>Where This Letter Has Been

Who Cares Anyway? Really…


😏Meme: Where This Letter Has Been

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: It's been sent around to too many people, that's where it has been.

😏Meme: This is an experiment.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: No, it's a chain letter.

😏Meme: I hope it will seem interesting enough to you to make you want to participate.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: It's just as un-motivating as any other viral of this ilk such as the Six Degrees Of Separation chains.

😏Meme: Email messages fly to and fro, all over the world.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: No duh. That's no excuse to start a chain letter.

😏Meme: Lots of jokes, cute sayings, etc. seem to take on a life of their own as they get forwarded to more and more email addresses.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Which is why they are chain letters and why you shouldn't be adding to their number. If people cut out the virals, email and web content would be much more interesting and less spammy.

😏Meme: I’ve often thought that it is too bad we can’t see where these well- traveled messages have been.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: I'm more interested in who started them. But your starting this one isn't going to solve any mystery about all others or even its own when it goes viral. This is because memes don't just get spread down a single line of forwarders and recipients. They branch out as they spread.

😏Meme: I’ll bet we’d be amazed at the list of addresses some have visited.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Did you hear that? A warning bell. This, folks, is another address-collection racket!

😏Meme: There is a way to find out.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Not if people know better than fall for your ploy and do as you tell them to do.

😏Meme: Just add your first name, location, date and maybe a very short comment to the bottom of this message and send it out to your list of email friends.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: No. Besides the fact my friends already know my name and location, the latter being none of your business, I'm not spamming my friends with this meme that's thinly disguised as an "experiment".

😏Meme: Eventually it may return to you.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Nope, because I'm not sending it out to anyone. And I wouldn't want copies of it being sent to me anyway.

😏Meme: If it does,

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: You have one or more of the following in your contact list: very small children just learning the computer, very naive internet newbies, or idiots/trolls.

😏Meme: you’ll be able to see all the places it has been since it first left your computer.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Nope, not interested, and thankfully there are always a few people who receive this kind of dreck and refuse to participate in it.

😏Meme: (Cut and paste – keep it tidy.)

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Buzz off, bozo!

Now what follows, apparently, is a mondo long list of people who participated in this chain letter, starting with the swell who originated it.

1. Allen, Buckinghamshire, England, 29 Jun 1998

(originator of this message.)

2. LuJane, Palouse Washington (and Potlatch Idaho)

3. Lynne, Newark, California, 30 June 1998

4. Judi, Lillington, NC – 7-1-98

5. Tammy, Washington, The state (6-30-98)

6. Marie, Manteca, california

7. Carla, Kent, Washington (state), 6-30-98

8. Dedri, Washington, 6-30-98

9. Joni, Dayton, Ohio 6/2/98

10. Johnny Boy, Cleveland, Ohio 1998.07.02

11. Ciara, Suffern, New York 7-4-98 ( lol… what’s

another e-mail

experiment among friends ) smile

12. Carol, Reno, Nevada 7-4-98 {I think that this is

cute, hope that it

makes it around the world} <=3Do)

13. Anne, Oregon 7/4/98 Happy 4th of July

14. Docia, Tampa, FL 7-4-98

15. Theresa, Millbrae, CA 7-4-98

16. Verna, San Diego,CA. 7/4/98

17. Lois, Littlefield, Tx. 7/4/98

18. Pattie, Albany, NY 7/4/98

19. Sharon, Kent,WA 7/4/98

20. Arnoldo, Poughkeepsie, NY 7/5/98

21. Patricia, NJ 7/5/98

22. Kate: Sydney, Australia. 7/5/98

23. Pat, Virginia Beach, Va. 7/5/98

24. Peg, Akron, Ohio 7/6/98

25. Barbara, Bornheim, Germany 07-06-98, Nice idea...

26. Dorothy, Long Island New York...This is fun! Hope

everyone joins in!

27. Rita, Holyoke, Massachusetts 07/06/98 Keep it


28. Millie, Northern California 7/6/98

29. Gloria, Stone Mountain, GA. Keep it going! 7/6/98

30. Kathleen, Seattle Washington USA 7/6/98

31. Papai (John Legge), Pikeville, KY USA 7/7/98

(cute idea!)

32. Scarlet (Robin), Tampa, FL 7/7/98 (hope someone

keeps track!)

33.Tina, NJ, 7-7-98. Too cool!

