Sally Stitch Undone

Once there was this silly little ghost-doll with eyes that were stitched shut. Her name was Scarlet (Sally) Stitch.

Scarlet Sally Stitch was not only a dealive chain creep, she started out as a fictional character in an episode of Ghost Whisperer, titled "See No Evil."

Now, Scarlet Sally was not found out until near the end of that episode, and she had an absolute blast scaring and killing off other fellow characters in their fictional character community.

First, she timed the release of one of her chain letters to coincide with the death of some student. and she fooled everyone into thinking that student was the cause of it.

She used this chain letter only as a warning to the prey she had already picked out for the next kill she would make. In this way, Scarlet Sally Stitch managed to con everyone into thinking the chain letter itself was doing the killing.

Eventually the trail lead to some poor little girl in a hospital, Julia, who was being coerced by Scarlet Sally Stitch into starting and spreading the chain letter.

Then the episode ended.

But it didn't end for Scarlet Sally Stitch. She had tasted a particularly corrupt form of power, and it had awakened an incurable lust for more in her.

She quietly roamed about, looking beyond the realm of fictional characters and into the real world. She was seeking out real people who were interested in starting chain letter hoaxes.

Unfortunately, Sally must've found someone, because her stupid chain letter jumped from a TV show episode into cyberspace, where it got some people apparently a bit worried.

But Scarlet Sally Stitch's chain letter did not seem to work for her in cyberspace the way it had in the fictional realm. She was not able to kill a single person, and instead of scaring everyone into panics and wild goose chases, Scarlet's chain letter was even being laughed at and mangled on sites.

In fact, her chain letter didn't really take off at all compared with those of other morons like Bloody Mary, Teddy, and Carmen Winstead. But postings of her chain letter more often than not tended to veer back into discussions about the TV show Ghost Whisperer.

One advantage to this relative obscurity was that her chain was also less likely to get mangled. But to Scarlet Sally Stitch, the disadvantages still outweighed this.

She did get a little glimmer of hope when some people posted as if they might be scared, but that got cancelled out one day, the day Scarlet Sally lost her stitches and while a debunker was in stitches, laughing at her stupid chain.

Scarlet happened to stumble into a stairwell that seemed to come out of nowhere. Something bumped her from behind, causing her to tumble down the stairs, breaking her ankle.

The fall caused the stitches holding her eyes shut, to come undone.

Now, for the first time, she could see her surroundings, but couldn't run away because of her bummed ankle.

Someone was coming quietly down the stairs after her.

Scarlet Sally couldn't do a thing about it.

Soon, a pair of arms scooped her up, and Scarlet felt herself being carried across a room.

"So, Starlet Scally Stitchers," said her captor.

"What? Oh, no! You're not one of those chain-breakers, you can't be!" Scarlet exclaimed.

"I am." came the reply. "Lucky for you I don't play with fire. You already broke your ankle in here, Scarlet Sally Stitch. I don't intend to get in a car accident just to put you in one, but the hanging in the closet, I think that can be done."

Scarlet Sally's ghost-doll eyes went wide.

"On second thought," the Ocean Elf said cheerfully, "If you can get through my haunted keyboard, I might decide not to hang you in my closet.

"Haunted keyboard?" Scarlet Sally asked.

The elf took her over to an electric piano and then touched one of Scarlet Sally's hands to it.

The next thing Scarlet knew, she was standing outside, and there was a doorway straight ahead.

The strange thing was that Scarlet couldn't see what the door lead into.

A bird chirped, and the cheery sound seemed to encourage Scarlet Sally to try the door.

She walked up to it and creaked it open.

Then, she found herself in a spooky place, It was so dark that she found it hard to see her way clear of bumping into things, if anything happened to be there.

Scarlet wandered from room to room, trying not to be frightened of the various distant door-slams, the rattling, the outsede traffic noise, the constant heartbeat and the eerie piano music.

She lost her nerve, screamed and bolted down anotherr hallway when she thought she heard a shotgun, which turned out to be nothing but a thunder clap.

In another room, she had to avoid what sounded like physical and techie fighting. And every time something spooked her into running, there always seemed to be this shadowy thing with a maniacal laugh.

Her last scream echoed somewhere in that haunted keyboard, and she's never escaped it to date.


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