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Original Character (OC) Interview Meme

Ocean Elf: Okay, all ye original characters of ours, I must warn you: you have a chain letter to mangle, and it comes in the form of an interview meme. Please chime in with whatever you like when answering these questions.

Also, This link could possibly be where to find more of these.

Jessica Smith: Oh dear.

BP: Heheheh! Oh, wow- I've got to take a crack at this one.

Carma: Huh? A blog meme? For us? And note to Autocorrect, please stop trying to change the spelling of my name. It starts with a C, not a K. Thank you.

Indy: *Tsks and rolling eyes* Oh, wow what next?

Capri Monroe: *Wince* Don't ask.

Toby: A blog character interview chain letter? Ive got one thing to say to that. *Burp*

Buck: Joins in*

Jessica: *Eyebrows raise* Stay classy, you two, stay classy.

Dmitri: *Snicker*

Toby: *Wicked grin and chuckle*

Kitri: *Yanks Toby's ear* Shut up already.

Toby: Ow!

Jenny: We'll never get anywhere at this rate.

Ocean Elf: Oh yes we will. Let the mangling commence, now.


Meme: OC Interview! Feat. various characters

Ocean Elf: I guess that's just going to be our own original characters. Not meaning to leave you book/movie characters out - again, but consider yourselves lucky.

BP: Eh? Oh dear...well guys, fall in! Time for a group mangling...

Meme: Rules:

Bez: Pff. As if I'm going to follow your rules.

Matrix: Oh dear...you're just egging her on- you know that, right?

Indy: You know what I do to chain letter rules, right?

Meme: 1. Pick one of your OCs!

Ocean Elf: Eh? Only one?

Bez: Make me!

BP: I believe that one was addressed at me, Bez.

Bez: *crosses eyes and sticks out tongue*

Kitri: *Laughs*

BP: Don't make me put you in time out.

Bez: Try me! Go on, just try! *grins mischievously and puts fists up in mock fight pose*

Jessica: *Grin* That should be easy to do. Not.

Sigma: Shouldn't we be focusing on mangling this thing- and not each other?

BP: Aw...party pooper.

Toby: You mean we can't mangle each other? Aw, shucks. *Grin*

Kitri: You, shut up!: *laughs and gives Toby a sound whacking*

Toby: Ow! *Pretends to cry*

Jessica: Now now, you two, behave, or you'll be in time out too.

Indy: *Laughs* Pay no attention to that chain rule, those rules are meant to be broken, remember?

Ocean Elf: Yeah, heck, let's break this first one and have as many characters chime in as possible.

Toby: Heck, let's completely replace it with this rule: Break every rule a chain letter states.

Meme: 2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.

Ocean Elf: Got it.

Ameh: As if you were me?

Ocean Elf: Yeah, it's that I'm everywhere you are thing.

Kitri: Oh, hahahahaha! That was hilarious!

Bez: *snickers* Ah, sound familiar at all?

Matrix: *grin* Yeah, BP- remind you of anything?

BP: Ah, shuddup you two. *chuckles* Don't get on my bad side...I know where you sleep.

NT: *Splutters*

Jessica: *Laughs* Oh, this is entertaining!

Ocean Elf: Hehe!

Ameh: *Trying desperately to wipe amused grin off face* But you're not me. We're very different from each other in some ways.

Ocean Elf: Yeah I know…Because I made you that way.

ameh: *Herumph*

Furbies: *Chuckles and laughter all around*

Madonna Gale: *Laughing* Can we just get on with it already?

Ocean Elf: ah welcome to the party.

Elsa: I'm here too.

Ocean Elf: So you are. Okay then, here goes.

Meme: 3. Tag four people to do this meme!

Ocean Elf: Uh, no…

BP: How about not? If there's even anything left to tag when we're through with this, that is...

Ocean Elf: Hahahaha! We'll just mangl it.

Toby: I prefer this kind of tag. *Headbutts Jessica*

Jessica: Oh, you are really asking for it! *Tweaks Toby's beak*

Toby: Ack!

Sundown: Hahaha!

Meme: 4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal.

Jessica: What journal?

Ocean Elf: Not happening since there will be no 'tagging'.

Bez: Hey, hey- my journal is no business of yours.