34. Lisa, El Paso, Texas 7/7/98. Sheesh, I get to

sign on my age >#.

35. Andrea, Lampertheim, Germany, 7/7/98

36. Dave, Zanesville, OH, 7/8/98

37. Erik, Zanesville, OH 7/9/98

38. Karen, Bloomsbury, NJ 7/9/98

39. Rowen, Haddonfield, NJ, USA 7/10/1998

40. Shivaun, Haddonfield, NJ 7/13/98 May nice weather

follow you…

41. Marcus, Toronto, ON Canada 7/13/98 God Speed

42. Len & Silke Lovett, Toronto,On, Canada 7/14/98


43. Mark and Chrissi, Bradord, On, Canada 7/19/98

wooo hooooo!!

44. Carmen Thompson, Victoria, BC, Canada 7/20/98 -

Very Cool Idea!!

45. Jon and Michelle, Kitchener, Ont, Canada

46. Brande, Nebraska, USA 7-21-98

47. Carol, Illinois USA 7-21-98

48. scott, Edmonds washington 7-21-98… wouldn’t it

be cool if this

came back to you in 6 months with hundreds of names :o )

49. Edward, Naval Vessel of Coast of Hawaii, 7-21-98

50. Jimmy “K”, Silverdale, Washington (USA),

21JULY1998 — (and OFF it

went to dozens of friends.. including in P.I.–!! Get


going…sounds like REAL FUN!!!!) \\:-}}

51. Bart and Barnie, Manila, Philippines/Singapore,


52. Humphrey and Chester – NJ 98-7-23

53. Baby D., New York, New York – 07/23/1998 – keep

it going


54. Gene Paul P., Manila, Phils. – 7/24/98 – Go with

the flow!!!!

55. Alejandro J. Dizon, Singapore – 3:20 – 7/24/98 -

I hope I can

attach myself with this e-mail so I can travel around

likewise. Cool!

56. Phen, Singapore, 24-07-1998 — hope this comes

back to me with lots

of good luck….

57. Bhan, Charlotte, NC, 07/24/1998 — sigh…

58. Aileen C. F. – Charlotte, N.C.,7/24/98 — this is


59. Jenny T. Ayroso, Philippines, 7/28/98, — this is

cool !!!

60. Dennis M. Ofiaza, Philippines, 7/28/98, –


61. Myla F. Rapadas, Philippines, 7/29/98, –


62. Elisa Lee, Philippines, 7/30/98 — GOD BLESS


63. Jonas M. (S_A_P), Washington DC, 08/03/98 – take


64. Ellen B. Arellano, Philippines, 08/03/98 – keep

it going!!>>>

65. Noel G., Chicago, IL 1998-08-04(Y2K Compliant) -

Zuiiyeczk!!! Keep it

going!!! [:-)) —–

66. Maris, Philippines 08/07/98 – God bless!

67. Lian / Ning, Philippines, 08/07/98

68. Ceny/Vicky, San Jose, California, 08/06/98 (would

love to see this


69. Carlos Sicat, Santa Ana, California,08/07/98

(best place to be…)

70. Christina, San Antonio, Texas, 8-8-98 (*blink*


71. Lynnette Aaron, San Antonio, Tx, 8-9-98 (**yawns

because it’s too

early and she has to get ready for work**)

72. Meg Johnson, San Antonio, Tx, 8/9/98 ( **smiles**

have fun!!!)

73. Ben Revell, Helotes, TX, 8/9/98 :o p

74. Kim Branson, San Antonio, TX, 8/9/98 :-)

75. Aaron, San Antonio, TX, 8/10/98 (#150…plz snd



76. Trent, San Antonio TX, 8/10/98 (and to mee too !


77. Woody, San Antonio, TX (Dick’s Last Resort!!!!)

78. BJ, *Woody’s Mom, Edwardsburg, Mi, Love these


79. Charline, Tampa, Fl. 8/11/98

80. Ruth, St. Louis, MO (wonderful idea.) 8/11/98

81. Rita, Willowbrook, IL (Lets do it) 8/11/98

82. Kitty, Naples, FL 8/12/98

83. Suzie, Naples, FL 8/12/98

84. Wendy Wald, Naples,Fl. 8/12/98 (great idea!


85. Peppa, North Carolina 8/12/98 (keep it going!)

86. Glenn C, Houston,TX 8/12/98 (Hey Ya’ll, this came

to me by

mistake, but I’ll play.)

