Anonymous Coward Harassed Family With Hatemail Against A Child!



Exploding At Anonymous Coward Who Has Inhuman Attitude

In the summer of 2013, a heinous hate letter was sent by some anonymous coward to a family because that coward hated their child.

People posted about it on social networks. The appalling thing went viral.

I was utterly incensed.

And this was the result.

To Maxwell Begley, this is for you.

To parents Karley and Jim Begley, grandma Brenda Millson and everyone else in the family, this is for you. It can't erase or counteract what that ogre did, but it's my way of offering you some support. God bless.




When a friend posted a news article on her FB, rightfully enraged about it, so was I. I was absolutely seething! I couldn't even leave a coherent comment, this kind of thing makes me so !@$#@%#@L#$ enraged!

Tossed and turned unable to get to sleep that night. Smouldered the next day. Had a restful night but for a weird dream about having to kill a hamster that was trying to bite me to death, and than the hate mail story showed up in my email list as part of some newsletter I used to get. That was it. either let fly or explode!

Here's a Twitter feed.

And here's another excellent article.

and one from the Daily Mail.

Another mother posted down in the comments on this article about her own son who read about the hateful letter and has been traumatized because of it!

And what else sickens me is there are comparatively few, but still even one is too many, people whinging about us being too hard on this hate mailer. Same old trollish "Wahh! You wanna take away her free speech!" garbage! There's freedom of speech, and then there's abuse of that freedom, and what that woman did is the latter! Anybody who would defend her in any way and turn this serious case of harassment and bullying into a trivial spat over free speech is part of the problem. Ontario Hate Letter Offer would like that anonymous woman to come forward and do what little she possibly can to repair the damage she caused. I also would like her to be found out and exposed, and to get what she deserves. I don't believe she will ever be sorry or want to do anything kind for the teen and his family. Not after the extent her hate goes to.

For days, I screamed inside my head at this hateful woman ever since learning about her deplorable letter and attitude, and even more as I tear through her pile of stinking filth piece by piece!

If I could play this piece my piano would take a serious pounding. Currently I don't have anything perfected that can sufficiently express this rage.

So a rant will have to do. Unlike some people who are way too soft on her, I don't excuse her kind of stupidity nor pity her. I don't believe she deserves compassion. she never gave any to the child and to his family when she harassed them. and this wasn't even just run-of-the-mill catty harassment or run-of-the-mill ignorance and stupidity, she went way beyond that. So she gets absolutely NO love, compassion or understanding from me. If I pretended otherwise,I'd be a monumental liar.

Warning, some utterances made in a state of rage.

*Glower, blood boiling over*

Of all the inhuman, hateful, EVIL,!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can not understand why there still exist in this day and age, people with this utterly appalling attitude! This is no overly-sensitive PC-ness on my part, it is honestly something to get this upset about.

I'm going to rip this damn letter apart and yell back without holding anything back! It isn't pretty. You have been warned.

😤 🤯 🤬 To the anonymous hateful coward who wrote this evil stinking letter!

Nobody other than you and God knows who you are, but you deserve to be found out and have your name exposed! You deserve a public flogging! And that's saying a lot since I am very much against flogging, but make an exception in your case! *Glower, livid expression, trembling, boiling over!*




People like you are nothing short of SICK&EVIL! On top of that, you are a coward!

* * *

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 To the lady living at this address:

😤🤯🤬 You decided it was a cool thing to do, write an evil letter, riddled with hate toward an innocent child with a condition nobody, least of all, he, asked for, and you thought you would just pop this damnable letter into their mail box because what, you'd just curl up and die otherwise?

Well we may not know exactly who you are, but you can rest assured you have just made a bunch of us detest you! i'm merely one in a massive number of people only just speaking up now because after a couple days of trying to process this appalling outrageous and hateful act of yours, it's time to let you have it, but good, with both barrels!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 I also live in this neighborhood and have a problem!!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri: I'll say you do, no, make that 'you ARE the problem!' Your problem is you hate innocent people just because they have special needs, and that makes YOU the problem!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 You have a kid that is mentally handicapped

😤🤯🤬Capri:He's not a 'that' you bitter old witch, he's a 'who! And that's your problem. You hate this boy because he's autistic. I read the news article and might as well set the record straight. In your world, you consider yourself and your own supposedly perfect family, I suppose, to be 'who' but you regard this boy as so far beneath you because of something he can't even help, so you bestow upon him the lowly rank of a mere 'that'.

