After years of mistreatment by people all around her except for her own family and Cordilia's, Akira tried to kill herself but didn't succeed.

Instead, she seemed to be plunged into a bizarre state of dreaming, or zombification, she couldn't tell which.

In this state, she saw her own parents suffer as her as they thought she was dead. She saw her mom kill herself and her dad accused of murder by the all too typically screwed up viral police department. Then she saw herself kill Cordilia and Madalin and spare Cordilia's family.

It was like being forced against her will to commit all these things, or watching a bad movie of them. Whatever the case, her suicide attempt certainly hadn't ended her own suffering, and only brought more.

At what was supposedly Cordilia's and Madalin's grave, Akira sat miserably, not able to figure out how or why she had been plunged into this nightmare.

The scene changed, and much to her surprise, she was in what looked like a small booth with a few theatre seats. The one next to her was occupied by none other than Cordilia herself. The other two were taken by two women who were unfamiliar. These women were positioned not so they were looking at the screen in front of Akira and Cordilia, but at the girls.

Akira felt both shocked and sickened. The shock came from Cordilia apparently not being dead as she had been lead to believe, and the sick feeling came from having to sit so close to her again. Cordilia, who had been behind the whole nightmare for years. Cordilia, who had bewitched an entire town.

Akira realized that this must be another punishment from Cordilia and was about to try making a desperate bolt for it.

"Not yet, Akira," said the younger of the two strange women, whose expression didn't appear to be one of meanness.

"Yeah, if you thought you had it bad before - " but Cordilia's jeer was sharply cut off.

"You! Shut up!" this time, the strange young woman glowered at Cordilia.

"Hey I'm not the one who blabbed and then lied about - " Cordilia started.

"I said shut up!"

"You tell her, NT." said the older woman, who had been scowling at Cordilia the whole time.

NT looked at her companion. "So when should we start showing the mangling?"

"the what?" Akira asked.

"The meme-mangling." NT replied. A puzzled look from Akira and cordilia prompted her to explain," "The obliteration of a chain letter."

"That sounds violent." Cordilia said, sticking her nose in the air.

NT scowled back at her. "The mangling of *YOUR* chain letter, Cordilia! The one you made Akira suffer for and then tried to enslave her with."

"What?" akira's eyes went wide. "This was all for some dumb chain letter!?"

"Hey, it was brilliant! If only these two freaks hadn't butted in, it would've all been so sweet!" Cordilia snapped.

Something else seemed to dawn on Akira. "So, i'm not in hell either?"

"No, you're not, because we wouldn't be here if you were." NT replied. "That was just another sick lie cooked up by Cordilia and her little sidekick, Madalin."

"You hated me that much!" akira turned a pained glance on Cordilia. "You actually want me to go to hell."

"You told our secrets and then you lied about it!"

"That was years ago!, and I never did any such thing!"

"Doesn't matter!

"Shut up! NT shouted, shaking a fist in cordilia's direction.

"Okay, intros," the older woman interjected. "Obviously cordilia and Akira know each other all too well. But neither girl knows us. I'm Ocean, and this is NT. She's the character I was referring to in the meme-mangling when I said she could deface the Madalin/Cordilia bffl grave. and, well, she has. Look."

The screen changed to reveal a grave yard and the place where cordilia had mind-mapped her best friend for life and her own common grave. It was not there.

"what?" Cordilia shrilled.

"You really thought you could get away with this killing power-grab?" Ocean sneered.

"So if I'm not dead, and she's not dead," akira said hopefully, "Does that mean my parents aren't dead? My Mom didn't kill herself? My Dad didn't get - "

"they were both injured, and are in hospital, Akira. The police are free from Cordilia's evil meme mindset spell." An anxious look from Akira, and NT continued. "No one believes you are dead any longer, and nothing else will happen to your family because of Cordilia."

"I want to see them." I should've told them about my troubles at school." Akira burst into tears.

"Why didn't you?" Nt asked quietly as she approached to put an arm around Akira.

"I was afraid they had turned against me, or they would. No one else believed me."

Cordilia smirked. NT threw a disgusted glance in her direction.

Ocean spoke up again. "If you read through this meme-mangling, you'll see that I had a hard time deciding just who to believe for a while. But it's clear this was all Cordilia and Madalin. By the way, Madalin and her family weren't so lucky. They did end up dead.

"What!" Cordilia squealed, shocked.

"You killed them in your meme with your machete."

"No, I didn't, that was Akira!"

"You tried to make it look like Akira had done it. But it was you. That explains why your own family was spared. Not because they were 'nice' to akira, you just couldn't bear to have your fake Akira kill them."

"What do you mean, a fake me?"

"Cordilia is a sort of mage, or witch." NT replied. "That would explain how she had the whole town doing her bidding. She conjured up a fake you on the day of the supposed secrets fiasco. She snapped her out and let you take the fall for it, and then she and Maddy told even more lies to get everyone against you. It worked on your school mates without additional magic, but to get the school staff taking her side against you, she had to cast some pretty strong spells. Then, she brought in the fake you for the murders, snapping her out again just in time to try and over-power you and make you into a meme bully that was meant to frighten other little kids into spamming the net."

"Lies!" Cordilia yelled. "that's all lies lies lies!"

Oh, that's adorable, Cordilia." Ocean said derisively.

"And I didn't kill Madalin!" Cordilia only continued squealing, "Akira was jealous, that's why she did it!"

"Give it up, Cordilia, you're not fooling anyone but yourself." said Ocean.

"Yeah." said NT, "While Ocean here was trashing your meme, I was trying to straighten out the magic mess you made of things." said NT. " Lucky for Akira and her family, you only used a razor. But the machete you used on Madalin and her family has a much bigger surface area, which means more mind-altering potion. The amount on the machete was enough to poison them all. You might've meant to make them appear dead just long enough to carry out your sicker than sick operation, but you will never get Madalin back."

Cordilia wailed.

NT undid the strap that held akira in her seat, and quickly ushered her out of the room.

Only Ocean remained with cordilia, and she offered her no sympathy.

"Your family will be here shortly, along with the police. You are going to be arrested for murder. When everything finally comes out in the open about you and why you did all this hateful stuff, you won't be able to blame akira. and you can't claim Madalin was the master-mind and put it all on her either. It is all you, and all because you wanted to rule the world with a meme.

Cordilia only continued ranting and whining until the door opened, and Ocean handed the sadistic brat over to police custody.

They cuffed Cordilia, then dragged her out, kicking and screaming.


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