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Holidays And The Memes That Try To Spoil Them

This is the real holidays page; to learn about the silly fakes known as micro-holidays/lolidays/hahadays, go here.


Of all the holidays, poor Christmas gets walloped with the most memes!

And get this, they already start up in mid October!

For a list of and debunking of some of the most persistent holiday hoaxes, go here.

Let's start with the whole sob-song&dance that goes on year after year after year "'Happy holidays' and 'Xmas' are taking Christ out of Christmas! Waaaah!"

That's alarmist grapevine stuff, and if there's one thing Christians should not be doing, it's spreading misleading stuff around. You can't believe everything your friends re-share just because it looks like a pro-God message on the surface. You got taken in, so did they. Nobody seems to know who's behind these friend of a friend of a friend memes, and that is what all re-shares are; but they are definitely not from God, and they are divisive, not meant to enhance the Christmas experience.

Christ was never out of Christmas, and the X is a cross...

Maggie helpfully points out:

👩‍💻"Also, it comes from the use of the Greek letter chi as an abbreviation for "Christ," as it's the first letter of the word in Greek. ( for those who were never made to learn the Greek alphabet, "chi" looks like an X.)"

🧝‍♀️Thank you!

For more info, please read this article about the word 'xmas' thanks, Caitriona, for that link, I had no idea there was a write-up on this.

And to clinch this once and for all, Pamela Margaret adds:

👩"Also don't the US say "Happy Holidays"? Not a UK thing. Then people moan it takes the religious side out. "Holiday" comes from "Holy Day". So no."

🧝‍♀️Veronica Clarke says:

👩"As for Xmas/Christmas, if you take the Christ out of it, that is on you. Xmas has been around as long as I can remember as a short way of writing Xmas when most of us handwrote our cards and had a lot of people we sent to. I still say Merry Christmas. I don't object if prolly say Happy Kwanza when that day comes around and don't object to Happy Hannukah. Each to their own." (TBC)

🧝‍♀️So, bottom line being: if you want to say "Merry Christmas" just plain say it, live, in person, You're not going to "put Christ back into Christmas" by re-sharing these memes which are really trying to nix out your Christmas spirit... Be a Christian, not a memer. And have a happy Halloween/TG, and Merry Christmas!

Oh, and shove off with this "Ule/Saturnalia was here before, Christians 'HIJACKED' and made it into Christmas so pagans gots first rights to dah season/day!" Heard that anti-Christian yammer over and over and over - and over - in reaction to these paranoid memes. That argument has become a meme itself. Not interested. Buh-bye! Go to Snopes, they'll be glad to have you.

Veronica Clarke adds:

👩"I will stick to Christmas whether it is a pagan holiday usurped by the church or not. It is significant as a Christian holiday and will remain so for me and mine at least as long as I live."

🧝‍♀️Here, here!

Don't tell me commercialism has ruined Christmas either. It only does if you let it, and I refuse to. You can still enjoy Christmas and a few much appreciated little treats, even if you buy them for yourself or like treating other people.

Now, on to everything else.


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Courtesy of Perry:

👨"Καλά Χριστούγεννα = Good Christmas"


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We are driven mad by holiday-related memes, but absolutely love the holidays, and this is reflected in the following:

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