Rampaging Rivalry

Rampaging Rivalry

"A fire!?" Lily and Nuala exclaimed.

"Who would be stupid enough to set fire to a bunch of stage props?" Savanna was really venting more than asking anything specific, and she wanted Mr. McMath and Ms. McCarthy to be impressed with her show of passion.

"Probably somebody who has access to that kind of equipment and is bitter about not getting a part or a good reception as a movie actor, producer, director, could be anything." Mike offered.

"Look at it this way," Steelie suggested, "While we're waiting for the damaged prop replacement shipment, it will give you plenty of time to know your parts, or work on other things if you are not in the Yedred production."

"Steelie's right, this is no time to despair." Maneisha added with a smile. "Why don't you two sit tight while I print out scripts," she said to Lily and Nuala, "And you three," she indicated Mike, Sherry and Savanna, "call it a day or see what you can put together,"

"I'm for calling it a day," Mike said, needing some excuse to get away from Savanna and Nuala's hungry stares.

"Yeah, we worked pretty hard on that video didn't we?" Sherry grinned, "Well, I'm outy then, Mike, Steelie, I'll give you guys a ringaling soon otay?"

"Sure thing, Sher, I gotta be going too." said Mike. He stood up and joined Sherry at the entrance.

"Laters!" they both called out, and after a few moments, the door shut.

Ohhhh," Savanna and Nuala sighed in unison, gazing at the door as if their looks could will Mike to come walking back in through it.

"I've gotta run!" Savanna suddenly jumped up and raced for the door.

"Me too!" Nuala quickly followed suit.

Soon, both girls were struggling with the door, each determined to beat the other out, each with the same ambition, to subtly follow Mike home.

Once the girls managed to crowd each other out the door and had raced to their respective vehicles, Steelie and Maneisha looked at each other and burst out laughing.

In the days that followed, the making of "The Boiling Waters of Yedred" was well underway, and Mike and Sherry finished up the number they were working on for that show. This meant they could work on their scripts and get Savanna started on some other video.

But when Savanna tried out, her twisting and yelling didn't exactly pass for dancing and singing as far as Mike was concerned.

"Hold it!" he shouted above the racket that was both the music Sherry had put on, and Savanna's yelling. "HOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDD IT!"

Sherry killed the music, but Savanna took a few more notes to stop and realize something was wrong. She looked stupidly at Sherry. "Huh? Is something the matter with the sound system?"

Mike and Sherry looked at each other and laughed.

"No, Savanna, it's just that, well...That isn't exactly the style I'm looking for in this number." said Mike.

"Oh, sorry, please give me another chance? I'll try something different."

Sure enough, when the music was turned on again, Savanna toned the performance down quite a bit.

This time, Mike and Sherry were more receptive.

"Hey, why don't we go to my place and work out more of the specifics of this number? That way we're not taking up time and space here at the studio unnecessarily." Mike suggested.

"Oh, right," said Sherry, "I think Steelie said that Alexis Sabry and Dorie Chabot were going to jam in here with their cool band Deafly Sound today or tomorrow anyway.

Okay then, let's head." Mike smiled.

"Sure!" Savanna exulted.

Nuala was out taking a break from the film, Steelie was also taking a break from phone calls and paper and computer work.

Nuala took an orange out of her lunch bag. "Orange, yum!" she purred.

Steelie had apparently cooked something in a little toaster oven that was situated somewhere out of the way and out of view. He had gone to get whatever it was and now returned to his desk to eat.

On his plate were several slices of something that looked like they might be banana,but Nuala couldn't be sure.

"What's that, Mr. McMath?"

"Grilled monkeys." he replied.

"Huh!?" Nuala's eyes went wide.

Steelie chuckled. "Toasted banana slices with a little whipped cream on top and a couple of chocolate chips for eyes." he explained. "Mmmmm-hmmmmm."

Nuala shrugged. "If you say so,"

"Steelie, Mike and I are going--"

Sherry was interupted by Savanna, "And me!"

"And Savanna," she continued, "are heading out to Mike's to work on that new number with Savanna, so if Deafly Sound is coming in today, the place is all theirs."

"They're coming tomorrow, but thanks, Sherry."

"Oh, you're having that fried banana thing?" Mike said, looking at Steelie's plate.

Steelie nodded. "Toasted, actually."

"Toasted bananas? Ewww." said Savanna.

"Enjoy your grilled monkeys, Steelie," Sherry grinned.

"That's what it's called?" asked Savanna.

"Mm-hmm." Steelie replied, grinning back. "It's all right if you don't want any, all the more for me."

"Go for it, Steelie." said Mike with a chuckle. "C'mon, gals."

Nuala didn't take off after Mike and the others, but decided to bide her time. She had obtained his address when she had trailed him at a good distance days before. Now she would finish up here, and try to crash their little party later.

An hour and a half later, Nuala was out casing Mike's place. Sherry and Savanna's vehicles were still there, and there seemed to be quite a party going on inside.

"Argh! Why wasn't I invited!?" Nuala fumed. "Well, I'll just fix them!"

She walked up to the door and rang the bell.

Mike answered, and not really feeling like he had much choice, he let Nuala in.

"What's she doing here?" Savanna demanded in a tone that suggested both jealousy and contempt.