87. Andy C (Glenn’s son) Seattle, WA. 8/17/98.

88. Prem Dhanesh, Siskiyou Mts., Oregon (This is

networking, w/o the

bigger picture. 541-488-0341)

89. Nicole Hickey, Warfield, BC Canada 08-18-98 wow!

What a great lesson

in community!

90. Tami Kaczmarek, Vernon, BC Canada 08/18/98

91. Amber – Anchorage, Alaska – 8-18-98 – (just for


92. Grace Goh-Singapore- 08-19-98-Please visit my

club at


93. Jennifer C. – Queens, New York City – 9/8/83

(Cool, man!)

94. Kathryn L.- Rochester, New York – 8/21/98 This is

pretty cool!

95. Abby – Penn Yan, New York – 8/26/98 it’s gone a

long way!

96. Catrina N.- Penn yan-8\27- wow this has gone a

ways, and wil keep

going if it gets out of Penn Yan

97. Michael R, Cape Town, South Africa, 31 Aug 98


96. and at last it reaches the shores of Africa. Whyd

u take so

long!!!!!!! I wonder how many of these things are

floating around now.

Hmmm, anyway, keep it going.

98. Nico Geves, Cape Town, South Africa 31 Aug 98

Africa is becomming


99. Jessica Bartolome. Little Islands of HAWAII! We

rock! Spongers RULE!

8/31/98 See yah guys! Bye! Keep this going!=-)

100. NICOLE OKUNA. August 31,1998-( H-A-W-A-I-I )

101. RoAnne Chow August 31,1998 H*A*W*A*I*I*


102. MERCEDA RIVERA , HAWAII, september 2, 1998

103. Chris-tee-nuh, Hawaii, 9-3-98, tyler, u r so

schweet!! (hahaha, canda(n)ce!!) get better chris!! hey you aaron!!

whutsup annie? aloha

104. Jennette, Lexington, KY – 3/24/99 -The Chain Letter Chick


Here is another version of this letter I received. The names are the same

up until number 87, then they diverge:

88. Keli V., Houston, TX 8/18/98 (Happy Trails)

89. Blaine KH, Amsterdam, Netherlands 08/24/98 (I

should be able to get this around the world)

90. Graham & Mina Northcott, Manila, Philippines (We

will wait, and see…)

91. Jean Batac (DU1-JAN ) MaNILA, Philippines

(okslang,kwentuhan sangnaman eh???)

92. Cecile Ventura, Makati, Philippines (This is fun!

Wouldn’t it be better if we all get to see each other?)

93. Mike Carpio, ANU, Canberra,Australia (It’s

wonderful to be part of this exciting experiment. )

94. Lourdes Ojeda, Peking, China, 29 Aug. 1998 (Go for


95. Cora L Sta. Ana, Peking, China, 30 Aug. 1998 what

the heck,let’s go around the world with it).

96. Jenny Yong, Singapore, August 31, 1998.

97. SBee, Singapore, August 31, 1998 (When will I see

you again?)

98. Jimmy Oh, Singapore, August 31, 1998. It Is By

Chance We Met, By Choice We Became Friends

99. Sharon Lim, Singapore, August 31, 1998


AllAround the World’ ? yeah ^_^

100. Eric Tan, Singapore, 03 sep, 1998

“Hello>World..Just Do it!!!:P

101. Ong Beng Tiong, Singapore, 04 Sep 1998

102. Louis Tan, Singapore, 04 Sep 1998 (Let’s see

howit goes)

103. Angeline Ng, Singapore, 04 September 1998 (GOD


104. Rebecca Ng, Singapore, 09 September 1998 (Let it


105. Lim Swee Ling, Singapore, 09 September 1998

106. Lee Yan Chin, Singapore,10 Sep 98 – Seize the day!

107. Koh Kah Kiong, Singapore, 10 Sep 98 – see you:)

108. Meng Huei, Singapore, 11 Sep 1998 – :)

109. Wai Fun, Singapore, 11 Sep 1998 – Hello, World !

Fate brought us together… *8)

110. Katherine, Singapore, 11 Sep 1998 – hmmmmm…

this is interesting!

111. Adam J.C. Lok, Singapore, 11 Sep’98 It’s a SMaLL

WOrLD afterall..

112. Sandy C, Singapore, 14 Sep 98 – This is

cool.C’mon everyone, et connected to the world now!

