You Know You're an Anti-furby Idiot If

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Finding furbies annoying is one thing. That's fine. Everybody is annoyed by something, and we all have the right to feel annoyed at anything.

A subculture/fandom of anti-furbyism is another thing entirely.

It's one thing to belong to a fanbase. It's another to be part of a fandom. They're not the same thing.

Fanbases are broader, consisting of level-headed casual fans who, however avidly they like something, aren't fanatical and obnoxious about it.

The other component found within fanbases are fandoms. These are the cult-like hive mindsets that are fanatical and obsessive fangirls/boys over whatever they are into,.

They adopt annoying collectivist mannerisms that make them behave in a way their fandom demands by subtle peer pressure. So an anti-furby will comment on how furbies are Satan's spawn or gremlins that shouldn't be fed after midnight, how creepy they are, and make up furby horror stories, or furby-destruction videos.

Why anti-furbyism is evil

The anti-furby fandom is a subculture of trolls who are into hating furbies, and displaying contempt toward people who like furbies, "for the lulz". Anti-furbies are only interested in seeking attention for themselves, because they think hating furbies is super cool, and they are driven to attempt getting a rise out of furby lovers by trolling with inane comments and furby destruction videos, and

They have too much time and money on their hands, and not much in the way of talent or common sense. If they didn't have furbies given to them as gifts, or back from a time when they might have liked them, they actually waste real world money buying furbies off Ebay or Amazon just so they can microwave, shoot, burn, toss, or use any means of destroying them, capture that idiocy on video and put it online.

Then they get hissy when not everyone loves their masterpieces.

Anti-furbies will skulk all over Youtube and spew stupid comments on videos made by people who like furbies. When their "Furbies are creepy!" "Furbies should die!" "Furbies are cancer!" etc. trolling is met with any kind of disagreement, they predictably get self-righteous with "It's only a toy!" and comments similar. This is a further attempt by anti-furbies to bully any opposition into shutting up via direct or indirect insults.

Anti-furbies want a child-free internet, an internet for trolls only, like themselves. They believe that if you dislike their furby-killing videos or their stale old anti-furby memes, you shouldn't be allowed on the net because you are probably only a child.

Anti-furbies have been known to bully children via peer pressure into giving up their furbies and becoming anti-furby.

You Know You're Anti-furby When

1. You see a furby and think gremlins.

2. You actually prefer gremlins.

3. You think furbies are creepy.

4. You think furbies are possessed.

5. You think furbies are the spawn of Satan.

6. You think furbies should die.

7. You don't realize they can't be killed because they are only toys.

8. That doesn't stop you from trying to save the world by shooting/microwaving/setting toys on fire and videoing it.

9. You make rants about or actually try to pull off ridiculous revenge ideas against furbies, the people who like them, or the people who created them.

miner bob: "One day I'm gonna burry the person who made furbies, with furbies"

Oh, brilliant. Don't blame me if you go broke trying. First, you have to buy enough furbies. Then you have to find out where everyone at Hasbro lives, then you have to travel to their homes and bury them with furbies.

Might I suggest you just get out a little more and go on a cruise?

10. You can't say anything about furbies that actually requires you to think too hard. This is a direct cause for the following trollish stupidity so characteristic of anti-furbyism and other internet trolls in general.

11. You repost the same stale old anti-furby memes in comments about how creepy/evil you think furbies are on any discussion dealing with them.

12. You post that hackneyed old excuse of a joke meme "Don't feed them after midnight." in comment sections dealing with furbies.

13. You think it's super cool, funny, and original to say that furbies are out to corrupt children, take over the world, steal souls, etc. etc.

14. You consider it a sin for adults to like/collect furbies.

15. You think kids should not only be disallowed to have furbies, but should be banned from the internet as well.

16. You refuse to apply those rules where they're needed most, to yourself.

17. You've managed to convince yourself that whoever doesn't like your favorite furby-killing videos must be so childish or so stupid that they actually don't realize a furby is a toy.

18. You retaliate to negative reactions such as "That's cruel." which you take literally, by reminding them that a furby is only a toy.

19. You and the other fandoms have cyber-bullying behavior in common.

20. You and other fandoms have a love of cyber-warfare, trolling, 4chan and all that crap in common.

21. You think it's super cool, funny, and original to holler about furby lovers as "autistic!" "Having autism!" You think autism is a big joke and a requirement for anyone who likes/collects furbies.

22. You use the same vocabulary as any other 4chan-dwelling troll.

Example: "Butthurt" (troll term for someone they think is over-reacting negatively to something.

23. Your videos are as full of these stupid troll-talk memes and obscenities as your posts and the posts of any other troll.