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 and you consciously decided that it would be a good idea to live in a close proximity neighborhood like this????

😤🤯🤬Capri:Say WTFH!?!?!? You actually expect people to go live out somewhere in the boonies just for being autistic!? You are unbelievable!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Thank goodness you are not in any sort of position of power! You'd have the world set back to the time of witch-burnings and medical treatments based on superstition, and laws based on who you thought deserved the right to be considered human. Heck, you'd get along dandy in a slave-owning society, provided you were the owner. Only someone like that thinks people don't belong in the city just because they are autistic!

This family has a right to live where they want, and that's as it should be! As long as they're not wantanly damaging property and creating a REAL public nuisance, and they are not!

You should try living next door to a rental property full of drunken partiers who are supposed to be college students! Until you've been down that road, you have no right to whinge about one autistic child visiting his grandma's home for only a few hours in a day, and this family minds their own business, doing no harm to anyone!

You could try living in a war-torn area like Syria, where guns and bombs can go off at any time, and you get the loud speaker call to Muslim prayer 5 times a day, every day.

No, lady, you have nothing to mewl about!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 You selfishly

😤🤯🤬Capri:YOU selfishly wrote this pile of whining hogshit!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 put your kid outside everyday

😤🤯🤬Capri:*Scowl* So you'd rather they just kept him inside all the time, locked in some padded cage with sound-proof walls, no windows, like some dungeon for him to languish in and made into a prisoner for something he can't help and didn't ask for, just to please the likes of you!

*Livid scowl*

Everybody has a right to be out in their own ruddy yard in the summer time, everybody has a right to go out in public! If you can't handle that, go some place in the Middle east where women are forbidden to drive, go out in public without a burka or chador, etc and get some perspective on how good you actually have it, and stop selfishly wishing for people to lock up their children just because YOU think they're not perfect enough for you!


Demanding somebody put your whims way over and above their kid's very welfare, if that isn't selfish, I don't know what is!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 and let him be a nothing but a nuisance and a problem to everyone else with that noise polluting whaling he constantly makes!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:Look, lady, noise pollution happens in the city, whether it's traffic, renovations, drunken disorderly college students partying and waking you up with screaming and yelling and throwing and breaking things outside in the backyard next door from 1 AM onward until 7 AM, keeping you up all blasted night! Or little kids without autism, playing and screaming in their backyard across the way! Can't deal with it, lady, then maybe it's you who should move! What I'm saying is, you have absolutely nothing to moan about until you've lived through the nightmare I did during the years of constant noise pollution coming from the many overgrown party brats who rented the house next-door, and were finally sent packing after they broke large mirrors and other stuff in a particularly violent destructive drunken party in the yard. When they were kicked out, the house had to undergo removal of extensive mold and virmin, not to mention renovations and restorations before a real family could finally move in, and believe me, I'll take a family with a wailing kid over those vile drumks any time! Little children, and some autistics, depending on to the degree of this condition, can't help their behaviour. The college kids have no reason and no excuse, they chose to behave as they did, and, they were well aware they were a public nuisance. They just didn't care. Neither did their landlord until she finally woke up and smelled the alcohol. She was a big part of the problem up until that point because she selfishly and stubbornly refused to consider what this was doing to the neighbourhood.

So don't you dare call this family selfish for letting this boy get some fresh air! you have no right to be screaming over nothing!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 That noise he makes when he is outside is DREADFUL!!!!!!!!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:Look, lady, nobody said you had to like every noise coming from the neighbour's kids, but until you've had to put up with college drunks and their noise 24/7, keeping you awake at all hours, making you feel unsafe and turning the property into a huge eye-sore by day, shut up! Unlike them, this kid can't help what noise he makes, someone can't be out there with him every second telling him to "shhhh" nor should they. What's more, he has a legitimate reason for these vocalizations. The college kids didn't, they were willfully just being brats. I'll assume you are incapable of doing the math, but 10+ college students screaming and yelling, making out, peeing against walls and fences, and tossing things at any time day and night is far worse than the so-called "dreadful wailing" put out by one autistic child during the outside time for a while a day.

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 It scares the hell out of my normal children!!!!!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:*Scowl intensifying* You know what nauseates me is not only your ignorant bigoted use of the word "normal" but the idea of you having kids at all! What scares the "hell" out of me is what your supposedly perfect kids might turn into with the likes of you as their mother! If these kids of yours were properly taught, they wouldn't be scared of an autistic person, period… They would be taught better! If they take after you, they'll be hateful, bigoted monsters!

