Islamic Chain Letters/Memes


Atheist Professor

"Beautiful" Death Hadith

"Beautiful" Punishments Hadith

Islamic Meme Lies About Art Work

Muslim Kid

Horrible Hadith Chain Letter


Timely Prayers

What Is Wrong With Me

Valentine's Day Furor


This hoax is aimed at Muslims and it claims scientists discovered proof that Muhammad split the moon and then put it back together. The photos are not of the supposed moonsplit miracle, but of a rille, which is a geological feature found on the moon, in many different places. The chain letter is wrong in its claim that belt of rocks were found that prove the split. There are no belts of rocks either.

"No Mohammad/Mekkah" False Cola Logo Chains Target Muslims Too.

You've probably heard of the stupid memes that tell you Coke/Pepsi is taking some reference to God off their cans.

What the likes of Snopes and ilk don't bother telling you is that Christians are not the only ones this annoying sort of meme is targetting.

The Muslim version of this chain is discussed here, and it claims that the Coke/Pepsi logo, when put up to a mirror, says "No Mohammad No Mekkah" in Arabic!

What? Lol, I don't think so! Heck, those products aren't even made by an Arabic company for gosh sake!

So, whatever your religious persuasion, should you see an email or re-share of an alarmist coke/pepsi meme that tells you cola is trying to kill your religion, just trash it and tell everyone it's bull.

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Muslims React To One-eyed Mother Glurge

An Islamic blog reposted a "World Shame" animal rights chain letter and one of those ugly malicious racist rumours about Tommy Hilfiger. All of which are false!


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