Ellen Lewin - the F-bomb Emailer

In April 2011, Liberal Ellen Lewin completely flew off the handle and said "F*** you republicans!" in an email tantrum response to a republican's email-blast at a campus.

Okay, sending a partisan email blast is IMO not the brightest thing to do, and republicans really need to stop trying to blast their messages everywhere. Email blasts should only be used for important announcements and updates, not for bandwidth and resource-wasting jokes, and especially not for recycling and recirculating virals and this goes double for anyone on the centre to right of the aisle.

Still, Lewin's response was inappropriate. A blast of her own, in which she hurled an f-bomb.

It generated a massive reaction.

Article and email exchange (though it seemed to be missing bits and pieces when I tried to download the pdf file.)

Here as well.


Great article about how conservatives should treat this Lewin tantrum and others like it.

e-mail revelations prof ellen lewins unprofessional intolerance

Here's a Youtube video about it.

The Daily Mail article is wrong about the republican's letter, though, I hope. For once, it does not appear to be a chain email, but an email blast going out to specific people on that campus, and it was written by the person who sent it…At least, I hope…

So let's not just label everything as chain letters willy-nilly when it comes to everything republicans personally write for a specific group of people. Otherwise, you might as well call every email blast you've ever personally written and sent out to members of your family or friends or some other specific group of people, a chain letter too.

Here's what I was able to find of this exchange. It was in the usual form email exchanges take as they grow, with last message first, going from latest to earliest message.

But I will rearrange it so it goes from first to last.

Apologies for the first message being illegible due to it being in picture format. I ran OCR on it and here it is. *WARNING* the f-bomb is present.


From: Lewin. Ellen

Date: Mon. Apr 18. 2011 at 10:43AM

Subject: RE: [No-nAcadStudorg] Conservative Coming Out Week

To: UI College Republicans


Ellen Lewin

Professor. Anthropology and Gender. Women's & Sexuality Studies

Department of Gender. Women's & Sexuality Studies

210 Jefferson Building

University of Iowa

Iowa City. IA 52242


She sent that a minute after the satire message had been sent.

* * *

Ellen Lewin's nasty note in picture form.

From: Ginty, Natalie B

Sent: Monday, April 18, 2011 9:48 PM

To: James‐enloe@uiwoa.edu; Franciscus, Robert Cc: Hagle, Timothy M; Twillmann, John D

Subject: Vulgar email from Professor Ellen Lewin

From: Ginty, Natalie B

Sent: Monday, April 18, 2011 9:49 PM

To: Enloe, James G

Subject: FW: Vulgar email from Professor Ellen Lewin

To whom it may concern:

Today the University of Iowa College Republicans sent an email to the University community and received a response from one of your Anthropology professors that was out of line.

This was the response we received:

(But all that and the rest of the exchange seems to be snipped out, and it only goes to the original satire that enraged Lewin. It must've been sent as an attachment.)

The exchange was picked up again the next day.

From: Enloe, James G

Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 10:20 AM

To: Lewin, Ellen

Subject: FW: Vulgar email from Professor Ellen Lewin


We need to talk about this as soon as possible. Jennifer also has some advice on how to handle this. Jim

From: Lewin, Ellen ellen-lewin@uiowa.edu

Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 10:52 AM

To: Enloe, James G; Glass, Jennifer; Ginty, Natalie B; Hagle, Timothy M; Franciscus, Robert

Subject: RE: Vulgar email from Professor Ellen Lewin

Dear College Republicans and others,

This is a time when political passions are inflamed, and when I received your unsolicited email, I had just finished reading some newspaper accounts of fresh outrages committed by Republicans in government. I admit the language was inappropriate, and apologize for any affront to anyone’s delicate sensibilities.

I would really appreciate your not sending blanket emails to everyone on campus, especially in these difficult times.


Ellen Lewin

Professor, Anthropology and Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies Department of Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies 210 Jefferson Building University of Iowa Iowa City, IA 52242

From: Lewin, Ellen ellen-lewin@uiowa.edu

Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 11:06 AM

To: Enloe, James G; Glass, Jennifer; Ginty, Natalie B; Hagle, Timothy M; Franciscus, Robert; Twillmann, John D

Subject: an additional note

Dear College Republicans,

I should note that several things in the original message were extremely offensive, nearly rising to the level of obscenity.

Despite the Republicans’ general disdain for LGBT rights you called your upcoming event “conservative coming out day,” appropriating the language of the LGBT right movement.

Your reference to the Wisconsin protests suggested that they were frivolous attempts to avoid work.

And the “Animal Rights BBQ” is extremely insensitive to those who consider animal rights an important cause.

Then, in the email that Ms. Ginty sent complaining about my language, she referred to me as Ellen, not Professor Lewin, which is the correct way for a student to address a faculty member, or indeed, for anyone to refer to an adult with whom they are not acquainted.

I do apologize for my intemperate language, but the message you all sent out was extremely disturbing and offensive.


Ellen Lewin

Professor, Anthropology and Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies Department of Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies 210 Jefferson Building University of Iowa Iowa City, IA 52242

From: Hagle, Timothy M

Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 12:38 PM

To: Lewin, Ellen

Cc: Enloe, James G; Glass, Jennifer; Ginty, Natalie B; Franciscus, Robert; Twillmann, John D

Subject: RE: an additional note

Professor Lewin,

I’ve pasted the prior series of messages to the bottom of this one so that we can keep track of the thread.

The issue isn’t whether you found something in the message sent by the College Republicans to have been offensive, but how you chose to express yourself.

Although some would disagree with the reasons in the message immediately below, they would have been a more appropriate way for you to have expressed yourself.

Your initial apology, though qualified, was at least a step in the right direction.

The “additional note” only served to retract the apology and was an apparent attempt to justify your initial response.

It’s not my place at this point to debate the merits of whether the CR message was offense, but let me remind you that they have First Amendment rights as much as you do and that their message was approved for mass distribution by the VP for Student Services, as was indicated at the bottom of the original message.

Let me also note that I found your complaint about Ms. Ginty’s use of your first name to be rather ironic.

As much as I agree with you that it would have been better for her to have shown the respect for your position by referring to you as “Professor,” respect is a two way street and you clearly did not show respect for the College Republicans in your initial response.


Tim Hagle Associate Professor UICR Faculty Advisor

* * *

Here is the satire that made Ellen Lewin snap.

County, and some levels of Iowa and U.S. government to STAND UP! Conservative Coming Out Week will be April 18th ‐ April 22nd. Here is the schedule of events that will be going on throughout the week:

Monday: Whose Conservative Anyway? Guess which athletes, movie stars, and performing artists are Republican. 11‐1 on Kautz Plaza off of the T. Anne Cleary Walkway

Tuesday: Red vs. Blue Blood Drive from 2 to 6pm at the Carnival Room in Burge. Competition between the Republicans and Democrats for a good cause! ‐College Republican meeting that night at 8pm in 71 Schaeffer Hall with showing of "Journey's with George" in honor of President George W. Bush.

Wednesday: Come pick up your Doctors' Notice to miss class for "sick of being stressed", just like the Wisconsin public employees during the union protests from 11 to 1 on the Pentacrest.

Thursday : Red vs Blue games! Beat the UDems in kickball and flag football from 4‐6 in Hubbard Park. Wear your respective political parties color! Stick around for a Animal Rights BBQ at 6pm.

Friday: Wear RED Day! Come out of the closet and show your true colors! Should be a great week! Lets come out!

/*********** Distribution of this message was approved by the VP for Student Services. Neither your name nor e‐mail address was released to the sender. The policy and guidelines for the UI Mass Mail service, including information on how to filter messages, are available at: http://cs.its.uiowa.edu/email/massmail. ***********/


Read more reactions to Ellen Lewin.

So… Ellen apparently thinks she owns "coming out" or that it is a sacred term because it was coined by one of her favourite special interest activist groups. She also doesn't want anyone talking about "animal rights barbecues."

Well then, if republicans aren't supposed to "come out" then don't throw everyone in the same kettle when touting that part of the liberal agenda either. Leave Jews, the disabled and (insert skin color) out of it, unless you're talking about real discrimination against them, and then, leave sexual orientation out of it. No one who's blind or black or Jewish comes out of any closet over it and being black, Jewish or blind has nothing to do with sex. It's getting so that republicans and Christians are feeling as if they are getting stuffed into a discrimination closet by the liberals.

Animal rights is a huge part of the liberal agenda, and there is such thing as an "animal rights barbecue." Peta's co-founder Ingrid Newkirk wants to be barbecued when she dies. Even Peta itself confirms this, although they try to glorify this unbelievably appalling desecration of a human body by calling it her way of "speaking out against violence."


More Reactions To Ellen Lewin's Outburst

The article at this link is no longer available, but I saved a copy, and here it is.

* * *

E-mail responses to Ellen Lewin (warning - explicit language)

3:24 PM, Apr. 21, 2011 |

Written by

the Press-Citizen



Local News


Under Communism in the former Soviet Union people with PHDs earned less then common laborers.

What will it be for you? Liberty or tyranny?

Douglas MacMurray dbm060866@hotmail.com

(Subject line only) F*** you to b****

Matthew Hurtt matt.hurtt@gmail.com

Dr. Lewin -

F*** you.


College Republicans Everywhere

P.S. It's incredibly unprofessional. It's unfortunate your "tolerance" extends to only those with whom you agree. http://randysright.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/university-of-iowa-prof-tells-republicans-to-fk-off-in-mass-email/

-- "When is the time for brave men to exert themselves in the cause of liberty and their country, if this is not?" - George Washington

Teresa Shaw ggroomers

Ms. Lewin,

I intend to pray for you, as you are a very confused person. You and your left-wing ilk cry foul any time anyone with their own convictions and beliefs states their mind. But we are supposed to bow down to everything you believe or we are treated to the morass you call free speech.

