The dreaded Darwin Awards, Stella Awards, and various lists of stupid questions Memes!

There have been several different versions over the years.

The bogus Darwins for 2013 were posted on posted on this blog which went viral, naturally. It was Posted on Facebook and Democraticunderground

Like all other memes of this sort, they consist of some true, a lot of false, and some stories with truth and false mixed in, and do not originate from the Darwin Awards site.

Not only are the Stella awards untrue, they ridicule Stella Liebec, who really was badly burned by a cup of hot coffee.

So be careful not to fall for these memes and spread them around via email or on web sites unless you want to risk being in the running for some internet Darwin Award nominations.

Official Darwin Awards web site


Stupid Questions

Congress are dumb about geography? False.

Stupid welfare applications? Attributed to Russell W. Ballard, and published back in 1988, decades after his death.

Stupid insurance claims? Unbelievable malarkey.

Stupid Olympics questions? False.

Stupid questions asked of park rangers? Most likely false, a bit of humor Said to be from the May 19, 1995 issue Outside Magazine, p. 120/121.


If you get one of those so-called "Did you know?" 'fact/trivia' chain letters, so have a lot of other people.

That annoying set of Random Friendship "Getting to Know You questions Quiz/Survey Meme that keeps mutating and just won't go away!

the Congress are All Criminals leg-pull meme didn't used to be about congress, but mutated in that direction.

scrabble game chain letter

The Brass Monkey joke chain Real info on any kind of monkey found on a war ship, including a debunk of the joke. the barrel of bricks urban legend discussed on this blog

The OBITUARY for Common Sense by Lori Borgman and Allen Jesson who seems to encourage viral marketing, and the use of the "tell a friend" strategy.

But neither Lori Borgman's nor Allen Jesson's original article includes the coercive "Pass it on if you have common sense or do nothing if you don't." bit at the end of this chain letter version of the story which stripped them both of authorship. A virus warning hoax chain sprung up against Mr. Jesson's Common Sense piece. Just another example of one viral trying to kill another in the ongoing epic worldwide battle of the memes.


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