Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn On The Light? AKA The Room Mate

You probably know the urban legend about the two college girls, one of which hid in fear of the scratching gurgling noises she kept hearing at night while her room mate was out at a party...When the room mate was actually getting killed and scratching at the door for help.

Or maybe she came back from the party, and didn't want to disturb her studious room mate, so didn't turn on the light when coming back. Next morning, she found her roommate murdered, in bed, or in a closet. And the words scrawled somewhere in blood "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?"

In some versions, it takes place at a camp. Some have the killer singing/screaming an innocent little tune while in the process of killing one of the girls.

You've seen this meme mangled, now you get to see what's in store for the killer!


He had killed several girls, one at a camp ground, the majority in college dorms. The last girl being the star of a play. He had seen her rehearse her part in the park when she thought no one had been watching. He had been stalking her since that first glimpse.

Security had refused to let him into the theater on the night of the play, but he had skulked around anyway, then went to Sarah's dorm room later, planning to lie in wait for her. That was when he killed Megan, who he was not expecting to be there. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and paid the ultimate price.

So then Sarah returned after the play, and he killed her too.

The commotion brought people running to see what the trouble was, and the police were called.

But the killer managed to slip away in the midst of all the mayhem. Several people thought they had identified him, but no one at the college was trained or equip to handle a bloody, violent killer.

He continued doing his best to elude the authorities while enjoying the coverage about his murders in the media.

One day, he got the bright idea to hide out in a place where he thought no one would look for him. The scene of the crime. Sarah's and Megan's room. They were obviously not coming back, and it was not likely anyone else would want to move in after such a gory crime had just taken place.

Getting lost in the crowd, he made it into the dorm without being detected. Once inside Sarah's and Megan's room, he looked smugly around and chuckled.

Once again, he began singing "Oh Susannah".

"You did this! came a shout from right behind him.

Startled, he jumped, then turned to look over his shoulder.

He saw no one there.

Turning back again, he caught a glimpse of something in the mirror.

It was nothing like his own reflection, and it moved even when he stood still, gazing at it.

The apparition was framed in a blood-red border, and it was Sarah's face staring impassively from the mirror back at him.

He shuddered and looked away. "I'll shut my eyes and it'll be gone." he mumbled shakily.

A hand took firm hold of one of his shoulders, causing him to wince violently.

"You can't just get rid of me by closing your eyes and turning away."

His nerve broke. He tried to bolt, but ended up sprawled on the floor. Whether it was really that slippery or his nerves were impending his motor coordination, he did not know.

"You ruined everything!" the shadow on the ceiling seemed to be the one yelling as it gazed down at him. Then it glided along the ceiling a few feet before dropping to the floor beside him.

He turned away and began to sing "Oh Susannah" again.

"Stop that!" she shouted at him. "You ruin this song! You ruined the whole experience!" She rolled over top of him to get on the other side where he would have to look at her or turn away again. The effect was a chill running through him.

She continued. "That play was *my* scene! At least when Sarah was in the lead role, my name would have been known along with hers. But now you've gone and stolen it all away! It is all going to be about you now, just you!"

"You don't mean you are - " He trailed off.

"Susannah." she replied. "I am Susannah

Terrified, he scuttled on all fours toward the closet, reached up with one arm to open the door, and hurled himself inside.

"Oh, really!" Susannah said in his ear. "You can't get away from me."

He got shakily to his feet and bolted out of the closet, then made for the door.

His vision swam. Next thing he felt was a sensation of being pinned to a wall.

"You ruined my show!" Susannah hissed furiously at him, scowling and shaking her now disembodied head. Blood coloured tears ran down her cheeks. "You robbed me!"

He felt her ice cold hands clamp firmly around his neck.

The room door was definitely shut, and he could barely make out another couple of figures standing in front of it, blocking the escape route.

There was a knock at the door.

Susannah's grip tightened on his throat.

Then everything went black.

"Yeah, he's in here all right," said one officer.

"What's he trying to do, strangle himself?" said the other.

The killer had his own hands around his neck, trying to ward off Susannah's attack when he went unconscious.

"Don't speculate, let's go."

The officers worked to get the killer through the door, where a team of more officers and paramedics strapped him to a stretcher and wheeled him out.

He was taken into custody, locked up in tight security, and put on suicide watch. He was eventually charged with all of the murders, and placed on death row.

But all of that was better than dealing with Susannah ever again. She visited him briefly, just once more, before his trials. Appearing in his cell, she threatened to be waiting if he ever tried to escape, and what wasn't done to him by the system to make him pay for his crimes, she swore to do to him if he ever escaped.