Operation Allysa

Once, there was a girl named Allysa, who had what she had believed to be a friend. He started out treating her the correct way according to so many gender-related chain letters. Giving up his hoodies, sweatshirts and jackets for her, telling her how "beautiful" she was all day long, leaving her *cough* sweet texts full of "I love you, I need you, I can't live without you"s morning and night.

For her part, Allysa acted pretty much like the stereotypical chain letter girlfriend, clinging to this guy emotionally as if her life depended on it.

At first, the guy went along. It gave him a real ego-rush having a girl so dependent on him.

But he soon got tired of it. Allysa was cramping his lifestyle, making him go to chick flicks with her, and giving him the most wounded puppy dog eyes every time he even hinted at feeling less than enthusiastic.

So he decided to show her a bit of his real personality.

He really wasn't Mister Perfect Catch, he only played the part to get a girl swooning for him, which swelled his ego.

It was this same ego that made him want to dominate a girl.

If Allysa thought she could make him go without his jacket in the cold and go to chick flicks without paying the price, she had another thing coming.

First, he flirted with other girls in front of Allysa, or online, making sure she would see it.

Then he made excuses, such as claiming to be so afraid of losing her that sometimes he had to pull away.

One night, he texted her, telling her he'd had a bad dream in which she died. he followed this up by claiming that many of his dreams tended to come true. He also started a chain letter about it.

As expected, Allysa went hysterical, and the loser guy had a huge lulz.

He bragged and laughed about how he had Allysa at his mercy, to his guy friends. He lost half of his friends on the spot, since they had morals and consciences. The other half were idiots, so they remained his friends and egged him on.

Allysa, of course, didn't die, but she had herself so worked up that it gave her nightmares.

One nightmare was just as the chain letter had said, about her getting raped and choked.

She woke up, hyperventilating and sweating.

Frantically, she texted this guy, telling him of it, and begging him to tell her she would be fine.

She received a text in the morning from this loser, telling her that he'd had the same dream, and that she was sure to die. He even showed her the chain letter to back up the idea. Yes, he sent her the chain in the next email, and said she would have to spam at least thirty people to avoid this fate.

Allysa freaked. Panicked, she started looking for contacts to send the chain letter to, but found her phone seemed to have been erased of all the numbers but the guy's.

That was no accident. He had been over recently, and had managed under some pretext to convince her to let him use her phone and computer.

Now, all her contacts were gone.

So, she posted it to a public site instead, hoping it would get more than 30 readers, saving her.

Then, all she could do was wait until nightfall.

Of course, she confided in her loser boyfriend, telling him what she had done, and he laughed behind his computer like the coward he was.

He sent a text to her, telling her to meet him that night, and he'd help her find a way to avoid the torture and death if by some chance the chain letter didn't work.

The guy showed up earlier than Allysa, as intended, took a note out of his pocket, threw it on the ground, and hid behind a tree to wait.

"There he is." a voice was heard in the distance. It didn't sound like Allysa.

Soon, two figures were approaching, and Allysa was not among them. They were two unfriendly looking strangers, both of them women.

"what's this? One of them bent to pick up the discarded note.

"Do you know a 14-year old girl called Allysa, with two 'l's?" The other asked, eyeing Allysa's rotten boyfriend up and down.

He nodded. "Why?"

"You started a chain letter about her?" asked the other woman icily.

"Yeah, what of it?" he retorted.

"What of it?" BP, the woman who picked up the note repeated incredulously, looking balefully at him. "That's not all, you were really going to attack her tonight, weren't you?" With that, she began reading the note aloud.

It read:

'My dear, foolish Allysa, did you really think I would help you? You were so easy to play. I never had that dream about your death. I wrote the chain letter. I had my fun with you but now it's over, and it's time for me to make your own nightmare come true. I've wanted to get rid of you for a long time. I only put up with you as long as I have for a laugh with the other guys, but I'm tired of it. By the time you finish reading this, I'll be right behind you and you won't have any chance to get away. Enjoy your death.'

"So what?" the lout retorted. "You can't arrest me, you're not the police."

"So what? what of it?" BP mocked him. "You think you can just get away with this crap? Not this time, pally!"

"We can have you hauled off to the big house." Ocean, the other woman, stated. "We now have your note, proving your intent."

