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Teen Prayer Chain

I started going through group archives to see if there were any meme-mangles I missed. Sure enough, there's this one. A chain letter that gets mangled by one character and one author. All coming up.

😏Meme: Teen Prayer

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Argh!

👩‍🚀BP: Well, look at what popped up in my inbox today! I'm just ecstatic. *Flat expression*

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: *Grimace* That makes two of us.

👩‍🚀BP: Figured it might be useful somewhere for some ripping and shredding. *Evil grin* Wahahahaha!

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Urgh, that was painful!

I had to mangle this one.

👩‍🚀BP: Hahahahahahaha! Awesome! *Grin*

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Hehe! Thanks!

👩‍🚀BP: *Evil grin* I just got a lovely idea...I shall rewrite this into a more...suitable...form. Muahahaha!

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Roflol Cool! Wonder what?

👩‍🚀BP: Mwahahaha! Well, not guaranteeing it'll be terribly funny, but I rewrote the "Teen's Prayer" into something I think fits better.


😏Meme: Hey please pass this on it is a funny message to encourage teens everywhere!

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Uh, no, I don't perpetuate chain letters. Anyone who knows anything about me at all, would know at least that much.

😏Meme: send it to every one you know!

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf:No way.

😏Meme: Thanks!

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf:You're not welcome.

😏Meme: A Teen's Prayer

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf:Oh brother! *Rolling eyes* Like, ARGH!

😏Meme: O Supreme Being, and I don't mean me;

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf:Am I supposed to be laughing now?

👩‍🚀BP: O Supreme Being, and by that I mean me

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Hehe!

😏Meme: Give me the vision to see my parents as human beings

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: You should've known that all along. It's this lack of vision that causes nutty creepy fangirls of utterly deranged fictional characters to try to kill their friends and family to please such characters.

😏Meme: because if they aren't what does that make me?

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf:Duh, can't you figure anything out?

👩‍🚀BP: Give my parents the vision to see how annoying they are because if I'm not happy, they shouldn't be either

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Lol!

😏Meme: Give me vocabulary because the more I say "you know"

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: The more you drive people like me up the wall.

😏Meme: the less anyone does.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf:You know, that like, didn't even, like, make sense, you know...

👩‍🚀BP: Give everyone vocabulary because I shouldn't have to explain Everyone else does

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Hehe!

😏Meme: Give me freedom from television, because I'm beginning to suspect it's trivial plots.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf:Suspect its plots of what, murder? And no, killing time doesn't count. Since when are you not free when watching TV? It's your choice, dumbbell!

👩‍🚀BP: Give me more television, because I love the plots

😏Meme: Give me homework to keep me from flunking Free Time.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf:That is about the most incoherent attempt at an idea I've heard in a while. You can't flunk free time, genius. You can fail your courses, but you cannot flunk free time.

👩‍🚀BP: Give me no homework because it's pointless

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: *Lopsided grin* I always hated homework, figuring that school stuff should stay at school. :)

😏Meme: Give me a map of the world so I may see that this town and I are not the center of it.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf:If you want a map, go to the library and get it yourself. I'm using mine for - like you know, a REAL purpose!

👩‍🚀BP: Give me a map of the world so I may see that this town and I are definately the center of it

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: And then when I don't find myself smack dab in the middle of the map, I'll know the universe screwed up royally somewhere. *Grin* hehe - I just couldn't resist adding to this mangle.

😏Meme: Give me a love for books so that I can understand the choices facing me.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf:Hello, anybody in there? Since when do you need books to know you have choices and understand them? Are you that much of a jellyfish that you can't understand and form your own choices without the help of some book? And you didn't say what kind of book, what if someone gave you "Mein Kamf" or the communist manifesto?

👩‍🚀BP: Give me a good looking tutor to help with my books so I can understand the "choices" facing me

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: *Bursts out laughing!*

😏Meme: Give me understanding that nobody ever grows up in a group so I may find my own way.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf:Huh? You grow up in groups all the time, and yes, they change all your life. Parents, siblings, friends, classmates, staff at the work place, other people at the work place depending on your job.

👩‍🚀BP: Give my parents understanding that everybody grows up in a group and what other people says matters more than life itself

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Lolol!

😏Meme: Give me limits so I will know I am loved.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf:Obviously you're not a teenager, but some adult trying to write this and be cute. Guess what? You're not succeeding.

👩‍🚀BP: Give me no limits so I will know I am loved

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Hahahahaha! Oh, the request of a spoiled brat supreme! Good call.

😏Meme: And give me nothing I haven't earned so that my adolescence will not last forever.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf:Dude, chick...? Regardless of what you are or are not given, your adolescence will not last forever, it can't, that is a technical chronological impossibility. However, it is your choice to keep acting like an adolescent if you wish, but don't expect to get too far with that approach, and remember, it's your choice.

👩‍🚀BP: And give me everything Because I deserve it.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Hahaha! That could backfire too. *Wicked grin*

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Instead of this silly little "Gimme gimme gimme" prayer, remember that gimme gimme never gets, and you won't get me forwarding this pathetic little hackjob.

😏Meme: Thank you Lord.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: *Frown* I thought you said it was a "supreme being" so which is it?

😏Meme: Amen.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Shut it.

👩‍🚀BP: Thank you, Hamgod.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Thanks, Hamgod, for idiotic forwards to ridicule. Right.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Wondering where this "Hamgod" stuff comes from:

It was created by trolls waging a stupid guestbook war against a Mary Sue writer they hated.

We couldn't come up with anything that stupid, but we can mock the heck out of it.



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