Anita Dunn And Stephanie Wolfe

These two hacks caused trouble during the Obama years, doing what more and more SJWs did until society finally had enough and the result was the 2016 election.


Anita Dunn, who is pretty cozy with that opinion journalism site Huff Post, believes that if you don't kiss Obama's arse, you are living in an "alternate universe" and only pretending" to be a news source. Because any bad press at all about Obama, simply can't be real! Give me a break.

Oh please. CNN a news source? Not!

Obama's white House got so cheesed off over the opposition from fox News (which, yes, gets as ridiculous though not as hateful as NBC does over anything coming from the right,) that it actually declared WAR on the network! Whoosh, that's some buttburn!

In the true spirit of unbiased tolerance, Media Matters drone and Professor Stephanie Wolfe bans students from citing Fox News as a source, saying she'd rather they used Theonion.com. But of course, she doesn't ban them from citing NBC.

NBC is so hateful and dishonest it is vomit-enducing, and so is that professor's attitude.

if you're going to ban one bi-partisan source, you'd better ban the other as well, or you're not fit to teach a journalism class.

Anyone got something for nausea?


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