When Anatolia still had a Twitter account, her profile there read:

"Hey, I'm Anatolia and I have an addiction to horror, My favourite movie is A Nightmare on Elm Street, I'm a Freddy lover. I'm also a Little Monster, paws up.

1428 Elm Street"

Some tweets read:

AnatoliaAnatolia@Anatolia 6 May

@ZoeeBabyyxoxo Good to find another person like me.

Ocean Elf: Hah! If she wanted to connect with people like her, she and I couldn't be any more opposite. So why she kept trying, never made sense.

AnatoliaAnatolia@Anatolia 13 May

@ZoeeBabyyxoxo I got a Freddy top saying "Anatolia Krueger" on it, the next day my soda was spilt on it, and the picture leaked a little :(

Ocean Elf:when they get something with their first name and the last name of a favourite character, that is fan girlish, definitely Mary Sue territory. Being that way over some character like Cedric Diggory is annoying, being that way over a sadistic serial killer character is sick.

AnatoliaAnatolia@Anatolia 13 May

@ILoveJasonV_ Yeah, stop giving me false hope that someone actually gives a crap about what I'm posting.

AnatoliaAnatolia@Anatolia 13 May

Reading Creepypasta.


Sissy Spacek's performance as Carrie was simply amazing - I don't think anyone will be able to top that. pic.twitter.com/jRIm5QANaY

Ocean Elf: Carrie sucks. Another story touting the ruddy awful stereotype of the ultra-religious nutcase, making believers in God out to look like total lulus. And the remake of the movie got a promo in the form of some stupid prank at a coffee shop, the video&story of that having gone viral. Yeah, another chain letter scheme.

AnatoliaAnatolia@Anatolia 9 Oct

I'm startin' to become addicted to CreepyPasta...

AnatoliaAnatolia@Anatolia 13 May

Reading Creepypasta.

Ocean Elf: One of the things memes are disliked for around here is that they are often started by sadistic trolls.

Creepy pastas (copy paste) are memes with a horror bent, and associated with 4chan, a troll and otaku site. They get utterly mangled, trashed around here.


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