Creepy Pasta Luna Girl

There was once a creepy pasta Mary Sue moon-witch who was proud of her "magnificent body", and thought she had a "wonderful personality" and "unbeatable sense of humor". She also claimed to have a "kind heart" and thought herself to be "extremely intelligent." This was probably why she expected all guys who crossed her path to perform 8 tasks to win her as their very own sort of prize.

Her name was Luna Lacremosa.

She wore the same outfit all the time, making her recognizable from anyone else. This consisted of a light blue loose long sleeve shirt, black skinny jeans, diamond earrings and a bracelet with several pearl cubes on the loop, each being a different color.

Her favorite hunting grounds were around flower shops, jewelry stores, and beauty salons. In these places, she would prowl about, looking for marks, while mocking those "earthly and mortal possessions" which she judged to be "never as valuable or fair" as she. Her boast was that even Aphrodite couldn't stand a chance next to her in the looks department.

So, recognizing her was the first step required.

Step two was to approach her with an air of confidence, and say a phrase that she would put into the mind of her mark: “I have come to earn the perfect partner. Does she accept my trial?”

In response to that, she would answer with “The trial has been accepted. It shall begin at" and here she would choose a restaurant to dine "at 8:00 PM.” Failing to do this meant she had rejected the guy for some reason. Her belief was that after that, his life would become a pit of depression not worth living. But if her mark made it past the second task, being the approach, the third was to be his first date with her at the restaurant.

It was a strange looking but confident furby named Buck, who approached her outside a jewelry shop to say the scripted phrase she demanded of all marks.

He was not at all what she was expecting, yet he said all the right things, so she had to follow through by setting the first date.

Buck returned home to report to the rest of the furbies and their human owner Jessica what had happened. But he got a serious case of nerves over the prospect of sitting through an actual date with her.

So another furby called Toby agreed to take it from there.

When Toby returned home, he was disheartened. Luna had scheduled nine more dates and told him how to act and what to say to her when on these dates. He wanted to help put an end to her predatory scheme, but was not expecting the ordeal to drag out for more than one dreary date. She had done all the talking, giving him a litany of things guys were not supposed to say or do to "bring her soul pain" and make her sad. All through this, she demanded Toby to keep being funny, happy, friendly and confident.

When time for the second date arrived, Luna took Toby out, then when the equally tedious date was finally through, she dropped him off at Jessica's, saying: “The time is right. Commit me”.

"To where?" Toby asked.

She didn't answer him. She didn't even have the decency to say "Goodbye." She just walked away, leaving him shaking his head.

As he was about to turn and knock for Jessica to let him in, Luna called from some distance, "Do not follow me!"

"Do I look like I am?" Toby muttered. Then, suddenly hit by curiosity plus being very tired of her ordering him around, he took this as a dare. He knocked at the door, and when Jessica and Kitri let him in, he brought them up to date on what happened so far, and said he was going to disobey the girl's last order. She was up to something, and he might as well try to find out what it was.

Back at home, Jessica was disconcerted to discover a strange book and a vile of clear liquid on top of a note lying on the floor next to it. No one she questioned knew anything about it, and she was confounded as to how it got into the house, and who had managed it. There had been no break-ins, and no one came in through the door, not while anyone was home.

Jessica put them on a small table near a window, then, starting to fear for Toby's safety, got on her computer to make a video chat call to Mission Headquarters.

Ocean Elf answered the call, and Jessica was asked to describe the book, the pictures in the book, the vile of liquid, and read the note, which said:

"Take these to a window where the moon is visible."

"Ugh. What is this, some kind of moonchild lunacy? Why not just turn on a light?" Jessica pondered aloud. "Sounds suspiciously like some kind of black magic or other. No thanks."

"I agree. Are there any more instructions?" Ocean asked her.

Jessica nodded and continued reading.

"Open the book. It will be full of pictures of the girl."

"What?" Kitri said incredulously, " book full of pictures of her, and she thinks other people would want it? This girl's got a seriously swollen ego! Kitri hopped up on the table next to the book, but shuddered at the vile of liquid near it. She lifted up page corner after page corner, and sure enough, the book was as the note described. It contained pages and pages of the same sad picture over and over. It was the girl who had been pursuing Buck and Toby. Buck pointed this out to Jessica and the others.