Well, do me a favor, the next time you get an e-mail you don't agree with, delete it. Just as I have to close my eyes if I don't want to see the porn magazines, or teenagers humping each other on the city bus or on TV.

Conservatives have just as much right to state their beliefs, if you don't like it, don't listen, you probably don't anyway as you probably believe it is your way or the highway.

By the way I am a registered democrat, and beginning to get very ashamed of that fact.

Teresa Shaw

Susan Unger susa949

To be an educator is to understand what your real role is. It is not to spout expletives at something you disagree with. Your rage and uncivility shows you have already lost. You definitely have no class.

Jim Boyle retnav4986

You make me proud not to be a liberal. You’re an embarrassment to our education system.

Esther Newton emn1940@gmail.com

Ellen, a friend sent me that college republican dust up. Hope this goes nowhere. How about getting a gmail account so they can't request your emails as they did in Wisconsin. I'll call you tomorrow, too late tonight.

Esther Presto UD MX MXJ AXP AXJP MACH Posey CD AXP AXJP Viva (Mini in training)

Sent from my AWESOME iPad

Ed Rathje ejr

RE: Your intemperate "F*** YOU REPUBLICANS" comment

Hi Ellen!!

Oh, pardon the familiar "Ellen" -- I feel like we are already friends after reading so much about you!!!

I feel sorry for the inevitable flood of rude emails you must be receiving from those rude ReTHUGlicans here on campus! Why does the administration even admit them in the first place??? We all know that college campus life should be reserved only for those who think pure Liberal thoughts.

And to allow a pre-approved and authorized announcement over the University email system, to anonymous addressees -- what an outrage!!! I feel so sorry that you had to even glance at those offensive words!!!

They deserved your quick, brief, yet so very erudite retort of "F*** YOU, REPUBLICANS"!! That's probably the only language they can understand, anyway.

Well, my best wishes for a happy and memorable spring semester.

I still can't get over that clever reply!!! "F*** YOU, REPUBLICANS". How did you ever dream that one up???

See you around the quad,


Richard B. Sorensen rich

Dear Ms. Lewin,

You are a typical example of the bigoted censorship that has sadly infected our universities like a cancerous tumor.

Please resign - you are a disgusting disgrace to your profession.

Richard B. Sorensen

Jerry Honts iamallardchaser

Dear Professor Lewin,

Before you go off on another tyrant rage about Republicans and delete this email, please understand that I am not a Republican. Republicans are way too corrupt for me to support. Of course, Democrats are way too evil for me to support and that’s why I’m a hardcore Libertarian. I don’t believe in any form of government over the people. Governments are too invasive and they filch the people’s money.

I would be interested to know exactly what the recent “outrages” were that Republicans had done. You know……..the ones you said you had just been reading about in the newspaper that had you so upset? Was it giving IDALS control of the state’s water quality and drainage and taking it away from the DNR? Now that outraged me because IDALS goal is to drain the few remaining wetlands we still have in Iowa and to replace the existing drain tile with larger tile. They claim it will alleviate flooding and give us cleaner water but the fact is; drain tiles hold a large portion of the responsibility for the flooding and they’re the main culprit in contaminated water in Iowa and in communities downstream.

But………..I’d be willing to wager it was more along the lines of Republican’s attempting to cut spending and restrict collective bargaining rights for public sector unions. Or maybe something concerning gay rights would be my second guess. I come to these conclusions because of your outrageous tirade toward the campus Republicans, the nature of your profession and your books. This culminates into a series of clues for me to incorporate the consideration that you may be a devout Democratic Socialist/Marxist.

That being said, I can also presumptuously assume, although this choice is thoroughly your right, you are a Godless person as well. If my assumptions are therefore correct, it deeply saddens me to know of another wasted soul that could still be saved. You don’t have to take my word for it and I don’t expect you to, but I do hope and pray you will heed my counsel and ponder the Bible and its accurate historical events that were prophesized hundreds and thousands of years before they occurred. And they are still occurring today.

You don’t even have to read the Bible to fully comprehend my message. There are two books that I can suggest for some very informative knowledge. One is “The Days of Vengeance” by David Chilton and the other is “Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion” by Alexander Keith. Both books are fantastic reads and will convince even the most anti-Christian people that the Bible is no fluke or imaginary fairytale. As you are a Professor at a renowned university I pray you will not close your mind to this generous offer of augmented knowledge.

I am however forced to proclaim; as much as I would love to see you become saved through Christ, I am appalled that a professor at the U of Iowa would be so unprofessional in an email reply. This kind of rhetoric is exactly what divides and polarizes this country. As a Christian in the middle of the fiasco, I clearly see where the hate and attacking is impending beyond 90% from the left. You see, I’m just sitting in the theater watching the play unfold just as the program guide prescribed. It becomes rather guileless to tell evil from corruptness when one is merely sitting in the grandstands with the Bible serving as instant replay.

Praying in Christ’s name for you Professor Lewin,

Jerry Honts


Dear Ellen,

If you have a few minutes tomorrow could I come by your office to talk about what happened today? I'm available anytime between 10:30 to 3:00.

Best, Tom

Tom W. Rice Associate Provost for Faculty 111 Jessup Hall University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa 52242 tom-rice

Annette Nolan annette.michele

Thanks for the F bomb and same to you. Wake up you're only 30% of the population is liberal.

Annette Nolan


How you like your hopenchange now?

Doug & Tammy isaacs

(Subject line only) Vile, disgusting, vulgar mentor to our youth

unknown tmch3us2002

You had better check out the Rate My Teacher site. You don't do very well there dearie. Seems you have a little trouble with tolerance and listening to others opinions. Looks like you have an attitude problem little sweetheart.

doug doug37055@yahoo.com

Ellin, Stupid f****** c***......

shawn moosman moosieswoodworks

You should be fired...

Dale Baskett dbaskett63@msn.com

Hello - F-*-*-* YOU TOO!

John Bhend jmbhend

Dr. Lewin,

Please exhibit a little more tolerance of other points of view. As a former university student from 1990 to 1994, I had to endure many points of view that I personally disagreed with. As a tax payer to the of the State of Iowa I hope that you would be more considerate and tolerant of the College Republicans and refrain from using expletives.

Thank you.


Lee Stophlet elchucko1

A real class job….yea, right!

Lee Stophlet elchucko1

You have a lot of class, huh?

George Lozano lozanofranky

Now, this is the perfect opportunity to use the Left’s process against them. Obviously, this is a person that could very possibly snap at any moment, for that reason, she should be immediately suspended from all teaching duties until she has undergone a full psychiatric evaluation by a team of doctors I mean, today she’s saying “F-you” to conservatives…tomorrow she might be shooting at them! After the psychiatric evaluation, this professor must undergo intense counseling for weeks, perhaps even months to deal with the obvious deep seated, irrational hatred she has towards Republicans. A member of the academic community MUST be tolerant to all students, faculty, staff and guests of the institution. Then, to demonstrate that she has reformed, she must then submit a 50 page thesis documenting the history of the American conservative movement, its leaders, and their positive contribution to American history. Finally, the professor must make a final, public apology on the Pentacrest and join in acceptance of those who are conservative. It will only be then, that this professor will have demonstrated that she has truly learned from the error of her ways and grown emotionally, spiritually, and professionally in a manner befitting the University of Iowa.

s nelson srnict

Very mature of you..... NOT


anne starr anne_starr2

When I read the account of the email tug of war that went on between you and the Republican youth on your campus, I was ashamed and appalled that the University would retain people such as you as faculty members. When I attended college, we respected our professors, and they acted accordingly. They did use send out emails using the "F" word! What has become of professional decorum? Have we really sunk to this level?

Stop with the "I'm offended" rhetoric as an excuse to go out and offend even more!! Guess as long as you're the one doing the offending, it's OK? Think about that....

Anne Starr Lonwood, A graduate of Drake University

Jason Walton iengnru

Well, aren't you a shinning star of excellence in the great leadership of todays academia! I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and roll with the assumption that you simply had a bad day coupled with a momentary lapse of judgement. Fortunately for you, you're a Liberal and will undoubtedly keep your job. May God richly bless the poor Republican who attempts the same...

For that matter; may God Bless You, as well!


James Stanley raven_chuckles

Dear Ellen,

In light of recent events, perhaps you might find the following link from the University useful:


I sincerely hope that you can find the care you truly need and I wish for your speedy recovery. You truly need help.



JRego jonrego

Ms. Lewin:

Unfortunately, the "Subject" line illustrates perfectly what you lack - personal honor.

As an educator for over 37 years, I am shocked and dismayed that you think the best response to something that may offend you is to use an expletive.

You are a disgrace to the educational community. Shame!

Jon Rego


Are you aware that the 1st Amendment rights extend to College republicans and not just ignorant and crazy liberals like you?

Janssen, Brandi brandi-janssen@uiowa.edu

Hi Ellen,

You deserve a high-five for your response to the "coming-out" email this week--you only stated what many of us were thinking anyway.

Take care, and hang in there--

Best- Brandi

-- Brandi Janssen, MA PhD Student, Department of Anthropology University of Iowa 114 MacBride Hall Iowa City, IA 52242


Sarah Ellen Tucker twistedbranch@msn.com


I read about your comments to Republican students on your campus. It is pathetic that a taxpayer supported employee abuses the privilege of your position. You are an excellent argument for the abolishment of the tenured professor. You are not a positive example to those students who truly wish to learn. Rather, you are an aging, bloated tick on the Iowa taxpayer. What on earth could you do to support yourself in the real world???

What a miserable, shalllow fraud you are. Resign.


