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The Abuse Excuse

Ocean Elf: Okay you lot of characters, BP and OE have given you an assignment.

Suppose someone has done something horrible that causes immense suffering, but they want you to go easy on them. So they go into how they were abused before they committed the heinous act.


Indy: Gah. There's the odd time when a person's just had it to here and just suddenly acts out of character for them. Not to the point of harming somebody else though, and notice I said acting out of character for them, which isn't the case for people who go around acting like jerks all the time and then blaming it on a hangnail or a bad date or PMS or something normal like that.

Elsa: Oh, yeah. Ahem. So… You're stressed. Show me someone who isn't.

Carma: Okay. To those who go doing something monumentally stupid or violent or both and then blame it on being stressed, I have a question for you. If you can't hack everyday stress, if it makes you go this bonkers, how in the world did you EVER manage to survive life up to this point?

Ocean Elf: Think Jeff The Killer, guys.

Capri Monroe: *Sigh and rolling eyes* Heard one excuse, ya heard 'em all. You're still responsible. .. *Walks away*

NT: Don't give me that load! I don't freakin' care about your sad rotten sucky life story! But I would - if you hadn't just nearly half-killed somebody just because you felt like it! Gah! *Storms out slamming the door*

Ameh: Oh, and you think this somehow makes your actions excusable? Think again! Not everybody who goes through living heck turns out like you, so don't even try that with me!

Pippi: Any sympathy I might've had for you, ran out when you bullied/tortured/ savagely killed someone. My sympathy goes to the victims and their families. You stopped being a victim and you became a victimizer. Your choice, your responsibility. ..

Indy: Oh, puh-leeeeeze! *Rolling eyes* You just tortured/killed x people and you want me to cry over something that you claim happened to you back when you were a kid? SHUT - UP! *Stomps out, slamming the door*

Gretel: Okay, hold it! Before you go on with this maudlin tale of your life woes, suppose I just decided to go after you with a chainsaw and leave you bleeding in pain, would you give a dang if I told you some story about something traumatic in my past? No? Then shut up and deal! You did the crime, you do the time! *Smouldering glare, turns, and stalks away*

Bez: Molto bene, Gretel.

Gretel: *Turns around to come back* Thanks. The nerve of some - ahem - people...

Bez: All right, MY turn! Now, lemme get this straight: You, miserable lout that you are, think you have a justifiable reason to, how does one phrase it, pretty much torture and kill whoever ya dang please because of a so-called tragic past? *scowl* Dry up! YOU, I would have no trouble with arresting, and not gently in the slightest. Capiche, craphead? Your choice, you screwed it up!

Capri Monroe: *coming back* Dang straight!

Matrix: What we have here is a standard specimen of a lower life-form. Nay, I insult all sentient beings. What we have here is a worthless blob of cells,

Gretel: *Bursts out laughing!*

Matrix: an oxygen waster. *shakes head* A disgusting virus.

Capri Monroe: Bwahaha! *Slaps knee*

Matrix: You get that down? YOU, are a virus. All you do is latch on to people and destroy. No purpose, no reason, just ruin everything. So don't give me any trash about your past. Everything is a choice, and YOU chose to go after people. Do the crime, do the time.

Pippi: *Nodding vigorously*

Sigma: You know, I really hate creeps like you. *frown* One of my best friends was victimized by the likes of you, back when we were kids. You know what happened? Her tormentor followed her around everywhere, calling her names, threatening her. He almost got her killed by chasing her into traffic. She was all right, thankfully. But you know what that creep had the nerve to say? "She reminded me of my mom, and she abused me." That kid grew up with his uncle, who never abused him in any way. That creep never even saw his mom. So do you get what I'm saying? You're a lying piece of filth, and I don't give a crap what happened to you. The second you turn into monster like that, you're no longer human to me.


Pippi: *Eyes narrowing* Appalling!

Thande: *intensely disgusted* Honorless wretch...*snarls softly, dark glare*

Bez: Well, short and to the point as always, my scaly friend.

Ameh: And right on the nose, too.Aaaaaaug!



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