I sincerely hope these kids of yours will turn on you one day, break free of your tyrannical, hateful apron strings and realize that being autistic or deaf or blind, or black or Jewish or Christian, doesn't make anyone a scary subhuman monster!

But I fear they may not, you're already doing your best to fill them with your insidious poison by teaching them to be afraid of this kid!

Unlike you, my own mother took the time to educate me, talking with me about the differences with some people, and what makes them act a certain way and why. She never taught me to fear or hate anyone. She also taught me that there are definitely times when it's justifiable to protest and be angry with or fearful of people, when those reactions are inappropriate, and to figure out the difference.

As a mother, you are a monumental FAILURE to your kids in this respect! You can't be bothered trying to teach your own kids how to get on with others who are different from them. You teach fear and hate rather than how this world has room for everyone. The idea they will likely grow up to perpetuate your poisonous hate makes me literally sick to my stomach! Clearly, it is you and your kids who need to move away from the close proximity of other people. Or perhaps only you… Without your influence, there might still be hope of saving your kids.

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 When you feel your idiot kid

😤🤯🤬Capri:*Glower* YOU, are the idiot, lady, YOU! You bigoted, intolerant, evil, tasteless, classless, bitch!! Aaaaaaaaaagh! You SHOULD be ashamed of yourself! But you won't! You haven't the conscience!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 needs fresh air, take him to our park you dope!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:Aaaaaaaaargh! Look, you insufferable nincompoop! People don't always take their kids to a park whenever they want to go outside! It's not practical, it's not possible, and nobody should be forced to pussyfoot around you and never allow their own kid to play outside in their own backyard, autistic or not! You try imposing that rule on your own kids for a whole summer and see how you and they like it! You'd either be keeping your kids prisoners in their own home or else next to living at the park… No one does that! It's hard enough dealing with autism as it is, and now you want to make things even harder for this kid and his family by imposing absolutely draconian restrictions as well, all born of your poisonous prejudice and hate! You disgust me beyond description!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 We have a nature trail!! Let him run around those places and make noise!!!!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:Listen, lady! A nature trail is not a backyard! A nature trail is not near enough to any backyard to just go walking over there at any time! A nature trail is something they can't just leave him to navigate on his own without supervision! He can have time to himself safely in his own backyard and he bloody well has that right, same as any other kid! You don't like it? Then get out of town!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 Crying babies, music and even barking dogs are normal sounds

😤🤯🤬Capri:So is this in a family with an autistic child! You'd have a much better case complaining about a nuisance dog! When those drunks lived next-door, what was normal was them screaming and being obnoxious day and night. So cut the "normal" bullcrap! You can always move, and I'm sure no one would miss you! But whatever you do, don't move into my neighbourhood!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 in a residential neighborhood!!!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:Where you'd love to put up an "All autistic idiots keep out" sign and in force a kind of apartheid against them! You are repulsive beyond the pale, lady!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 He is NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:You are Wrong! Wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG!

YOU, are the one not normal, YOU!

You are a throwback to the days where women were burned as witches and autistics were executed as werewolves and the like…

In our society, we know better! You're one of the very few truly not normal people who still hate innocent people for conditions they never asked for and can't help!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 He is a hindrance to everyone and will always be that way!!!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:he is a human being, you sour old bag!

You are the biggest hindrance to your own kids, and a far worse hinderance to them and toward society than autism or blindness or even poverty, and you always will be unless and until you experience some kind of miraculous attitude about-face! It's too bad there is nothing to be done that is humanly possible to make that happen.

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 Who the hell is going to care for him??????

😤🤯🤬Capri:Obviously not you!

To answer your question, which you didn't actually mean as a legitimate question but as a mean-spirited, patronizing, tasteless, stupid zinger, the family will take care of him until further notice! Not that you really give a hot damn anyway!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 No employer will hire him,

😤🤯🤬Capri:If he's good at something, yes, they will! And people like him have discovered hidden talents later on. But you really don't want to even think about that. Wouldn't it just burn your buns if he excelled at something and was employable in that field? You'd have to eat a particularly stinky pile of spew!

So what might happen to you if you ended up unable to take care of yourself and couldn't hold down a job? And I don't mean by you becoming autistic, I mean if you got injured so that your body couldn't move well enough to take care of yourself but you could talk and your mind wasn't altered? would you want people just tossing you out with the trash, leaving you to starve and die of exposure? How about your own family members? Suppose one of your own kids got injured? suppose they even got brain-injured? Would you be so willing to take time out of your day to take them to a nature trail or the park? Would you make your yard off limits to them? Would you go liv out in the sticks where there were no other people around and no nearby conveniences we city-dwellers take so for granted? Would you worry about who'd take care of them when you couldn't? Would you want anybody handing you a big steaming pot of your own hate?