Just What in GODS name is your problem, You should act like a lady ...

Judy Gordon jatwg

To Ellen Lewin,

No I will not address you as Professor because you seen to be too caught up in your title. Your response to the College Republicans was enormously inappropriate and you should be ashamed of yourself. Obviously you have a lack of class and also an illness where you cannot see another point of view which is typical of the far liberal left. You should lose your job over this instance, we certainly do not need your influence over our children.

Grow up or get out.

Judy Gordon


F*** YOU, Professor.

Wow what an arrogant elitist b**** you are. It's awesome you are teaching people to think like you do...

Tom Hendricks packerfan

I just feel the need to tell you your actions toward the College Republicans was disgraceful. It just proves that liberal, close minded people such as yourself are no better (or smarter) than any ultra conservative. I get tired of UI Professors embarrassing the university in this way. For future reference please allow young students to make up their own minds without your insults. You should be ashamed of yourself, but I'm sure you think you've done nothing wrong. You lose the respect of your title when you drop F bombs to students Ellen.

Deb Stone debstone51

Ms Lewin,

I'm only guessing but it seems that when President Obama talked about civility he was directing that at everyone in the country. It seems as though the only ones who listened were the Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party organizations. The Democrats/Liberals have continued, actually never even slowed down, to spew hate speech to anyone who they don't agree with. It is amazing that you don't consider debating someone you disagree with, but it is clear that you have no clue why you disagree except that you are a Liberal and you have to disagree with anyone who isn't a Liberal.

Deborah Stone

kbeatty1 kbeatty1

Dear Professor Lewin,

I came across your use of a new acronym, LGBT. I am guessing this is an acronym for pervert. I was surprised to notice you are a professor of sexual perversion, and part of an entire department of perverts.

I certainly hope the budget cuts can make redress.

Best regards in your new career.

Keith Beatty

John Gustafson jdgdds

A thin-skinned, intolerant , liberal university professor. What a shock!

A course on the "History of Feminist Anthropology?" You're kidding-really?


President Mason and Professor Lewin,

Bravo to you President Mason for doing the right thing. To respond to this incident in a professionally manner is extremely commendable.

I have two teens who are currently searching colleges. It is very sad that a professor at your college could put it in a compromising position. This is why tenure and "quality" of teaching should be re-evaluated. And the kicker is? Professor Lewin takes home a $95K annually from your college. Wow...... unbelievably sad.

Good luck with teacher's re-evaluations this year! Roseann Atcavage/ Philadelphia

Michael Burnett mburn10434


Thank you for demonstrating exactly how a refined and eloquent university faculty member should express herself, as a true liberal or progressive, if she wishes to impress those with whom her opinions disagree.

Enjoy the First Amendment rights granted you by the Constitution.

Just thought you'd like to know,


ARNOLD BEAVER arnobvr28144@yahoo.com

What else would anyone expect from A far left communist B***h like you???????

Wanda Harrison dalasrose8

Dear Ellen (you really do not deserve to be addressed any other way),

To tell an entire group of people to F’ off and then have the audacity to follow up and complain that in one of their responses they didn’t address you “respectfully” is quite impressive...and yes, I am being sarcastic. I find it quite interesting that you and your fellow liberals seem to think that YOU are the only group that should be granted the right to free speech.

I hope that you receive enough emails that you will actually give a thought to WHY you are being inundated with angey missives from the conservative side of this country. And believe me, there are more of us than your tiny mind can imagine!

A proud conservative AMERICAN

Gmail jmstephens1@gmail.com

F*** you too.

Sent from my wireless device

Gail Richardson gailannr

Wow! You look like somebody’s sweet, courteous, gentle, loving Grandmother. Instead I find you to be a potty-mouth gutter snipe! Amazing!

Ron McDaniel auron222

Professor Lewin,

Shame on you. Someone of your stature should never be telling anyone to F--- You...this is utterly disgraceful on your part, and all because you disagree with them. They have a first amendment right to do what they did. You as a liberal surely know that. And yes, you have a right to respond as you did...but just because you have a right to do something does not mean it is the right thing to do.

The University of Iowa should require you to apologize or be fired.

steve steve_phl

Silly liberal meatball!

Kimberley Hurst siren1873

You call that a real apology. You should be ashamed of yourself. That wasn't very TOLERANT of you. Haven't you ever heard of DIVERSITY? I am sure that is what you preach to all your students. Instead you act like a hate monger. We all see your true colors. Liberals are all hypocrites.

Disrespectfully Yours, Kimberley

Ginny McCalmont virginia.mccalmont@gmail.com

Hi Professor Lewin,

You might not remember me, but I was a student in a freshman seminar on assisted reproduction you taught at the University of Iowa back in 2006. I've since graduated and left the Iowa City area, but I happened to chance upon an article about your encounter with the College Republicans while sitting in an airport today. I just wanted you to know that you were (and presumably still are) a wonderful professor and that you have my full support.

I am also outraged by the (mis)use of language by some on the right, and am disgusted by the general unwillingness of such individuals to take responsibility when their rhetoric has consequences. It's nice to see someone like yourself express what many of us are feeling, but don't often say outside of limited conversations with people we already know feel the same way we do. It's also refreshing to see someone like yourself express an honest and heart felt opinion, instead of just falling back on canned and calculated political speak.

Anyways, please know that there are many of us who are behind you, and let me know if there is any further way I can show my support.


Ginny McCalmont

Sent from my iPhone

Kim Kruger kkruger2

Hey Prof.,

Your actions against the student republican group at the University of Iowa speak volumes about the subject of tolerance practiced by the respective political parties in America, I.e., liberals have none for any group or individual that doesn't see eye to eye with their policy or agenda. And you have the gall to call yourself an educator? Why don't you just be honest and admit you're simply another brainwashed cog in the wheel of socialism that Obama and his ill-fated/guided administration are trying to bring about. Do our young people a favor and just quit; you shouldn't be teaching ANYONE, ANYTHING! You are an embarrassment to the University of Iowa and the entire teaching profession.

Kim Kruger


Nice example of "intellectual elitism"!! Let's see, if the students don't buy into your philosophy just tell them to "blank off"! I thought college professors were supposed to be more mature and intellectual then to stoop so low! Guess not! You 60's hypocrites are something else. So full of your own self importance how could anyone disagree with you? Guess you don't like it when the "kids" act up do you! Get a real job!

Thieldke thieldke

Hey Lewin, You suck. Professor my a**.



Jason Lane 996racer

Tisk tisk Professor, is vulgarity ever proper?

William Kincheloe william.kincheloe

The recent disclosure of your less than polite response to a campus organization's "blast e-mail" offended me beyond description! Universities were originated and, later, invested with the mandate to teach HOW to think, not WHAT to think. You have overstepped that bound, madam.

W. L. Kincheloe,

Lou & Deb Gigliotti debbiegigliotti

Somehow liberals have been unable to acquire from life what conservatives seem to be endowed with at birth: namely, a healthy skepticism of the powers of government agencies to do good. Daniel P. Moynihan

You don't deserve to have your position.

Why don't you think before you act?

Just a question for you? What kind of job does one get when they graduate with a degree in Anthropology and Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies in the Department of Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies?

God Bless Lou Gigliotti

SID k2gg

RECALL the Conventional Wisdom --

"Those Who Can, Do.

Those Who are Inept & Incompetent at critical, productive, work-related skills, Teach College."

(AND Become Useless-to-Society, foul-mouthed, Liberal, College professors)


Scott Hansen scotthansen.dds

Dear Dr. Mason, The lack of judgement shown by professor Lewin is astonishing. I don't care what she read this morning. Her actions at the very least should get her suspened, and it would not hurt my feelings to see her fired. If she is going to have the responsibility of being a faculty member she should be able to control herself better than that. If she responds that way to an email, how does she treat a student of hers that has a different view point? He lack of tolerance makes her unfit to teach young minds. As an alumni I hope you will take disciplinary action.

Sincerely, Scott Hansen

Chip Talbert chipandjenny

What a piece of work you are. Been sponging off the good tax payers for years while spewing useless nonsense.

From what I've seen of your work, you are not very impressive. You couldn't hack it in the real world.

Chip and Jenny

cord thorson chucksierra

It's because of un-American liberal "elites" like yourself, this country is doomed to disaster. Thank you for what you're doing to divide and destroy this country. Pathetic disgrace!


Ellen Lewin has no business teaching our young people with an attitude like she has. You can tell by the language she uses that she sure doesn't believe in God. The Univ should never have approved the e-mail to start with.

Our schools do not need people like her brainwashing our young folks.

Wm. Patterson

Douglas Walker dwalker@myactv.net

Nothing like tenure ....to keep foul-mouthed, low-brow, wrinkled up old moonbats like you in a job. It's a good thing you've never had to actually produce a good or service in your carreer, as I'm quite certain you couldn't find your own low-slung a** with both hands and a compass.

Stay Classy! Doug Walker

joseph parise jpar121

you need to wake up. this picture i have seen of you appears you are asleep. do not say anything unless it makes sense.

Gary Lape grylape@yahoo.com

What the F*** is a professor of 'Gender'??

Gary Lape Colonel, USAF, Retired

McMahon, Taryn M taryn-mcmahon@uiowa.edu

Professor Lewin-

I admire your courage and outspokenness. Thank you.


Taryn M. McMahon University of Iowa www.tarynmcmahon.com


You are a foul mouth NASTY OLD HAG, if you don't have anything to say SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE

John Houston jyhouston@hotmail.com


(Pardon me, "Professor Lewin".)

