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Do you hate clowns? Do they scare or just annoy you?

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It's commonly called coulrophobia, but is not officially recognized as a clinical condition, people afraid of clowns.

Some of this is genuine. Some small children were never told to be afraid of clowns, they just are. Little kids who haven't watched horror movies or read chain letters about clowns but are genuinely afraid of clowns, definitely exist.

I'm not talking about them in this article except for mentioning that their real fears are made worse by the deliberately perpetuated creepy clown stereotype, which has become an utterly annoying gigantic meme!

This is about the people and media that turned the idea of clowns as creepy into a humungous meme, where it's super cool to be afraid of clowns. The result is they either make any genuine fear in others worse, or cause it in the first place.

Some people learn to be afraid of clowns because of bad stereotypes of clowns in the media.

The History Of The Killer Clown Meme

Clowns are supposed to be funny, kid-safe entertainment, and the legitimate ones are.

but horror movies such as "IT", "Clown House", "Killer Clown Aliens", and "Poltergeist", the odd nasty on TV, real life serial killer John Wayne Gacy, Creepy pasta such as Anna And The Killer Clown Statue, The unspeakably vile and atrocious Laughing Jack, and proud-to-be-sadist fangirls of such malevolent trash have done a lot to corrupt the image of the clown.

It doesn't help when there are trolls like this one deliberately spreading hoaxes and pretending to be scared of them, to convince young readers they should be scared.

All of this garbage has cultivated a fear of clowns in some people, and created an enormous and very annoying meme in the form of the creepy clown mythos, similar to the creepy furby mythos. The Mr widemouth creepy pasta perpetuates both of these memes by comparing the clown's appearance to that of a furby.

The killer clown statue internet memes were probably inspired by horror movies throughout the 80s and 90s, and possibly John Wayne Gacy, and the 1990 killing of a woman in West Palm Beach, Florida by an unknown assailant in an orange wig.

MythBuster's Hubpage on The Clown Statue showcases one of the mutations of the chain and explores people's fear of clowns.

Yahoo Answers is full of questions about the chain letters.

December 25, 2010.

July 12, 2011 saw the replication of the Sequel Chain

October 2, 2011.

February 11, 2012, the chain mutated to poem format.

August 31, 2012.

October 28, 2012.

December 16, 2012.

In the fall of 2016, another wave of the creepy clown meme hit as yet another creepy clown movie called "Clowns" was about to be released. Sightings of creepy clowns were said to have occurred.

It started in one US town, and then copycats spread the in-real-life creepy clown meme world wide. People were dressing up as clowns and going out in public just to creep people out or sometimes to commit crimes.

Creepy Clown is the feather-weight of this video that features other actually horrific things caught on security camera.

Some sightings of clowns were real, others, hoaxes, and wild theories sprouted up, such as the idea of the massive creepy clown mischief being perpetuated by the illuminati. Yes, again with the freaking illuminati. *Rolling eyes*

Facts about the 2016 creepy clown dress-up mania

More about the gargantuan meme.

The last link above detailed some crimes done by people who were dressed up as clowns or had clowns as profile pics on their social media. One of these was a teenage girl who tried to have one of her teachers killed.

It reminded me of this sicko creepy-clown-loving fangirl who kept trying to get into the old site. She was also an admitted sadist and prankster.

I am not among the people who fear clowns, but there are some clowns that I find loathsome as a result of the whole creepy clown mythos and its fandom.

Let's obliterate the evil/creepy/killer clown meme.

Creepy Clown Hysteria

The Killer Clown Statue Chain Letter

Killer Clown Statue Chain Variations

Sequel 2: Ben And Beth

Sequel 3: Free Street Clown, Hanging Around

Killer Clown Statue anti-chain

Anna And The Killer Clown Statue Creepy Pasta

Gabe And The Killer Clown Picture

Mr. Widemouth

Laughing Jack

Sadistic fangirl clown- wanna-be (loves Laughing Jack)

What Creepy Pasta Character Are You - fangirl's answers checked off

And here's where these utterly vile characters finally get what they deserve.

Killer Clown Busted In Crushing Defeat

Laughing Jack Beaten At His Own Games

The Night Laughing Jack Stopped Laughing


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