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Jenny's Online Chat

Maggie And Justin...

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All Maggie wanted was a boyfriend. Such a sad story really! She should have known better. She should have realized that Justin was taking advantage of her.

He seemed so sweet at first. He flirted and was so nice. And then he asked her to the prom. She was unsure because she didn't know him that well. Her friends urged her to go though.

They had a good enough time so that Maggie thought he was a great guy, and really started to like him. One day after track practice he pecked her lightly on the cheek. She could feel the chemistry. He asked her out the next day. Although she felt something saying no, she said yes.

She told her friends and they squealed and told Maggie what a cute couple they were. Their first date they went to an Italian restaurant. Justin had found out that it was Maggie's favorite. He brought her a red rose with a note attached that said,


It was so sweet, said her friends. They totally approved of Justin, but Maggie still felt uneasy. A few days later at school, Justin handed Maggie a small box. Maggie felt apprehensive as she opened it. It contained a silver and gold bracelet. It was beautiful. Maggie hardly knew what to say. She let Justin kiss her, and she thanked him endlessly, but secretly she wondered why he was getting so serious so soon.

The next day at school her friend Zack approached her and whispered to Maggie how much the jewelry had cost. The price was $170.00! Maggie gasped and stared at Zack. Justin and she had only had 1 date. It scared her to think of where Justin had gotten the money for it. Because his dad had left him at an early age, Justin and his mother were always tight on money, since it was just the two of them. She asked Justin what was going on, did he have a special reason for the gift? And he said no, but that he loved her so much.

Once again her friends told her that he seemed like the sweetest guy on earth. Not to Maggie.

The next week Justin came to Maggie's work, a local ice cream parlor. As her shift ended he presented her with a large bag decorated with floral patterns. Maggie made a desperate face at her employee friends and then asked Justin suspiciously what the occasion was. He replied that he simply loved her more than life. Maggie cautiously opened the bag. Inside was a big heart pillow with a zipper that Justin told Maggie to open. She did, and found two tickets to the big concert of 98 degrees. She quickly hugged him and told him that it was great, but she didn't need all these presents.

He simply said, "Yes you do. love you more than life, and if we ever broke up, I'd kill myself and I'm not kidding. I want to marry you Maggie. I'm not proposing yet, but I will." And then he turned and drove away without another word. Maggie gasped and immediately started sobbing. She was only sixteen! She didn't want to think about marriage! She realized that Justin was just getting way too serious for her taste. She needed a fun and carefree boyfriend. Not someone who seemed so dependent.

For the next week she avoided Justin. The concert was only two days away, and she would feel terrible if she broke up with him before it, after he spent so much money, but afterwards she was definitely dumping him. This relationship was over as far as she was concerned.

At the concert Maggie put on a smile and let Justin put his arm around her but when he tried to kiss her long and passionately she made excuses that seemed very obvious, but Justin didn't see that. He only saw HER. He loved her deeply and everyone knew it.

Only Maggie's best friend knew that Maggie would soon put an end to Justin's affection.

The day after the concert Maggie asked Justin to go on a walk with her. Once again he was trying to be very romantic with her, but she sat him down on a bench and said, "Justin, this isn't working out. You are moving way too fast and serious for me. I'm sorry. This is...I guess this is good-bye. Justin stared helplessly at her, and for a moment she regretted her decision. A very brief moment...because then... Justin's eyes suddenly turned very fiery and hateful and he sat up very straight. He stiffly got up from the bench and then he roared at Maggie the most hurtful words ever spoken to her. She sat silently all though his verbal abuse. He cursed her and looked as though he would slap her.

Then he cried and said she was all he ever wanted. And then his sadness was all over and he turned silent again just like her. His eyes were stone cold. He put his face up to hers and said, "You're going to regret this for the rest of your life." His voice was steady with anger and on impulse, he grabbed her face in his hands and said "I loved you truer than anyone else ever will, Maggie. You just watch. I'll get you for this. You broke my heart and I won't ever forget it." And then he hit her. He slapped her so hard on the face that she felt numb. She went home and saw the red handprint on her face. She didn't care. He was gone once and for all. That's what she thought.

