horn into the story. )

Finally, I feel like deleting this story would set a strong stance that we do not accept Mary Sue (Overpowered OC character is bullied, deforms themselves, and becomes a killer story.) Even after blacklisting this subject, we get one or two of these a day. I think it’s time we retired this story and allowed the fanbase to view it elsewhere like the Jeff the Killer wiki.

01:57, September 20, 2014

MC Metamorphike

MC Metamorphike: Without the story, the Quality Standards will be clear enough.

01:59, September 20, 2014

SecretChili: The qualify of the story, is just against the Quality Standaeds, I wondered why the Wiki kept it. The reason seemed to be popularity, but it doesn't even have that much traffic anymore.

The story is rushed and illogical. The only unsettling part about it was how someone could come up with such a monstrosity.

People who want to delete it but seem hesitant are hesitant because of the backlash from the JtK Fanbase, in my opinion, we should delete it despite what the consequences are.

I think the Fanbase will forget about it and move to another site that hosts JtK. For those saying people will make spin offs of it, I'm sure JtK type stories will still be blacklisted, it's not like it doesn't exist just because we deleted it.

I am hopeful that this sad abomination will finally be put to rest on this site.

02:02, September 20, 2014

Grizzly Bear: I never understood why Jeff is easily the most popular and infamous creepypasta since the term came to be. The poor writing, flat characters, and brushed feel make it below teh Quality Standards to begin with. Jeff has spawned so many fanfics and so-called "OCs" that are even worse than the source material and, as Empy stated, continue to plague the wiki despite being against the rules. By deleting it, we are sending a statement that quality trumps popularity and we are no longer catering to a fanbase of one of the worst pieces of literature widely recognized on the Internet.

02:05, September 20, 2014

Zmario Doesn't matter to me one way or the other.

02:05, September 20, 2014

Melodyuchiha1992: Personally if Jeff stays there will be too many Jeff the Killer spawns trying to get a story onto the wiki. I've seen way too many of these on Deviantart and they are tiresome to look at.

Plus there are too many fangirls that cling to this character that doesn't make any sense. Creepypasta are supposed to be scary, not be obsessed over like a movie star idol.

Edited by Fatal Disease 02:11, September 20, 2014

SilentKillerlurks: I agree

02:12, September 20, 2014

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1165abcd: i think this story violoates all writing standards and its a bad story overall

02:48, September 20, 2014

Umbrello: It shouldn't have the privilege of being immune to the quality standards. Removing it only seems fair, when better stories get deleted.

Edited by Umbrello 03:40, September 20, 2014

ClericofMadness: No. It's a genre-defining classic. Does Slenderman stand up? Do any of the classics stand up still? I understand it's not well-written, but it helped create and define this genre.

06:25, September 20, 2014

Animefan9999: as long as it gets moved to the tpw

06:34, September 20, 2014

ChaoZStrider: The story, while it is a classic, it is one of the worst classics. Look at Sonic.exe. That was a classic, it was just as crappy (edit) as this and it was deleted.06:36, September 20, 2014

ClericofMadness: Now, I will say this: If we do remove it, host it on another one of our sister sites and link to it, with an explanation as to why it was removed from here (quality control purposes), and let that be the major change to the page.

06:36, September 20, 2014

RoboKy: A terrible story that is also a classic. Archived elswhere for posterity's sake. No need for it to fester here.

07:14, September 20, 2014

HighbloodOfDarknessDecendantI'm against the removal of the creepypasta because for one there are worst creepypastas and poorly written ones on this wiki that haven't been removed. Jeff the killer is a classic and is sometimes the story that stands out, sells the creepypasta site and is apparently the first creepypasta that got me into this fandom and probably it is the same to some of the other users. Yes I know the grammar is rubbish (okay with a little editing the grammar can be fixed), it doesn't make sense ect but some creepypastas never do yet they never get there flaws pointed out. Look all I'm saying is do not remove it and no I'm not in favour of the fan girls who have taken this CP it to the extreme. That's my point of view on this whole topic.

Edited by HighbloodOfDarknessDecendant 07:15, September 20, 2014

Tyranical: Tyranis

It's not worth keeping a mediocre story for all the trouble it causes to this website (lmao). If people want to read it then they can go to creepypasta.com or something.

10:35, September 20, 2014

SOMEGUY123: Oppose Oppose - I agree with Cleric and Bitter.

Edited by SOMEGUY123 14:41, September 20, 2014

Grammatik: Because of the crapstorm (edit) that it's gonna cause.

12:43, September 20, 2014

Fatal Disease: reply to #17

Just a little thing that I would like to point out, you don't have to do this. I think that other classics that is not par with the QS should be deleted as well. Not classics like Slenderman or The Russian Sleep Experiment, but classics like Merena Motragrav.

