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Characters On Les Miss 2012

So we have created characters and their writers discussing the 2012 Les Miserables movie and Les Mis in general.


NT: *downloads "Look Down" in iTunes and saves it to flash drive, presses 'play'* Wow, awesome!

Indy: Lot of mean sounding convicts there, though.

NT: That's part of what makes it awesome.

*A short while later* Huh? Hey, they short-changed me and cut out a bunch of stuff!

Ocean Elf: Oh, I hate when they do that.

NT: Come on people, after that wonderful dramatic start? You cut out half the song!?

Indy: Whaaaaaaaat!? Half the song!?

NT: *Pretty much. Splutters* Oh well. *Listens a bit more* Eh? Javert's got some new lines - so does Jean Valjean for that matter. Bit of an improvement with the explanations over the original.

Indy: How's that?

NT: In the original, Javert's explanation of why Valjean wasn't considered a free man was lame. He only said "You're a thief, you robbed a house. In this one, he says the yellow ticket will "warn" people he's a "dangerous man."

Indy: Either way, he still lied. Valjean wasn't dangerous.

NT: Except for terrifying some little kid near the beginning of the book - I don't remember the little boy's name. He just scared him though, I think.

Indy: Even with that, I'd still put Javert as the more dangerous of the two.

Matrix: I'd have to agree with you two there. I believe the little boy was named Petit Gervais. Which is also a kind of cheese, apparently.

NT: Yeah, that's it, Gervais. Thanks. Interesting. Hehe.

Matrix: *shrugs* Anyway, 'Look Down' was definitely well executed.

Ocean Elf: Definitely.

NT: *smiles*

Matrix: 'I Dreamed a Dream' was stellar-

NT: *looks suddenly sad* Oh, I can never make it through that song without crying.

Ocean Elf: Yeah, that's what it's meant to make you do. And you're not the only one.

NT: All I have to do is recall it in my mind and - no, I better not - let's talk about another song. *Dabs eye*

Ocean Elf: Yeah, like that new song they added - probably why they trimmed "Look down"

Nt: oh, since 'Suddenly' is a song to Cosette from Valgean after he only just rescues her, it's very touching, very sweet.

BP: Hey, hey, what is this? Tryin' to steal my thunder, eh Matrix?

Nt: *Startles*

Indy: Oh, we have more company!

Matrix: Huh? Wait a sec- how did you even get here- I thought this was characters only?

Indy: *Splutters* You actually said that?

Matrix: *flustered* Well, hang on, that's not what I meant- I thought- well, I assumed- oh forget it. I'll be in the corner if anyone needs me.

NT: *Laughs*

BP: Don't forget your dunce cap. *grins mischievously*

*chuckles from several characters are heard.*

Matrix: You're as bad as Bez- you know that, right?

Bez: Hey, hang on- who's as bad as me?

BP: Well, our Mechanical friend seems to think we're both terrible.

Bez: *grins mischievously* Well, aren't we?

Ameh: *Grins back* Honest answer - or - …?

Matrix: *sigh* And this is why I thought maybe only characters would be involved...when you and BP BOTH work on something, it gets messy...

BP: Well, there's the rub, Matrix. You can't get rid of me- I'm everywhere you are.

Matrix: ...do you really want to go on record as having said that?

Ocean Elf: *Chortles*

Indy: *snickers*

BP: Oh, shut up. You know what I mean.

NT: *Giggles" It's true, though.

Indy: And would be incredibly creepy coming from anyone but them.

BP: Anyway...you guys already know how disappointed I was with that movie. Generally poor casting- I just had a thought. You know who would make a good Javert, were the characters to put on a show of Les Mis? Thande. He has the voice for it, and his generally severe and stoic demeanor would be perfect.

Indy: Oh, definitely!

Ocean Elf: agreed. *Grinning*

Thande: I did not know you thought so highly of my performing abilities.

NT: *Grins at him*

BP: See? You even talk right for it. H'm, now who else would be a good fit for a character performance? I'm sure we could fit you in somewhere, Matrix. *sly smile*

Bez: *snickers* Ooh, this is gonna be fun.

Matrix: *fidgets nervously* I hate when you do that.

Ocean Elf: *Snickers* Oh! We're just getting started!

Indy: Oh no, look what you started, Matrix! *Laughs*

Ocean Elf: *Laughs* How about - Matrix as Marius?

Matrix: Huh- well, I suppose I could pull that off. It would certainly be interesting. *brightening* Oh- I would get to sing 'Empty Chairs at Empty Tables'!

Indy: *Sudden sad expression* ouch. That one always gets me.

Bez: *sobers* Ah. Yes, I...I suppose you would.

Matrix: *frowns* Oh, Bez, I- I'm sorry. I didn't think- I didn't realize how close to home that song must hit.

Indy: *Nods*

Bez: *shifts uncomfortably* Yeah- just- forget about it. Let's just move on, huh?

Matrix: *nods* Yeah. No problem.

Ocean Elf: And Criterion as Valjean or Mr. Thenardier.

Criter: *starts* Huh? Do you really think I could pull off Valjean-?

Bez: Oh sure, Criter. *smile* You've got the voice and presence for it.

Capri Monroe: I agree.

Criter: I don't know-

BP: Hey, don't be so down on yourself! You could do it. And I would know. *sly smile*

Criter: *nervous smile* Well...I'd certainly try my best.

Bez: That's the spirit. Hey, think of this- can you imagine 'The Confrontation' with Thande as Javert and Criter as Valjean?

NT: *Beams* Woo-hoo!