The next day at school Maggie opened her locker and saw a note pinned to the door. What? she thought. I don't ever give my combos out! Who could have...? She picked up the note and red it. "Dear Maggie, I was not lying when I told you that you would regret your decision. If I were you, I'd be very careful from now on. You broke my heart. And I won't forget it. You will pay for my pain."



Jenny walked into her house, went up to her room and turned on her computer. She was home alone and it was 5:30 PM right then. She signed on to AOL with the screen name of PrincessJ00 and checked to see if anyone was online.

Nope, no one was on. She put up an away message and went downstairs to grab something to eat. She heated a slice of pizza from last night and went back upstairs. Someone IMed her. Hmm, she thought. The person was LuvMe4Life58. She had no clue who that was, but she talked to them anyway.

LuvMe4Life58: hey

PrincessJ00: um, hi? who's this?

LuvMe4Life58: You dont know me but i sure do know you.

PrincessJ00: what?

LuvMe4Life58: You're pretty. I like your blonde hair and your braces...don't worry, I think they look good

PrincessJ00: wait a second, who the heck is this?!?!?!?!

LuvMe4Life58: You dont NEED to know who I am. But....

PrincessJ00: [getting freaked out] But what? huh? You dont scare me! You're just TRYING to but but its not working!!!!!!!

LuvMe4Life58: It's ok Jen...I wont tell CHRIS that you like him. I'm the only one that knows. I read it in your diary. Just tell me that you'll meet me and everything will be okay.

PrincessJ00: NO! stop it please... I know this is you Karen! I hate you!!!!!! please stop it! [Getting nevous and freaked out, because she didnt tell anyone that she liked Chris]

LuvMe4Life58: This aint Karen. But i know that karen is your best friend. And you had a crush on Jeremy too when you were in 5th grade. I read it in your diary. You hide it in your desk. Left hand drawer, the one at the top. I was in your room today when you were at school. I left you a little surprise in your closet. Just take a little peek hunny. Dont be afraid, i promise you wont regret it

PrincessJ00: I dont believe you. NO ONE knows where I hide my diary!!!!!!! STOP please!!!!!!


PrincessJ00: NO!


PrincessJ00: OMG! stop please!!!!!!!!

LuvMe4Life58: No, I wont kill you. But i just wanted to let you know, if you dont look in your closet- your parents wont be coming home 2nite!

PrincessJ00: FINE! If you want me to just PLEASE dont hurt them PLEASE!!!!!!

LuvMe4Life58: Thata girl. A little bit closer. I see you- you know that right? I'm outside your window and you look great in that white blouse.

PrincessJ00: Stop! PLEASE! Who the heck r u?!?!

LuvMe4Life58: LOOK in the closet right now!!!!!!!!!!

PrincessJ00: Okay

As she walked closer, her heart beated so hard she couldn't control it...she held onto the doorknob to the closet...twisted it...pushed and then she saw.............


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Patricia Harrington, her younger sister, jumped out of the closet, holding a cell phone she was using to text instant messages to Jenny.

"That wasn't funny, Trish!" Jenny shouted, glaring back.

"Yes, it was." Patricia replied, still grinning from ear to ear."

"Threatening to kill our parents and me?" Jenny pressed the issue.

"I was just goofing, okay?" Patricia said in that annoying, whiny tone she often used to get out of trouble.

"You had no business snooping through my things!" Jenny continued. "And 'LuvMe4Life58'? Where did you come up with that lame nickname?"

"It's no lamer than 'PrincessJ00' - I made it up, out of thin air. I wanted to sound like some old geezer to freak you out." Patricia grinned, apparently proud of herself for pulling it off.

Jenny was far less impressed. "Well, it worked!"