Matrix: I didn't know you kept a journal.

Bez: Well, I don't- but if I did, it'd be my business and my business alone! *peers around suspiciously*

Meme:OC Chosen:

Ocean Elf: Whoever decides to pop into authors' head(s)

Meme: 1. What is your name?

Characters: *All sign their names*

Meme: 2. Do you know why you were named that?

Madonna Gale: Yes, but you don't need to know.

Indy: I guess my parents liked the name - or - something like that.

Sarah Who: Usually we're given names our parents and/or writers like, right?

NT: Except for me but I'm not telling why I was named.

Bez: H'm! My parents like Charonese opera. Hardly my fault, now is it?

Sigma: *shrug* I've never really thought about it.

Bez: Now what about you guys- Matrix, Criter, Thande? You guys have any idea?

Matrix: *fidgets*

Criter: I think 'Criterion' is a family name. *shrugs*

Thande: I have never thought to ask.

Bez: Pft. Thought as much.

Jessica: What about any of you furbies?

Toby: Yeah, I know why I got my name, but I'm not telling this chain doofus.

Kitri: I was named after a character from a ballet.

Sundown: Which one?

Kitri: Duh, Kitri.

Sundown: *Laughing* No, I meant, which ballet?

Kitri: Uh-uh, that's all the info that chain dude/chick is getting from me on this subject.

Sundown: I was named because it was one of the first things Jessica heard me say.

Meme: 3. Are you single or taken?

Characters: *exchange looks and mumble among selves about how nosy this chain letter is.*

Titania and Jesse: *Put up their hands* Happily married here.

Bez: *chuckles* Oh, of course! What meme would be complete without dating questions!

Matrix: Indeed. Not that it's any of its business, but none of us are taken.

Indy: Neither are any of us available/looking, if you get my drift.

Meme: 4. Have any abilities or powers?

Indy: Unfortunately very little power to stop these memes from spreading.

Bez: Eh...nothing I'm aware of.

Carma: Well, me and a few others here are fairies, so, 'nuff said."

Matrix: I guess you could technically say I have 'abilities'...

Bez: Doesn't really count, though- you being a Mechanical and all. You SHOULD be stronger and faster. * mischievous smile* But hardly invulnerable.

Matrix: *sighs* Oh, what have I gotten myself into? *looks to others* Well- your turn.

Sigma: No powers for me.

Thande: I possess no extraordinary abilities or powers.

Bez: Except that sweet speech pattern of yours. Sheesh, you can make anything sound so dark and serious.

Thande: *cocks head in curiosity*

Bez: *exasperated sigh* Oh, forget it.

Ocean Elf: *Laughs*

Various characters: *knowing grins and chuckling*

Bez: What about you, Criter?

Criter: *fidgets uncomfortably* I suppose so...but nothing extraordinary.

Bez: *scoffs* Nothing extraordinary...says Mr. Survival. No need to be so modest- I'd hardly say a regenerative coma puts you in Gary Stu territory.

Jessica: What about you furbies? Any special powers?

Kitri: Hmm, other than agility, speed, electronic frequency signal communication, and the ability to really annoy some people, not mentioning any names, Indy, but… *Grin*

Indy: Actually you guys are pretty cool as far as furbies go. *Grins back*

NT: Well, I'd have to hand it to Kitri and Toby for some of their taste in foods, or, un-foods, actually, and Dmitri for that plus funny antics.

Meme: 5. Stop being a Mary-sue!

NT: What the…?

Xanadu Who: Was there supposed to be a question in there somewhere?

Group: *bursts out laughing*

Toby: Huh? That came right out of a uber obscure part of left field. How does it relate to anything in the above?

Bez: Well, seems I spoke too soon!

Sigma: *giggle* So, does that mean I'm not a Mary Sue? Guess that makes all the guys Stus!

Matrix: Well that's hardly fair. Not like I chose to be built this way.

Criter: That does seem a bit extreme, doesn't it? Having a power or ability hardly makes you- one of THOSE.

Thande: Indeed...

Toby: Oh! I get it now. the powers question was actually a gotcha journalism tactic. You know how tabloid type reporters like setting people up with leading questions to make them pwn themselves? Eh, Marilee?

