Feminist Troll Anna Dovgalyuk And My Duck's Vision Video Meme Mill, Sitting On The Transit

For a production by viral video company My Duck's Vision (quack quack), feminist troll Anna Dovgalyuk pulled off a media publicity stunt that should be considered sexual harassment if it had not been staged. Dovgalyuk sprayed water on men's crotches on public transit to protest men sitting with their legs apart. Feminists actually see this as a threat to "girl power". Oh, good grief!

Anna Dovgalyuk's video went on Youtube for a while but was soon gone, and from there, the story went viral, with Anna claiming the liquid was bleach, and that it was stronger than that used by house wives.

The men involved in the making and producing of the meme, knew full well it was a publicity stunt, and that the liquid was not bleach.

One of them, Stanislav Kudrin, posted on his Facebook page:

💩“They poured water on us [...] Naturally, staged. That feeling when you come to the shooting with two spare pants and leave with a salary.”

🧝‍♀️Anna Dovgalyuk is a troll with a history of bad behaviour memes. She once flashed her underwear at commuters because she was mad about the up skirting laws in Russia.

The troll is outrageous, but she is not pretending to be a feminist. She really believes this bigoted crap, coming from her own head:

👹“Men demonstrating their alpha-manhood in the subway with women and children around deserve contempt.”

🧝‍♀️Sitting a certain way does not make anyone an "alpha" nor does it signify men trying to dominate women. If she was asked/told to sit and scrunch her arms up tight against her chest to stop trying to dominate men, she would be screaming "Sexism!"