"Lighten up, Jen, I didn't mean anything by it." Patricia retorted.

"Ever since you became the local hero, you've been impossible to live with!" Jenny vented, referring to the incident where Trish had shot a couple of illegal aliens attempting a break-in.

"You're just jealous that it wasn't you."

"Will you get over yourself already? I'm not jealous; you've turned into such a jerk and a spoiled brat! Now get out of my room and find something else to amuse yourself." Jenny snapped, returning to her computer to turn it off.

"Huh, I don't think Mom and Dad would agree with you." Patricia said smugly.

"Probably not, what else is new?" Jenny muttered. She hadn't yet logged off the chat, and she suddenly changed her mind about turning her computer off. This time, her swellheaded little sister had gone too far and would have some explaining to do. It was all there in the chat log.

Jenny inwardly rebuked herself for not checking out the information on LuvMe4Life58 before letting her imagination get the better of her. If she had, the mystery would've been solved before it had even started.

She had been feeling a bit anxious all day because of what Justin had talked her into doing to Maggie at school, so Trish's little stunt did nothing to ease her mind.

It had been when Jenny and Maggie were both at their lockers, which were side by side. Jenny chatted a bit and just before Maggie went to shut her locker again, Jenny pretended to have trouble finding something. She had asked Maggie to help her search through her locker. This had given Justin, who was always lurking around Maggie, the opportunity to sneak up and quickly pin the threatening note on the inside of Maggie's locker door.

Justin had approached Jenny earlier that day and asked her to distract Maggie at her locker while it was open, but he didn't say why, and Jenny didn't ask.

Since then, Jenny noted Maggie's near panick over Justin's trick by the end of the day, and honestly didn't know what she could say to her about it.

The next day, Justin brought a huge box for Maggie, which he insisted she wait to open until lunch time.

Maggie didn't want to open it at all, and she was feeling so upset by this time that she doubted she would even be eating lunch.

Classes went smoothly, and Justin took very good care of the box until lunch. Then, to Maggie's dismay, he assembled her and as many people around as possible, and instructed Maggie to open the gift.

When she did, she was utterly humiliated.

It was a large cake, big enough for a banquet. In the center were several exquisit baby figures made of marzipan. The lettering that encircled these babies said "Justin and Maggie Forever"

Several of the girls squealed with delight, "That's so sweet!" and similar expressions.

Chris Butterfield, the guy Jenny liked piped up with "So, when's the baby coming? Congrats, man!"

"There is no baby coming!" Maggie suddenly burst out, unable to stand it and pretend any more. "There is no us, Justin, and no forever! I told you, it's over!" With that, she ran from the cafeteria in tears.

Someone looked sheepishly at the marzipan figures. "Are you going to eat those?" He asked, fidgeting slightly.

"No." Justin said flatly. "No one is, because they are going to last forever." He smiled tightly, staring off in the direction Maggie had gone. She hadn't seen anything yet.

The crowd had dispersed slowly, a few of the more curious lingering awkwardly before wandering away. Justin had kept close watch on his cake, darting venomous looks at anyone that approached it. He glanced down at his phone. Jenny had not responded to his message yet. He wondered what was keeping her.

Jenny moved sullenly through the halls, starting as her cell phone chimed. She shook her head, looking anxiously around for Maggie. she paused by one of the girls' bathrooms. A soft sniffling drew her inside.

Maggie sat dejectedly on the floor. She looked up as Jenny entered. "Oh. Hi." She said thickly, wiping her eyes.

Jenny looked around nervously before responding. "Hi. Um...Maggie...I saw what Justin did in there and I want to help you."

"Huh? Why?" Maggie asked suspiciously.

Jenny fidgeted nervously. "I didn't know what the note said when I helped him put it in your locker. Look, I feel bad about it and Justin is starting to creep me out."

Maggie stood up, regarding Jenny silently. "Your just about the only person who seems to feel the way I do."

