The Disgrace And Shameful State Of Anti-fandom

These low-life conscienceless power-hungry cyber bullies and trolls are what is wrong with anti-fandom, in this case, anti-bronies. They curse, talk dirty, and use childish micromemes. This is all too typical of what passes for anti-fandom but these anti-bronies are even more disgusting.

They infiltrate, invade communities to troll, spam and otherwise mess with them. They even pay cyber criminals to hack accounts. They are cozy with 4chan.

They are no different from the fandom(s) they supposedly hate, they are a disgrace, and their behaviour makes their claim to hate any fandom invalid.

Since antis tend to use cuss words every few words, this pile of crap was edited with some replaced, others they frequently use to the point of mannerism, left in to show how juvenile their lame insults get. These kooks do exactly what bronies claim they do in their own rants about anti-bronies.


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R.E.D Demoman of the UTTP

Anti Brony Alliance

R.E.D Demoman of the UTTP

Discussion - 18 Jun 2015

Guys, I have a plan, and I need every vote, this may be against this communtiy, but it'll be halarious, ok now listen. I'm going to go as many Gay Brony Communities and spam anti briny * crap *, and use every insult possible, like autistic, faggot, perverted pedophile, dumb * crap * burger flipping shemale prostitute f***er and so on. and I wanna see how many of them go all rage on me. I need any and all votes

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ya mannein!

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R.E.D Demoman of the UTTP18 Jun 2015

+gangster weavile not if they ban me in time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

R.E.D Demoman of the UTTP18 Jun 2015

+gangster weavile ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) I hope they don't my same time zone then

as a18 Jun 2015

+R.E.D Demoman Go for it, but yeah you will probably be banned pretty fast unless you hit up the less popular or new start brony communities. Brony and pegasister chat and others like it have a * crap * tons of mods that will ban you before you can finish typing up your first sentence.

R.E.D Demoman of the UTTP18 Jun 2015

+as a oh rly... welp that's too bad.. Doin it anyway

as a18 Jun 2015

+R.E.D Demoman Hey I am not trying to stop you. I am just letting you know.

R.E.D Demoman of the UTTP18 Jun 2015

+as a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

R.E.D Demoman of the UTTP19 Jun 2015+1

Ok, just woke up. Since I got a majority of 78%, I'm gonna go through as many as possible and just start a rage war if possible

InFeRnOsCoPeR21 Jun 2015+1

Count me in. I'll make alts, block the mods, wait 24 hours and then state my 'honest' opinion over their fandom ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

as a21 Jun 2015

+InFeRnOsCoPeR good luck

R.E.D Demoman of the UTTP22 Jun 2015

+as a wow, I got banned from them, after 10 minutes! XD of me spamming and saying insults but surprisingly, no one got butt hurt out of it, other than like two fags

as a22 Jun 2015

+R.E.D Demoman any screens?

R.E.D Demoman of the UTTP22 Jun 2015

+as a nope, sorry, but I could take you to the community/tell you the community

as a22 Jun 2015

+R.E.D Demoman send post a link if and when you can

R.E.D Demoman of the UTTP22 Jun 2015

+as a they took down all my posts and comments, all I can do is take you to the gay orgy community

as a22 Jun 2015

+R.E.D Demoman okay

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R.E.D Demoman of the UTTP

I'm a Demoman, working for R.E.D,

R.E.D Reliable Excavation Demolition




Lucas The PK Master

Anti Brony Alliance

Lucas The PK Master

Discussion - 6 May 2015

Invaded a community

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Anti Brony :P7 May 2015

What community ?

Lucas The PK Master7 May 2015

help a brony out <-------no seriusly thats what its called

Anti Brony :P7 May 2015

oh .. I know thtacommunity .. what did you do `?

Lucas The PK Master7 May 2015+1

Anti Brony spam it

as a9 May 2015

not bad. I am sure they just deleted the spam and kicked you, but you probably caused some havoc for a short while 

Lucas The PK Master10 May 2015

+as a never mind it was fun while it lasted

as a10 May 2015

+le old springtrap yeah it usually is.

Cave Johnson12 Jun 2015

+as a the ultimate invasion is getting the owners acount and deleting the community and his a count you can hire people to do it for you on the deep Web I tried it and it's legit.

as a12 Jun 2015

+Cave Johnson dude you think too small. You want to really flare with people? Do how 4chan does. If you have their account start posting * crap * like "I am going to commit suicide" and other stuff like that to freak out their followers.


🔆Ocean Elf: Nothing about the deep web is legit just because there are cyber thugs that will do anything for money.

Besides that being the depths to which these antis would stoop, they are 4chan lovers, likely part of that den of trolls. *Scowl* They spam like them, post the same perverted and juvenile tripe, they are not interested in being a supportive community for real opposition to bronyism or crazy fandoms in general. All they want to do is hack accounts, spam communities, and pull stupid tasteless pranks to mess with people. They are sociopathic losers, chasing a lulz high. They also belong to other fandoms, especially the one for Pewdiepie. *Gags*

Over and out!





MLP My Little Pony


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