Marilee: *lurking and trying to look inconspicuous*

Toby: Right, Marilee? I know you're there.

Marilee: *Squirms*

Toby: *Heads for Marilee in back of all the other characters, getting in her face*

Marilee: *Recoils and shrieks*

Toby: *Growls*

Marilee: *Panics and tries to get away from him*

Toby: *Returns to Jessica with an impish grin*

Meme: 6. What's your eye color?

Various characters: *roll their eyes and snicker in disbelief*

Xanadu: Ironic that you should tell us to stop being a Mary sue, and then you follow it up immediately with the very superficial eye-color question.

Bez: Why- so you can further accuse of being Sues or Stus? *snicker* Well guys, what do you think? Should we give this thing a seizure?

Matrix: Oh, why not. This oughta be fun...

Bez: I'll go first. Since you seem so concerned about us all being Sues...try to process this- my eyes are a sort of brassy brown- m'dad describes it as hawkish. *wicked grin* And- oh gasp- I'm not a Mary Sue!

Matrix: My turn! How about this- my irises are black, only distinguishable from my pupils by a thin white band that separates them. Are you going to accuse me of being a Gary Stu for that? Hardly fair.

Thande: I fail to see the value of this question.

Bez: That's the point. Your eyes are pretty dang cool, though. Piercing yellow snake-eyes...

Criter: Guess I'm next. Green. Nothing too special from me.

Sigma: Or me. Just light blue. You guys and your wierdo eyes...

Bez: Hey! That's not my fault- blame my dad if you don't like my eye color.

Carma: Well, I could just lie and say something like my eyes are multicoloured.

Various characters: *Laughter*

Kitri: My eyes change color, and they light up. Ooooh, and that probably makes me a Mary Sue to you.

Meme: 7. How about hair colour?

Indy: Oh, seriously…

Bez: Oh, come on! We went into all that detail for you on the eye thing, and now you're gonna ask about hair color? What is this, a meme or dating website?

Carma: Okay, here goes. since you're so interested in details and trying to get us into some Mary Sue trap, you asked for it.

My name is Carma, my hair is jet black light blonde, short, curly, straight, wavy and long. My eyes are a piercing green baby blue luminous dark brown and I am a very scrawny, portly stretch of a near-dwarf at about 4/9 and 5/11.

Various characters: *chuckle in amusement.*

Jessica: And the furbies have some colors that weren't already mentioned, on account of their fur colors being different from human hair color sometimes.

Meme: 8. Do you have any siblings?

Indy: None of your business!

Xanadu: Yeah, and we get along like any other family, pretty much.

Matrix: This is just getting ridiculous...are you trying to interview us or steal our identities?

Carma: *Shudders*

Meme: 9. How about pets?

Sigma: *grin* Specter! *the fifet chips playfully*

Jessica: 18 furbies and two pokemon, and maybe more in the future.

Bez: Eh...do you think Roy counts as a pet?

Matrix: *shrugs* I don't see why not.

Bez: Well, then, a pet droid.

NT: I will always have pets.

Xanadu: A dog and some gerbils - and no, they're not for sale.

Meme: 10. Now tell me something you don't like.

Indy: People spreading memes!

Bez: Aaagaggh...I don't like being forced to fill out this stupid interview! *glares at BP*

Carma: Hehehehe.

BP: Hey, no one's keeping you here. You can leave any time you like.

Bez: Pff. Yeah right...you'd just write me right back...

BP: Heheh! Well, I didn't say you could STAY gone...

Ocean Elf: Oh boy.

Toby: Something I don't like - how about making this a little stronger and saying something I hate? Jeff the Killer. *Menacing look and soft deep growl*

NT: Yeah. Slender Man, Laughing Jack, the creep named Salt, and anyone like them. *Scowl*

Various characters: *Signs of agreement*

Meme: 11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

Group: *sighs*

Elsa: Oh, heck no, I just hate doing everything I do. *Sarcasm*

Sigma: No.

Criter: Absolutely nothing.

Matrix: I'm practically an abyss of inactivity.

Jessica: *Laughing*

Meme: 12. Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?

Bez: You really don't want to ask that question to this particular group.

Toby: *Hisses and bears teeth*

Elsa: Show me someone who hasn't and I'll show you someone who is either an infant or has never lived.