"Oh, come on, it was a joke!" the lout exclaimed.

BP scowled.

"Do you see anyone laughing?" Ocean took a step toward the creep, glaring.

"There is nothing funny about threatening rape and murder!" BP chimed in next, pocketing the note. Turning to Ocean, she said, "So what should we do with him? Ghost Jail? The Haunted Keyboard?"

Ocean shrugged. Ghost Jail - if he survives your battle axe and whatever else you can throw at him."

"Where's Allysa?" the stinkface asked.

"Never mind where she is, at least you can't get anywhere near her now." Ocean snapped.

"The thing about chain letters,pally," BP began, scowling at the jerk, "They get mangled by us, and things generally go badly for the yutzes who started them."

"Especially when they were meant to scare people with threats of torture and death." Ocean added.

"But I said it was all a joke - "

"Oh, shut it!" BP cut the perp off and lunged at him with the axe, deliberately missing him by an inch.

He instinctively froze, turning white.

"Doesn't feel so great thinking you're about to die, does it?" she said.

"And that was only a second's worth. You put Allysa through fear of not only death but the most vile sort of death for, what, a whole day? Two days? Somewhere in that neighbourhood." said Ocean, looking as if she wanted to tear him apart.

"And you thought it was funny." BP put in.

I don't see where that should matter to you chicks, this has nothing to do with you. And if she was that stupid, she was just asking to be played." The creep retorted, backing away from the women and their intensifying stares.

Ocean's pack squirmed, and a muffled voice sounded like it was saying "Let me at him!"

The one asking for it," Ocean glowered at the creep, "is you!" With that, she opened the pack, and out jumped a furious looking little roundish creature with purple fur and a large green stand-up mohawk.

Let him have it, Kitri." said Ocean, offering her hand as a sort of launch-pad.

What the - " The stink face barely got out when he was flown at, hard, by what he could only guess was some sort of strange alien wild creature that was definitely not of the friendly variety.

Allysa's head-gamer flinched in surprise and began running.

Ocean and BP watched without sympathy as the rotter took off, screaming in a panic.

What they could make out of his cries were "Get away from me!" "Help!" "Get off me!" and the like.

His screams mingled with Kitri's shouts and jeers for a few minutes, as she could be heard clearly yelling things like "that is no way to treat anyone - especially someone who loves you!" and "I'm not through with you yet!"

Then it went quiet.

His bolting must've set off something else, because the surroundings he had been in, and Kitri disappeared.

He ran past the eerie, somewhat translucent Ghost Jail, but he didn't get much further.

The rope he had brought with him, intending to choke Allysa, had been loosening from around his middle, where he had conveniently tied it, and now he only gripped a small part of it, letting the rest drag along as it came completely undone.

this rope got caught on the Ghost Jail sign post, causing him to stumble and fall.

He thought he could hear jeering and guffaws from somewhere behind him. But he was bleeding from Kitri's attack and didn't know how much longer he could last, let alone keep running.

Cursing, he tried to get up, only to lose his footing and slip down into a deep ditch.

More derisive laughter was heard.

When he stared up from the ditch, he saw several shadowy figures standing at the edge, pointing down at him and jeering.

Along with this, they seemed to be trying to figure out what to do with him, whether to leave him there for a while or else haul him up and throw him in jail.

But whatever was eventually settled on, he would never get to threaten or commit rape and murder again.

Kitri returned to Ocean, who grimaced and wouldn't let her back into the pack on account of the blood.

"Ugh. You sure don't fool around, do you?" said Ocean.

That surprises you?" Kitri asked.

"Not really, but, Jessica is gonna freak if she sees you looking like that.

Then we'll just have to prevent that from happening. Think I opened a couple of veins on that guy."

Ewwwww." Ocean recoiled.

Kitri acknowledged Ocean's discomfort with a nod, and said, "I'd like to get cleaned up too, I'm starting to not stand myself."

so Kitri settled for riding on Ocean's shoulder until they could get her somewhere to clean up before she returned to her home with Jessica.

Allysa was taken to hospital by BP and Ocean, for she was in terrible shape emotionally when they found her. She had arrived and looked on silently and unnoticed when the contents of her poor excuse of a boyfriend's note was being read aloud, and his reactions to it.


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