Who is Pearlas Sandborn, For That Matter?

She is that notorious "attorney" in that Microsoft giveaway hoax email meme.

Posted on Tuesday, January 22, 2008 by Robin Bloor



It’s a major scoop. I can reveal, without fear of contradiction, that Pearlas Sandborn is Anthony De Croud‘s sister.

I know what you’re thinking. How could that be?

After all, Pearlas is a well-known attorney (who you cannot find on the Internet because she eschews publicity), whereas Anthony is a world renowned missionary (who you cannot find on the Internet because he eschews publicity) and they don’t even have the same name.

Easily explained. This brother and sister were separated at birth, with Pearlas being adopted by a well-to-do American family, while Anthony was taken in by the De Croud’s, a French family living in the Netherlands. As they were separated at birth, it’s quite a coincidence that they both became heavily involved in “pro bono” activity.

You may have run into Anthony as the benevolent originator of the Chinese Proverb circular, an initiative that has brought joy and wealth to millions. But even earlier than that, in the early years of the Internet, Pearlas, acting as an undercover software tester for Microsoft, circulated the email reproduced below, which is still as valid as it ever was. I received a copy this morning:

The Microsoft Giveaway Hoax Chain Letter


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