Chelsea had written a chain letter and got a real kick out of mentally unstable Lewis's plight. She had heard he was hospitalized for some kind of nervous breakdown. Chelsea was so stupid and so in love with herself that she actually thought her chain letter was responsible for that. As for Abigail, she had been one of the bullies, so it was only a matter of time before Chelsea took her revenge, and the reason she got into Abigail's room was because she knew where the girl lived, and had pretended to befriend Abigail so she could get access to her room.

As for Sunni, she failed a class assignment that had been due, because she had spent all the previous evening, idiotically spreading chain letters.

Chelsea was about to go into what she thought was the home of another classmate. This time, via mirror.

When she said a few magic words and knocked on her own mirror, she was shocked. Something was happening!

For a moment, she felt weightless, and then, found herself standing on solid ground…In a completely unfamiliar place.

She was standing in front of a door, on which was written "Enter if you dare."

Chelsey smirked. "Okay, I'll play." She opened the door and walked through.

To her surprise, the door slammed shut right behind her.

She found herself tightly sandwiched between that door and the one in front of her.

On this door was written "You might knock, but you can't run."

"Help" Chelsea shouted.

There was no response.

She shouted several more times and tried to turn the knob to no avail.

Finally she knocked.

The door opened so abruptly that she tumbled forward into the haul of mirrors.

The door slammed shut behind her.

On the floor of this hall of mirrors was a mirror that showed writing rather than reflections of people.

The writing was that of her chain letter, among a few others, all under the heading of: "Whats the most stupidest chain mail that you have ever read??"

Chelsea's face flushed red hot as she became angry. "I'm not stupid!" she retorted.

A chorus of derisive laughter was heard, accompanied by various faces that appeared on some of the mirror walls.

She looked around, trying to see where the laughter might be coming from, and clearly saw the faces of Abigail and Lewis side by side on a mirror to her left.

Turning to glare straight at them, she was about to yell some sort of tirade, but in a blink of an eye, those faces were gone.

There was more laughter and jeering, and different faces that popped into every mirror, only to disappear when she looked straight at them.

The only image that seemed to be stationary was the mirrored floor that held the page about her chain letter being stupid, and a rantback, tearing it apart.

Feeling rather sick from all the mirror weirdness and glare, Chelsea scrunched down and shut her eyes.

But there was no time to rest.

Suddenly she heard glass breaking and shattering. Then she was aware of being cut as glass rained down on her from above, and more came flying at her from all sides.

Gripped by panic, Chelsea staggered to her feet and tried to run.

Some of the glass she stepped on, slipped as it broke under her feet, and it bounced up at her the way gravel does when a vehicle drives through it.

She kept on running blindly through the glass storm until she smashed right into something solid.

The surprise of it threw her backward.

Getting up again after a good deal of sulking, she looked at what she was up against.

Another mirror with these words: "Knock knock, Chelsea."

There was no handle or knob this time, and only one thing Chelsea could do if she wanted out of the glass blizzard.

So, she knocked, and that door opened for her. It too, slammed shut behind her.

A picture on a wall a few feet in front of her had the caption "Chel: you were warned not to threaten my family." the picture itself was of some woman Chelsea had never seen before, clenched fist raised, a murderous scowl on her face.

Chelsea gawked. She was starting to realize she shouldn't have ticked somebody off with that chain letter.

The caption changed to: "You have decided your own fate."

A few moments later, the picture and the writing disappeared, as did the wall in front of Chelsea. Then, the floor gave way.

Chelsea tumbled headlong into a pile of writhing bloody hooks where she got herself permanently entangled.


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