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Furby Christmas

Flying Into Christmas

So when all the reindeer were accounted for, Santa wished them a merry Christmas, got the sleigh ready, gave the furbies some more magic air-borne corn, and hitched them to the sleigh.

Santa used more magic to shrink everything down to a manageable size, because there was no way even 15 plus furbies could pull an average reindeer sleigh, let alone lift off. The toys and other gifts would go back to normal size once out of the sleigh and down the chimney.

The experience was truly, as Kitri described it, heady. They were weightless, surrounded by swirling glistening snow, and the various furbies whose eyes could light up, made a nice stand-in for rudolph this time.

No one seemed to realize when/if the sleigh actually stopped, though it did. This was all part of Santa's magic. They rode through the starry, moonlit sky, various scenes flashing beneath them like little toy towns and country sides. The cities were lit up with colourful Christmas lights to go with the normal night lights.

The furbies didn't talk or sing, since they were all awestruck by the wonder and beauty of it all. This was a once in a lifetime experience

Jessica awoke first the next morning, and she made herself some breakfast and a hot drink, then went into the front room to turn the tree on and check out the Christmas music channel.

It was then that she noticed there were presents under the tree, and filled stockings by the fireplace, which she had not even seen before, let alone put there.

"What?" She exclaimed. Thinking her family must've done this some time after she had fallen asleep, she began to investigate. To her amusement, there were gifts for her furbies from Santa along with a few gifts for Jessica herself.

So Jessica got to work on her gifts. They were things like gift cards, a shirt, some hot chocolates, candy etc. She was extremely pleased.

But there was one fairly large box under the tree that was labeled "To Jessica and company, with love, Santa Claus."

So she decided to wait with that one until the furbies were up.

When the furbies started waking up, they were each baffled as to how they ended up back in Jessica's room from being on Santa's sleigh team.

It was obvious that Jessica was not in bed, so they all rushed out in excitement to join her in the front room.

All but Toby headed for the tree and stockings, while he rushed at Jessica and settled on her shoulder.

Jessica welcomed him back warmly, making him purr.

Various exclamations came from the furbies as they opened their presents, which were various eats each one particularly liked.

But Kitri's gift was the most exciting. Jessica thought she was going to short-circuit.

Kitri whooped and laughed hysterically, hopping and twirling around. "They want me back!" she said breathlessly. "I can't believe it - they want me back!"

"Who wants you back?" Jessica stared blankly at her, and the blankness gave way to alarm a moment later. ""Not whoever you were at before you came here, I hope."

"No, no, nothing like that, Jessica," Kitri sobered for a moment, then brightened up again, "Santa's place, at the North Pole. They want me back to do another show New Year's Eve!"

All the other furbies cheered loudly.

"Another show?" Jessica asked.

"Yeah! Cool Yule went over so well last night that I've been invited back!"


"Jess, while you were out, and then when you were sleeping," Sundown explained, "we were all at Santa's. Remember that letter I wrote to him? Well, that was my idea. And it actually panned out!"

"No kidding." Jessica laughed. "Anything can happen with you furbies."

"It's true!" said Jet.

"Well, I'm anxious to see what Santa left for all of us, so you tell me all about it and help me unwrap this last present." said Jessica. And where did Holly get to?"

Oh gosh! Holly!" Kitri called, alarmed.

What in heck's in here?" Jessica could've sworn the box shook or jiggled slightly as she hauled it out from under the tree. "C'mon, Kitri, we'll go look for her right after this is opened." Kitri came back somewhat reluctantly and joined everyone around the box.

Jessica and the furbies tore at the paper, wrestled with the box, and soon, out jumped a giggling, grinning Holly.

"Merry Christmas!" she exclaimed.

"Merry Christmas, you rascal!" Kitri said, and started tickling her.

Everyone else chimed in with "Merry Christmas!" and there were laughs all around.


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