Jane The Killer

To make things really confusing, there are two Janes.

They are Jane Richardson and Jane Arkensaw.

But only one of them is dishonourable enough to be the infamous "Jane The Killer".


Jane Richardson

Jane Richardson is the mass-murderer with the 211 plus body count,

It is she who is featured in the most well-known Jane The Killer Lettermeme.

Richardson claims she kills and fantasizes her innocent victims to be Jeff because she's getting vengeance on Jeff for killing her parents, Bruce Tod and Paula Richardson in 2002. Jeff wasn't around until 2006, when he was but a mask, then 2008 when he was a video on Youtube, and then 2011, when he was a 13-year-old bullied-to-insanity freak of the most notorious cp story.

Richardson became a Jeff fangirl later in life but hadn't met him.

Jane The Killer Richardson born Of The Science Of Hate, is a uber Mary Sue.

MrAngryDog can't handle that or any other criticism being levelled against his beloved character, and this is his disgraceful reaction.:

💢🐕"if i wanted to get your two cents worth, i would reach for the take-a-penny tray.

as far as your useless rant goes, that's your period talking.

i don't trust anything that bleeds for seven days and doesn't die."

🧝‍♀️So, solid reasons both character and author just stink!

Adding to this, which is sure to translate as adding insult to injury for MrAngryDog's ego is that even if the other Jane, with the surname Arkensaw, is a plagiarism to some degree, she still has a stronger case for wanting revenge against Jeff The Killer than Jane Richardson does, and she isn't given an absurd amount of super powers that make her practically invinseable.


Jane Arkensaw, started out as a young Jeff fangirl, before he killed. Her story states that they went to the same school.

Jeff killed her parents, Gregory and Isabelle Arkensaw, right after killing his, then abducted Jane, made her look at their dead and mutilated bodies. Then, Jeff tried to burn Jane to death.

Jane Arkensaw survived, swearing revenge on Jeff.

The only other person Arkensaw killed was a disgusting rapist who would've ended up killing her if she hadn't acted in self-defence.

So Jane Arkensaw is not Jane The Killer at all. More Jane The Avenger. She calls herself "Everlasting" but then, so does Richardson.

Unlike Richardson, Jane Arkensaw does not appear to be interested in killing other people and fantasizing them to be Jeff while doing so.

Jane The Killer, The Real Story, Victim's Tears Don't blame me, that was the story title.

Callum, Jane Arkensaw's Sappy Sidekick



There are people who get this muddled and write Arkensaw as being the one who kills for kicks.

Jeff And Jane Revenge Cyber Chat

2012 December Jeff Attack On Allans from Jane VS. Jeff The Killers

Jane The Killer VS. Jeff The Killer 1

Arkensaw is considered to be somewhat of a plagiarism of Jane richardson, and MrangryDog, Richardson's creator is really mad at Arkensaw's creator over it. He says this in his DA journal entry:

💢🐕"This should clear up any confusion about Jane The Killer/Jane Richardson being allegedly burned like Jeff. PastaStalker64's retarded idea has lead people into thinking he/she is the original creator, but... incase you're forgetting-- I AM THE CREATOR! >_< PastaStalker64, I oughta kick your ass for plagiarizing Jane the Killer in the first place to begin with...

Anyway, enjoy the chart! :D

Note: Jane the Killer was created by science, not born of fire."

🧝‍♀️That doesn't make Richardson a better character, she is a Mary Sue!

PastaStalker64 with a dicy handle is not entirely innocent either, admitting to trolling with this on their Wikia page:

👧🏻PastaStalker64: "Let me start by saying I am completely insane. By someone's standard. If you start insulting me for no reason I will not hesitate to begin trolling you untill you apologise. You have been warned."


🧝‍♀️Here is a confrontation MrAngryDog started with PastaStalker64 over Jane The Killer. It was found on a Tumblr blog entry titled Surprise!

I will put the usual name notations before whoever is speaking.


💢🐕MrAngryDog: Dear PastaStalker64,

I’m MrAngryDog, the original and true author of Jane the Killer aka Jane Richardson. I appreciate your interest and love for Jane, and your support is always welcomed. But Jane is my original creation, and I would kindly appreciate that you stop taking credit for work I did. If you read any more of my stories, you will know she was born of science/created by the U.S. Government to stop Jeff. The thing that made her what she is is Liquid Hate. Stealing my work and changing her last name and origin around is called plagiarism. I’m not upset, just pointing this out to you. So please cease and desist with “Jane Arkensaw/Jane Everlasting.” Can you do that? Thank you so much. Again, I am not upset, just pointing this out to you and revealing to you that I am the real author behind Jane the Killer. :) I look forward to talking to you some more and I hope what I said didn’t discourage you from writing or enjoying Jane. Take care.

👧🏻PastaStalker64: ((Wow, I honestly wasn’t expecting to get a letter from you. I didn’t think that you would even care to this extent about a little story I wrote about your character. To be honest, I didn’t know much about Jane’s original backstory when I wrote the story, and I pretty much wrote this for shits and giggles like I suspect most fanfics start out. Plus I have /never/ taken credit for being Jane’s creator, only for what I wrote /about/ her, and I was a little humbled when I saw some people read my shitty story on YouTube and thanked them for their effort. At most I think that’s the extent of my meddling, and I understand the confusion. To tell you the truth, I’m very surprised that the story became so popular. At the time I wasn’t thinking that what I wrote was plagiarism; I merely posted it as an alternate version of who Jane could be, and I am VERY SORRY that I titled it “Jane the killer: The real story”. I wasn’t really thinking about it at the time or how it would effect you. Also I’ve never tried to reinforce her change in name to Arkensaw/Everlasting, I just put it there to see what would happen. I meant no major insult to you as Jane’s creator, and would never take credit for another person’s creation (at least not on purpose). Since you’ve asked me to cease and desist (even though I haven’t even active with Jane in who knows how long) I will delete the story from its origin on the creepypasta website as soon as you reply to this message if that is what you mean since this has never happened to me before, and I’m a little confused on how I should “cease and desist” when I’m not even doing anything anymore.


🧝‍♀️On this DeviantArt page, people are still confusing the two Janes, and MrAngryDog is still upset.

💢🐕MrAngryDog Mar 30, 2015 Professional General Artist

Last time... she does not wear a mask, wig, and is not a burn victim... PastaStalker64 plagiarized my Jane. :facepalm:


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