Jenny smiled. "Yeah." Her phone chimed again. "Oh for goodness sakes," She muttered, checking the message. She went pale. She looked up and showed the message to Maggie.


I trusted you to help me, and now you've broken that. You're helping the girl who broke my heart. You will pay.

Maggie shook her head.

"Can't you get a restraining order or something? Jenny asked.

Maggie continued to shake her head. "No-at least, not yet."

Jenny squared her shoulders and smiled. "Well, I have a plan."

Maggie smiled hopefully. "I'm in."

"Good. Now, here's what we need to do..."

School was over. Justin stalked moodily through the park, contemplating what to do with the remains of the cake.

His phone chirped happily. He looked down at the message.


I'm really sorry for how I've been treating you. I realize I've been selfish and foolish. Please, let me make it up to you. Let's meet somewhere private.

Love always, Maggie

An address was attached to the message. Justin smiled. If she wasn't sincere, it would give him an opportunity to make her suffer. He began walking to the location specified. He frowned. Was that Jenny in the distance? She was on her phone. He patted the bulge in his pocket. Perfect.

Jenny put away her phone. The preparations had been made. Now all she had to do was avoid Justin until-

"Jenny." She started and turned to face the one who had spoken. It was Justin. He stared at her coldly. "I said I would make you pay for helping Maggie. Now it's time."

Jenny frowned and surveyed her surroundings. She could make a run for it, but maybe she could use this to her advantage. Justin was pulling a small box out of his pocket. She smiled suddenly, an idea coming to her.

"Hey, Justin!" She yelled, stepping up to him. "WET WILLY!" She squeeled, plunging a freshly licked pinky into his ear.

He flailed, shouting in surprise.

Jenny snatched the box from his hand, running for the location she had set up. "Smell ya later, Justin!" She cawed, pocketing the box. Whatever was inside, she was sure Maggie could use it.

"Hurry, hurry-get in there!" Jenny hissed.

"Hey, we're hurrying!" A small voice piped from the depths of a walk-in closet.

"Yeah-you do your job, we'll do ours!" Another shouted.

"He's coming!" Maggie whispered urgently.

Jenny shut the door to the closet and hid behind a large wingback chair.

The location they had chosen was a lavishly furnished condemned house. They were in the master bedroom.

Maggie darted away from the window and left the room. A few minutes later, she returned, guiding Justin by the arm. "Now that we're alone, let me say how sorry I am." She said sweetly.

Jenny lept from behind the chair, grabbing Justin from behind.

"What the-" He spun around, attempting to dislodge Jenny.

Maggie punched him quickly in the stomach, and the two quickly corraled him to the closet.

Maggie threw the door open and the pair shoved him inside. Maggie slammed the door closed, and Jenny pushed the wingback in front of it.

"Are you sure your plan will work?" Maggie asked anxiously.

Jenny nodded, beaming. "Oh yeah. It'll work. By the way," She added, removing the box from her pocket. "I snatched this from him earlier. I don't know what's in it, but I thought it might be useful. Maybe as evidence or something."

Maggie nodded. "Thanks." She smiled. "I want to listen in on this before I check."

Jenny's smile broadened. "Me too."

"Hey, Justin!" A tiny voice shouted.

"Yeah, Justin!"


"What's up?" The chorus of voices continued.

"What the heck!?" Justin exclaimed, fumbling for a lightswitch.

Something grabbed his hand. "Welcome to the party!"

Justin actually shrieked out of panic.

This was apparently pretty amusing to the other occupants of the closet, because there came a chorus of tiny voices laughing hysterically.

"Wah! Get away from me!" Justin hollered, scrambling around frantically inside the closet. He couldn't see, but he was absolutely sure there were several somethings inside with him, several live somethings, and he had no idea what they would do to him.

"Heh, heh! Listen to yourself!" cried one of the tiny creatures he was locked in with."

This was answered by several others as they took their turns speaking and laughing.

