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Character Awards


Ocean Elf: The prize for most annoying character goes to:



Marilee: struts up to get her award, all smiles

And the award for most horrific villain goes to:


LAVENDER CHELSEY!Check her out on the

Pippi: *grins mischievously* Oh, it could mean - well - anything.

Indy: *Laughs*

Ameh: Lol, cute, anyway, where was I? Oh yeah!

NT: Nominations?

Ameh: Oh yeah! Thande for being stoic and getting to the point with very few words,

Elsa: I also nominate Thande for his imposing stature and his ability to stop anyone cold who tries to get away with anything.

Ameh: and Matrix for his candar, which is sometimes hilarious!

BP: Hahahaha! *grin* I second the nominations!

Bez: Oooh, I won something?

Sigma: WE won something.

Indy: *Laughs*

Bez: Oh whatever, we both know I deserve the credit.

Capri Monroe: *Snickers*

NT: *Giggles*

Sigma: Why are you such a jerk?

Ameh: *Laughs*

Bez: It's just fun to mess with you.

Matrix: *Shakes head* Oh dear....don't break anything, you two.

Pippi: *Was smiling, now laughs out loud*

Bez: Whatever-oh, now we need to make some nominations!

Indy: Hehe!

BP: Yeah, well I was getting to that! Hmmm...heheh...I nominate Pippi for most amusing displays of strength!

Pippi: *Surprised look* Thank you!

Sigma: *laughs* Oh, right, like when she tossed Capri when we were all handling Cherie.

Capri Monroe: Hahahaha!

Ameh: Ooooh, that was hilarious!

Pippi: *Laughing* I forgot about that!

Capri Monroe: You wouldn't if you were the one getting tossed!

Pippi and Capri: *look at each other then back at their friends and laugh!*

Bez: Yeah! Good times, good times.

Capri Monroe: ROTF That was fun!

Indy: Funny looking too!"

NT: Yes! Hehe!

Matrix: *Smile* I second that! I nominate Capri for kick-butt magicking,

Capri Monroe: *Grins broadly* Hahahaha! Thanks!

Matrix: and Indy for, well, is there really any other way of phrasing it than "being Indy"? Y'know, the comments and such. *grin* Just awesome.

Indy: *Huge grin* Hahahaha! Woot woot woot! Thanks! *Laughs and jumps up and down*

Pippi: *Laughs* Yeah, like that.

BP: Don't worry, I get it. Seconded!

Bez: Here here!

Sigma: *smile*

Indy: Hehe! Thanks guys! *LOL*

Thande: I have a nomination.

Bez: It lives! Well, speak.

Capri Monroe: *Chuckles*

Thande: I nominate NT for acuity and strength.

NT: Wha? *was quietly smiling and laughing the whole time, now looks astonished, grin turning huge,

BP: Well put, scaly one.

Bez: Seconded!

Matrix: Yeah, definitely.

NT: *hides grin behind hand* Thanks! Wow! What compliments! Hehe!

Pippi: I have one more nomination - Ameh for cunning in dealing with those drug-addicted robbers, and her well-put one-liners.

Ameh: Me, seriously?

Pippi: Yes. That stunt with your shoe where you made those robbers think they were getting a sound whipping from you. And when you told Cherie she went looking for trouble, and it found her.

Ameh: *Laughs* Sheesh, yes, what mewling idiots!

Capri Monroe: I think the funniest thing with Cherie was when she found out the "NT" she'd let into her little empire for a day and a night was actually me!

Ameh: Oh, the look on her face was priceless!

Indy: And when it came out that her stupid loyalty pledge was nothing but a badly spelled chain letter!

Pippi: Hehehehe! Oh, Indy, you were just itching to help expose that part of it!

Indy: Muahahahahahahaha!

Capri Monroe: I nominate Madonna Gale for her role in helping expose and bring down Senna.

Madonna: Oh, wow, thanks! Hmmm, let's see... I nominate - Gretel for just being seriously adventurous and kickbutt.

Gretel: *Grins* Thanks! I nominate Elsa for her bravery, determination and strength, and, well, she's just not your typical Christmas elf.

Elsa: *Blushes and grins at the same time* Oh heck, you either make it or you don't. But thanks. *scratches head* Hmm, I nominate Dingy, for much the same reasons Gretel did me, actually. *Grin*

Ameh: Oh yeah, and Diane for, well, being who she is yet shattering the image of what people might think she would be.

Diane: *Grin* Thanks, mate. I nominate Carma, since no one has yet and -

Carma: Is that the only reason? Well, fine. *pretends to pout*

Diane: *Smirk* For not taking any crap from certain people and for a wicked sense of humor.

Carma: Mehehehehe. Thanks.

Indy: I nominate Misery Chastain for going out of her way to help me out, especially around the time Tony offed herself.

Misery: Oh, Indy, - I - don't know what to say. Thanks.

Kitri furby: I nominate Bez for her no-crap attitude, get things done quickly and efficiently, sense of humor, kickbutt, you name it. Coolness.

Indy: Hey where did you come from?

Kitri: Been hanging around the whole time.

Carma: They're with me for the time being.

Toby furby: I nominate Criterion for - well, can't exactly put my finger/toe on it, but, you're just awesome in a quiet way.

Gretel: Oh wow, I think they should get some nominations too. To start with, I'll nominate Sundown, Pumpkin Jack and Kitri for being a pint-sized yet formidable kickbutt squad that no ordinary person or baddy would want to provoke.



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