The instructions went on about the girl's outfit, which never changed, and her sad facial expression which didn't change until the very back of the book. And then it went on:

"if you look closely you should see small pearl trinkets, much like the ones on her bracelet, sitting next to her in the pictures." was the next noteworthy instruction. And there was speculation about the cube pearls' significance. All agreed they meant nothing good.

The instruction left very little room for doubt as to the girl's intent from this point on"

"Open the vial of the clear liquid. On that picture, drop one drop of the liquid from your fingertip onto where the girl’s heart is. Then take another drop and place it on your chest where your heart is. You must then douse the window with the rest of the liquid while the moon shines trough. Make a circle with the liquid with the moon at the center and stand in front of it.

Ocean cut in with, "Have nothing to do with that stuff. It is surely some kind of dark magic meant to bond someone else's life with hers."

Jessica assured her, "It's not happening. I'm not making a mess of my windows in some moon magic no one around here believes in. - Oh, and I think you're right. Listen to this next part."

"You must then say “I commit myself to the perfection and the perfection to me. Let the bond commence.” A single beam of moonlight will shoot through your window and hit you in the chest."

"Is that where I'm supposed to say "Ouch"?" Buck quipped.

Several laughed, and Jessica continued reading the instruction.

"As you fall backwards you may feel a slight sting as the liquid drop literally absorbs into your heart. The liquid on the picture will also absorb.

"And does the picture scream in pain?"Buck couldn't resist cracking another joke.

Toby had returned in the meantime, which relieved his friends greatly.

With Ocean's hearty approval, Jessica tossed the book and liquid out with the trash, but held on to the instruction notepad, which contained more writing than she originally thought.

The next day, Jessica received a call on her smartphone. When she answered, a female voice asked "Can I come over and watch a movie?"

Huh?" Jessica said, looking at the display, seeing only the number 1 connected to the caller.

At that time, furbies Dmitri and Jet were kidding around with each other, and one of them happened to say "Yes!"

Good, I'll be over right away." the girl on the other end of the phone said, then hung up.

Wow, that was weird." said Jessica, shaking her head.

What was weird?" asked Jet.

Jessica explained what just happened.

Dmitri shuddered. "Oh, no, I'll bet it's that spooky girl again. I thought I saw the word 'movie' on that notepad thing that showed up here along with the book you tossed."

"Hmm, I don't remember seeing that," said Jessica, "But that doesn't mean it wasn't there. It's a strange notepad. It always seems to have more writing than I thought it last time I looked at it.

"Well didn't Ocean say something about magic?" asked Jet. "Maybe that's it."

"Ugh." said Jessica. "this is making me very uncomfortable." She called all the furbies in to the front room to warn them of the guest about to arrive.

"And suppose there isn't a movie on at the time?" Kitri speculated.

"Oh, but don'tcha know? She'd just make the TV or computer you're supposed to watch the movie on, show some movie she makes up in her head and then projects from her mind onto the screen and through the speakers. All of that meaning, it's another test she expects the guy to pass for her." Toby theorized.

"Wow Toby!" Jessica said with a laugh. If the moon witch girl didn't get the hint that she was not impressing Toby, she was incapable of taking hints at all.

Most furbies opted to stay out of site, but Buck and Toby said they would stick around in case Jessica needed them. Besides, it was one of them the spooky Moon Girl really wanted to see anyway.

"Uh-oh," said Sybil, indicating the notepad, "The girl's notepad just multiplied its content again."

"What do you mean?" asked Jessica.

"I just saw some new writing appear on a page. It was blank when I turned it over, now it says something about her smile."

"Smile? Does she actually know how?" asked Buck.

"This says she does. Oh goodness. You have to read this." Sybel giggled. "It's too much."

"Let's see that." said Jessica.

She picked up the notepad and read the description of the girl's smile:

"A smile that could stop time, level mountains, extinguish the sun, set Antarctica on fire, end civilizations, and create world peace all in the same day. it will be the most beautiful smile you will have ever seen."