"We don't want to get away from you yet!

"The fun's just started!"

"Maggie!" Justin screamed.

"I'm not Maggie." said the one still gripping his hand.


"There's no Jenny here!" came another voice near by.

"I'll kill you two for this! Lemme outa here!"

"Oh yeah, that works," laughed one of the unseen creatures, "They'll let you out now!"

More wicked diminutive laughter.

"Too bad there isn't a nightlight in here."

"Hah! Justin's not the only one afraid of the dark!"

"Shut up!" came a tiny-voiced retort.

"I'm not afraid of the dark, you - you - whatever you are!" Justin said indignantly. "And get off me!"

"Hey, a moving jungle-gym!"

"Yeah!" came the reply from others, and from what Maggie and Jenny could make out, Justin was now being used as a piece of playground equipment by these little...

"We should really let him see us - just a bit." one of them said.

"Why, so he can kill us?"

"No, what can he do anyway? He's just one, we're a lot more."

"Wait a second, my rollerblades are supposed to light up!" exclaimed one of them.

"Always the show-off!" said another.

"Hey, look who's talking! I wasn't the one who cartwheeled along the deck railing the other day!"

"Well, get on with it then!"

"What, cartwheeling? There ain't any room in - "

"No, no, the light on your rollerblades - if you have them on that is!"

"Okay, don't get so impatient!"

During this exchange, Justin continued yelling at them and the two friends who had locked him in the closet.

A soft click, and then the closet lit up just enough for Justin to see his tormentors.

"Yikes!" he shuddered.

They were several babies, not dwarves, munchkins, gremlins or smurfs, but babies! They were as agile as any tree creature as they continued climbing about on him. Some still had their rollerblades on, others took them off to climb and play about in the closet.

"OMG!" Justin gaped. "Unbelievable! Maggie! Jenny!"

"C'mon, Justin, we're not that ugly!" said the one with the lit up blades.

"No, you're cute, that's the problem, you guys shouldn't be doing all this stuff!"

"We drink a lot of Evian, so that's why we can do all this stuff!"

"Uh, tikes, I don't think it's Evian doing this -it's more like you're hyped up on CGI! Maggie! Get me outa here, now!"

More laughter.

Jenny and Maggie laughed along with the babies.

"Jenny, this plan was genius!" Maggie said between giggles.

"Thanks." Jenny replied with a smile. "All in the interest of paying back Justin what he deserves!"

Maggie nodded, removing the box from her pocket. "I think he's well taken care of in there."

Justin wailed pitifully. "Get me out of here!"

The rollerbabies cackled gleefully.

"This kid is fun!"

"Yeah! Can we take him with us?"

"Nooooo! Maggie! Help!"

Maggie shook her head and opened the box. Inside was a small video camera. She frowned and turned it on, looking through its memory.

"Oh this is messed up." She said, showing the camera to Jenny. She grimaced. "Where the heck did he get so much marzipan?"

Shown on the camera's small viewing screen was a detailed account of Justin sculpting Maggie out of marzipan. As Justin was not an adept sculptor, most of her proportions were grossly out of wack.

Maggie giggled slightly. "He's terrible at this."

Jenny nodded. "And he's creepy."

A new image appeared. Justin trashed the sculpture, ranting crazily about how he would make Maggie pay. He looked at the camera, his face surprised. The image went dark.

"He must have left it on on accident. But why the heck was he threatening me with it?" Maggie shrugged.

"Maybe he grabbed the wrong box." Jenny smiled. "We can use this against him. Get him stuck in juvi or something."

"GET ME OUT OF HERE!" Justin bellowed. They could hear him running into things in his haste to escape.

Maggie looked mischeviously at Jenny. "Part II?" She asked.

"Part II." Jenny pulled out her phone. After a breif conversation, she hung up and the pair waited eagerly.

"Hey, Justin!" A rollerbaby called.

"You haven't seen anything yet!" Another shouted.

