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Let's cook some creepy pasta.

Story sources: Scary4Kids.com, 1 and 2, and the third listed as Tall Man, UrbanlegendsOnline, and KnowYourMeme.

As usual, I will put mangling comments throughout and show how un-scary Slender Man really is.

1. Old German Journal

2. Book Of Collected Folklore

3. Lindsay And The Tall Man

4. Running Home

5. Shape Near The Woods

6. Not Of Sound Mind

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The following are stand-alone stories due to their length, content, or some other variable.

Silent Sonya, The Making Of A Proxy, AKA Slender Man Slave Sonya Louis worthy is a Mary Sue that was probably based to at least some degree on a Gary Stu story that came before hers.

Ticci Toby Aaron Rogers

Toby and Sonya had the bullied by kids at school, the violent father, the scared or neglectful mother, the one ray of light from one kind sibling in common. They both killed one or more members of their families under the watchful approving eye of Slender Man, who had been stalking them, and both became Slender slaves shortly after. Slender Man behaved similarly toward both of them, putting a hand on their shoulders to make them think he actually cared about them, always just waiting in the wings for the right moment to claim them for himself.


Now for something different from all the rest. Let's take Slendy down a few and then some!

A Night In The Creepy Pasta Manor

Slender Man, Small Man

More Trouble For Slender Man

Slender Man Meets His Fate


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