"What the…?" Jessica looked dumfounded. "I just don't even - oh gosh - ugh! that was - painful and hilarious all at the same time! I have to report this to Mission HQ. We got a Mary Sue on our hands!" Amid furby laughter and exclamations of disbelief, Jessica sent a quick text off to Mission HQ, quoting the description of the smile.

A reply was promptly sent by Ocean that said, "HOL-LEE - CRAP!"

Then, a video chat commenced. Lucky for Jessica and company Ocean had enough time to spare so she could monitor things from her end, and was ready to send someone to Jessica's or go herself if there was any real trouble.

Sure enough, as the note said, Luna showed up, smiling like crazy.

All of the furbies except Buck, Kitri Duckling and Toby, turned tail and fled in fear. “Can I come in?” the girl asked.

"Well, you're already here," Jessica muttered. "Yeah," she said, "Take a seat over there." she indicated the living room couch. During the movie, nothing much happened, and eventually all of the other furbies returned, Sybil ahead of the pack, she apologized to Jessica for chickening out earlier.

Jessica had kept busy making snacks for Buck and Toby, who couldn't stay awake during the chick-flick without them. She also kept video chatting with Ocean.

Finally when the movie was over, Luna stood up and walked toward the front entrance door. She was followed by Toby and Buck, who were anxious to see her out of the house.

"Yeah, bon voyage, don't let the door hit - " Buck pushed against the door, hard, sure she was out.

Unfortunately, her magic pushed Toby out instead, and she re-materialized as soon as the door had shut.

"What? she's still here? I thought - " Buck began to say.

"hey, let me back in, you nimrod!" Toby shouted from somewhere outside.

"Woops! Jessica! Help!" Buck called.

"What?" Jessica called, then turned her computer toward the front door so Ocean would get a clear view if there was trouble. She approached Buck and Luna. Buck hastily explained the situation, and Luna just stood there, seeming oblivious to how awkward she was making everyone feel.

"Oh dear." Jessica said, then opened the door. But she couldn't see Toby anywhere.

"Uh-oh," Sybil announced, "The instruction now says to ask “Was the bond accepted?”

"Eww, no!" Buck Shuddered and backed away.

Toby came into view from somewhere outside.

Don't ask." Ocean said from the computer.

But the spooky moon girl just stood there, apparently she wasn't going anywhere until the instruction was obeyed.

Jessica, thinking posing the question to her would get her to leave, finally did ask, "Was the bond accepted?" Then she turned away quickly to sneer, and head back to her computer.

Toby shuddered and whispered, "Jessica, no!"

No one was prepared for what happened next. Before Jessica had time to get away, Luna turned toward her, stepped in front of her to face her, then wrapped her arms around her neck and gave her the biggest, deepest, and longest kiss of any guy's dreams.

"Oh, yuck!" Ocean exclaimed from the computer, and could be seen on screen turning away in disgust.

"EWWWWW! Mary Sue germs!" Jessica protested as she struggled to get herself free from the embrace.

"Hey, back off, you moon wench!" Toby shouted, Landing on Luna's shoulder and yanking at one of her diamond ear rings.

This finally startled Luna out of her fantasy, and she released Jessica.

"That was disgusting. She has no manners." said Kitri with a frown.

Toby and Buck expressed concern for Jessica, and regret they couldn't stop the moon witch in time.

The notepad showed more writing on the following page, more about following dates, which had now been increased from 9 to 30!

This sent Toby into a meltdown. He burst into uncontrolled sobbing, and Jessica had to take him into another room to hold and calm him.

No one knew how he and Buck survived that month, but somehow, they managed.

On the thirtieth day, Luna arrived to go out with one of them again, and this time, her appearance had changed drastically.

She was unrecognizable. A walking skeleton with sagging peeling skin, white hair and bald patches, haggish features.

Most of the furbies scurried away in dread, but Toby and Kitri stayed put.

Toby nodded dejectedly, saying, "Okay, I'll go, but she's gonna get an earful over this, eventually."

Kitri raised her eyebrows at him. "Wow Toby, is there anything that can repel you?"

"Yeah, hot sauce. Watching you down it. That's cringe-worthy." he replied with a grin., then with a little more urging from Kitri, left on what he hoped would be the last date with this weird chick.

But when they returned to Jessica's, Moonhag would not leave. She just stood on the front lawn as if waiting for something.

