Go Fly a Kite!

by LJ

This consists of Toshinden characters and we will name the fangirl "Princess Angelica"


Princess Angelica: There are people who actually hate my page?! How can this be?!

Tracy: As if you didn't know? *snorts* Get over yourself!

Princess Angelica: WHA?!!!! I thought you guys loved me?!!

Eiji: Who...US?! What dream world have you been living in!?

Princess Angelica: Don't you know I'm the mighty Princess Angelica, aka Eiji Shinjo no Miko aka Priestess of Duo Maxwell aka...

Eiji: A pain in the rear.

Kayin: *snickers* And a delusional fangirl with a sick jealousy streak toward Eiji's official girlfriend in Toshinden.

Princess Angelica: *screams* NOOOOOOOO!! You're mine, Eiji-sama!!! And I'm married to Kayin and I have the marriage certificate to prove it!!

Kayin: *splutters* Oh, please. Get over it, your weird obsession over us. We are not even real in your world! You are a lost cause. Be gone wretch for you're bothering me!!!

Eiji: You heard him, now hit the road, Toshinden wannabee! I don't want a jealous nutball like you. Now, GO AWAY!!

Princess Angelica: How dare you talk to me like that!! I'm your miko damnitt!!

Eiji: *splutters* I'm not a religion, you idiot. Now, beat it, get lost, hit the road, say bye-bye!

Princess Angelica: AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!! *starts kicking and screaming like a two year old* I can't believe this is happening to me. I'm being diss by anime guys who are suppose to worship the ground that I walk on. *still kicking and screaming* No fair, no fair, NO FFFFFFFAIR!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Tracy: Sheesh, what a crybaby. *shakes head.*

Eiji: Come on, let's go. *offers Emi his arm, and they walk off together, followed by the rest of the group.*



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