Somehow I don't think so!

or maybe you would just kill them.. I wouldn't put it past you.

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 no normal girl

😤🤯🤬Capri:Cut this "normal" crap!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 is going to marry/love him

😤🤯🤬Capri:If I was your husband, I'd file for divorce! if I was your bf, I'd dump you!

There are all kinds of "normal" in the world, and their preferences in things like dating or marriage are far more varied than your puny mind could ever imagine! "Normal" people can go for some seriously whacked out ideas of what romance is, and yes, I have heard of non-autistics in love with autistics. Besides, getting hitched isn't for everybody, so take your petty insult and cram it! If your significant other finds out you are the one behind this hateful diatribe and he's so appalled that he dumps you, he'll get a big round of applause from me.

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 and you are not going to live forever!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:Neither is he, neither are you! I think she's figured *that* out long before you ever thought of it, you odious idiot! So can the patronizing sudden fake concern or mock pity or whatever the heck it is! Just shut your putrescent trap!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 Personally, they should take whatever non retarded body parts he possesses and donate it to science.

😤🤯🤬Capri:*Glower* What the bloody !@#$@%#@#$%#$@!?

!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is NOT retarded, he's autistic, and you'd fit right in with the PEta people, who want that very thing done instead of animal research! It's bad enough when some animal rights whacko utters this inhuman tripe, it's a whole new level of foul, vile stench when you go an personally wish that on a specific individual! YOU ARE EVIL!!!!! There is no other word for it, you are EVIL!


👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 What the hell else good is he to anyone!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:*Exploding* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! !!!!!!!!

Lady, I officially hate you!

I hate you! I hate youIHateYouIHateYouIHATEYOUIHATEYOU






You have some nerve!



Look, lady! It is not for you to decide who is worth what, to anyone!

His family loves him! His friends love him.

He is autistic, he is not a rapist, child molester, serial killer or terrorist! You could be directing your hate toward people who actually deserve it, such as rapists, murderers, molesters, terrorists, and instead, you pick on an innocent child!

You bloody coward! You are beyond despicable!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 You had a retarded kid,

😤🤯🤬Capri:*Glowering* No, you stupid ogre! He is NOT retarded! He's autistic! Ram that through your thick skull! If you had even an inkling of an open mind, you'd look around enough to realize there is a difference! And we don't use 'retard' to describe special needs people any more. We use 'retard' to describe people like those college drunks who were acting stupider than they had a right to, and making the community suffer as a result!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 deal with it...

😤🤯🤬Capri:They are dealing with his autism. You, however, can't deal! You can't hack it! You can't handle anything you think might mar that neat little picket fence paradise you live in on your own sad excuse of a planet of "Normal" You are a weakling of the worst sort! If you weren't brought up in a pit of ignorance and bigotry, I'll bet whoever raised you would be bitterly disappointed and utterly ashamed of you now.

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 properly!!!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:Properly is a concept you know absolutely NOTHING of! except you could write a manual on bigotry and hate 101!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 What right do you have to do this to hard working people!!!!!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:To throw your own snivelling words right back at you: What right do you have to do this to hard working people!?

What makes you think you have the right to decide who is hard working and who isn't?

This family is working hard, trying to raise their kid.

All you've ever worked hard at is writing hate letters and teaching your kids how to be losers.

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 I HATE people like you

😤🤯🤬Capri:Obviously. Well, I detest people like you!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 who believe, just because you have a special needs kid, you are entitled to special treatment!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:Ah, so that's it, you're jealous! You want "special treatment" Okay, maybe a group of people ought to get together and put you in another house specifically for the purpose of treating you exactly as if you have a severe case of autism, even though you don't. How would you like that?

Not so much, right?

Then stop whining!

Special needs does mean requiring some special accommodation, not to be confused with entitlements. ah, never mind, you're too stupid to understand the difference! The deaf require hearing aids, the blind require assistance of some kind for getting around, people in wheelchairs require accessible ramps and doors large enough for easy access to wherever they're going with the help of their chairs. But you, selfishly want to get rid of all that along with anybody who you judge as "not normal"!

You are revolting!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 GOD!!!!!!