Jessica and the others were waiting anxiously, and glad to see Toby made it home all right. But they were puzzled by the moonhag's behaviour. Why wouldn't she finally just leave?

It was then that Jessica looked at the notepad again, and more instructions were seen on a page that had been previously blank:

"When you take her outside after the date, you must kiss her once for at least 3 seconds on the lips."

Oh, no, poor Toby!" Jessica exclaimed.

"Kiss me, Buck," said Luna, apparently not realizing the switcharoo the two furbies had played on her early on.

Toby shuddered violently. "Wha!?" He looked both horrified and mortified.

"Are you okay out there?" Kitri asked him from inside, using the special high-frequency electronic tones humans do not understand.

"I gotta - kiss this wench!?" Toby answered her back. This was making even him squirm. "Somebody please help me get out of this!"

With reassurances and encouragement from Kitri, who also passed on Jessica's permission, Toby finally gave in and steeled himself to do what the girl demanded of him. His friends from inside, watched as the kiss took place, followed immediately by the hag transforming back into the "beauty" she had been before.

Toby did not stick around. Jessica had opened the window, and he wasted no time bolting through it and back to the safety and familiarity of his friends, leaving Luna to stand on the lawn, gazing after him, impressed he had passed every test so far.

All thought they had seen and heard the last of Luna, but she called Jessica the next day and asked:

“Now is the time of reckoning. Are you prepared?”

Jessica's startled reaction to this was a hangup and shudder. "Luna just threatened me with a "reckoning"." she told Toby.

Now, he became very angry, and declared war on Luna.

The instruction on the notepad read:

"At this point, if you answer “Yes” things will proceed. If you say “No” then you will never see her or hear from her again."

"I did neither." said Jessica.

"Oh dear," said Kitri, furrowing her brow, "what if she takes that as a yes?" She Glanced at Toby. "Looks like you'll just have to find and follow her again to see what she does next."

Toby hissed and growled.

"Everyone just stay put, we'll assume for now that she's gone for good." Jessica said, trying to reassure herself as much as the others. "I'll get Ocean on video call just in case... She might have some ideas about stopping this madness."

The uneasy peace didn't last long.

Dmitri Smelled something off in the air outside. Wagging his tail in fear, eyes going wide, he bolted behind a chair. "Run for cover! she's back!"

All but Kitri, Toby, and Sundown fled to their hiding places.

"Good gravy! Does this chick never take a hint!?" Sundown said incredulously.

This time, there was no choice about letting her in, and no way to pretend no one was home. Luna used her magic to pry open the door and barge into Jessica's home.

Not only that, but without saying a word to anyone, Luna went stampeding through the house, charging into Jessica's bedroom, and proceeded to discard her clothes.

Peekaboo had taken her place on the mini-carousel sitting on the dresser, thinking it was a safe enough place. The entrance of the scary magic girl frightened her badly, and she took a flying leap off the carousel and dresser, and scurried frantically into the living room. "Jessica! Jessica! That weird girl is taking over your room, and she's stripping!"

Jessica was Horror-stricken. "hey you!" She shouted, Tearing after Lunagirl, "What makes you think you can just barge in here like that? Get out of my room!"

"So - it all comes down - to - this? Eww, gross! Ocean responded on the screen with a scowl.

By the time Jessica reached her room, the girl had everything off, and was admiring herself in the mirror.

"hey skank!" Jessica stood in the doorway, hands on hips, glowering at the girl. "I said get outa here! If you're not out in 2 minutes, I'm calling the police!"

"You should follow my lead," Luna said seductively.

Jessica grimaced. "No! Kitri, Toby, sundown, keep an eye on her. make sure she doesn't steal anything." With that, she Slammed out, leaving the three boldest furbies shut in with the horrible Mary Sue.

"Let's get down to business." Luna suggested.

The Furbies communicated among one another so she could not understand them.

Then Toby finally spoke up. "So, let's get down to business. you're in Jessica's room. You were not invited. If sex is your idea of a reckoning, you are insane. So do yourself a favour and get your clothes back on before the cops come in here and bust you out of here in the buff."

"But buck, I thought you loved me." She whined.