Josie Atkinson josiejatkinson

So thrilled you never taught my children!! You are a disgrace to all teachers. Josie Atkinson

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mac_owner twolabsplus

Madam, you need to get a life and find yourself, there is always another side to the issues and you need to respect them and step-up, today

Anthony DelPellegrino liberalsrlosers

Professor Lewin;

As a Republican I believe in tolerance but I also believe that only certain conduct can be tolerated. For instance I can respect and accept your difference of opinion and I will defend it while still disagreeing with it. But I cannot defend or tolerate a response to my beliefs that is addressed by telling me to go f%$* myself. I also cannot tolerate or accept having a someone who is as intolerant and disrespectful as you, teaching future generations of Americans.

Educators are people who deserve our respect, you however do not. You have exceded the boundaries of acceptable conduct and deserve the disdain of the colleagues you embarrassed with your remarks to the students they teach, and the ire of the students themselves.

As a professor at a prestigious University that is in a state that will usher in our most important exercise in democracy, the presidential election, your vulgar remarks have hung a cloud over the level of discourse that will exist in the critical first in the nation, Iowa Caucuses. And for that, all Americans should have a say in your conduct. All of us have been effected by the example that you set in your email to University of Iowa students who disagree with your political ideology.

Furthermore; the liberal establishment should join not only in denouncing your actions they should join with me and thousands of Americans who believe that the only appropriate resolution to this sorry event is your resignation. Liberals supposedly take pride in their tolerance and diversity of opinion, yet your conduct is antithetical to such beliefs. Your conduct helped to prove the hypocrisy of liberal thinking and set back the cause of the left.

If you are truly sorry for your unethical, inappropriate and vulgar conduct, you will resign immediately. And if you do not, Americans of every political persuasion should called upon the University of Iowa to dismiss you henceforth.

Quite Adamantly; Anthony M. Del Pellegrino

May God Bless America and provide us with the strength and perseverance necessary to thwart and eliminate the hidden cowards who threaten all that is precious to us.

Darrel Vidrine res17goq@verizon.net


My first reaction is to call you a B**** but that would not insult you. I wish you would find a place to hide your head, as you've done for so many years, say now in a clean-out pond on a pig farm.

nObama and the rest of the DumboCraps will be out of office and out of power.

See ya. Wouldn't want to be ya.

Adam Mmandel17

Professor Lewin,

As an alumni of the University of Iowa, I must say I was surprised and disgusted by the lack of "civility" that you showed in your email to the College Republicans. Even if you you were outraged that you received one of their emails, as an educator you must show better restraint and also tolerance towards those with whom you may not agree or like. Clearly you do not support conservative ideas, and clearly you feel that they are hurting the country - however, you should know that freedom of speech and expression are pillars of all educational institutions. You clearly have lost sight of what matters, as well as what it means to be accepting and open towards others. Shame on you.


S. Mandel Des Moines

Madison Romano mromanoiastate.edu

Professor Lewin,

I just wanted to message you and tell you, I support your email you sent to the republican group.

Have a wonderful day.


Madison Romano

Daniel Carroll hulley@maine.rr.com

Kiss my American Male A**.

Beechy, Michael (ES) michael.beechy

Where o where is your tolerance you liberals are so famous for? Just another trash-mouthed, hypocritical liberal tool. You are worthless. And your vocation and the institution that is stupid enough to pay you for Women’s Studies is even more worthless than you are.

Michael Asher michaelasher54

Dear Ms. Lewin,

Are you willing to have a serious debate rather than engage in gutter talk? Maturity entails controlling your sensitivities and that is one quality which you seem to have in very short supply. You have diminished your entire university.

Please let me know if you're willing to debate the issues which tweaked you.

Best regards from a fellow American,

Michael Asher


well it doesn't lower my opinion of you as a professor

alpowers178@gmail.com; on behalf of; Audrey Powers audrey-powers@uiowa.edu

Professor Lewin, I just wanted to write you a quick thank you note. I respect you for your courageous stab at the college republicans, the e-mail was dripping with slurs and falsities and I am glad you brought it into the light. Although your bold move will be ridiculed for days to come please stay strong. In the past years liberals have failed to stand up for themselves and finally change is upon us. Thank you again for what you did.

Audrey Powers University of Iowa audrey-powers@uiowa.edu Hawk-ID: alpowers

Outdoors Guy guyoutdoors

Will be the first course cut when Republicans bust your union. They are coming after your liberal classes with a budget cutting chainsaw. You will also be fired for writing, "F*** Republicans". You are on their list, and there is a vast right-wing conspiracy.

Panther, Allison M allison-panther@uiowa.edu

Hi Ellen,

I just wanted to thank you for your response to the email about Conservative Coming Out Week. It needed to be said. Plus, in my opinion, some "bad words" are far less offensive than the purposeful reappropriation of "coming out" and that Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day stunt they pulled a couple years ago. I appreciate you calling them out on this because I've wanted to for a long time.

On an unrelated note, my thesis is finally almost done! I'm just putting the finishing touches on it, so would you be free to meet next Wednesday (maybe around 11?) to take a look at it?

Thanks, Allie

Shannon, Jenika A jenika-shannon@uiowa.edu

The IR has an article. http://theiowarepublican.com/home/2011/04/20/university-of-iowa-professor-tells-college-republicans-to-%E2%80%9Cf%E2%80%9D-off/


From: Lewin, Ellen ellen-lewin@uiowa.edu

Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 11:45 AM

To: Shannon, Jenika A jenika-shannon@uiowa.edu Subject: RE: You rock!

How did you find out about this?

Ellen Lewin

Professor, Anthropology and Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies

Department of Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies

210 Jefferson Building

University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA 52242


From: Shannon, Jenika A jenika-shannon@uiowa.edu Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 11:45 AM To: Lewin, Ellen ellen-lewin@uiowa.edu Subject: You rock!

Professor Lewin, I just wanted to tell you that I think you're response to IR was amazing, and took quite a bit of nerve! You totally rock :)


Mike Conway mikec

Dear Ms. Lewin,

You discuss me. That fact that you would address our young people the way you did, is revolting. You are called an educator? Be proud of yourself. You cannot deal with opposing viewpoints. Congratulations, you have become the very thing you hate most.

Very Sincerely,

Mike Conway

Jim Gagnon jamesg99

Nice move, Professor Sherlock, your big partisan mouth sure stepped in it. Enjoy the blowback.

jay king jayking360@yahoo.com

why is it that the voices that cry the loudest for diversity are almost always the ones who really need to work on their own tolerance?

You are a laughingstock. Inventing Lesbian culture & Gay Fatherhood ???? Yeah, those are real winners!!

You look like you havent laughed in a million years. I am glad you suffer

Maggi mkac1024

Ellen - Your recent outburst, your profane and crude outburst, prompted by an apparently unsolicited email you received from a conservative student group only reinforces conservative claims that the left has no principles and their only philosophy is “I want more and I want it now”. Thank you for proving our point -


follow me on Twitter, @MadisonProj and www.TheMadisonProject.org

Telling the truth in a time of universal deceit is a revolutionary act

E Jabez ejabezgreen

Dear Professor Lewin:

I read with interest about the imbroglio that has occurred on you campus. I must say it has hit the internet and seems to be spreading like wildfire. While can try to understand your hatred for Republilcans, I will never condone it. As I am certain you have said innumerable times(because it's a worthy ideal) that we muststamp out hate. It is obvious you hate Republicans, perhaps if you prayed to you God/Goddess(es) for love and support you could find it in your heart to reach out to those you swear at.

Please remember the new civility the left has been extolling for lo these many months. I'm certain you would agree this was an uncivil gesture.

I'm certain you think of yourself as an open minded person and all your friends and colleagues certainly reinforce this delusion. Ask yourself, honestly,how many Republicans do you interact with on a daily basis?

Good luck,


Christopher Page chrispage26@gmail.com; on behalf of; Christopher Page christopher-page@uiowa.edu

Dear Professor Lewin,

Thank you so much for writing all three notes to the College Republicans. Their initial e-mail was extremely offensive: using "coming out" is a phrase that refers to an extremely difficult time of an LGBT person's life is both insensitive and wrong. Hopefully some day in the future the UI administration will see your point of view.


Chris Page

Dawnfire82 M dawnfire82@gmail.com

The reason that the College Republicans use the term "Coming Out?" A******* like you in faculty make them afraid to tell others who they are by damning their beliefs and ridiculing their positions. You'd think that YOU would understand what that's like and even sympathize, but no, you're perfectly happy being part of the problem so long as it's not your tribe that's victimized.

I love how liberals always claim to be about openness, tolerance, free thinking, and so on, and work hard to convince others that that's how you are, but when you drop your guard and we get a look into your hearts, we see this arrogant, spiteful, hateful core. You are the very beasts you claim to combat.

F*** you.

Yeah, I lied to get you to open the email. Sorry, but my political passions are inflamed and that makes it ok.

With contempt, Anon


Dearest Professor,

Just curious, re your fake, sarcastic, disingenuous non-apology, are your sensibilities delicate? Okay if I shower you with hate and profanity?

Or are you delicate?

Best regards,

Mike Nelson

MARY PANTHER mkpanther@msn.com

thanks Ellen. I miss seeing all my knitting friends. I had planned to do this current class but at the last minute I had several conflicting meetings and so didn't sign up. Are you in it? Note I sent the email from my home email, lest Ms Ginty take issue with my sending on University time, albeit my lunch break:) As I told Allie when I forwarded her the original email when it came on Monday, it is very unsettling to read these things, when one can remember the climate of 40 years ago. It truely does remind me of the Klan mentality which we both know is alive and well, frightenly so. I am saddened by the apparent brainwashing that happens to these kids at such a tender age. I don't know Ms Ginty but do remember her as the cute, red headed, younger sibling of a boy in Allie's orchestra group at West High, himself a seemingly wild thing who I believe has also been converted to Republican illogic now. Hopefully they'll escape the bonds and figure it out for themselves someday! Take care. Remember, next week you'll be old news:) Mary


From: ellen-lewin@uiowa.edu

To: mkpanther@msn.com

Subject: RE:

Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 17:32:41 +0000


What a fantastic reply. I admit that I said something very foolish and not very constructive to start, but you’re right that I have apologized sincerely and that we should move on. I think your comments are very powerful and moving.