Carma: *Applauds*

Meme: 13. Ever... killed anyone before?

NT: *Shudder* eww. No.

Bez: Don't- don't you dare. Just don't.

Matrix: I'd listen to her if I were you.

Toby and Kitri: *Threatening looks*

Elsa: when you say 'kill' do you mean kill as in murder, or kill as in war time?

Ameh: I've killed many times - whenever bugs get too close, that's what generally happens to them.

Melanie: *Chuckles*

Meme: 14. What kind of animal are you?

Indy: Ugh. Yeah I know, we belong to the animal kingdom, technically, but i'm a person.

Sarah: I used to pretend I was a monkey when I was little, but that doesn't make me a monkey.

Thande: *looks to others, slightly confused*

Bez: Don't worry about it...we're not even gonna answer this one...

Jessica: It should be obvious what my crew consists of.

Meme: 15. Name your worst habits?

Kitri: And you need to know this, why?

Carma: Forget it, you're not getting anywhere with that kind of question.

Sigma: I don't think that's any of your business. We've already shelled out plenty of information.

Jessica: Agreed. This is just getting a little too nosy.

Meme: 16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

Xanadu: Not so much any more.

Peekaboo: Kitri, and Toby.

Kitri: Aww.

Toby: Thanks, kiddo. *Smile*

Bez: Oh, come on. We've got each other.

Indy: *Grins, bemused*

Matrix: That's surprisingly cheesy, especially coming from you Bez.

Bez: Oh, shut up.

Indy, Ameh and Capri Monroe: *burst out laughing*

Meme: 17. Are you Gay, Straight, or Bi?

Characters: *collective eye-rolling and general murmur of displeasure at the incredibly nosy and tacky question.

Group: *splutters, chuckles, general noise*

Bez: Oh, you sure aren't tacky at all. Nope. Not at all.

Jessica: Eww. You've just gone from nosy to creepy.

Meme: 18. Do you go to school?

Characters: *collective head-shaking and some eye-rolling*

Titania: I think we're all past that stage.

Matrix: None of us are student aged any more.

Bez: Well, technically you are. *snicker* Pre-school aged.

Matrix: Again, not really fair. What is this, pick on the Mechanical day?

Bez: Aw, you know I'm just messing with you. *punches Matrix's arm playfully*

Meme: 19. Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?

Titania and Jesse: *Grin at each other*

Jesse: Done that.

Sigma: Someday, yes.

Bez: *shifts uncomfortably* Not really your concern, now is it?

Jessica: Not me, and this question, like the previous one is not applicable to my crew.

Meme: 20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?

Jessica and Furbies: *Looking generally horrified*

Indy: Eww, no!

Capri Monroe: *Shudders* ugh! no thanks!

Bez: Oh, heck no! And let's keep it that way!

Matrix: Indeed...that's the last thing we need.

Thande: *slightly confused expression*

Bez: Eh...how to explain this...you know what, you're better off not knowing.

Indy: Oh! If you look at the sections about Twihards and Otaku on this site, well, that's what fangirl/boys are, basically. Only they also get that way over other things as well as Twilight or anime.

Elsa: Yeah. Like the Bieber fans. And I mean the ones who go crazy for him, and the ones who just hate him because they think they're being cool.

Meme: 21. What are you most afraid of?

Furbies: *Incredulous looks all around*

Madonna Gale: Forget it.

Matrix: Don't even try it. No one here is stupid enough to just reveal his worst fear.

Carma: Yeah right! Has anyone ever seen that episode of "Criminal Minds" where some cyber loser gathered info about people and their fears on the net and then stalked them to make those fears come true, ultimately killing them?

Elsa: *Scowl* The "is it as bad as you thought" guy?

Carma: Yeah, him. Good lesson about being careful not to disclose really personal info like that to just anyone.

Dmitri: *Scowl* Sick.

Toby: *Nods and frowns* another one that needs to get clobbered.

Meme: 22. What do you usually wear?

Indy: Why?

Bez: *flat expression* Clothes.

Indy: *Grins*

Meme: 23. What's one food that tempts you?

Toby: You.