"Wait till our friends show up!"

Justin screamed fearfully, running into another wall.

There was a soft click.

"Hi!" A large chorus of voices said at once.

"Oh, what now?" Justin moaned.

"Hey, rollerbaby with the light up blades!"


"Can you brighten things up a bit?"

"You betcha!" The closet grew a bit brighter.

A small clan of lawn gnomes looked cheerily up at Justin.

"What the frick!?" He exclaimed, stumbling backwards.

"Yup! We just creep people out-"

"-and we work with the rollerbabies-"

"-so here we are!" One gnome finished.

"Let us have a turn!"

The gnomes swarmed over him, several poking him with their pointy hats. "This is fun!" They chorused.

Justin yelled again, flailing randomly around the closet.

"Wheeeeee!" Several gnomes shouted.

"GET ME OUT OF HERE!" He yelled again, before running into the door and noisily falling to the floor.

"It isn't so much fun being at the mercy of someone else, is it?" Maggie said.

"I'll kill you for this!" he ranted back.

"Dang, where's the record button on this thing. Ah, there it is." Maggie muttered, and turned the camera on. "What was that Justin?"

"I'll make you pay for this, Maggie! I'll kill you both for locking me in here! Let...Me...OUT!"

Jenny nodded, smiling at Maggie. "We've got him." She made another quick call as Justin continued trying to bust his way out of the closet while the gnomes and babies partied and tormented him.

Within a few minutes, the police arrived, and with the camera still rolling, Maggie and Jenny watched them approach the closet, remove the chair from blocking it, and they let Justin out.

"You stupid wench!" Justin roared, glaring at Maggie.

A policeman came in behind the others, carrying a box. Justin noticed it next, and wailed "Oh, no!"

It was his precious cake with the marzipan babies. The problem was that one had its head half eaten, another lost part of a leg, another an arm and so on.

To Justin's horror, sitting on the cake along with the figures was a small creature that had large eyes and ears, a fluffy snow white mane and an abundance of darker fur. It had apparently been the one that had ruined the marzipan figures, and was now diving into a corner section.

"Hey you! Get off that cake!" Justin yelled at it.

The creature responded by turning to look in Justin's direction and producing a well brought up beltch. It went back to stuffing face.

"Get that thing off my cake!" Justin complained to one of the officers.

"No way, I already tried and got bitten." he responded.

"Sissies! It's my cake, let me at it!"

"Don't say I didn't warn you," the officer said, and a couple of others, still restraining Justin, led him over to the one with the box.

Justin reached his hand out toward the cake, and was met with a well placed bite to the index finger as the creature lunged at him, fur standing on end.

"No!" it said sharply, glaring at him.

"Youch! What the!?" Justin lurched back.

The creature laughed, and grabbed some more cake before climbing out of the box and on to the officer's shoulder. From that vantage point, he had a clear view of Justin, and sent him a decidedly unfriendly glare. "You're next on the menu, dude, as soon as I'm through with this cake!" "Mmmmmm." it said.

Maggie and Jenny started up laughing, and so did the gnomes and rollerbabies! Everybody was laughing at Justin!

He turned red with anger and embarrassment. "You'll be sorry, Maggie!"

"Oh, that reminds me, "You might want to look at what's on this camera." Maggie handed it to one of the officers.

"Certainly." he said.

One of the officers got an idea before they were done at the house. He looked in the closet, "As I thought. This is the place where the mysterious Smith family carvings are.

"What carvings?" Jenny asked.

"The story goes that the SmithMoore sisters,19-year-old Lisa and Sarah, 15, were murdered anonymously here in 1993, and years later, they came back and killed their parents for having another baby after their...deaths, and not telling him about them. But the story also goes that they killed him as well. All were said to have died here in this closet, and carved their initials as they were being killed."

"Well, wasn't that considerate of the killer to let everybody carve their names first?" Jenny quipped.