BP: Oh, wow- that almost gives me the chills...

Ameh: Tres cool!

Ocean Elf: *Smiles* And either Bez or Capri as Mme. Thenardier.

Bez: *splutters* Well, no need to be rude!

Ocean Elf: Eh, Wow, I wasn't trying to be. I just can't exactly see either of you as Cosette, Eponine or Fantine.

Bez: *grins impishly* S'alright. I can't really see myself in any of those roles either.

Matrix: *chuckles* Not so fun when it's pointed at you, is it? It's not like you pride yourself on your singing voice anyway.

Bez: Yeah, yeah, I know. *thinks a moment and smiles* Oh, why not? Sure. I'll caterwaul like no one's business! Unless Capri Monroe wants the role-?

Capri Monroe: *Grins impishly* Much as I hate to admit it, but it's probably the only role I could come anywhere near filling.

Ocean Elf: Or one of the "lovely ladies" probably the only thing I could manage too, so don't feel so bad.

Capri Monroe: *wince* I dunno, you could probably do a pretty good Mme. Thenardier yourself.

Ocean Elf: Huh - brutally honest as usual. I'm not sure if I should be insulted or complimented.

Indy: *Laughs*

Capri Monroe: *Chuckles*

Ocean Elf: Shut up you guys!

NT: Hehehehe!

Ocean Elf: You to, NT!

NT: I do not shut up when being told to shut up.

Ocean Elf: *Rolling eyes* Here we go again.

NT: I may be quiet when asked politely to "Be quiet, please" *Laughs at writer's eye-rolling* But I will not shut up when being told to shut up. This is because it is generally -

Capri Monroe: *Thwacks NT on the side of the head* Will you PLEASE be quiet?

NT: *Dissolves into laughter.

Ocean Elf: Thank you, Monroe.

Capri Monroe: *Bemused grin* You're welcome.

Ocean Elf: Ahem, well, what was I trying to say: Oh yeah… My voice can't go quite low enough for Fantine, or high enough for Cosette. Me of the limited range. I was thinking of Indy or Sigma as Eponine.

Indy: Ack!

Bez: *bursts out laughing* Oh, wow- lucky you, Sigma and Indy. *smirks*

Indy: Oh, shut up! *Tries not to laugh*

Sigma: What-? Huh? *frowns* Wait a second- when did I get pulled into this?

Ocean Elf: Only just. *Grins*

Bez: *snickers* Where've you been? EVERYONE is involved in this.

Sigma: Somehow that doesn't make me feel any better.

BP: Well, guess you'll just have to deal with it. To be honest, I think you could pull off Cossette- you can hit the high notes, and with a bit of training, we could probably boost your volume enough. *mischievous grin* That, and it'd just be a laugh to see you and Matrix as a couple.

Ocean Elf: Hehe. I like it! Okay, Sigma could be our adult Cosette. Well Indy, I guess you're stuck with Eponine.

Indy: *Sheepish grin* Granted, "On My own" is my favourite song from there, so - I guess it kinda fits. I just hate her, though.

NT: Ameh could almost pass for Cosette as a little girl.

Ameh: hehe I'm not that cute.

Ocean Elf: and NT you're slight enough that you could probably be made up to pass for Gavroche.

NT: hehe! And put a kibosh in Javert's plan and call Thenardier a swine - I could live with that.

Indy: You'd also get to die.

NT: *Twitches at Indy's sudden dark humor* So would you.

Indy: Yeah, but Eponine would actually deserve it - trying to get Marius to either sleep with her, or else get him killed before she'd see him with Cosette. Not to mention all the crap she pulled when Cosette was still living at the Thenardiers.

Madonna Gale: What, where did she do that?

Indy: Not in the musical version, they really glossed that over. In the novel, it's a different story, it's all spelled out.

Capri Monroe: Afraid she's right.

Madonna: *Frowns* You mean, I was sorry for her for nothing? Hate when that happens. And what did she do at the Thenardiers?

Ameh: She was a mean little brat girl who got her kicks getting Cosette in trouble for things she didn't even do, or for no reason at all. Eponine was a Thenardier after all, and Mme. Thenardier made it very clear that the only children she favoured were Eponine and her younger sister Aselma. To them, Cosette was trash because she wasn't one of their blood, and Gaveroche as well as his two younger brothers were kicked out by Mme. Thenardier because they were the wrong gender for her. She only cared for her own naturally born little girl babies. Every other child was garbage to her. *Scowls* And she taught her little brat Eponine well. That girl was a very quick study, being mean, selfish and bratty by nature.

Madonna: *Frown intensifying into a scowl*

Ocean Elf: And Madonna could be that nasty factory girl who reads Fantine's letter and gets her sacked.

Madonna: Wha!? Ewww. Of all the roles you could've given me…?

Ocean Elf: Hahahaha!

NT: Getting back to "Look down" the other thing they did was cut out the keyboard part. They should've left that in. And put those military sounding drums back in as well. They were never very pronounced in previous recordings, but they were there. This rendition started out really well, but it is lacking a few things. Mostly, they shouldn't have abridged it. And Javert isn't nearly stodgy enough. I have a hard time telling him from Valjean on the soundtrack but for the fact I've memorized so much of the music.

BP: Oh, sheesh- you're telling me! The beginning was great, but it really piddled out. I guess what bothers me the most is how awesome it COULD have been- and just wasn't. H'm. *shakes head*

Ocean Elf: I have a feeling if I was to watch the movie, I would be very impressed with some of it and not so much with other bits. It's always that way with remakes of anything.



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