Characters: *Eyebrows raise, nervous laughter*

Toby: *Wicked grin* ask a loaded question, get a loaded answer. Hehehe.

Elsa: Just about anything. I'm not fussy.

Matrix: I technically don't need to eat, so...this one doesn't really apply to me.

Sigma: I'm not too eager to answer, given the previous worst fear question. I don't trust this meme's motives...

Carma: Me neither. Ugh.

Indy: You can't trust any chain originator, really.

Bez: Heh! Probably a good idea.

Meme: 24: Am I annoying you?

Characters: *various nods and other expressions in the affirmative*

Bez: Not at all. I absolutely LOVE you. *rolls eyes*

Indy: *Snickers*

Meme: 25. Well, it's still not over!

Xanadu: and what am I supposed to say to that?

BP: Oh, come on! Even I'm getting tired of this!

Meme: 26. What class are you? (low class, middle class, upper class)?

Capri Monroe: what the heck kind of question is that?

Criter: I'm getting sick of these moronic questions...

Sigma: Aren't we all...how much more of this do we have to endure?

BP: Hey- if I have to put up with it, so do you. We're gettin' there.

Ocean Elf: Chain-mangleing is a pretty galling business, but worth it if we can cut through the moronics just a bit.

Toby: I can be any class I like.

Jessica: *Grin* That's true.

Meme: 27. How many friends do you have?

Carma: Oh, really, as if anybody keeps track, please!

BP: Pass!

Kitri: What is this, a census?

Meme: 28. What are your thoughts on pie?

Toby: Omnomnom!

Other furbies*general sounds of purring and agreement*

NT: Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Bez: Huh-? What a random question...and doesn't everyone love pie? Kind of a pointless question...

NT: *Grins* No kidding. Though my Mom doesn't care for pie. We're total opposites there.

Meme: 29. Favorite drink?

Toby: Jessica knows what that is. You don't need to. Hey Jessica,?

Jessica: Yep, you'll get some when this is over. After all these questions, we'll all be in need of some kind of treat.

Toby: *Smiles broadly and purrs*

Indy: Depends on the time of year and what else I've been eating and drinking already during the day.

Matrix: I'd say that varies. I don't need to drink, Thande hardly ever eats or drinks, so that leaves Bez, Sigma, and Criter...

Criter: *has dozed off, wakes with a start* Huh?

Carma: *Snickers*

Meme: 30. What's your favorite place?

Indy: Don't have one.

BP: This would take way too long if we went through everyone...next!

Meme: 31. Are you interested in anyone?

Jesse: Other than Tani, of course not.

Titania: *Smiles*

Xanadu: bit of a loaded question, isn't it?

Bez: Oh, sheesh...*rolls eyes* This is ridiculous...

Jessica: Hint, I'm not - none of us are interested in you, whoever started this chain letter, so if you're looking for a date, you're out of luck.

Dmitri: Hahahaha! Pwned.

Meme: 32. If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?

Group: *splutters of disbelief and revulsion*

Characters: *disgusted scowls*

Sigma: *glares* Shut up and get out!

NT: Shut up and go away, you freakin' perv! *Tosses cd case at chain originator*

Toby: *Flaming glare and unnerving cat-scream*

Ameh: *Shudder*

Kitri: Exactly. The nerve of this chain idiot! Disgusting!

Toby: *Continues to growl and glare*

Jessica: Oh, chain idiot, you really shouldn't have asked such a revolting question. It's none of your freaking business and just shows where your mind is. *Disgusted expression*

Meme: 33. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

NT: *clearly still ticked off* neither, too cold!

Bez: Oh, like any of us are going to talk to you after that last question!

Capri Monroe: No kidding!

Kitri: Yeah, I'd rather you just jump in the lake.

Characters: *Laughter*

Toby: And sink like a stone.

Meme: 34. Camping or indoors?

Capri Monroe: Depends. Indoors in 20 below weather, camping when it's 20 above. Duh!

Matrix: H'm? Did someone say something? No?

Ameh: *Laughs*

Meme: 35. Who do you tag?

Characters in unison: No one!

BP: No one! Sheesh that thing was mind-numbing- must never let it spread...

Ocean Elf: Yes, it sure was! Gah!

Jessica: Okay, c'mon, guys, let's get a snack and drink.



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