Hope to see you soon.


Ellen Lewin

Professor, Anthropology and Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies

Department of Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies

210 Jefferson Building

University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA 52242


From: MARY PANTHER mkpanther@msn.com

Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 12:27 PM

To: Mason, Sally K; Lewin, Ellen ellen-lewin@uiowa.edu; Ginty, Natalie B; Hagle, Timothy M; Enloe, James G; tom-rocklin


I am 59 years old, and a UI employee and Mother of a UI senior. I also received the aforementioned email re the “coming out week.” I am not gay, I am heterosexual. I am white. I am not a PETA supporter, yet I don’t eat meat for philosophical reasons. These are part of who I am. They do not keep me from being open-minded to those who are different from me in these respects. I agree that Professor Lewin’s choice of words was poor and I think she acted appropriately in apologizing for same. We teach our children that the most important thing about the mistakes we make is in acknowledging them and learning from them. Professor Lewin appears to have done that. My biggest concern in all of this is the original sick feeling I got when I read the original email. I was 16 yrs old when Martin Luther King Jr was murdered. I watched my parents cry when, as we walked in the door to our home after attending a lenten evening church service, we learned that King had been shot. When I read the email that started this banter, all I could think of was the seemingly hidden, veiled references to the sort of discriminatory, mocking styled, behavioral injustices that occurred openly and secretly back in the days of the Ku Klux Klan in the 60’s, when King, JFK and RFK were murdered within a 5 year span. PLEASE folks, remember that in the US, the only country where it is so, we all have a right to free expression, but with that comes a responsibility to be honest and direct and not to hide our beliefs behind colloquial jargon! Don’t make fun of gays or any other group behind veiled terms. If you are prejudiced, then say so. That can be argued. The un-substantive descriptors repetitively uttered in the original email can not be addressed fairly.

Again, I think Professor Lewin, which she herself acknowledged, used improper language. She apologized. Let’s move on. Respectful dialogue from the other side is equally important. Finally, I would like to add my name to the list of University of Iowa employees who do not wish to receive inflammatory emails of the type sent out by the College Republicans either. Note that my position would be the same if it had been sent out by the College Democrats! It’s the content that is disturbing, regardless of the sender. I hope that President Mason will ensure closer scrutiny on the part of the University in future approvals for release.

Thank you all.

Jonathan Thomas jonathantannerthomas@gmail.com

Hi Professor Lewin,

I know you don't know me very well, but I'm a grad student in the department. I just wanted to tell you that I completely and utterly agree with everything you said. You simply had the courage to say exactly what we've all been thinking. Kudos--


-- Jonathan T. Thomas Department of Anthropology 114 Macbride Hall The University of Iowa Iowa City, IA 52242-1322

Jim Jones@gmx.com jimjones2011

Hi Ellen,

I've read with much enjoyment the stories about your FU email to the College Republicans. Your two word response is exactly what I would expect of someone with your "educational credentials". You are, after all, degreed in what, women's studies? What exactly does that qualify you to do beyond passing a customer fries through McDonald's drive-thru window? What an incredible waste of time.

Don't worry, Ellen, I'm doing everything I can to ensure that your email is seen by as many people as possible. After all, the best disinfectant is sunshine and I hope to help shine the light on bitter, twisted, hate-filled ideologues such as yourself where ever they may be. I think it's terribly important that parents who pay outrageous tutition with the hope that their children become educated understand exactly who it is that they are giving that money to. Informed choices are the best kind, wouldn't you agree.

The fact that you would be comfortable in sending that email is very telling. It speaks volumes about the fact that the left is emboldened in their hatred of those who dare to disagree with the warped world view most leftists hold. That you would have no reservations about sending it lets the world know that rather than encourage civil debate of the polictial and social issues of the day in a respectful manner, you would silence those with whom you disagree. I believe that in your heart, you would silence those people in whatever manner you deemed necessary.

Thanks again, Ellen and enjoy your day.

Here's wishing a speedy end to your career. :-)


James P. Boyle JBoyle01@earthlink.net

Subject: F*** off you UGLY piece of S***


It's sad that you're allowed to teach. Your narrow-mindedness and intolerance of those that disagree with you should disqualify you from your position.


Eat a bag of s***, you suck!

John Getz jmggp

Professor Lewin

After reading your hate-filled email to the Iowa College Republicans, you have now elevated yourself to being the poster child for intolerance and hate in academia. As the parent of four children who have attended colleges/universities that range from major public universities to small liberal arts colleges to the Ivy League, you represent the worst type of faculty person many parents fear will cross their child's paths during their years in Academe. Hate filled, bigoted, arrogant..... a long list of adjectives that would describe your despicable behavior. What an embarassment you are to your university and your profession.

What a sad and pathetic view of the world you have. Hopefully there are adults at the University of Iowa who will rein in your hateful behavior.

John Getz

Altman, Jacob S jacob-altman@uiowa.edu

Dear Professor Lewin,

I am writing to assure you that members of the community do stand with you in this struggle against hatred. I am ashamed to be affiliated with a university whose administrators bow so easily to the forces of injustice and oppression. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


Jake Altman Graduate Assistant Department of History University of Iowa

Mike Thayer sickofspin


I just got done reading the article on The Iowa Republican detailing your extremely unprofessional conduct.

What you did was highly unsatisfactory and should not be tolerated.

You owe not just the entire faculty, staff and U of I student body an apology, but the general public needs to hear a SINCERE apology as well.

I will gladly publish it, if you have the courage to forward it.


Mike Thayer Publisher, Coralville Courier

mike adams adams_mike

Ellen, I am pleased that the First Amendment protects your right to make a fool of yourself. That "F** you, Republicans" comment was classic. It reveals what I have been saying for years: Feminism is an emotional disorder, not a well-reasoned political philosophy.

Mike S. Adams

Michael Boudart mboudart


Jefferson Davis conservativewarrior1234@gmail.com

F*** YOU DEMOCRAT LESBIAN!!! You are a disgrace to all that is America and LBGT's rights are not rights they ask for privlidges. Adoption is not a right nor is marriage. Keep YOUR incindeary comments to yourself you left wing commie b******. I hope you take this opportunity to RESIGN from your position because you are a drain on taxpayers recourses. Your salary of 90k+ is more well spend on tablecloths than on your pay to teach impressionable kids that homosexuality is acceptable. Please leave teaching for the sake of America and the world.

(sent eight times with different vulgar subject lines)

Capri: You are no paragon of maturity yourself. *Scowl* Vulgar Spammer. While people have railed on about what a disgrace Ellen Lewin is to the university/democrats/the education system, you are a disgrace to republicans and you only help people like Ellen Lewin to stick to their terrible opinions about the non-left.

Carlos Mardel elmocandoit

foul mouth female, shame shame on you

Otis Needleman otisrneedleman

Subject line: Message of Support


You are a disgrace to the University of Iowa, to academia, and to humanity in general.

Have a nice day, Ellen!

Your friend, Otis R. Needleman

Jack Longwell jacklongwell

Real professional one aren't you? That's what gets me about liberals, the rules don't apply to them. Here's to hoping your unemployed soon. Cheers.



I am appalled by your vulgar language in response to a university approved email from students. The fact that you would ever ask to be called "Professor" or by your last name after telling them to "F" off is comical. Perhaps next time you could form an appropriately worded email in response to a group who's beliefs are different than yours instead of firing back like a immature high school student passing the College Republicans table on the way to class. I am baffled that you teach at a higher institution and cannot express yourself like an educated adult. I would hope you could give a sincere apology to those you have offended.


Francois Gregoire francois

Professor Lewin,

You, my dear, are a class act. You must be, in some being’s mind, on some planet; but not here.

Keep it classy!


Francois (Frank) K. Gregoire

Joe McDermott bdamages

Ellen Lewin Denizen of the Humanities Intellectual Ghetto Department of Worthless Sinecures ellen-lewin

Dear Dr. Lewin:

I though I’d take a short break from work that actually means something to write you. Not to express disapproval, much less shock. Not even to marvel at the tone-deafness of your complaint at being addressed by your first name by someone you’ve just told to f*** off. Perhaps the irony center in your brain was fried in a freak mushroom accident. In any event, a lack of deference to a professor outside of the hard sciences and maybe law and business should hardly surprise anyone with a pulse. The emperor’s clothes are at best see-through.

No, I’ll skip the low-hanging fruit and instead invite you to consider that the entire humanities project, as it is practiced at the modern university, has devolved into a masturbatory shambles. What, madam, may I ask, have you or any of your academic cohorts ever done to “relieve man’s estate?” Yes that’s Bacon – one of those dead white males you no doubt view with contempt. Still, the question stands. What does your “work” do to enrich or advance the life of anyone? Not that exploration of the hard questions of human existence is not worthwhile. However it’s a far leap from that premise to finding value in an analysis awash in warmed-over Marxism, “queer theory,” or “feminist theory.” Again, I ask you, what have you done besides advance yourself through the Bizarro universe of humanities academia?

Your email attempting to justify your initial tantrum touches so many bases of the leftist catechism that I was tempted to think you were engaging in a self-deprecating parody. Then I remembered your unfortunate brain injury.

You bray that persons outside your orthodoxy have taken a protected phrase, “coming out,” in vain. Do you propose to redress this through inflicting a plague, or perhaps the slaughter of Republican firstborn? Your righteous indignation at this “obscenity” rivals the provincialism of a backwoods moonshiner.