113. Veronica Kusnadi, Indonesia, 14 Sep 98 -

Cool…wait for you to come back!!!!!

114. Honny Kandany, Jakarta, Indonesia, 14/9/98 – Keep

this going…and going… and going…

115. Rosalina, Surabaya, Indonesia, Sep 14, 98 – Yeah,

why not,thanks,Hon!

116. Hendy, Bandung, Indonesia, Sep 15, 98 – this is

cool! Keep it going, til you get yours back !

117. Lien, Twin City, Minnesota, USA,Sep.14,98-round

and round we go.

118. Josephine, Arcadia, CA. USA, Sept.14, 1998 -Round

the world in————- days? This is fun!!!!

119. Diane, San Diego, CA, USA, Oct 5, 1998 – well, I

did my part!

120. jp, Alexandria VA, USofA, Oct 6,1998 – Hot


121. Shelby, Richmond, Va. USA, 10-6-98 (At last, a

fun chainletter. Good wishes to all!)

122. Shannon, Blacksburg, VA USA, 10-7-98 (Hey


123. Suzanne, Salisbury, MD (and Lorton, VA) 10-7-98

124. Ashena, Salisbury, MD (Baltimore County,


125. Meghann, Reisterstown, MD 10-7-98

126. Christy Nicole Keen, MO, USA, 10-7-98 WOW!! this

is kewl to see all the places it has been.

127. Tracy, Burbank, IL 10-7-98

128. Debbie, River Forest IL 10-8-98

129. Chris, Milwaukee, WI 10-8-98

130. Katie Northenscold, Milwaukee, WI, USA 10-8-98

This is actually cooler than regular

131. Stacey Allbee, St. Paul, Minnesota: Keep this

messege goimg.

132. David Yeiter, Ft. Hood, Texas, USA 10-13-98: Have

fun with this everyone. Keep cool- Peace!

133. Patrick H. Riggs; U.S.SouthCom, Miami, FL;

14October 98; singaporeppl like this stuff huh

134. Shannon Kurlytis; Reno NV 14 October 1998….

135.Gina Worswick;Reno, NV Pretty cool Plz keep it


136.Nancy, Piscataway, NJ October 26, 1998 ; ) >>

137.Bette Jo, South Plainfield,NJ October 27,1998 -Let

this fly on angels wings !!

138.Scott M. Piscataway, NJ 10/28/98 Pretty cool!!!

139.Lisa Mt. Laurel, NJ 29 Oct 1998.

140.Gregg, Linden, NJ 10/29/98-

141.Rick W.Fairless Hills Pa. Oct.30,1998 -

142.Alma, San Jose, CA, Oct 30, 1998…..it’s

fantastic! Keep it going

143.Jared, Ukiah, Ca…Oct. 30, 1998 =3DOT

144.Naomi, Syracuse NY, Oct 31 .. Im The 1st

onHALOWEEN!! :o )>

145.Michelle, Poughkeepsie, N.Y…Sent on Oct.31st…Was socool

to see #20 on the list is from Poughkeepsie also. Hmmm small


146.Howard, Lake Carmel, NY… near the end of

Haloween night :)

147.Donna, Brewster,NY Nov 1st.. I’m the first


148.Sue, Parsippany, NJ Nov.1st…

149.Debbie, Harrisonville, Mo. Nov 1 1998…….May

God Bless all those that this reaches

151.Bill, Bryan Texas, Nov 1st,1998…….

152.Jack, Bryan Texas, Nov 1st,1998………

153.Susie, Bryan Texas, Nov 1st, 1998…….Pretty

cool…peace all!

154.Tiffany Bell, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Nov 1,


155.Kris Bell, Dallas, TX November 2, 1998…

156.Holly Lopez, Dallas, Tx, Nov. 3, 1998…

157. Nicci A., Dallas, TX, Nov. 6, 1998…

158.Megan Eads Richardson, TX 11/6/98-

159.Jacque Y. Abilene TX 11/6/98-

160.Wendy Daniel Abilene TX 11/7/98- SMILE :)

161.Damon Berry Abilene TX 11/8/98 (Available)

162.Kelli Berry:-) Keller, TX 11/8/98

163.Becky Middleton, Abilene, TX 11/9/98—

164.Roger Garland, Texas 11/10/98

165.Aaron DeSoto, Texas 11/10/98

166.Paul, Dallas, TX USA 11/10/98

167.Laura, Southlake, TX 11/11/98

168.Janie, Plano, TX 11/11/98

169.Harold, Mesquite, TX 11/14/98

170.Martha, Rowlett, TX 11/14/98 Go with God.