Since Jeff is a classic that is not qualitative and we're proposing (and possibly) deleting it because it's not par with the QS, I think it'll be fair to delete stories that's similar to Jeff's quality.

Where would these stories go? Like Cleric had said, post the story on the sister wiki (probably Trollpasta at best, or if it has some quality post it on Spinpasta). Give a link on the deleted page where the story is at and a privilege to view the past revisions, and it's all good.

That's just my two cents on this topic. I know Jeff is the puke and crap of all classics in the category, but there are other stories in that category that nearly have the same quality as Jeff.

13:15, September 20, 2014

ScrewYouDinkleberg: There's no reason to keep it anymore, since we do not allow JtK spinoffs anymore.

14:00, September 20, 2014

RuckusQuantum: JtK needs to be deleted ASAP! It insanely rapes the quality of this site. It didn't even passed the QS of this site, even my own QS. Delete this pasta ASAP.

14:27, September 20, 2014

Likferd: Jeff the Killer isn't good by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm with Cleric here.

14:31, September 20, 2014

Zyraииe: As much as I dislike Jeff, and the fangirls that go along with it, it's a classic, and I do believe it has a place here. You need to bare in mind that back then there was less expectation on quality of pastas. Deleting it would cause a huge shitstorm and threats to leave the community. I don't think we need that right now.Edited by Zyraииe 14:44, September 20, 2014

WalkingDitto: As crappy (edit) as the story is, it's become an icon for the entire community. Plus, it's not like deleting the story will solve/change anything.Edited by WalkingDitto 14:46, September 20, 2014

Jay ten: I have to ask, why is this OMINOUS UNKNOWN KILLER STILL AT LARGE? After years of unexplained popularity, why is this atrocious story still on the rise? I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about how terrible this story is. When I realize it's still here, I nearly jump out of my bed. It feels like I've been kicked in my pair of two butt cheeks. (edit) Admins are still on the look for stories like these. If you see any pastas with similar qualities to this story, please contact your favorite admin. At the very least, this story needs a year in internet Juvy without a trial. I know this story has had the he|| (edit) kicked out of it, from one end of the internet to the other. It's had vodka and a thing of bleach poured on it and set on fire, yet it's still here. Perhaps it can't be killed, maybe it's useless to try. To the administration, I say, "You owe it to the world to try." To all of the crying fans, I say, "Shhhhhhh, Just go and weep."

15:07, September 20, 2014

Ocean Elf: ROFLOL!

Chainmanner: True that Jeff the Killer's become a community icon, but seriously now; carving a smile without bleeding to death, burning his eyelids without eventually going blind or without using eyedrops constantly, and burning bleach into his face? That in itself spells stupidity in the story, and if stories that weren't as crappy were deleted, then why should this one be an exception?

15:10, September 20, 2014

WalkingDitto: reply to #33 Are we really complaining about the realism in a Creepypasta? Really?

Anyway, last time I checked, TEH DAY OF ALL TEH BLOOD is still up here. The only reason it's even allowed to be here is its status as being a "classic". Why should Jeff be any different?

Edited by WalkingDitto 15:27, September 20, 2014

MrBreada: If Sonic.exe, which was a classic, was removed from here, then THIS should also be removed. I never hear anyone talk about this either, so you shouldn't have to worry about fangirls. Only maybe on the comments of THAT article, but nowhere else.

15:47, September 20, 2014

Steam Phoenix: reply to #30

Zyraииe wrote:

As far as the crapstorm, (edit) it'll take a bit of ground-standing, but we can withstand it. Thus the reason why the rulebreakers who cause it will be met with immediate bans, which is allowed via our Blocking Policy.

ClericofMadness wrote:

No. It's a genre-defining classic.

Slenderman stands up better than Jeff the Killer. There are much better genre-defining classics, and to take it that far, Sonic.exe was also a classic. We got rid of it.

Jeff is one of those classics we would honestly all like to forget. There are better, more recognizable, classics that deserve the respect Jeff has gotten.

Edited by Steam Phoenix 18:07, September 20, 2014

The Koromo: It is without a shadow of a doubt that the most incessant whining of a disillusioned Jeff fetishist that this should be eliminated, for it violates all qualities of the Great Samsillirian. Jeff has taken me over the bridges of Nazareth to the gardens of Jezebel, where he released me from my saintly throes into the world of passion. He has carried me over great rivers of blood and sweat, guiding me to the light, bringing negative meaning into the blackened circle of life that encompasses us all. He was here, and He shall never be again. Amen. crapblasters. (edit)

16:09, September 20, 2014

Steam Phoenix: reply to #32

Jay ten wrote:

Best response ever. Now if you'll tack on a {{support}} we'll be right on track. :P

17:01, September 20, 2014

Ocean Elf: I agree, that was funny!

Jay ten: reply to #38

Apologies, of course you have my most ominous

17:28, September 20, 2014

G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY: Do I need to say more?