Now let me say I’m not picking on you because you’re gay. Who any adult sleeps with, marries, or otherwise screws is not my or the law’s business in any cogent society. I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts, however, that you’re not so tolerant of those who would reserve the right to criticize your sexuality, or even those who embrace tolerance but don’t want their kids taught, if they’re on the fence, it’s OK to jump to either side. Note that the foregoing is a legitimate parental response even if one believes that sexual orientation is only rarely driven by choice.

I would have thought an educated person would know better than to invoke animal “rights.” Animals have protections, not rights. Those protections derive from sound economic principles and from an appropriate revulsion at the deliberate infliction of unnecessary pain by human beings, not from any rights-based claims of the animals themselves.

Your confusion about the Wisconsin situation is understandable. Given your background, I doubt you understand enough economics to balance a checkbook. Let me break it down for you. A productive economy driven by voluntary transactions can only support so much dead weight – i.e., government workers whose wages are out of proportion to their value. Due to changing demographics, global shifts, and the growth of government payrolls and pensions, changes have to be made. And the place to make those changes is in non-market priced employment. If you want to make more than the producers can pay for government employment, get a real job. I really think you should resign your government funded post and let the price mechanism establish your worth in the private marketplace. Such an experience might provide you with some actual insight, and even, one imagines, some humility.

Very truly yours, /s/ Joseph A. McDermott, III

Ray, Paul M paul-ray@uiowa.edu

Hey Ellen F*** YOU.

Lacey Tripp tripp.lacey@yahoo.com



Dear Professor Llewyn,

I read of your vulgar response to the College Republicans and was disturbed to see you are a professor of Women's studies. You of all people should know it is very unladylike to use this kind of language, sets a bad example for the girls who study under you and makes you look less pretty.

Have a nice day! Eric

Capri: *Rolling eyes* Would it be any more acceptable if a man wrote that vulgar letter?

Andrew Henning andrewjhenning@gmail.com

Dear Professor Lewin:

Thank you for your email to the College Republicans! You have First Amendment rights, as well, and I hope stand by them wholeheartedly. As a UI alum (08') and a civil rights advocate, I was deeply disturbed by the College Republicans words.

I work on criminal civil rights cases in DC and meet victims of hate crimes and other heinous civil rights offenses on a daily basis. I hope you stand by your words and this starts a larger discussion on the deep importance of civil rights -- it's real for scores of people, including myself, and not something to be mocked.

I'm proud to be a UI alum today. Thank you for your words.

Sincerely, Andrew Henning

Spencer Friel Mathews Spencer.Mathews@usd.edu

Professor Lewin,

Kudos to you for fighting the good fight! Stay strong in this difficult time.

Spencer Mathews

topie oijtt kwame_kilpatrick

Hi. Why don't you endeavor to get a job in the real world? I know why, You have no marketable skill. Libtards like you are pathetic leeches. You aren't bright enough to be ashamed of yourself. Have a nice day, Kwame.


At least I know where I will NOT be sending my children to College. Thank you for allowing your true colors to show for all to see.


Todd Myers todd

You are concerned that conservatives are “appropriating” the language of the LGBT community. I hope you will read this story and re-consider your thoughts.

Social Scientist Sees Bias Within http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/08/science/08tier.html

Dr. Haidt (pronounced height) told the audience that he had been corresponding with a couple of non-liberal graduate students in social psychology whose experiences reminded him of closeted gay students in the 1980s. He quoted — anonymously — from their e-mails describing how they hid their feelings when colleagues made political small talk and jokes predicated on the assumption that everyone was a liberal.

Todd Myers


craig wire321

So glad to see that you are so well educated as to resort to an obscenity, because you disagree with somebody. Maybe instead of being a instructor at a college, you should be a sailor, you apparently have the language skills for it. But then sailor actually care about the people they serve, unlike you.

You are just a leach on the system.

G. C. Nichols

Ider, Al


You email back to College Republicans was rude and disrepeactful and compele wrong think you should say your sorry what you did is compele wrong, and it make me discasted to read about this.

Sincerely Steven R Danieslen.

Eric Shun barnesfineartsandwoodcarvings

Ms Lewin,

I had occasion to come accross a story about your response to the College Republicans. I found it unprofessional and vulgar. In addition, I don't believe your "apology" was a true heartfelt apology. It appeared to be begrudging and insincere, when you mentioned "delicate sensibilities" and proceeded to lecture them on how to act in "difficult times". Right after you told them to F off. Your example for the students on how to react to someone you disagree with, is appalling.

Ms. Lewin, you have a delete button on your computer - use it.. Your organization read and approved the message so obviously it is a policy that student organizations have the right to send such messages. I would suggest that if you find it upsets your "delicate sensibilities" so much - that your resign your position.

Mr. Enloe, Last I knew - colleges were supposed to be bastions of free thought and ideas - Obviously, not at the University of IA should this type of behavior be allowed.

Sincerely Eric (Bill) Shun

JPC jpc.3@comcast.net


F*** off.

Lewis, Adam M adam-m-lewis@uiowa.edu

Thanks Ellen for expressing what we all were feeling. I hope you are well.

All the best, Adam

Adam Lewis Doctoral Student, Counseling Psychology Graduate Assistant, Office of Student Life LGBT Resource Center Manager University of Iowa

Brian Dawson briandawson218

Boo! Bad Republicans! I follow the follies of so-called higher education pretty closely, but your recent eruption brought a true smile to my face. I wonder how many parents (not to mention Iowa taxpayers) are excited to be funneling their money into the Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies program. *That'll* solve our unemployment crisis: We can all be diversity commissars--er, consultants!

I deal with a lot of prospective job applicants--in many cases, college graduates who can barely string a coherent sentence together. The decline of classical learning in favor of propagandistic, we're-all-victims nonsense--such as I suspect is retailed daily in the august halls of the GWSS department--is surely one culprit. Congrats!

Keep the laffs coming, Professor.


Brian Dawson

sara.case; on behalf of; Sara Case sarbucks1

Seriously, I expect classier language out of a UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR! Way to show the tolerance that you preach.

It is because of people like you that the hateful rhetoric continues, you professor should be ashamed .

God Bless,

S. Case

Stan Crocker scrocker@mac.com

Know that you have a lot of support.

Stan Crocker

Stan Crocker Production & Lighting Design scrocker@mac.com

Ace Ventura johnhardy@ameritech.net

Utilizing your own implied rules for polite communication, let me heartily say: F*** you too Ellen, you dumb c***. Your employment on that campus is extremely offensive.


Deeply Concerned Alum

Rickey O'Shields zrick01

You madam, are one disgusting human being, that is, if you actually are a human being.

Rickey O'Shields zrick01

james wilson dulcimerjames

I look forward to a day when our children are educated and no longer brainwashed by immoral and anti American teachers. After reading your comments, all I can say is shame on you.

Jeffrey H. Skalla jeff

I respect your right to object to others views. We have that right to disagree. Plus if it were me what I would say to you is well your own words.

Jeff Skalla

Colin Criner rovert26

Dr Lewin, could you help me understand your comments sent to the university? what are the "trying times" and "outrages committed by republicans" that have frustrated you. Just trying to understand Colin

Marlene Cohen marlene

Ms lewin…..you are a total disgrace to your profession…..You sound like a frustrated, ignorant, miserable human being….This is still America….and we will make sure to always be America….The home of the free, and the land of the brave….No one made you queen….Keep your ignorant words to yourself,,,save it for your friends….They should throw you out of any college, with your disgusting behavior…..I would never allow the likes of you to educate any of my rottweillers!!!!!! You and your radical leftist losers are all on the way out…..and good riddance losers!!!!!!

Rick Kalister jrkal

So you tell them to "$%#@ Off". Then you tell them to be "civil during these difficult time".

Way to serve as an example to the youth you are teaching in your ever so difficult career field.

The university must feel honored to have you as a staff member. rick

Mary Smare650@msn.com

Re your email response to University Republicans:

Did anyone tell you how thoroughly ugly you are!

Go get your ugly face lifted you b****!


Hi Professor Lewin, After watching the teachers' and union thugs' behavior in Wisconsin recently, I suppose that I shouldn't hold out hopes for responsible and classy behavior from any educator, but I would expect a bit more from someone in your position. All those darn conservatives that are regularly lambasted by liberals and the main stream media for there crudeness, backwardness and vulgarity just can't hold a candle to a properly scorned liberal!!!

I wish you well and hope that you are able to eventually deal with your anger issues.

Rick Nadler http://www.grandrental-stl.com

Kyle Holland KHolland

Subject line: You

Have problems lady!

Hope you’re getting the attention a faux academic nerd deserves.

Kyle Holland

Terri Donohue acomfortnjoy

I'm glad that I'm not paying tuition for my kids to be taught by you. But then again, my tax money is probebly paying for someone's kids to be. Shame!

40ford tds.net 40ford@tds.net

"blank" off yourself, you old Liberal. Grow up and act like a civilized human. I know its tough when you are a loser; but try anyway.

William B. Marshall Onalaska, WA 98570

CLAUDIA ROULIER claudiaroulier

Are you teaching your students that free speech is free if it is the "right" kind of speech or does everyone have this freedom whether you agree or not? claudia roulier claudiaroulier http://www.claudiaroulier.com http://www.croulier.typepad.com/

G.F. Allen agfv1@verizon.net

Yup, you fill the bill Ellen. You and your ilk are as useless as teats on a bull. Your brilliance in responding to something negative in your life speaks volumes about you. And how many children did you influence in your lifetime? Obviously not enough as you are making a response to your University's College Republicans regarding Conservatives Coming Out Week. What would you have preferred, the Democraps Muslim Love Fest? Go milk a cow, or perhaps grab a hold of yourself. You are one of the primary reasons that this country is in the shape that it is in today.