171.Robert, Nashport, OH 11/14/98

172.Scott Nicodemus, Covington, Ohio,

173.Glen Foutz, Piqua , Ohio – GO BROWNS IN !!

174.Debbie, Sheffield Village Ohio, 11/15/98. This has been

175.Pam Bless Whiteland, IN 11/15/98 Too neat!!!!

176.Jean – Phoenix, Arizona 11/15/98 Chilly? C’Mon

down!!! 80 desgrees today!!

177.Kathy Shea – Gilbert, Arizona, 11/16/98 –

178..Mary Lynn D’Aubin…Scottsdale Arizona…12/1/98….where do we

go from here?!!

179.Bonnie & the Labradors, Binghamton, NY 12-1-98…

180.Barb, Snohomish, WA, USA, 12/1/98

181.Keith & Janice, WA, USA 12-2-98 Merry Christmas to


182.Gayle, Renton, WA 12/3/98

183.Laurel, Vancouver,WA 12/3/98 – Hope this gets to

India and my

friends at Arya Niwas Hotel

184.Beccy and Shawn, Seoul, Korea (formerly from Kent,

Wa), 12/4/98

185.Thomas Amador, Kent, WA 12/4/98

186. Jeff “Jefe” Turner, Capitol Hill, Seattle 12/4/98

187.Pip, Darwin, Australia, 5 December 1998.

188.Janette, Sydney, Australia, 5/12/98

189.Jim, Blue Springs,Mo. 12/6/98

190.Rhonda, Denver Colorado, 12/6/98 Happy Holidays

everyone, and GO BRONCOS!!!!

191 Mick Gadd Canterbury, England, United Kingdom

192.Sue C, Devon, England

193.Betty Fitz. Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

194.Jess Hafer – Longmeadow MA USA

195.Timothea, Florence, South Carolina

196.Al, White Rock, South Carolina 12/9/98

197.Christine, Columbia, South Carolina 12/9/98

198.DJ3 – Florence, SC 12-13-98

199.Jenn-Florence, South Carolina GO Gamecocks and Go

Buffalo Bills

200.Tom, Brussels Belgium Merry Christmas ! ! ! ! ! !

! ! ! ! ! !

201.Blithe and Bill, Henniker, NH and Baku, Azerbaijan

2/23/98″God Bless Us,Everyone!

202.Wanda Wood, Keene, New Hampshire 12/26/98

203.Alex Galbraith, Inverkip, Scotland 27/12/98

204.Peter Wilson, Greenock, Scotland 27/12/98

205.Stuart Edwards Nr Newport in good old South Wales.

U.K. 27/12/98

206.Diana Howell-Smith in Sydney Australia 28th Dec


207.Christina Cacciato, Isle of Wight, UK. 1st Jan

1999…Happy NewYear!!

208.Cindy, Allen Park, MI, USA….Happy New Year!

209. Jodi, Southgate, MI, USA…….Jan 5th 1999 Best

of All who receive and pass along!!!

210.Dave, Jamestown, North Carolina, 01/05/99. The

world seems a lot smaller today.

211.Rob, Atlanta, Ga 1/6/99………Coming on strong

to the next millennium!

212.Brytain, Jersey City, NJ 1/6/99 …. uh … yeah

213.Rob, Princeton, NJ 1/7/99…what she said. Oh, and



214.Attila, Methuen, MA 1/7/99 I plead the 5th…

215.Mark, Westerly, RI 1/11/99 doh!

216.mea, Old Greenwich, CT 1.21.99

217.ctj, Dracut, MA 1.22.99

218.Bob, Dracut, Ma Jan 22 99….. Peace to all, from

cuffs :)

219.Heather G. Valparaiso, Indiana Jan.

