Twilight Nightmare

Bez wandered around the expanse of endless white that was the setting of her dream. Her footsteps echoed loudly into the distance. She looked around, frowning.

"Hello!" She shouted. An army of echoes shouted back at her.

"Helllloooo!" She called again. "Anyone-aaack! How the frack did you get in my dream!?"

Suddenly appearing in front of her were Bella, Jacob, and Edward.

"Don't know." Bella said airily. "Don't care." She frolicked about the dreamscape, humming a tuneless, irritating song.

There was a loud chime, and Edward and Jacob were wearing large, elegant pink ball gowns.

Bez grimaced.

"Ooooh! I look pretty!" Edward chirped.

"I look prettier." Jacob said snidely.

"Do not! I'm prettier!"

"I'm prettier!"

"Nooooo!" Edward tackled Jacob, pulling at his hair. "You take that back!"


Bella pranced over to them. "Body SLAM." She announced, flopping down on the pair.

"Bella!" Edward howled. "Get off! You'll wrinkle my dress!"

"Oh, whatever, it makes your butt look big, anyway!" Jacob spat.

"You both look fat it those-I'M the only one who can pull it off!" Bella announced.

Jacob and Edward ignored her, going back to arguing over which of the pair was prettier. Bez shook her head. "Okkkaaayy..." She said cautiously.

A faint song began to play in the distance. Bez strained to hear it more clearly. Her eye widened as she recognized it.

"Oh, no, no, no, no-not that!" As if the music possessed a mind of its own, which was very well possible in this dream, it suddenly magnified in volume, nearly drowning out Edward and Jacob's arguing. The song was "Can't Smile Without You" by Barry Mannilow.

Bez clamped her hands over her ears. "Aaaaaaaagghhh! Curse you Barry Mannilow!"

"Ooooh, I love this song!" Bella chirped, standing up and frolicking about.

Bez looked up plaintively. "Oh, please, end this music."

"You tore my dress!" Jacob shrilled.

"You got mine dirty!" Edward shot back.

"I hate you!" Jacob pouted. "This was my favorite dress."

At this, Bez couldn't help but interrupt. "So you have others?"

He pouted at her for a moment before turning back angrily to Edward.

"Well, now it suits you!" Edward said, tearing a sleeve off Jacob's dress.

Jacob gaped at him. "Oh no you didn't!"

"Oh yes I did!"

Jacob gasped. "You jerk!" He tore both sleeves off Edward's dress.

Edward tackled him again, and the pair got engaged in a very wimpy slap fight.

"Yaaay! Music!" Bella cheered, completely oblivious to everything else.

Bez raised an eyebrow. "Um...."

"Bez! Bez! Wake up!"

Bez woke quickly, smiling. "Bizzaro dream." She remarked.

Matrix smiled. "I figured it was weird when you shouted "Curse you Barry Mannilow"."

Bez snickered. "The music was the worst part. I saw Edward and Jacob in pink ball gowns, and while that was very entertaining, it was also somewhat disturbing."

Matrix giggled. "Tell me all the details. It sounds great."

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