Bloody Mary Mutation 11: Mirrors, The Witch, Creepy Pasta

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Mirrors by valentinakallias

Let's mangle.


🤥CP: Bloody Mary

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Oh, yay.

🤥CP: She lived deep in the forest in a tiny cottage and sold herbal remedies for a living. Folks living in the town nearby called her Bloody Mary, and said she was a witch. No-one dared cross the old crone for fear that their cows would go dry, their food-stores rot away before winter, their children take sick of fever, or any number of terrible things that an angry witch could do to her neighbors and their children.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: So, this sounds like a story that is set in the distant past. I don't know why some people were accused of being witches while others were not, even among the doctors back in the witch-hunt days. Whatever their mucked up beliefs then, we've come a very long way since.

🤥CP: Then the little girls in the village began to disappear, one by one. No one could find out where they had gone. Grief-stricken families searched the woods, the local buildings, and all the houses and barns, but there was no sign of the missing girls.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Right, they all suspected Mary.

🤥CP: A few brave souls even went to Bloody Mary's home in the woods to see if the witch had taken the girls, but she denied any knowledge of the disappearances.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Well, yeah, saying otherwise would be committing suicide, even if she was not guilty.

🤥CP: Still, it was noted that her haggard appearance had changed. She looked younger, more attractive. The neighbors were suspicious, but they could find no proof that the witch had taken their young ones.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Bollox. Nobody ages in reverse.

🤥CP: Then came the night when the daughter of the miller rose from her bed and walked outside, following an enchanted sound no one else could hear.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: This just went from historical fiction to fairy-tale.

🤥CP: The miller's wife had a toothache and was sitting up in the kitchen treating the tooth with an herbal remedy when her daughter left the house. She screamed for her husband and followed the girl out of the door. The miller came running in his nightshirt. Together, they tried to restrain the girl, but she kept breaking away from them and heading out of town.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Why all the fuss? The girl could've said she was going for a walk, maybe even to visit a sick friend, and surely they wouldn't have gotten so panicked. But considering the way they acted, it's as if they hear that enchanted sound too and are having an adverse reaction. But you said no one heard it but the girl, so why is everybody so freaked out over her just going outside?

🤥CP: The desperate cries of the miller and his wife woke the neighbors. They came to assist the frantic couple.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: I just don't get this massive freak-out. Nor the whole setup. It's not as if the neighbours are living in uber close proximity to one another, they were worried about things like cows going dry, which means this is a farm community. So how could the neighbours hear a girl fighting with her parents about wanting to go out?

🤥CP: Suddenly, a sharp-eyed farmer gave a shout and pointed towards a strange light at the edge of the woods. A few townsmen followed him out into the field and saw Bloody Mary standing beside a large oak tree, holding a magic wand that was pointed towards the miller's house. She was glowing with an unearthly light as she set her evil spell upon the miller's daughter.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: If she was a match maker (I mean the kind you light, not the kind you date) I'd suggest the light was white/yellow phosphorus, since it's not only horribly toxic, but will make you fluoresce if you ingest it. And it was a key ingredient in match making until late Victorian times. Phossy jaw was a hideous affliction, but Mary's circumstances don't sound quite right for causing it. But it is the only way I know of that can make someone light up unless they swallow a few diodes. also not recommended, and also not around during the time of this story. Another reason it doesn't add up.

🤥CP: The townsmen grabbed their guns and their pitchforks and ran toward the witch.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Pitchforks? Really? And guns too, aren't they just a bit paranoid?

🤥CP: When she heard the commotion, Bloody Mary broke off her spell and fled back into the woods.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: So what was she doing spelling in the open? Idiot.

🤥CP: The far-sighted farmer had loaded his gun with silver bullets in case the witch ever came after his daughter.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: He may have been sharp/far-sighted, but also dull-brained. Silver bullets are for werewolves and maybe sometimes vampires.

🤥CP: Now he took aim and shot at her. The bullet hit Bloody Mary in the hip and she fell to the ground. The angry townsmen leapt upon her and carried her back into the field, where they built a huge bonfire and burned her at the stake.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: *Glower* No matter how many times I hear reference to this kind of punishment, it just upsets me to no end! If only it was a fictional punishment that never happened throughout history, and isn't still going on in underdeveloped countries. If only... If only... :( I will *NEVER* understand how anyone can be so cruel as to burn someone alive. Queen Mary Tudor of England is said to have exacted this appalling punishment on more people than any other ruler. And she was dubbed "Bloody Mary" for that reason.

🤥CP: As she burned, Bloody Mary screamed a curse at the villagers.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: I would imagine people might scream a crapload of things when in that sort of agony. But this curse thing has already been used before, in the move "I'll Be Waiting For You" which turned out to be a screwed up mess involving seriously twisted and dislikable people.

🤥CP: If anyone mentioned her name aloud before a mirror, she would send her spirit to revenge herself upon them for her terrible death.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: What good would wishing death on innocent people do just for saying a name at a mirror? It couldn't stop her own agony or make the thugs responsible suddenly get a conscience, take her out of the fire and try to nurse her back to health. Nor could it really do anything to anyone who said a name at a mirror. Simply put, curses are a waste of energy, useless, and stupid as well.

🤥CP: When she was dead, the villagers went to the house in the wood and found the unmarked graves of the little girls the evil witch had murdered. She had used their blood to make her young again.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: I see what you did there, you borrowed from the legend of Countess Elizabeth Bathory.

🤥CP: From that day to this, anyone foolish enough to chant Bloody Mary's name three times before a darkened mirror will

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Just look like a dipstick.

🤥CP: summon the vengeful spirit of the witch.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: wrong. 1. She is fictional. 2. Nothing anyone does here on earth can influence things in the afterlife for someone who is already in the afterlife. 3. Mirrors and names are not magic, not even when put together.

🤥CP: It is said that she will tear their bodies to pieces and rip their souls from their mutilated bodies.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Wrong. No human or fictional entity can separate your soul from you. It's what makes you you. If a fictitious spirit is so weak that she can be summoned by merely chanting at a mirror, she's too weak to tear anyone apart, fictional or real, dead or alive. Any strength she might get would have to be put into her by whoever summoned her, and at their own will.

🤥CP: The souls of these unfortunate ones will burn in torment as Bloody Mary once was burned, and they will forever be trapped in the mirror.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: They'll burn in a mirror? That is about the most ridiculous mental image I've gotten in a while.


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