23,’99….Pretty coolidea..Thanks for sending it to me

220.JR, Tampa,Fl – Jan 31 1999 – Travel the world from

the comforts of home,LOL

221 Faith, Centrville,OH-Feb 2,1999-I really hope this


222.Ron, Centerville, OH Feb. 3, 1999

223.Teresa, Oliver Springs, Tenn..USA, Feb. 3. 1999

224.Sid, North Plains, OR Feb 4, 1999

225.Scott, Forest Grove, OR Feb 8, 1999

226.Sharon, Forest Grove, OR Feb. 10, 1999

227.Charlynn, Mobile Al Feb 12, 1999

228.The Menefees, Gloucester, VA Feb.12, 1999

229. antique1, hearts card room, MSNGZ FEB 13,1999

230.Kathy L, Lake Oswego, OR Feb 14, 1999 visit the

MSN Gaming Zone http://www.zone.com

231.Erin aka hunny, Edmond, OK Feb 14, 1999 Happy

Valentines Day Everyone!!!!!!!

232.Melanie, WPB, Florida, Feb 15, 1999

233.Lynn- Milford, CT USA …President’s Day-Monday,

February 15,1999

243.Shaileen – Milford, CT USA Feb 18 1999— I wish

all health and happiness

244.Kate, Ypsilanti, MI, USA, Feb.19, 1999 Ahhh, to be

able to travel like e-mail!

245.Carla, Atlanta, GA, USA 19 Feb 1999

246. Kim, Atlanta, Ga Feb 19, 1999

247.Valerie Ramsey, Atlanta, GA, Feb 23, 1999 See

anyone you know???????????

248.Carrie – Atlanta, GA 02/23/1999. How do you get

all the names on one list? There must be hundreds of lists out

there now, too.

249. John – Charlotte, NC – 2/23/1999

250. Kelly – Tolland, CT – 2/23/1999

251. Michelle – Cincinnati, Ohio – 2/23/99 Hello out


252.Jody–Cincinnati, OH 2-23-99 Hi ya’ll!

253.Stephanie Asbury, 2/23/99 Cincinnati, Ohio-Go UK

Wildcats!! Let’s win another Championship!!

254.Tina–Lawrenceburg, IN – 2/23/99

255.Vince Detroit MI 2/23/99

256. Edna E. Emrick..Addison Twp. MI 2/23/99 You Could


257. Lynette Okla 2/24/99

258. Cathy Dobbins, Greer, SC 2/24/99 Spring is on

it’s way….. Heah……..

259 Pat–New Haven, Ind, 2/24/99

260 Pam, Home of the Cheesesteaks, Phila. Pa. 2/25/99

261 Mike–Chicago, Illinois—-2/26/99

262 Maxine ….Chicago, Illinois……Feb. 26, 1999

263 Laura….Pearland,Texas……Feb, 26,1999

264 Susan…Sugar Land, TX 2/26/99–well–I did have

something clever to say

265 Kelly…Edmond, OK 2/27/99–not only another Okie,

but another

EDMOND Okie! (check #231)

266 Billye Edmond, OK 3/2/99–Please visit

www.march.org and sign on today!

267 Scott, Spencer, OK 3/5/99 I guess I slowed the

whole process down a bit, didn’t I?

268 John A. Small Tishomingo, OK 3/?/99 – May all the

splinters be pointed in the right direction as you slide down the

bannister of life, may all the rocks in your field turn to gold, and may

all your troubles be as tiny as that little piece of pigfat in your can

of pork and beans!

269. Bob Peterson, Durant, Okla. 3/8/99 I don’t

recommend pasting the message in your address box–takes too long to


270. Ted Phillips, My opinion is this whole Monica

Lewinski saga sucks.

271 Tom Muchmore, Ponca City, OK 3/10/99


272 Steve Huston, Ponca City, OK 3/10/99 – Life is

what’s happening

while you’re making other plans.

273 John Hall Virginia Beach, Va 3/11/99 -Go where I


274 Edmund DeSoto, Fallbrook, CA 3/12/99- Let’s see

where this goes!

275 Toni Avitabile, The Big Apple, 3/13/99 – Want to

see God laugh? Make plans!

276 Tony Ferraraccio, Shenandoah Valley, 3/13/99

How many of these are going around? I know I’ve done

this before.

277. Timmy Terbium Boweroski, Staunton, VA 1999.03.13

- peace & blessings to all who see this. amen.

278. Michelle Renee Cantrell, Louisville, KY(

University of Louisville) :)

279. Eduardo Fort Knox KY Without music every sound

would just be noise…3/21/99

280. Adam – Louisville, KY (U of L) “When a ball

dreams, it dreams it’s a frisbee.”

281. Courtney- Lexington, KY- 3/22/99- it’s times like these i wish i

had a witty saying as my trademark

282. Jennette, Lexington, KY – 3/24/99 -The Chain Letter Chick