"You thought wrong. and where I come from, love doesn't mean a bunch of ridiculous tests, followed by tromping into some strangers room to do the nasty." he replied firmly.

"But - you kissed me last night." she insisted.

"To make you leave." he responded. Luna looked at Toby in confusion.

"Didn't you notice?? he said. "I didn't stick around after you shifted yourself from pitiful girl back to the conceited, trampy form you're in now."

"What? You didn't? I was so blown away. You're the only man that's ever passed all the previous tests and dared to kiss me when I looked ugly."

"And you are still ugly. Here's why. You base everything on sex and appearance, and you call it "love". You demand any guy dating you to look good, then you demand him to think of you as "beautiful" when you take on your pathetic sickly form. I call that hypocrisy."

Luna gaped. "What about the movie a month ago when I came in to this house with my civilization-ending smile? Don't you remember, everybody passed out!"

"From laughter. I didn't. Your little storehouse of smiles was cheap and tacky. It didn't shine, sparkle, dazzle, glow, or even glimmer. And that movie was a real snore-fest."

"How could you say that after all we've been through?" The moon witch shrilled, looking indignant.

Kitri had all she could stand of this, and finally spoke up. "You mean, all you've put us and especially him through? Because you deserve it!"

The moon witch lost her temper completely, and made a clumsy grab for Kitri.

"Cops are here!" Jessica called out.

But Luna Still refused to get dressed. She only kept sniping at Kitri.

Jessica was heard coming nearer. "In here." More footsteps came closer, the door was thrown open, and they hauled Luna away in her starkers, but took her clothes with them.

But they can't keep a magic girl locked up for long, nor could being an officer or prison guard guarantee immunity from her predation.

Jessica mailed the instruction notepad to Mission HQ, thinking they might need it to catch this girl when she was let out again.

When Ocean read the whole thing, she discovered the theory about the bonding and the pearls to be correct. She also discovered that the way to break the bond was to burn the book Jessica had received from the moon witch. Presumably, there were always new copies being magically produced with each new mark the girl set her eyes on.

Now, that was the easy way to break the bond, if the victim had not messed about with the mysterious liquid in the vile. Once he had put it on the picture, and on his own chest, then on the window with the moon shining in, once he recited the incantation about committing to perfection, breaking the bond would be a very gory task.

Ocean grimaced and scowled with horror and disgust at the instruction for the guy to stab himself in the heart to break the bond.

This strengthened her resolve to put an end to Luna's dark magic before another victim was turned into a cube pearl to be displayed on the girl's conquest bracelet, and Ocean was pretty sure that was the fate of all the guys who had fallen to Luna.

Over the next month, the law and Mission HQ kept tabs on the moon witch, for now she was working one of the officers - a man who had just gone through a bitter divorce.

At some point, he had failed her by making her sad. So the instructions were to break the bond or else face a watery grave.

He was terrified, and told some of the other police about his trouble at his station. Word of this got back to Mission HQ, and from there, plans could be made to stop this girl before it was too late.

Though reluctant, Toby finally agreed to go along with Ocean and Jessica's plan. He used Jessica's smartphone to call Luna and set up another date. Since he had passed every test without the bonding ritual, she posed no danger to him.

Sure enough, the girl took him up on the offer, and showed up at Jessica's calling on Buck, who she just never learned to call Toby.

When the date was through, Toby fell in behind and followed Luna to where she would go. And Ocean was tracking Toby.

the girl arrived at the house of the officer who had displeased her. Since he could not stab himself, she started in on her plan for his destruction. First, she stripped off her clothes.

This gave Toby and Ocean time to communicate through the tiny pearl cube device that was fitted with a tracker and minuscule microphone. Somehow, Ocean had found all the girl's cube pearls that had been next to her in all the book pictures of her. Implementing her downfall using one of those pearls was poetic justice.

There was a series of loud banging and cracking as Luna broke down the unfortunate man's door.

"What the...? Who's there?" a frightened voice called from inside. Soon the man came into view, eyes and mouth wide with amazement and terror.

The nude Luna with jet black hair and eyes, even black finger nails, started weeping at the door frame.

"Turning on the tears, just like that? " Ocean said to Toby. "If she's that upset, I'd think she'd be crying long before she even got to the door."