"It ain't true anyway," the little creature on the cop's shoulder piped up. He climbed down off the policeman and scuttled and rolled along the floor until he reached the closet.

"How would you know?" Justin asked irritably.

"Because they're relatives of Jessica Smith, and they're all alive. John made up that story to scare everybody. He's known for loving to plague people with scary emails and popups and all things annoying anyway."

"And you know this, how?" Justin probed.

"Because I am Jessica's furby, my name is Sundown. Neither of us like her nirdy little cousin John very much, and Lisa and Sarah's bakery and candy shop are fantastic!"

"Is that where you got all the marzipan, Justin?" Jenny asked.

Justin sighed.

"That story they're telling about Jessica and her friend Carmen Winstead isn't true either." Sundown said. "They didn't die after getting pushed into a sewer by 6 other girlsback in 2000and they're not dead. Jessica hurt herself during a gymnastics routine, and Carmen took a plunge down a ski hill that same year. There were some girls who bullied them - until Jessica made friends with me, now the bullies mind where they put their glommy paws." he laughed wickedly.

"My, but you're talkative," said Justin scornfully. "Too much marzipan?"

Jenny rolled her eyes at Justin.

"Dumb food-cop." said one of the gnomes in disgust.

"Far from it, dude." Sundown quipped back at Justin. Then, without warning, he came at him, climbing until he was on his shoulder, and delivered a well-placed bite to the back of Justin's ear.

Justin cussed loudly and scrambled to grab the furby in the hopes of scaring him off or perhaps killing him with his bare hands.

Sundown was too quick and agile, leaping off Justin's shoulder and landing harmlessly out of his reach. "Maggie isn't your property, Petruchio," Sundown jeered, comparing Justin's attitude to that of the infamous Shakespearian Tamer of the Shrew. "You don't even deserve a girlfriend the way you're acting."

There were more reactions of laughter and approval, and Sundown continued.

"Since we were on the subject of the Smith family, I thought it was time to mention a few things."

Sundown was interrupted by the gleeful cackling of another Furby. An orange and black Furby, complete with miniature witch's hat, bobbled into the room.

"Hee-yo, people!" He exclaimed. "The name's "Noo-Loo" Pumpkin Jack-Jack for short. So, what's-ooooh, cake!" Jack shuffled over to the cake and promptly attacked a marzipan figure. "Whoop! These babies taste great!" He then proceeded to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, little star" complete with dance moves. "Hee-hoo! Look out New York!"

"Good thing for you, I'm full, dangit." Sundown said, grinning impishly, "I got here first!" He gave a wicked chuckle.

"Noooo! You stupid-how many of you are there!?" Justin lunged after Jack.

"Aaaiiiieeee! Back, fiend!" Jack blew Justin a raspberry and chomped the head off a figure.

"Hahahaha! Go for it!" Maggie giggled.

"Wow, look at him down it!" Sundown laughed, and began cheering Jack on. "Go, Jack, go! Go, Jack, go!"

Justin snatched up the Furby, staring at him furiously.

Jack narrowed his eyes at him. "You feeling lucky, punk?" He asked darkly.

"Uh-oh, now you've really done it, Justin." One of the roller babies warned.

Justin frowned and began to speak. "Haha! Got your nose!"

"Bad move, dude." Sundown observed.

Jack leapt from Justin's grip and bit on firmly to his nose.

Justin shrieked in terror, attempting to dislodge the Furby.

Maggie and Jenny watched, nearly laughing themselves unconscious.

Sundown chortled.

The police officers stood by, laughing and smiling. One of them began to film Justin.

"I am going to KILL you! All of you! Stupid-" He finally succeeded in removing Jack from his nose. "-furball!" He threw the Furby. Maggie caught him, petting him as she did.

"Who's stupid now? Guess what Justin? You're on Candid Camera!" Jack cackled, purring contentedly. "Eh, what was your name? Sundown? You may proceed."

