Connie Schultz did write the viral our debt to the community organizers known as suffragists, and it was reposted on suffragewagon.org with an encouragement to spread it. Feminist chain letter.

but the suffragist movement is long over, or should be. It isn't necessary to keep on about how badly women were treated and all the stuff the suffragists went through to make it better, not that they were even really as heroic as all that, and certainly not cool to use that as a "Rah rah, now women, you all get out there and vote because there was once a time when women weren't allowed to vote!" Everybody knows there was once a time when women were not allowed to vote. It doesn't need to be repeated over and over - and over again, everybody gets it already.

But here's a shocker.

We don't owe them a thing.

Just because one good thing came out of their fight a century ago does not mean society has to keep on and on forever, practically worshiping these long dead suffragists as if they were some sort of deities.

Another reason we are not in their debt besides that we literally don't have any way to pay back the dead, is that society was always supposed to be equal. Now, it is, concerning people's right to vote. That's already been done, and the only way that equality could ever be replaced by inequality again is if feminists or MGTOW get their hands on a whole lot of power and turn back the clock to the days when sexism ruled. And yes, they really are trying for that.

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democrats are always trying to convince various groups such as women "You are victims and we can fix that if you let us."

Where's your "Rah rah sisters!" "Go girls go!" when a woman is running from the party you don't like? Ah, but then you call her something stupid like "gender traitor" or you say she can't possibly be a real woman because she isn't running for your party of identity politics. Maybe you still cling to the wrong-headed notion that she is being told by men what to think.

Yes, for the record, Connie Schultz is a democrat.

Do you really want me voting - for who i believe in, even if it isn't your favourite candidate? Or are you sure that I'll do the right thing by you and vote for the partisan candidate you like better, because you think that party cares more about women?

How I choose to vote or not to vote is between me and God, and none of Connie Schultz's business, but I'll say this much.

I will not vote for people and platforms I don't believe in just because I'm a woman and women had no rights before suffrage came along. My refusing to vote, especially for someone pushing toxic identity politics, will not roll back the clock to the early 1900's and earlier.

I am living in and for today, looking to the future. I refuse to let anyone tell me I must do this or that because I am a woman and inherently a victim.

I am not a victim.

I will exercise my right to vote or not to vote. I will remain true to myself and not allow anyone, male or female to lead me around by the nose because they have big gender issues. My suggestion to them is to get some kind of a life, and keep out of mine.

Over and out.


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