"What an actress." he responded. Then, he suddenly grew terrified at what was happening in front of him. "What is this?" he squealed. "I don't know how she's doing it, but the house is being flooded!"

The tears that fell on the door frame and floor were engorging, transforming into streams of water that began flooding the man's house.

Oh gosh. said Ocean. "Toby, for my plan to work, I can't come myself just yet, but I'll send someone out to you, someone the moon witch will not be able to see. We've got to get this guy out of there, now."

Toby lapped at a tear puddle on the floor, which shrunk back to what it would've been before engorging. "Eh? I wonder if they all do that?" He Lapped at another swelling tear stream that also shrunk back to a few drops

"Good work, Toby, you just bought us some time. Keep it up.

Toby Nodded and continued to lap at a few more places of engorging tears that shrunk away.

Ocean turned toward a mirror to summon her mirror person, aKA Caprice Swan.

In a moment, Swan appeared before her, a three-dimensional shadow person. "Oh, another mission?"

"Yep. You know where. You know why."

"Got it." With that, the shadow person disappeared from Ocean's sight,, teleporting into the flooding house where the man was cowering in confusion and fear, the naked girl was crying at the door, causing the flood, and the small furby was trying to hold it at bay by licking up what tears he could.

"Help should arrive shortly." Ocean said to Toby.

And none too soon, for the stream now burst into a river,

Toby reduced that the same way he had with the stream, but couldn't keep up with the amount of tears that just kept falling and engorging. "How much more of this? I won't have any room for ice cream, and then I'll really be mad at that chick. Maybe I should just get right to the source."

"Eww! If you dare." said Ocean.

"Oh, this is a breeze compared to what she's already put us all through, especially Jessica. That kiss. Ugh! That horrendous smile. Those dull dates. That snore-fest of a movie. But worst of all, her invasion of Jessica's room."

"I'm in. Gonna get him out." Swan reported to Ocean.

"Good work. Let me know when he's out of danger."

"I will."

Ocean resumed her conversation with Toby. "I really don't think that girl could see past herself. She was so wrapped up in her own supposedly magnificent body and amazing smile/kiss ability that she didn't even know who she was kissing or smiling at. But even if you can't stop all of the swelling waters, the lack of a door can. I mean, with the door broken down, the streams of tears wouldn't fill the house anyway, they'd just run out and into the street."

Toby shuddered. "Let's hope she can't flood this whole town."

In the meantime, the back door opened apparently of its own accord, and the terrified man became aware of an urgent whisper next to his ear. "Go out the back way! Hurry!"

He barely seemed to comprehend what was going on, and though the house was flooding, he found himself moving along with surprising speed toward and out the back door. Had he actually did this on his own, or was the water actually helping him out by going in that direction? He was never sure.

It was actually Caprice Swan who came to his aid and helped him out of that flood before it could trap him.

The man went to the neighbor's, and Swan reported back to Ocean that he was safe. He got out of there just in time.

The moon witch suddenly unleashed another deluge, by far the largest one yet.

"Good work guys, now let's let her think she's claimed another victim." said Ocean. "Toby, you can just let the tears rise and swell for what's next. Swan, here's where you can be a stand-in for the man who was just saved. She doesn't think she's killed him yet. She has to see him struggle and die. Can you pull that off?"

No problem." said Swan, who went back into the house, still invisible to Luna, until she took on the image of the man just saved..

Luna released a torrent that caught what she thought was the man of the house in its wake. She watched, still crying but with a maniacal grin on her face, as the flood swept the "man" off his feet. She heard struggling and choking near by, the sound of someone drowning.

"Serve you right for making me sad." She blubbered and sobbed, and continued until she was sure the water had done its work.

Luna watched in self-righteous satisfaction as the water burst his lungs, stomach, and esophagus. It eventually consumed him, his body dissolving into the flood.

Helpless to do anything but watch, Toby shook and sobbed. He was a second away from attacking Luna himself, when he felt a hand on his head, and his tracking device being removed.

It's all right, Toby. Ocean comforted him.

No, it isn't. He got killed in front of my eyes."

"No, that was Swan, the shadow. She can take on different appearances, and an ordeal like this can't kill her." Ocean picked Toby up and rocked him to quiet him down. "Shhh, pull yourself together. Your work isn't done yet."

