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Nightmares For Noodleheads

Here is where evil creepy pasta characters finally get what's coming to them, from an all too few who neither fear nor adore them. Hence the title "Nightmares For Noodleheads"

Creepy pastas (copy pastes) are memes with a horror bent. They often revolve around sadistic killers, and corruptions of things that started out innocent and kid-friendly, or just got really popular.

Time these memes were creamed, mangled!

A stand-alone ~ will indicate a link to background music to accompany a scene and reflect some character(s) and their mood.


We Will Own You Parody on Queen's We Will Rock You, Creepy Pasta version.


Samara And Pals Get Owned

Night In Creepy Pasta Manor

The Hollow Man And The Yellow Door Of Doom

Clarissa's Monumental Screwups

Creepy Clown Statue Busted In Crushing Defeat

Operation Lickman

Slender Man, Small Man

Laughing Jack Beaten At His Own Games

Guardian Angel AKA Stalker Gets More Than He Bargained For

The Night Laughing Jack Stopped Laughing

The Meltdown Of Salt

Slender Bungles

Trouble-Starter Furby

Liar, Liar, Furby

Her Morbid Curiosity

Something Wrong About Her

Bully Furby, Up To No Good

The Revelation Of Jenny, And The Uneasing Of Mark

Furbies Rage Against Letter From Killer

The Revealing Of A Spy In Their Midst

Furby Fight To The Finish

Luna Lacremosa, Washed Out By Her Own Scheme

More Trouble For Slender Man

Close Call For Slender Man

Slender Man Meets His Fate


And there will be more to come. This elf is not done with these creeps yet.


Holiday Editions

Here's a Christmas addition called Beyond The Naughty List that deals with some evil creepy pasta elves.

The Shelf

Elf Roundup

Peevish Passengers

An Elf Redeemed

Happy New Year, Evil Elves!


Kibosh For Krampus



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