People like YOU are the reason that there are SO MANY across this country that are now considering Home Schooling for their children. They are also looking for colleges that are not filled with hateful Professors such as yourself. You are a disgrace and really should lose your job! HOW DARE YOU!

THIS is from you below. The OH SO TOLERANT LEFT...

Lewin responded to email by writing, “#*@% F-Word YOU, REPUBLICANS” from her official university email account.

How Professional of you Ellen Lewin.

This country will no longer stand for this and the people of this country will no longer be silent!

D B dbtruepatriot@gmail.com

Why don't you f*** off! It's scum like you that are responsible for the deterioration of the education system in this country! Better yet, I'm sure you've figured out how to go f*** yourself, have at it leach!



I am one of those you told to F*** OFF....how respectful and lady like. I would not expect this a street person much less an so called educated person.

In any event GOD BLESS you and oh please have a great day!


P.S. If you wish to call me and try having an adult conversation, please do so at XXX XXX XXXX

Sean Carpenter seandcarp

Teachers should be role models. Thats the really sad part about this.


YOU should be ashamed of yourself but I am sure you are very proud! What disgusting behavior for a college professor. Sadly it seems to be all our colleges can obtain any more. I would never ever allow my child in any clans you taught.

Naturally you are free to your own political views but NOT in your job. Of coure I won't stoop to your level in the filth. I will simply say I shall pray for you! Mary Grasmick MSN RN PSYD

carolyn mitchell dcmit

Shame on you!!!

Cribbins Amy amycribbins


I am a 1991 graduate of the U of Iowa who happens to be a Republican and I can assure you that the U of Iowa will not receive one dime from me!


Amy Cribbins

Roy Lena rgl1113

Your remark to the college republicans shows your lack of intelligence--time to retire.

Barry Mountcastle mounty

This is where grants and government run student loans come in. When parents pay their kids tuition, they are more discerning about how it's spent. This woman is a huge waste of tax money and one whose 'KNOWLEDGE' does not need to be passed on. What if they opened a university and know one came? We need to quit buying into this garbage and start presenting our kids with "higher education" than this swill.

Joe Brooks joeb

Call yourself an educated person? Your email just shows just how intelligent you really are. I now understand why our youth today have no respect for their elders and most importantly themselves. It is quite obvious that our educational institutions now teach our youth to lash out at anyone that has a differing opinion than theirs. It is a sad society that you and others are creating. God bless you and have a great day.

Joe Brooks Allied Toyotalift

George Lozano lozanofranky

Since I saw and heard what happened in Wisconsin...the mob, the lack of respect, the thugs...I have to say I am not surprise at all that individuals like you are considered intellectuals. This country, my country, our country, is hurting.

I am honest, I love my country, I follow the law, I do what is right, I have values, I am a conservative.

And no, I do not have guns (although I respect the right of my countrymen to own them), I do not follow the bible ( although I do not mock believers of any faith), and I certainly do not hate foreigners (most of my family and friends are).

However, I dispise individuals like you.

Best Regards

Gilbert Lozano


Did you seriously tell your fellow college Republicans to F*** Off???

I am in shock, well really I guess I am in shock because of course it would be expected that only the Elitest Liberals to take such a vulgar position against anyone who might have a different opinion of the way the world should be????

Your arrogance is beyond comprehension???

If we all want to be vulgar & hateful then perhaps you should be told what a f****** idiot You and all your Liberal idiots really are!!!!!!!

Cheers Love!!!!!

Nancy Baughman financyone

You are anti-American. You are supposed to be an honorable professor, deserving of the respect of your students. You have failed, miserably.

mike BIZ mike

Please understand the world does not revolve around you and your little world. it revolves around all Americans. I am 65 years old and I know what freedom was. I want it back and the way the liberals are going is absolutely in the wrong direction and really fast. I can not understand how the liberals can not see the freedoms that we grew up with is being taken away. The effort I put forth in my life to try to get rich was great and hard, didn't make it but, I want my children and grand children to be able to try also. Your idea to stop us is wrong and harmful to our country please stop and open you eyes.

We are AMERICANS and we have a right to be a part of what ever we choose the same as you do.

DON'T TRY TO MAKE US LIKE YOU AND THEN WHEN YOU REALIZE YOU CANT', as with all liberals then you call us stupid or ignorant or just plain dumb. The liberals are real good at name calling.

Mke Schriver


Kenneth R. Mayer kmayer

I imagine you have been deluged with email concerning recent events. Allow me to weigh in as a fellow member of the Academy.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself. There is no justification -- none -- for your vulgar and intemperate response to students. You reveal yourself as a caricature of an out-of-touch and clueless academic: absurdly intolerant, smug, utterly closed-minded, and an affront to the very values that you no doubt claim as central to your own identity. And to top it off, you have done grave damage to the public standing of the University of Iowa, funded by the taxes paid by many of the very people whom you told to, well, you know. Nice work.

Kenneth Mayer

-- Kenneth R. Mayer Professor, Department of Political Science University of Wisconsin


First, I would like to say that you are right that students should always address faculty by their titles, never by their first names. However, students need to be taught these things and it has always been my understanding that your field was in the forefront of the egalitarian movement so that the teacher and the taught are equals - isn't that what you teach? Well, now the shoe is on the other foot and perhaps you understand the wisdom of this tradition.

But in comparision to what you wrote to the College Republicans this is very tame. After all the student probably young and was never told the correct manner of addressing faculty. You however are an older adult who should know better than to address anyone with such profanities.

Frankly I'm disappointed at the College Republicans and the entire university - in my humble opinion, faculty should serve as a role models, and any faculty member who stoops to such vulgarity should be teriminated at once.

You have disgraced yourself and the entire university.

May I recommend that you leave the university and the state of Iowa as quickly as possible, change your name, change your appearance, and change your attitude if you wish to be accepted in decent society.

Susannah Worth, Ph.D.

Pam Ziolkowski pam.ziolkowski


I will call you ellen (wth a little “e” to further note that you deserve NO respect for trying to chastise a group for their free speech): If all you can do in response to what you deem an offensive email is to tell someone to F___off, then you should be fired. I’m sure you will be by the time all of this is over.

No wonder our universities are dying on the vine………with only minds like yours to teach our youth, people are going to on-line universities more and more.

You are disturbed and I worry for our youth who have had you as an instructor. Refusing to apologize is just one indication that you stepped over the line but can’t not recognize it, so you are unfit to teach.

Pam Ziolkowski

P.S. Don’t’ bother to respond: I’ll delete it and not read it, as who reads emails from a demented person?????


Profanity is a tool of the witless. Thus ...liberals lack any wit whatsoever.


I am not a resident from you state. Thank goodness. I can't think a foul-mouth person such as yourself is a college professor. To me you are white trash. I am a registered democrat but won't be much longer because of people like you.

Stefan Harrell blue_harrell


I guess tolerance is a one-way street. You should grow up and act like an adult.

S. Harrell

Julus Cornett julusl

Being a professor is kind of rough

Sandy Glodrey sandragi

You just don't it; like the rest of your cohorts, don't get it!! I guess college educated people, aren't necessarily smart!!

Connie Bartee ricon@cableone.net

Trashy people are bad enough, but when they are old and past their 'us-by' date, they are doubly vile. Go wash your mouth out with Listerine and try to be a little more tolerant. You should be removed from your job. America's students deserve so much better.

Connie, Texas

Myron Boyajian mboyajian

Dear Professor,

Shame on you! What would your mother say if she heard you say that? Or would you tell her the same thing?

Best regards,

M. Boyajian

Gene gpgadget

Your response to the College Republicans was just "brilliant." How far did your education go?

Apparently you never progressed beyond junior high school since your response shows your level of maturity.

In America, students are allowed to think for themselves, not to just think what their professors wish them to think. Thank God, there are students on campus who think more complex thoughts than you do.


Diane Waldrop dswaldrop53

Dear Ms Lewin,

I was very disturbed to read your response to an email that was sent out by The College Republicans on your campus. What kind of example are you setting for these young adults. It is really a sad day when you can not express yourself like a civil adult! Are you not aware of the speech President Obama gave about having a civil discourse with those of opposing views. You need to hold yourself to a higher standard or maybe you should retire. I was always told if you have to use foul language to express yourself, it shows your stupidity!

Please consider how you conduct yourself in the future.


Diane Waldrop

Larry & Linda Sanderlin bof

Dear Ms. Lewin, I don't know why you are in America, since you don't understand what it stands for. It stands for freedom for all, not for just for the people you approve of. You have a right to disagree with anyone; but, you do not have the right to slander them or use vile language to them. You are a vile and angry person. No one gets respect from a title. It has to be earned and you have a lot to learn in that department. I pray you will understand this some day.

May God Bless you, Claude Sanderlin

Mike Dini mdini

This is really immature behavior. I assume you have an explanation. If you do, I'd like to hear it.

University of Iowa Professor Tells College Republicans to ?F? Off

Mike Dini President DINI Group

Garry Barker garrybarker

Professor- This is a poor example of tolerance and discourse. This reflects poorly on you and your institution and your department.

Gerald A. Barker


Ms. Lewin, you need a reality check. Your disgusting statement shows your narrow minded liberal agenda. My grandmother would tell you to clean your mouth with soap. You should be sanctioned for your statements. I might add that parents who pay tuition for their children to be educated in your class are wasting their money. I.R.

Burwick elena baylor-elks elena.baylor.elks

Subject line: I am

A woman, a mother, a professional and a conservative who votes Republican since they're the only conservative game in town. Your actions WRT the university Republican club are quite representative of why I refuse to ever support anyone or anything liberal/Democrat. What a sad excuse for a double X chromosome carrier you are.