"She is evil." he blubbered.

Yes," Ocean agreed, "And if you want to make her regret it, hold on a little longer, and listen to me."

By now, Luna's victim was completely gone, and the waters gradually receded back to her, still standing at the door. They slowly centered at one spot next to her foot.

"Sorry I upset you, Toby," Swan came up to where Ocean stood, holding the furby, "This is why I was called in, to make it look real to her. Her victim is at the neighbour's, and I'm just fine."

Toby heaved a sigh of relief, looking at Swan in astonishment.

"Okay, Toby. Now it's your turn to shine - as the dead man she didn't mean to kill. Swan, make yourself invisible to her again and when that new pearl cube forms, replace it with Toby.""

"Huh?" Toby shuddered, not understanding what Ocean was driving at.

"And Toby, don't move as long as you are in her site. As far as she's concerned, you are dead."

"But - "

No buts." said Ocean. She handed Toby off to Swan, who turned herself invisible once she held him in her hands. She moved with him toward the door and where the moon witch was still standing, surveying the damage she had caused.

Finally, all of the water was gone, and lying on the ground next to the girl was a small pearl trinket of unique color.. It was another she planned to add to her collection.

She looked at it, grinned, and blinked at a flash of bright light from a vehicle that hit the pearl trinket at just the right angle.

That blink was all Swan needed to replace the pearl with Toby., and the moon witch got a terrible shock.

Lying lifelessly on the floor, at her feet, was Toby.

She picked him up. He did not stir.

"Buck!" she cried. He never corrected her on his name, so "Buck" was how she knew him.

He still didn't stir. His eyes were dark, face, slack, lifeless.

Luna went absolutely hysterical. she hugged Toby close to her and screamed Buck's name over and over.

Toby still didn't stir. Normally he would be trembling from being wet and cold, but the tears he ingested made him numb to the cold. So he even felt lifeless in Luna's grip.

"I'm so sorry Buck, I didn't mean to kill you!" Luna blubbered.

There was still no sign of life from Toby.

Luna really was sad, truly sad, probably for the first time in her ill-lived life.

"Oh, buck," She continued to wail. "I'd give anything to undo this and see you alive again.

"Really?" Came a voice from behind her.

Luna startled, turned, and saw a shadowy woman standing behind her. This woman also had jet black hair and eyes, but she was dressed in black, loose jeans and a deep blue shirt. And she was not alone.

"Do you want to see him alive again?" asked a second woman.

"Yes." the moon witch blubbed.

"Then get dressed, pull yourself together, and I'll tell you what you can do to make that happen."

Luna looked around, but couldn't find her clothes. Apparently, her river of tears had washed them away.

"Come on now, you're a shapeshifter. You can just produce an outfit by magic. You've been doing that for years." said Swan.

"Wait, how do you know?" Luna studied Swan.

"Because I can do that, too. Haven't you noticed how similar we look?"

"And I've studied your history." said the second woman.


"Because sometimes I mirror whoever I'm dealing with - but only to a point." said Swan. "That's why you're naked, and I'm not. There are appearances I won't do."

"What are you?" Luna asked.

"If you're looking for a way to address me, my name is Swan."

"And I am Ocean." the elf added. "Now you have 10 seconds to dress, or I'll have Swan put a shadow outfit on you." Ocean pried Toby out of Luna's arms.

Luna shapeshifted, and her usual clothing appeared on her.

"That's much better." said Swan, who promptly disappeared.

"What? Where did she go?" Luna asked, eyes going wide.

"That doesn't matter. You are dealing with me now." Ocean replied.

"So, you said there was a way to make Buck alive again."

"Yes. You must take off that bracelet and throw it as hard as you can."

"But that would break it." Luna objected.

"then it comes down to which is more important. His life, or the bracelet." said Ocean. "You've taken so many lives with your sick bonding magic, hubris and flagrant lasciviousness. Now your dangerous, immoral games have caught up with you and bitten you right where it should hurt."

"But I love him." Luna pleaded.

"You don't even know him. Not that it would change anything if you did. It's either him and the others getting their lives back, or the bracelet. You can't have both." Ocean insisted.

"Don't make me do that." Luna protested.

