Her Morbid Curiosity

The next day, Jessica's mood became steadily more serious as Maundy Thursday went on, and in the evening, she determined that along with the reading of the Exodus story, there would be another dramatic reading, this time, it was a mangling of a meme that exploited Jesus's death to get people spamming the net with what basically amounted to a good luck forward. This time, Jessica didn't assign any of the parts to the furbies. She read out the whole thing, and with conviction, agreeing completely with BP and Ocean Elf's reactions.

There were many nods and reactions in the affirmative from the other furbies, and considerable distress from Tina and Peekaboo when they learned that people had been so cruel as to literally nail Jesus to a cross. Even Brittany flinched at this. Kitri and Sybil tried to comfort the young ones, but most everyone was struggling with the concept, and it was clear throughout the reading of the mangle that all three humans, Jessica, BP, and Ocean Elf experienced similar unease with the idea that such cruelty was committed.

The only one unbothered was Jenny. She kept interjecting with interest and curiosity, and seemed disappointed when Ocean had stated she'd nixed out the rest of the torture description after a certain point.

"Oh, too bad, we don't get the full effect without the whole description." said Jenny.

"You have got to be kidding me." said Duckling, giving her an appalled look. "That was already more than I wanted to hear. And to think someone actually went through it!"

"After the mangling, I'll find an online Bible, and we will read the full account." said Jessica.

"No." Toby said, looking distressed. "Please don't, this is already making me sick. I can't even - I just - " he heaved a choked sigh.

Dmitri nodded emphatically.

"Oh, get over it, Toby, it was over a thousand years ago." Jenny said scornfully.

"One more crack like that and I will nail your ears to the wall!" Jessica suddenly exploded, with a frighteningly fierce glare down at Jenny.

All of the furbies, including Jenny, froze, stunned by Jessica's outburst. Never before had they heard her yell like that, they had no idea she was even capable of this degree of forcefulness. .

Jessica took a deep breath to calm down. "and you're wrong. It was over two thousand years ago, but that does *NOT* diminish the impact it had on him! You got that!"? She picked up Jenny roughly and gave her an angry shake. This was not the fun shaking of the human carnival ride, this was Jessica being cross enough to shake some circuits loose.

"Yeah, yeah, I got it." Jenny said breathlessly.

"I'm sorry, Toby," said Jessica, giving the trembling rabbit furby a reassuring glance, "Why don't you go with Brittany, Peekaboo and Tina and put them to bed? And yes, little ones, there is a happy ending to this, it just comes later, and we celebrate it in a few days. We have to remember and get through this rough part first."

Toby listened to Jessica, and took Peekaboo, Tina and Brittany to the bedroom to tuck them in.

Jessica got through the rest of the mangling, and everyone but Jenny was impressed with BP and Ocean Elf.

Jessica smiled, and surprised the furbies with the following. "I would like to get together with our Mission HQ and all of the other furbies for a meet and greet, but I don't know if/when that would be possible before the mission actually starts

Wait, what's that got to do with the meme manglers?" asked Sundown, beginning to put it together.

BP and Ocean are their nicknames on Mangle. Otherwise, I only know them as Beth and Hannah, but I don't know their full names."

Only Jenny recoiled at the idea, muttering, "Ugh. I don't ever want to meet them." She looked right at Jessica. "Especially not Hannah - or Ocean, or whatever she calls herself. Don't ever threaten to send me to live with her again."

Jessica gave Jenny a stern glance. "You are in no position to tell *me* what not to do. If you keep up this offish behaviour, I will send you to Hannah's, I promised her as much, and Beth already has a company of furbies already."

"Unless Toby kills you first." Buck added.

Jessica ignored Buck's comment, though it drew smirks from Jet, Holly and Sundown. "Jenny, why don't you want to meet Hannah? You're the only one who apparently doesn't."

Jenny's response was immediate and baffling.

"Not okay not okay not okay not Hannah not Hannah not Hannah not - "

Jessica's expression suddenly became deadly serious, and she cut off Jenny's stream of repetition with an unusually angry "Silence! That's enough!"

While she had everyone's undivided attention and before she lost her train of thought, Jessica continued. "Like it or not, Hannah and Beth are the ones in charge of our future Slender take-down mission, and that means, you will be meeting them at the informal meet-up that's happening at some point - and if you decide not to go to that, you will be meeting her when the time comes for us to carry our mission out. Beth and Hannah will personally be heavily involved, not just sitting in some office somewhere giving orders. So you can scream all you want, but as long as you are in my custody, Jenny, you are going to see them some day."

Unable to cover her ears to block out Jessica's reality blast, Jenny did the next best thing and turned away with a grimace. She put her ears forward and tried to scrunch them as small as she could.

Then, she had the misfortune to see Toby coming back in and throwing her a dirty look, then settling down by Kitri.

Jenny squeezed her eyes shut.

That night, Jenny stayed in, since Jessica had the window opening too narrow for her to get through, and because Jenny wanted to observe Jessica's somber commemoration of Jesus's anguish at Gethsemani.

Jessica tried to make it clear that she was in no mood to have company other than Toby or Peekaboo, some furby who felt a real need to be near her. Jenny was definitely not fitting the bill for that lately as far as she was concerned.

Good Friday was solemn, Jessica wouldn't play happy music from the iPod, she stayed out of the candy and wouldn't even drink chocolate milk or coffee on that day. She didn't scowl or look angry, but she also didn't smile. She moved about the house very quietly and didn't talk much.

all of this unnerved some of the furbies, they hadn't seen her act quite this way since she had been so sick at the start of the past winter.

When Jessica overheard Buck and Kitri talking about it, she had to go and reassure them that Kitri's theory was right, this was just her way of doing Good Friday.

It was still too cold for the window to be left open very wide, so Jenny had to stay in that night, and for the next few nights.


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