24. You fall back on this behaviour when people don't praise your anti-furby content to the sky, or actually dislike it.

25. Like any other fandom, you think your anti-fandom is just and good.

26. And you still don't get why you are as annoying to some people as the furbies.

Third Wave

Reality Checks

1. "Furby = gremlins / don't feed them after midnight" is a meme.

2. Creepy furby is a meme.

3. "Furby is evil" is a meme.

4. "Furby is demonic/possessed" is a meme.

5. "Furby" must die" is a meme.

6. All of the above memes make up anti-furby.

7. Memes are cliche and annoying.

8. So you'd rather waste time and money killing furbies than giving or selling them to somebody who actually wants them. Cool. Not.

9. Yes, we know furbies are toys. Maybe if you can finally convince yourself of that as well, you'll stop with the useless reminders.

10. This may come as a bit of a shock to you, but you are not saving the world by destroying furbies, and you will never achieve hero status for that except among your fellow pathetic anti-furby fans.

11. Your revenge ideas against furby-creators, furby-lovers, and furbies, only show you to be a complete tool.

12. If you spent money on furbies and anything else to make a destruction/furby prank/revenge video that showcases the mentality and talent of the average monkey, you have only yourself to blame for wasting your money.

13. If responses to destruction videos with "That's cruel" or Ffurby abuse" bothers you, you still haven't got the joke. We know furbies are toys. But we're toying with you.

14. If you're so thin-skinned that comments in the negative toward anti-furby memes and videos, maybe you should stick to making "how to" videos and things less likely to receive criticism.

15. No, you're not cool for hating furbies and then making fun of people who hold the opposite opinion.

16. You are not cool for picking on little kids who love furbies and hate furby-destruction videos.

17. No, the internet is not just a big troll hangout.

18. If children should be banned from the internet, then you should get off the net.

19. By your own standards, where you think kids shouldn't be on the net and no one over the age of 6 should like or own furbies, you should then get off the net and give up everything you ever enjoyed as a child, and anything else you still enjoy that is suitable for all ages.

20. If you're not ready to apply those ridiculous standards of yours to yourself, shut up, mind your own business, and take your criticism like an adult.

21. It is not a sin for adults to like or collect furbies.

22. It is not a crime for adults to enjoy something meant for all ages.

23. Nor should it be.

24. Using foul language and having a potty-mouth is far less grown up than adults merely enjoying a kiddy show. Trash-talking hypocrite.

25. For all your whining about furbies being just toys, you show how childish you really are whenever you throw a fit of insults toward anyone who doesn't like your anti-furby videos and memes.

26. Liking/collecting furbies does not autism make. A like or dislike of anything, including furbies, is mere personal preference. Autism is a medical condition. Get that through your thick head. If you can't prove with medical records that someone is in fact, autistic, shut up and drop it! Even if you could prove it, drop it anyway. Ridiculing people for a medical condition/disability whether they have it or not, is discrimination and it's rotten.

27. The real problems with fandom idiots, including yourself, is obsessiveness, hive mentality, groupthink fanaticism and trollish idiocy, causing lack of individuality, originality, and class. All of these combine to make fandoms what they are, cults within any fanbase. Anti-furbyism fits the bill.

28. Your computer/tablet/smart device is unfortunately not smart enough to crash when you get the urge to troll, but is still considerably smarter than you are.

29. You haven't got an original idea in your head.

30. You perpetuate memes.

31. You're a troll.

32. Your crap looks just like that of any other idiot.

33. Because of all of the above, you are a troll and spammer, like any other fandom idiot.

34. your attitude and whole personality sucks.

35. Your comments suck.

36. Your videos suck.

37. Your fanfics suck.

38. Your fan-art sucks.

39. Your rants suck.

40. The internet would be better off without your trash.

41. You're a hypocrite.

42. You're no different and no better than any other internet loser.

43. Congratulations. Your stupid little cause and subculture are nothing but an memetic, obnoxious sham, and pathetic parody all in one. What flak you get, you richly deserve.

44. Spare us all your lousy excuse-making in defence of your idiocy. Nobody cares. We've heard it all many times before and are sick of it. You're not capable of coming up with anything new or worth considering, and there's no excuse or justification for your extreme and willing childishness and stupidity.

45. If you want to be taken as anything better than other idiotic fan-brats, stop acting like/worse than them.

46. Get a life.

47. Grow up or shut up.

48. Get a real hobby.

49. Turn off your computer or smart device, and go find something else to do that might stimulate your brain out of its atrophied state. Then maybe you'll learn to say or do something original and worth someone else's time and make you a contributing member to society instead of a mindless trolling drone, spewing out putrescent flame memes that are as old and original as dirt.

50. Until that happens, you get no love or sympathy here.



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