17:40, September 20, 2014

Chocho86: - totally support.

This is my first comment on the page and the reason of that is I can't stand how badly written and just plain stupid pastas get into the POTM votes and reaching "10/10" from readers who have no idea how a good story should be about.

17:54, September 20, 2014

The Damn Batman: Clap your hands and stomp your feet, praise the lord and press delete!

17:59, September 20, 2014

Ocean Elf: If you were to replace "Praise the Lord" with something else, like maybe "Down with Jeff" that would've been much better. I agree, delete.

Crickshaw: - IT is completly overrated, and like anything that degenerates with age, it became old, and stale. Real quick.

17:59, September 20, 2014

Finnonymous: the amount of spin offs and basic crap (edit) pastas this thing draws in is another good reason

18:13, September 20, 2014

WhyAmIReadingThis: We need to enforce what we preach. If we preach having quality standards, how can we keep this tripe on here?

18:17, September 20, 2014

Nihilus Nix Naught: As much as I hate myself for saying this...

I understand that this is a bad pasta. It REALLY is. But deleting this is more trouble than it's worth. We might as well leave it alone, maybe we could use it as an example of what not to do or something.

18:26, September 20, 2014

Steam Phoenix: Those of you worried about the crapstorm, (edit) I've got ideas and plans. Everything will work out fine. This is our decision, not theirs. Our community. It'll take ground-standing and work, but we've been through worse than a bunch of encrazed fangirls.

18:30, September 20, 2014

The Koromo: reply to #43

Crickshaw wrote:

(delete requote)

20:41, September 20, 2014

Vookvook: I agree.

20:43, September 20, 2014

SSJ1Gohan: I support this, as this is what I've been waiting for since I heard the Michael Leroi channel rip it apart.

I believe that any creepypasta, regardless of it's status should be deleted if it does not meet the proper requirments of the creepypasta wiki and site.Seriously, do we want stuff like Rugrats Theory, Jeff the Killer, Suicidemouse, and Squidward's Suicide representing the wiki? It's shameful!

If you haven't already, check out the Michael Leroi channel on youtube, they do a great job of pointing out a lot of the mistakes in a story.

Hopefully, Jeff The Killer falls into the depths of the trollpasta wiki much like Sonic.exe. Until then, I'll be in the comments section.

Edited by SSJ1Gohan 00:33, October 25, 2014

Forestfleet: First of all, for proposing this - *Hugs the birdie named Steam Phoenix*. Erm, I was just a bit awkward there, but anyway...

This may not be as bad as Sonic.exe, but it is still incredibly bad and overrated. Now, if we just kept it in a new category called "DO NOT WRITE THIS STUPID STUFF!" or something similar then I will be satisfied. However, I want to see it on Trollpasta right with Sonic.exe.

However, I would like a three-day warning before it is actually deleted so that way I can stock up my fangirl apocalypse shelter.

21:50, September 20, 2014

Sloshedtrain: I don't have a clear decision on whether we should delete this or not. I flaring hate this story for lowering the bar on mental illness pastas, and its absurdity in plot and its fanbase. But the other side of me wants to keep this pasta here because it is a classic, and holds certain part of creepypasta history. Basically, I am torn on the permanent deletion of this pasta. Sorry if I couldn't help add anything for the arguments on both sides.

21:53, September 20, 2014

Tsenrezetroc: Populatiry should not take precedence over quality.

22:19, September 20, 2014

Jay ten: In case anyone didn't notice, they've added a voting section at the top of the Jeff the Killer page. Just thought it should be mentioned on this thread.

22:27, September 20, 2014

TheInfamousProject: Okay, I do agree that it is a classic. It was one of the original stories that played a role in putting us on the map (kind of a bold statement, but there's no denying it brought a decent amount of people here). It was one of the first stories that I ever read. Fact of the matter is, it doesn't fit the evolving standards of the site. Any other story would get the same treatment, classic or not.

Edited by TheInfamousProject 02:13, September 21, 2014

Vookvook: LOL @TheInfamousProject xD you made my day. The fan girls would go ape crap (edit)

02:07, September 21, 2014

TheInfamousProject: They don't like it, they can make their own site xD

02:17, September 21, 2014

Zippertrain85: That story only really got popular from the creepy image, outside of that, it's really quite awful and we shouldn't treat it differently just because it happens to be popular, doesn't set a good example here. I know I'm not frequent on the Wiki, but I thought I should give my opinion on this, since I do read stories here. :P

02:43, September 21, 2014

Ocean Elf: Ahhh-hahahahahahahaha!

Much as I generally dislike CP, because of the fangirls and substandard stories and characters like Jeff, this page actually gave me new respect for the people on the CP wiki, at least, the ones who told it like it is about the abominable Jeff and his pathetic fangirls.

What a nice way to start the day!


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