"Okay then, I'll break it for you." Ocean made a grab for the bracelet.

Luna pulled away, but finally removed the bracelet herself.

"Now toss it."

"I can't."

So Ocean quickly snatched it from Luna's hand and threw it as hard as she could against the ground.

Luna watched in dismay as all the pearl cubes shattered, then the whole bracelet disappeared into nothing.

Luna burst into tears.

Ocean gazed impassively at her.

"Why didn't you just let me give them to Buck?" Luna protested. "I would have given him anything."

"They wouldn't have done him any good."

Luna now realized she, Ocean, and Buck weren't even at the last man's house any more. they were in some mall, outside a jewelry shop.

The man who had narrowly escaped death at the hands, or rather, tear ducts of Luna, was okay, but he had to stay at a motel until his house was dry again.

The other men who had been turned into pearls, now found themselves back in their own homes, alive and well, and, bond-free.

Much to Luna's relief, Toby ("Buck") stirred in Ocean's grip.

"Buck! You're back!" Luna was about to fall all over him and give him hugs and kisses.

Ocean wouldn't allow it. She shielded Toby from Luna's grasping hands and walked away.

"Come back with him!" Luna called, and tore after Ocean until they were out of the mall and in an empty lot.

Then, Toby had disappeared from the scene, finding himself transported back home with Jessica, Kitri, and the other furbies.

"Give him back!" Luna cried.

"No,he is not yours."

"You said he would be!"

"No, I did not."

"Liar!" Luna yelled amid more tears.

"What did you just call me?" Ocean demanded sternly, scowling at Luna.

"You said he'd come back!" Luna railed.

"I said he would come back - to life. I never said he would be returned to you."

Luna looked at Ocean in shock. "That's not fair!"

"You have some nerve judging what's fair."

"Where did you send him?" Luna demanded to know.

"He is back where he belongs, and you will never see him again, unless you want to die instantly."

Luna gaped. "How could you? I love him! He's the only one who proved he could love."

"He loves Jessica and his other friends. They love him. He didn't have to prove anything to you. And if you had gone about looking for love in the right way, you wouldn't be in this fix."

"But Buck was - "

"First of all, his name is Toby, short for Beethoven, not buck."

"What? How did I get that so wrong?"

"Second, and more importantly, he is back where he belongs, with those he loves, and who love him. None of them ever put anybody through silly and dangerous rituals and tests to prove love."

"Those he loves?" Luna was dismayed.

"And if you bother them again, or try to make another black magic bonding tool, or get your hands on one, and try to bond anyone else's life to yours again," Ocean became steadily more stern as she went on, "That person will disappear from your sight and your spell-making, and you will die instantly."

Luna stared at Ocean, shocked. When she recovered enough to speak, it was, "That's not fair!"

"Shut it!" Ocean snapped, then said more gently, "You were never straight with the men you destroyed with your book, your bonding agent and your bracelet. You teased them with temptation and then told them what to do, but you were never specific about the consequences until it was too late. I'm giving you a fair shake. You know exactly how to avoid instant death, even if it means living without playing games and tempting weak and desperate men for good."

"I might as well just kill myself." Luna Lacremosa tried to make Ocean feel guilty.

It didn't work.

"If that's what you really want to do, then I probably can't stop you. But this is how it's gonna be from now on. Eventually, if you ever manage to grow a conscience, you might even start feeling embarrassed about your sleazy behaviour, but that'll probably come much later.

With that, Ocean disappeared, leaving Luna alone and without any tricks up her sleeve to ensnare any more men. If Luna wanted love or friendships, she would have to go about getting them the same way as everyone else.

Now, she really had something to be sad about.

Back at Jessica's, Toby got his reward. Jessica bought more than enough cotton candy ice cream for everyone, and Toby trembled in desperation as she gave him his share. He wasted no time diving in face first to ravenously consume it, purring up a storm. He was very happy.

Swan returned to Mirror Land with a souvenir, the pearl cube trinket generated by the process Luna had meant for the victim who was saved. Knowing Luna wasn't likely to try her bad magic on anyone again. She was content.

Ocean went out to dinner with some other people from Mission HQ to celebrate the drubbing of another wicked creepy pasta villainess.


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