And since you brought up the subject, God loves everyone, special needs or not! He even loves you.

If he didn't love us, none of us would be here.

Not that you would care or want to know about this, but a little girl called Katie, helped her grandfather to let his guard down and allow himself to show emotion. This little girl did what no one else could do for this man. And, she is autistic.

Think about that!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 Do everyone in our community huge a favor and MOVE!!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:Apply that to yourself only, and don't be so arrogant as to assume you speak for a whole community!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 VAMOSE!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:*Sneer* You can't even spell 'vamoose' there are two 'o's in that word! What are you, lady, RETARDED or something!? well, you walked right into that one, wench!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 SCRAM!!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:Show us all how! and shut up while you're at it!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 Move away and get out of this type of neighborhood setting!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:*exaggerated mock snooty tone* Oh! And just, what 'type of neighbourhood setting' do you suggest they move to, your Majesty O' Queen Of Intolerance? The rest of humanity is all awaiting your unholy words on bended knee! Show us, O' Queen, just exactly how to live, where to live, and which of us you shall allow to live at all!


You nauseate me!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 Go live in a trailer in the woods or something with your wild animal kid!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:You loathsome she beast! You go live apart from the rest of humanity and stop inflicting yourself and your vile hatred on society! It's you who needs to be removed from this setting, not an innocent boy and his family! He is NOT a retard! He is NOT a wild animal! He is a human being every bit as much as you are, more in fact! He can't help being autistic! But you could help yourself and you choose not to! You'd rather live in your state of hate and stupidity! He's just a kid! You, lady, are bad to the bone!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 Nobody wants you living here

😤🤯🤬Capri:Hey Queen Arrogance! Stop assuming you can speak for a whole community! Speak for yourself only! You are the only hateful idiotic dipshit who doesn't want this kid living there! YOU ONLY! Cut the "The masses are with me" head-gaming facade! You're a twisted, malicious, cowardly bully and by pretending to speak for a whole community you are a liar as well!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 and they don’t have the guts to tell you!!!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:Claims the gutless wonder who wrote and delivered this anonymous hate letter!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 Do the right thing and move

😤🤯🤬Capri:Hey moon bat! Who are you to decide what's right? you're nobody! You have even less right telling anybody else what's right when you are so utterly flat out wrong!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 or euthanize him!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:WHAT THE !@#$#@$#@$#%#@#$#@#$%@#!?!?!? What the bloody #$@#%#$@#$#@$##@$@@$#$@#%#@#$!







You filthy evil vile inhuman piece of scum!

That flogging I mentioned? Well I could gladly administer it personally!

You are disgusting beyond belief and with your dangerous attitude shouldn't be living around anybody with kids or adults with any sort of disabilities or medical conditions and you never should've had kids if this is the sort of thing you teach them! That's even if you really are a mother at all! I can't imagine anyone ever wanting to get near you let alone close enough to having a kid with you!

Shame on you!


I can't even - I - just - can't - even - describe - how - appalling - you - are!

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 Either way, we are ALL better off!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:No, sicko! We would all be better off if you packed up and moved to the Antarctic! Preferably w/o your kids…

👿Anonymous hateful coward: 🗯 Sincerely,

One pissed off mother!!!!!

😤🤯🤬Capri:And one anonymous hateful COWARD who shouldn't even be a mother! I guess it is a good thing for your poor, education-deprived kids that they are so-called "normal" or you might've gone Susan Smith on them! Take your own rotten ideas and apply them to yourself only! For the sake of your kids, please, take yourself and your poisonous attitude out of their lives!

* * *


Gads, this took me all day and into the night to do and I'm not ready to take a deep breath and calm down yet! This hateful broad's letter had me storming around for two days, making fists and pounding arm rests, I couldn't just sit down and rant through the whole thing in one sitting because the outrage was just too much!

But it was necessary to express. People like these need to be made well aware their hate, bullying, harassment is not okay and doesn't have to be put up with! It needs to be put down, hard, before such people go right off the deep end and cause injury or death to whom they hate. I can only hope she doesn't try to do a George Trepal. You can't put anything past a person that hateful and willing to harass.

I'm pleased to update with this article. The 13-year-old was made an honorary member of their biking club in a rally of support! And, while he may not know what it's all about, (his family spared him exposure to that awful letter,) he loves motor bikes.


So that hateful letter-writer can eat her stinking pile of crap and hide under her rock forever! She has been proven wrong hundreds of times over within the first week after she tried to ruin the lives of an innocent family.


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