Sara Gooch sullsara@gmail.com

Hi Prof. Lewin,

I was in a feminist ethnography seminar with you a while ago. I still make use of what I learned in it and from you!

I saw the news about Iowa. (I now adjunct teach at SUNY Plattsburgh, while finishing my dissertation.) I appreciate how you've used the recent attention as a platform, and how you had such strong talking points criticizing that group's deliberately provocative and callous "week." I think one could argue that the week itself started breaking down the type of campus and the free exchange desired at Iowa.

Good for you! The picture attached to the stories is also quite nice.


Sara Gooch

Catherine Paxton cathpax

Good afternoon,

You appear to be of an age when good manners and civility were still a character strength, so I find it utterly distasteful that you can't think of anything civil or respectful to say to people you don't even know nor have bothered to even get to know. Instead, because of a political label, you deride and use profanity that would be better left in a bar! Are you suggesting by your lack of a professional, courteous response, that the only way you can attack those with whom you might disagree is by a worse than ad hominem attack?

It's pretty pathetic when "teachers" whether they are "professors" or not display such cowardly, despicable behavior for their students to "admire!" Teachers are supposed to be models for unbiased, methodical, rational thought based upon facts not emotion! What happened?


C Paxton (a former teacher)

Gioia P. Ambrette Gioia

I am a 59 year old woman who is a successful small business owner in NYC (31 yrs in business). My business is technology and my employees make a VERY good wage, have 401k matching, health care etc. I am also a gay woman and a conservative Libertarian/Republican as neither “label” fits exactly I am comfortable in both camps.

I would highly recommend that you chat with those of us who are in the trenches creating jobs. I fully understand how little elitist liberal professors mingle with those of us who do all the heavy lifting for the country. Why do you feel superior to the rest of us? Perhaps if you studied a bit of basic economics…. anything by Von Mises or Hayek. “The Road to Serfdom” would be a good start.

You really should get out of your comfort zone and, at the very least, have a conversation with one of us (that is devoid of foul language) to understand what us evil, rich, conservative business owners experience in running our businesses; believe it or not, we work extremely long hours and sacrifice much to keep our successful organizations going and thereby our employees employed.

Feel free to call.

Gioia P. Ambrette President Newcastle Communications 31 Years of Excellence!

Al Chickerneo al

Professor Lewin,

I find it distressing that people in our society find it so easy to answer others with whom they disagree by being vulgar, dismissive, or demeaning. Certainly a college professor can find a more eloquent and persuasive argument. Please have the civility to do so in the future. “As the twig is bent…”

Frank Bezdicek pressenter@mac.com

Gee, how about trying some de-caf...

Chrissie wildbronco

You are pathetic! Wow and you get paid for what you do?

You might want to see what others think of you!


God help our country that people like you are in our schools on any level.


Ms. Lewin,

I find your response to the campus Republican's email blast, VERY offensive and distasteful. As someone who is in a position to shape minds and opinions, you should know better. If that is the way you handle yourself in a classroom, you should consider resigning. Someone with your temperament, and lack of personal control, has no business trying to instruct others.

I am an independent voter, not bound to any party. My opinions are formed by research, and I do vote across party lines. Unfortunately, it appears, by your actions, that those who support the democrats, have no civility or tolerance. For someone who apparently tries to teach diversity and human rights, you fail to give those rights to others that do not share your viewpoint.

Your backhanded attempt at an apology seems to be typical of the arrogance that has taken over politics. I will make sure, that all of my friends hear about your actions, and that those who are attending the University refuse to take any of your classes. It is sad that someone like you can ruin the reputation of a great University.

You can rest "knowing" that "your" opinion and actions were correct and everyone else is wrong.


Ms. Lewin,

Your disrespect equals others' disrespect.

Where's your Tolerance?

As a taxpayer who pays your salary, I think the University of Iowa should discipline you for your disrespectful, intolerance to those who have differing views and opinions then you. Show respect and you shall receive respect, Sherry

Marg McCausland margmcc

It is very unfortunate that our universities are filled with people like you teaching young vulnerable the poison you spew and is corrupting this country. You are what is wrong and people like you who are destroying the best country in the world. Without this country you would not be where you are today and you better hope and pray we can save it from the likes of you.

Marg McCausland

Milton Thrasher mthrasher

The Patriot Action Network reported on your vulgar reaction to Republicans as did a local newspaper for the city where your University is located.

I inadvertently forwarded my comments to your President that I intended for you.

You are so typical of the left leaning professors who are indoctrinating our best and brightest!

Are you trying to undermine our country?

Milton Thrasher

Rtrower29 rtrower29

Subject line: Dignity

You have none evidenced by your email to college Republicans.

That is your best academic analysis?

Please don't drag us into your personal swamp.

Shirley Cameron shirleycameron

You are so typical of what is wrong in schools and in America these days. Just another liberal locked into their ideology, brainwashing students instead of teaching and intolerant of anybody else's view!! I think this sums up who you are! You need to be in another occupation! Resign now! Shirley Cameron


You would be a disgrace to academia if there were anyone left in academia to feel ashamed. I also don't consider indoctrination an education. For a woman your age and in your "profession" to address students in such a manner is actually beyond disgraceful and does no credit to the ideology your purport to profess.

Carleen A. Short http://www.olr-school.net/education/staff/staff.php?sectionid=43& In God We Trust!

Michael Bean slbcmichaelb@googlemail.com

Your picture is just as lovely as the message you sent the campus Republicans.

Thank you,

Michael Bean

William VONTOBEL trouter54

Shame on YOU !!! Here in Nevada our UNLV Republican group is also head of Right Pride !!! William Von Tobel MD

Herbie herbie3@earthlink.net

Professor Lewin;

Shame On You!! Shame on you for your vulgar response (rant) to the University of Iowa College Republican group's email about the groups Conservative Coming Out Week.

What a disgrace you are to all hard working teachers in America. I can tell by your photograph that you are an old 1960's hippie who hates her country! However, and no matter what your political views may be, those views are not appropriate on any college campus, and your vulgar email response was not only unacceptable and inappropriate but, a strong reason for your termination.

I am contacting President Sally Mason, to express my disdain for your actions and to register an offical complaint, and request that she do all that is neceassary to insure that you are terminated as a professor of the University of Iowa.

My hope is that you will suffer the wrath of all American citizens and patriots and will slink back into the rat hole that you came from.

A very disgusted teacher,

Jerry Houchens

dan olson dolson949

It's a shame that the only way you can do anything about anything is to make the other person look completely bad. However all you do is make yourself look like a nut. Whichl means , keep it up, we love it.


Hey lady, you are a joke, and a disgrace to America. Anyone who willingly pays to send their son or daughter to U of Iowa with a sick fool like you on the teaching staff needs to have their head examined.

You are worse than Helen Thomas, except Thomas is far more attractive than you.


Prof. Lewin, I appreciate your right to say any vile thing you want, but as a university professor, you should have more class than that. I guess "gender studies" lowers one's ability to engage brain before opening mouth.

Dennis P. Skea, BBA, EA Professor of Accounting and Management Dutchess Community College Poughkeepsie, New York

Brent Nelson brentenelson


I just want to convey a letter of encouragement to you in regards to the recent situation with the Republican student group controversy. You have provided a tremendous example of civility and insight into the liberal mind. Keep up the good work, and remember, our future depends upon our diversity, as long as it is liberal diversity.

Brent Nelson

Graduate of the University of Iowa


Dear Ms. Mason:

Foul language on our college campuses by faculty should not be permitted under any circumstances.

If Professor Lewin did not like the message sent out by the College Republicans, which it is my understanding was approved by a number of university officials before being sent, she should have deleted it.

There was no call for her to tell them to “blank” off!

Professor Lewin appears to be about my own age, so I’m a bit baffled because I suspect her parents raised her better than this! I know mine certainly did.

I would be curious to learn what disciplinary actions you mete out against Professor Lewin for her coarse actions.


Dave Gell

Ron Nester ronnestersr

Mrs. Lewin,

I am sorry for you. I hope one day you will become more open minded. I believe you have terribly misjudged your neighbor.

Ron Nester, Sr.





saritounette this is my address,

Joe Horenkamp JHorenkamp


So out comes another angry, foul mouthed, progressive. Something you don't see at tea party events or where Conservative thinking people gather.

If you are angry now then wait until 2012.

Joe Horenkamp

Capri: You were sadly mistaken, she had no reason to be sad in 2012, because thanks to all the far-right chain letters, most of them getting debunked on hoax-busting sites, plus progressive spin doctors kicking their "We're the good honest guys, so unlike the unwashed and racist/sexist and greedy heathens on the right" Obama won another term.

David C. Pleasanton DavidCPleasanton



Zany zanyzanyml


Gary Loftis gloftis

President Mason,

I find Ellen Lewin's comments to the College Republicans both disturbing and offensive: disturbing because, as an academic, she should be held to a higher standard of discourse and offensive because universities are arguably the primary venues in our country where free speech is reinforced and demonstrated.

Ms. Lewin is certainly entitled to her opinions and beliefs, but the irony of a conservative student group celebrating a "coming out" apparently triggered a visceral reaction all out of proportion with the spirit, however ill advised, off the occasion. Students have always pushed the limits of good taste; they are, after all, merely post adolescents. Faculty who are surprised when such an incident occurs lack either s sense of proportion or a sense of humor, or both.

As for the issue of respect, in the real world, respect is earned, not vested. By resorting to street language, Ellen Lewin cashed in whatever respect she had accumulated among a portion of your student body. She owes a sincere, honest, and unconditional apology to your whole student body.


Gary Loftis Major, USAF (Retired)