Pick A Cake Takes The Cake

This was one of those annoying situations when a perfectly good site fell victim to the chain letter treatment.

NorthPole.com is truly a wonderful Christmas site with lots of stories, games, music, puzzles, recipes and more. It is a welcome escape into Santa's world for Christmas lovers, such as myself!

But, there was a snag.

One branch of this site went viral in mid October of 2008.

The chain letter was called "Pick A Cake, Any Cake" or simply "Pick A Cake"

It usually contained this brief message above the links to all the cake recipes, notice the urging to pass it on:


🤤Meme: "This is remarkable & just in time for the holiday baking season! Even if you have no particular interest, please pass on to the bakers in your life. Just click on the name of the cake and bam the recipe appears!"


🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: There are many great cake recipes, but the North Pole site has many more recipe categories besides cakes.

It is a bit of a mystery why this site and only one subcategory became a meme, but if it urges you to pass it on, you know the drill. It should even be a dead giveaway that if you received the email or saw it posted somewhere by someone who is a habitual forwarder, then it is a chain letter, no matter how appealing it is.

If you are in doubt this is a chain letter, you may see for yourself by looking at the links below, where "Pick A Cake" has already been posted, early in the 2008 Christmas season.

This type of meme, like all other Christmas chain letters, has the tendency to land in the inbox or show up on the web more than once a Christmas season.

Blog Catalog



Orchid Board

Roundup Ranch

An attempted post at the UK peanut gallery

a Xanga site

Casa Somerset

Two Dancing Crows

Sheryl L.

My Hidden Treasures looks like a site that contains a lot of chain letter posts.

Bake A Cake

Christmas Goodies

Let Them Eat Cake By the way, Marie Antoinette did not utter that phrase.

Afrocentric Online

Crestview Hills Coldwell Banker

By all means except via chain letter, tell your friends about NorthPole.com if you discovered it for yourself, like it and think some of your friends would be interested. If they want to look at the recipe section, specifically the cakes, they will find them on their own without having received the meme.

You can always use your favourite search engine to find all the holiday recipes you need and much more. Sending individual recipes to friends just because you really like them, or think your friends would, without any demands or requests to pay it forward is the way to go.


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