Little Johnny Cat Branson

There is a silly story meme about a little kid named Johnny or maybe it's Branson the baptist.

The story is sometimes told in first person from the point of view of little Branson's mom, or in third person, narration style, telling what Johnny and his mother did and said. The whole point of this rather dull, corny little har-har is that little Johnny Branson tries to baptise a cat in a bath tub and tells his mother that if the cat wants to be in his church, he better learn to like water. In the case that he is called Johnny, the chain letter is titled "Little John the Baptist."

Sometimes it comes with a scripture verse, usually referencing children, and the scripture has nothing to do with the hokey little kid and cat story at all. Along with that, the meme may or may not include an urging to pass on the laugh or smile or whatever it might claim to intend.

So, evidently little Johnny Branson is either a bit simple, a rule breaker, or his mom has neglected to teach him a few basics, especially when it comes to pet cats. The meme doesn't say the cat was a new kitten, or an adult cat newly acquired into the home. So, that must mean they've had the cat long enough that little Johnny Branson should've learned the basic idea by now, that cats generally don't like getting wet. Certainly by this stage he should've been taught better than to try drowning a cat in a bathtub. Obviously he is old enough to reason out what he's trying to do, so, should know by this time that you don't try to submerge a cat in a bath.

Over and out.


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