Jerry, Jerry, Not So Scary!

Jerry's Downfall

There once was this reject named Jerry, who killed his friends over a stupid dare.

Then he made up a stupid chain letter, trying to scare others the same way he had been.

He only ended up making Stewart die laughing after opening up his door to see a couple having a fight across the street, hurling furniture and insults at each other.

The day, Jerry sent Hailey his chain letter, and after her initial fear went away, she had a good day, rounding it off with dinner and a hilarious movie.

But Jerry was still sore at his friends, plus Stewart for not dying upon receiving the chain letter.

Jerry tried to hatch another plan. He put his chain letter out in cyberspace, where it really scared a little girl, who drove her sibling crazy.

Even with that, neither of them died.

Jerry, though, decided to go back to the so-called haunted house to try coming up with more ideas.

But he wandered on to the wrong property.

He felt himself getting pulled along by an invisible force until the ground gave way.

He landed in a place that was strangely lit up, and there was mournful music all around.

The floor looked like a huge Ipod and the ceiling was lit up like an LCD screen.

"I heard about you killing your friends over a haunted house dare." Jerry heard someone speaking, but couldn't see who it was.

"Wha?" He exclaimed.

"Then you threatened and tried to kill others with your chain letter. I heard about that too."

"Who are you?" Jerry asked frantically. "How did I get here?"

"I am your meme-mangler, and you are in my Ipod.

"Ipod?" Jerry repeated. "Is that what the music's all about?"


"Couldn't you put on a more upbeat song? This one's depressing."

"I always listen to this music on November 11, which happens to be the day I found your chain letter."

"Can you get me out of here?" Jerry pleaded.

"Why should I?" came the reply. "You tried to give anyone who read your chain letter the idea that they couldn't get out. Well, now, you can't, Jerry, and you'll have to listen to whatever I do for as long as you are in this Ipod.

Jerry jumped and ran around, trying to get out, but only succeeded in turning the volume up.

Jerry is still inside my Ipod, subjected to whatever music I listen to, whenever I listen to it. Jerry will die with the battery unless everyone stops reposting his chain letter.


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