"Thanks, Jack!" Sundown scurried up to Justin and deftly climbed up his back, on to his shoulder. "How're you gonna kill us, glare us all to death?"

"Why you stupid!" Justin reached back to grab Sundown.


"Yeeeouch! "That's the third time!"

"Fourth, actually, and you just never learn, do you?" Sundown shot back.

"I meant third time from you, stupid!" Justin retorted angrily."

"You, calling him stupid," Jenny sneered at Justin while indicating Sundown, "How ironic."

"Oh, shut up, you fat ugly cow!"

That earned him frowns and scowls all around, and a frightening flurry of sudden activity from Sundown.

The furby lost his temper completely, charged at Justin and launched a frenzied attack, biting him viciously about the face and uper extremities, though never sitting still. Sundown flashed about like a scrapping squirrel, making him extremely difficult to catch.

Justin was wishing he had stayed in the closet with the gnomes and roller babies. He thrashed, moaned, shouted and cursed helplessly, as he took the brunt of Sundown's rath, and the others looked on, concerned.

Suddenly, it was all over. Justin was left bleeding from many small wounds from the attack.

Sundown leapt off him, landing on Jenny's shoulder.

Jenny tried to stifle a shudder as she felt the nervous energy of the furby. She didn't dare to touch him.

But Sundown regained his calm soon, and smiled reassuringly at Jenny and the rest of the company save Justin. The smile didn't look all that reassuring since Justin's blood was dripping from Sundown's face.

It was Justin who broke the silence. "if I get rabies or something - "

"Oh, you are so ignorant!" Sundown scoffed.

Justin suddenly reached out before a cop could stop him, lunging for Jenny and grabbing Sundown from her shoulder. Then, he tossed him.

"Weeeee!" Sundown squealed.

"Justin, you heartless brute!" Jenny shouted.

"Me?" Justin retorted incredulously. "I'm the one needing a blood donor here!"

Sundown fell harmlessly on that soft cushioned wing-backed chair. He slowly rolled upright and caught his breath. "Thank goodness you're hopeless at aiming to kill."

Justin cussed.

"Same to you!" said a ticked off rollerbaby.

"Jerk!" said another.

"Hey, you!" Jack piped up.

"What?!" Justin spat.

Jack hopped over to Justin's foot and coughed a large hairball onto it.

"Ewww! Furby germs!" Justin squalled.

"Happy Birthday, stupid!" Jack then darted a hungry look at the cake and whimpered slightly.

Justin groaned in extreme displeasure.

Everyone else laughed.

Sundown grinned. "Hey people, Jack and I didn't need an invite to try that cake, why don't you all dive in?"

"Yaaaaah!" came a chorus of rollerbabies and gnomes.

"Uh," Maggie said, looking hesitantly, "It looks a bit too freaky to eat and since Justin bought it for me, I'd rather not." she added with dislike.

"Justin raged, calling Maggie a particularly nasty name.

"I think once he's seen to at the hospital, we can haul this brat down to the station, he obviously hasn't learned anything." one of the officers said in disgust.

"Wash his mouth out with soap while you're at it!" Jenny added curtly.

"No kidding!" said Sundown. "Hey Justin?"

"What is it, furball?"

Sundown burped at Justin again.

"Shut up!" Justin said.

"How about taking your own advice, mister?" said one of the gnomes.

"I guess I'll try a piece, without a humanoid figure on it - do we have anything around here to cut it with?" asked Jenny, indicating the cake.

"You might find what you need in the kitchen still." said one of the officers.

Jenny went and came back with what nives and forks she could find, and a roll of napkins to hold the cake instead of plates.

They divided it all up so Jenny and one of the officers had a piece, and the rollerbabies and gnomes each got one as well. That left just enough for another furby-sized serving, and Sundown said Jack should just help himself.

Justin was pulling ugly angry faces and saying rude things at everyone the whole time. How had his plan to own Maggie get so thoroughly trashed?


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