"Oh, just great." Mike muttered to himself. Aloud he said, "I meant to invite Nuala and Lily as well, but Lily must not be able to make it."

"Good cover." Sherry said inwardly, grinning at Mike.

Nuala was surprised, she had half expected Savanna to lose her cool, and for Mike to throw them both out for making a scene. But Mike pretending to have invited her, that was smooth. So, she continued the act. "Sorry I was so late, I had a few things to take care of back at the studio."

Savanna just glared at her. First Nuala got the part of the main antagonist in a film feature, and Savanna was not going to let her worm her way into Mike and Sherry's video.

Sherry brought out a punch bowl and Mike brought out a variety of snacks. They had already worked on their video with Savanna, so Nuala had actually arrived just in time for the party itself.

Soon, everyone was munching on chips, cookies, cheese and crackers, and Mike said he felt like ordering something in. "So, what should I get, pizza, Chinese, KFC?"

"Pizza!" Savanna shouted.

"Chinese!" Nuala shouted a fraction of a second later.

"Let's get East Indian," said Sherry, hoping to stop the two girls from turning this into a scene.

"No way, that stuff's too hot!" Savanna moaned.

"We're getting KFC then," said Mike.

"I hate KFC!" Savanna complained.

"Well no wonder, considering you're a turkey, Terk, too closely related to their food I guess." Nuala sniped.

Why you!"

"Nevermind," Mike rolled his eyes, "Let's just have grilled monkeys then."

All the girls groaned in displeasure at the thought of Steelies famous toasted banana snack.

"I think we should go with Chinese," said Sherry, "There's a lot to choose from that way, so, something for everyone.

"I think you're right. Okay, Chinese it is." said Mike.

"But this was my video!" Savanna whined, "I should be the one to decide!"

"Well, if you made it a little easier,but you've protested everything that's been suggested so far." said Sherry.

"Not pizza!" Savanna countered.

"Then go ahead and order yourself a pizza if you want," said Mike.

So, Savanna did just that.

Then, Mike ordered chinese food.

Once that was settled, Mike and Sherry excused themselves for a few moments, leaving Nuala and Savanna alone in the front room.

"Why do you have to go and ruin everything?" Savanna hissed.

"Hey, it isn't my fault Ms. McCarthy gave me that part in the movie, what is your problem, Savanna?" Nuala fired back.

"First the movie, now you're trying to horn in and crowd me out of Mike's video! You really are pathetic!"

"It seems you're the only one who thinks so, Savanna." came the cool reply.

"Oh yeah? You didn't see Mike rolling his eyes when you came barging in here!"

"Wow, Savanna, you've really got it bad. I didn't barge in, I was let in."

"Yeah, like the dog or the cat!" Savanna spat coldly. "I - was invited!"

Nuala huffed. "The way you carried on at the studio, what other choice did Mike have? You were about to blow a number of fuzes and gaskets in there when he and Sherry were about to leave, he was just being nice and trying to avoid a scene!"

"No! He loves ME! That's why I'm in his video!" Savanna raised her voice.

"And you call me pathetic!" Nuala taunted. "Grow up!"

"Practice what you preach, you dimwitted little elf!"

"Well," Nuala retorted coolly, "At least that's better than being a turkey, Terk!"

"Don't you call me that again!" Savanna shouted, and threw a punch at Nuala.

Nuala gave back as good as she got.

Mike and Sherry had retreated into the basement to talk.

"I didn't know you invited Nuala here," said Sherry.

"I didn't either," Mike said, shrugging his shoulders. "I just wish I knew how to get rid of them both before they tear the house down. "The pizza delivery should be here in about another 20 minutes, and I have to go pick up our Chinese food."

"And the idea of them here alone while you're gone - " Sherry speculated.

"Yes." Mike said. "On the one hand, if I leave, maybe they'll stop fighting. On the other hand, I could send one of them out to pick up the food."

"Or both." Sherry suggested.

They could hear raised voices and stomping from above, and knew the two girls were really going at it.

"No, I'll go get the Chinese food." Sherry volunteered.

Then, "CRASH!"

"What was that!" Sherry exclaimed.

"Oh, that's beautiful, Savanna, what other tricks can you do!?"

"Look who's talking!" Savanna shot back.

A louder crash that seemed to be accompanied by the sound of something being spilled.

"What in hats for bats are they doing!?" Mike shouted.

Both Mike and Sherry dashed up the stairs and into the front room.

"Dang mangit!!" Mike roared when he took in the sight of his living room.

The punch bowl had been upset, so had a recently watered plant, several cds had been knocked off a table, and both Nuala and Savanna stood gaping at the mess they had made of Mike's carpet!

"Okay, that's it, you two, help me clean up this mess you made! Then, out, OUT - OOOOOOUUUUUUTTTTTT!!" Mike was just seething.

Everyone did their best, but Mike was going to have the carpet cleaners come in, and even then, he wasn't sure his beautiful carpet would be restored to its former glory.

The pizza delivery arrived, and Mike told Savanna she could leave and take her pizza with her, or stay to help with the clean up, because now the party was officially over.

"I'll get you for this, Nuala!" Savanna raged on her way out, "I'll get you if it's the last thing I do!"


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